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POST ACTIVITY REPORT Title of Activity : Maligayang Paskuhan sa Nayong Agraryo 2012 Trade Fair December 20 22, 2012

2 (3 days) Peoples Stage, Provincial Capitol, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya DTI - CARP, DTI Provincial Office - Nueva Vizcaya, DAR, Private Sectors and Agrarian Reform Communities Villaverde multi-Purpose Cooperative Samahang Magsasaka ng Wacal La Vista Rural Womens Workers Association Kabailan Auto Savings Group Casat Rural Workers Association Lolitas Food Products Villaverde Womes Group Tubungans Women Group Pingkian Community Development Cooperative Julius Fresh Fruits & Veggies Amballo South Womens Association Malabing Valley MPC Ms. Preciosa A. Maglaya Senior Trade and Industry Development Specialist DTI Nueva Vizcaya Ms. Lenore Lee S.Lopez Trade and Industry Development Specialist DTI Nueva Vizcaya Mr. Roel P. Dolaypan, Jr. Trade and Industry Development S DTI CARP

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Event Organizers


______________________________________________________________________ HIGHLIGHTS OF ACTIVITY: The recently conducted Agrarian Reform Community trade fair 2012 dubbed as Maligayang Paskuhan sa Nayong Agraryo 2012 was organized by the

Department of Trade and Industry, Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Government Unit and the Department of Agarian Reform. The ribbon cutting was done by Mr. Ruben B. Diciano, Provincial Director, DTI - Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Office, Joselito Garcia, PARO II, DAR - Nueva Vizcaya and Atty Leslie Costales, Provincial Legal Office to formally open the trade fair. Various products of Agrarian Reform Communities were sold during the trade fair which includes chichacorn, banana chips, camote chips, upland rice, rice coffee, coco beads, rice wine, soy sauce, veggie noodles, processed foods, fruits, vegetables, buko pie, buko juice, buko products and pineapple vinegar. In addition, the Provincial Health Office of Nueva Vizcaya have also launch their tsangge project (popularly known as ukay-ukay) and the Sanggunian Kabataan Federation also had their annual activity which includes basketball and pageant. All the activity in one place resulted to a number of people visiting the ARC products. The Total sales generated by the Agrarian Reform Community amounted to P60,000, itemized as follows: VMPC 9,380 SMWI 6,350 LVRWWA 5,660 KASG 8,120 CRUWAI 3,000 Lolitas Food Products 3,390 Villaverde Womens Group 4,460 Tubungans Womens Group 4,175 Pingkian Community Devt Coop. 4,265 Julius Fresh Fruits & Veggies 3,750 Amballo South Womens Asso. 4,150 Malabing Valley Agricultural Assoc. 3,300 Total 60,000 Villaverde MPC and Kabailan Auto Savings Group caught the attention of the consumers with total sales of P9,380 and P8,120 respectively. The promotions of the activity was done through streamers and social networking. Some of the SMEs have brougth with them streamers for their products. The event was just in time for the season. Unique and affordable Christmas gifts and delicacies/candies/food products were available for early christmas shoppers.


The streamers for the Maligayang Paskuhan sa Nayong Agraryo Trade Fair 2012

Preparations for the Trade Fair

Ribbon cutting done by PD Diciano, PARO Garcia and Atty Costales

The Project Moderators

The Various ARC Products Based on the clients satisfaction feedback gathered from the exhibitors, the objectives of the trade fair were commendable as shown below;
EVALUATION SHEET/CSF COMPUTATION Give n: Adjectival Rating Percentage Rating No. of Respondent Assessment of Business Results Q1 Quantity of Buyers Met Q2 Quality of Buyers Met Q3 Expected Sales Q4 Actual Over All Sales Project Arrangements STAND PAVILION Q5 Theme Q6 Traffic Effeciency Q7 Visual Impact Q8 Functionality Q9 Cost Effectiveness PUBLICITY AND PROMOTION Q10 Buyer Campaign Q11 Media Mileage local Q12 Promotional Broc. - Functionality Q13 Promotional Broc. - Visual Impact Q14 Promotional Broc. - Cost Effectiveness Q15 Ad Placements Q16 Stand Events Pre - Fair Management On - Site Management Post Fair Management Rating P






15 15 14 15 11 100% 99% 100% 96%

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4 2 6 4 4 9 8 5 4 8 3 10 4 10

11 13 9 11 11 6 7 10 11 15 7 12 5 11 5

96% 98% 94% 96% 96% 91% 92% 95% 96% 100% 92% 97% 90% 96% 90% 95%

Prepared by:

Roel P. Dolaypan, Jr. TIDS CARP

Reviewed by:

Lenore Lee S. Lopez TIDS

Preciosa A. Maglaya STIDS