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ast sia ublic Management

inance & egional Cooperation

ublic Management
Public finance reforms Social protection Governance
sector risk assessment financial management anticorruption corporate governance fiscal policy, taxation, budget, expenditure, and debt management local government and municipal finance
social security and social service poverty alleviation

rivate Sector Dev.

Public private partnership
Advocacy and capacity building Enabling environment Pipeline of PPP projects Private sector participation in service delivery through PPPs

Private sector finance

SME finance and innovation private sector participation in the financial market market entry and competition legal and regulatory reforms for healthy private sector growth

Private sector development

Access to finance
Micro finance and SME finance Rural and agriculture finance

Green finance and innovative products

Energy service companies and carbon markets Structured finance

Financial stability and regional integration

Regulatory framework, financial market infrastructure Cross border financial services

egional Cooperation
MON and PRC participation
Central Asia Regional Economic Coopn. Greater Mekong Subregional Coopn. PRCMongolia cooperation Pan Beibu Gulf Economic Coopn. Greater Tumen Initiative PRC-India

Trade Facilitation, trade and investment

Trade facilitation and trade logistics Trade and investment liberalization RCI in supporting private sector development and financial service improvement

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