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2013 03 24 On The Origin Of The Human Race The human race is the mammalian species where the division

of survival functionality is most specialized between the sexes. Their extent of gender-specific specialization places humans top not only among mammals, but among all vertebrates. Every other species in the animal kingdom with spines has less division of labour by gender than us. (Im a human.) The mammalian species with the closest approximation to our conspicuous sexism are the lions. Lionesses do the job of hunting down a kill. The males job is to chase away hyenas and other scavengers, and to reign over the animal kingdom. Everyones heard of the praying mantises who eat their mates after theyve finished going through the motion of propagating their DNA. And everyone also has heard of the black widow spiders who do the same. Or of the merry divorcee octopi, who take off with their mates entire manhood right from the act of consummation on their wedding night. Other forms of sexism exist among these animals. But theyre invertebrates. Theyre less like mammals and more like windup toys. They fly because theyve got determination, not because natural laws are on their side. They go through weird metamorphoses in their development. These insects have eight eyes and six legs, and some voted for George W. Bush. Humans are mammals, not insects, yet very much a twospecies species within their own species. Men are stronger and taller; women are softer and kinder. Men hunt and find a bar easily; women are naturally-born healers and naturally-born educators. Guys care about sports and getting laid; women get true enjoyment from children, and they are more demonstrative emotionally. Some other differences developed through cultural and societal indoctrination, and they make the gap seem wider than it actually is, though the actual gap is already wide. Sometimes its the men whom societal pressures force to respect the differentness of women; some other times its the other way around. But the differences are there, unmistakably, and the contrasts are sharp and very much in-your-face. It has been speculated by some theorists that most probably men and women did not evolve from the same race, but were amalgamated into one species from two distinct groups.

More recent archeological evidence unearthed some revealing support for the two-species theory of the origin of homo sapiens. Evidence suggests that a coursing band of the species that gave rise to apes and man, and a herd of beautiful white fawns collided on the African savannah. The pre-apes eyed the fawns, their soft, white skin, their clearer-than-sky turquoise eyes, the graceful movements of the bodies and the regal stature of these noble and kind animals. So the apes went at the fawns and fucked them all. They fucked them mercilessly, vigorously, and with gusto. The mayhem went on with great enthusiasm by the apes, and with very little, almost none, by the fawns. It were not just the male apes that were ravishing the fawns; their females were fucking them, too, and even the ape children were doing it. They fucked the fawns to rags, and then they fucked them again and again, and then again. Slowly but surely, the intermixing of the DNA structures allowed the two species to meld, and you guessed it, my gentle reader: The two created the human species, in which the men eerily resemble hairy-chested and bow-legged apes with immense strength and egos, whereas the females are reminiscent of the white fawns in their personality, in their lack of ability to turn to the right direction when stepping out of an apartment elevator, and in their soft physical beauty.