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2013 03 24 Some Important Percentages Einstein wrote: 99% of intelligence is the imagination.

Andrew wrote: 99% of intelligence is humiliation felt by the other 99 of the 100. 99% of attraction and love is imagination. 66% of imagination has to do with sex fantasies. 99% of wakeful life is spent imagining things and with fantasizing. 99% of humiliation for a person is caused by personal failure as perceived by him or her. 99% of never married men and 99% of never married women are in the correct marital status for them. 99% of children do not live up to their parents expectations at best. 99% of children surpass their parents expectations at worst. 99% of parents are damaging to their kids. 99% of kids benefit hugely when they live with their natural parents. Those kids would be more damaged if they lived in orphanages or in foster homes. 100% of male children consider their mothers sacrosanct. 10% of female children consider their mothers sacrosanct, 30%, a cool lady, 50%, resent the mothers mildly, and 10% outright hate their mothers. 99% of mothers will do anything for their children. 99% of men will leave their mothers for a good-looking woman, even if a mother actively needs her son. This, notwithstanding the point which is 3 back from here. 99% of mothers, ailing and debilitated due to sickness or old age will take 99% of the physical and other support that they need from their daughters, if they have any, while take 1% of their needed support from their sons. 99% of these mothers will take the support from their daughters taken for granted, and the same 99% of all mothers will praise their sons to no end. 99% of very old people with progeny will find only those moments in their lives tolerable during which at least one, but wishfully more or all of their descendants are around them. 99% of children have little awareness of use for their own

fathers, other than financial support in their university years. 99% of those fathers who do not cheat on the mother of their children and never file for divorce or leave her, who make up 50% of men in all marriages, do not cheat in consideration to other peoples feelings. If they had a chance to do it without hurting any of their loved ones or if they know they could live with their conscience, then they would. 99% of mothers might have fantasies during sex or on the streetcar, but the thought to cheat on their husbands never enter their minds. For those whose it enters, 99% think about it because their husbands are proven to have cheated on them. For those who think about infidelity, 8% become harlots, and of this 8%, 0.01% will become a harlot with a number of different partners while they are still in a marriage in which they have children from their husbands. 99% of people believe they will go to heaven. 99% of these people will have doubts about this only 1% of the time. 99% of the people believe that the people who they believe did evil to them will go to hell. 99% of the people who attend church, never, but absolutely never, give a thought whether the minister will go to heaven. Its not that they believe itd be true or not; its not that they have doubt or not. They just dont think of it. 99% of religious leaders of small communities will be thought to go to hell by 99% of the community and the congregation if they are sent from their posts due to some scandal. 99% of people do not speak of anything important in front of their children until they leave for college or move out, and then the parents involve the kids in talks when the kids come home after that. 99% of children pick up 99% of their academic interpersonal smarts from peers, and the same children will pick up 99% of their non-verbal interpersonal smarts from their parents. (TV is considered a parent in many families in North America for this purpose.) Mannerisms, laughter, openness, body and facial language, tonality, mimics and hand-gestures, gait and body stances, all will be picked up from adults; knowledge of technical aspects of sex, working definitions of whats right and whats wrong (in the social environment they are part of, that is, as per the consensus with and among their peers), whats a good dress to wear to the Oscars, who is the most popular female world-class tennis player, who is the better kisser of two girls in the class, which is the best car, who would win a war

between Vikings and Indians, etc. etc. will be learned from peers. Teachers and the subject matter of the subjects they teach is trailing very last on the list of what makes an adult when a person is picking up clues for success in adulthood while in grades 2 through to 11. 99% of people are happy around 50% of the time, sad around 5% of the time, distraught and frazzled, 1%, hungry, 10%, a bit angry, 20%, very angry, 2%, proud and self-fulfilled, 1%, joyful with a sudden gain of some good stuff (new child, new love, new car, new power drill set, new dollhouse, etc.) 1%, happy with their thoughts, reminiscing-ruminating, 15%, ashamed and petrified with embarrasment, 0.01%, worried and anxious, 2%, fearful of getting caught, .5%, fearful for their safety and physical soundness, 1% in Canada, 7% in the USA, 2% in Europe, and I dont know the rest of the world, and finally, worried about extraterrestrials eating our lunches and therefore sitting on theirs straight through during Geography and English Lit classes, then at work in the boiler room at a telemarketing job, in the crane-operators cabin, or as jockeys on horsebacks, 0.00001%.

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