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"A Mari usque ad Mare"

We, the sovereign, free people of the land of Canada 22nd March 2013



To: You, Governor of the Central Bank of Canada, Mark Carney and; You, Senior Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Canada, Tiff Macklem and; You, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Canada, Agathe Ct and; You, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Canada, Timothy Lane and; You, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Canada, John Murray and; You, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Canada, Lawrence Schembri and; You, Minister for Finance, Jim Flaherty and; You, CEO of Royal Bank of Canada, Gordon Nixon and; You, CEO of Scotiabank, Rick Waugh and; You, CEO of Toronto-Dominion Bank, Ed Clark and; You, CEO of BMO Financial Group, Bill Downe and; You, CEO of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Gerald McCaughey and; any other person, incorporated or unincorporated claiming to have title to any mortgage contract against any home and or dwelling of any of the several, one, free and sovereign people of Canada and seeking to foreclose on that contract. There is no contract; for fraud.

TAKE NOTICE that WE the free and sovereign people of Canada rmly counter and rebut the recent regrettable decision taken by fraudsters, i.e. the mortgage banking industry, to escalate foreclosures against the living esh and blood people of the land of Canada, thereby directly attacking them in a far from subtle way. The time has come now for you to be held accountable, with full personal liability, for the actions you have taken in your corporate roles as you weave your businesses within unlawful and immoral boundaries, under which your corporations ourish behind the veil of LEX ROMANA. WHEREBY; WE now give, Issue and Order this DUE and FAIR NOTICE that; any and all foreclosures or 'repossessions' executed, or attempted to be executed in any way, against any and all of the family homes and dwellings of the several, one, free and sovereign people of Canada by your corporations and upon your direction, on or after the 25th of March 2013 will result in the precise collection of all relevant data by certain people in a full personal accounting for each and every one of you, the above named Chief Executive Ofcers, and Others who directly or indirectly aid and abet the wrongdoers. Transgressions, and the restitution for them, will not exclude Ofcers of the Central Bank of Canada nor of the Ministry of Finance, at the appropriate positions. You all now bear full personal unlimited liability, of your own account, for the actions you take on or after March 25th 2013. These transgressions are considered to be Crimes Against Humanity and will not be tolerated any longer. You are not immune in your corporate roles and the gravity of what you are about to commence should be considered very carefully by you. A full template for true justice under the one true law of standing in this world (being the common law of the land) to violate no other, nor their property, NOW exists. It would be irresponsible for the people of this country to fail to adopt and engage these models to address and rebut the fraudulent nature of your monetary, banking and mortgage industry and to obtain fair remedy for the consequences of your actions. We are now four years on from the engineered nancial crash. We still live with the lies and manipulation of the Truth by our media and our political class. When the people stand in Truth nothing on this earth can counter them. You know it and we know it.

There will be opportunity at this time to tell the whole Truth about the banking industry, whether under 'your' legal system or in the courts of the people. We NOW hereby make you responsible, in your own individual capacities, with full personal unlimited liability. We know what you are doing and SO SHALL IT BE. The Truth of the matter is as follows : 1. " The value of the currency of the alleged debt, the value of any and all purported at currencies is vested in the sovereign life and labour of the individual. It is drawn on the people. We provided the value. We provided the loans in the actual factum. Without that there is nothing, only worthless ctitious value. Now we are going to make it stick. 2. " The Central Bank of Canada is in fact a foreclosed institution. What that means is that there is a prior claim, a commercial lien on any and all title, property, equity, assets, liens, sureties, bonds and bullion of the Bank for International Settlements, its members, subsidiaries and beneciaries thereof; to include the ECB, Central Bank of Canada and any commercial Bank holding a licence issued by either of them. " The BIS as an institution has now been foreclosed. Prior to its foreclosure, the Canadian people did not consent to to give a private bank immunity via government mandate. The Bank for International Settlements (Immunity) Act, codied on September 19, 2012, was "[a]n Act to provide immunity to the Bank for International Settlements from government measures and from civil judicial process." The personnel of the Bank for International Settlements, like the personnel of all Canadian banks, can no longer hide behind corporate ction. Those personnel are now personally liable for their own actions. Those are the facts as described in Uniform Commercial Code Document# 2012114586 as Registered in Washington DC. This document is just another endorsement of the truth; that truth being that modern banking violates natural law and order and has therefore been foreclosed forever by we the people.


3. " Therefore, no banking institution in Canada has any lawful claim to foreclose or repossess any property belonging to any one of the living, esh and blood people of Canada. That is the truth of the matter, and the Truth is Sovereign in Commerce.

4. " If banking institutions persist with their fraudulent claims in the pursuance of the living, esh and blood people of Canada in the execution of fraudulent instruments, to which they do not possess title, through the courts, along with the inherent human loss and damage that encumbers that; then that can only be described as 'malicious prosecution', even in the eyes of an Admiralty Court. " You are a Corporation, the title to whose entire equity has transferred to the people. We OWN you, therefore you have no valid claim and the Truth is Sovereign in Commerce.

5. " We, the free and sovereign people of Canada have sought and obtained lawful remedy for the wrongs that have been perpetrated against us for hundreds of years, the bindings that have carefully been woven around us by those who would subjugate us and the human spirit. " We have NOW freed ourselves from such falsity and aberration; this is the voice of Canada, the voice of our sacred ancestors, the voice of our one, true heritage, the voice of the voiceless and the voice of our being; to ALL of which you are now held accountable.

6. " Your remedy, on which all systems of justice must necessarily rely, is to comply immediately with this Order; to do so in in writing, in notarized form, on paper, signed, sealed and delivered to the Provincial Registrar of Corporations Canada, in the capacity of the relevant ofcer of the instant Corporation, prior to the expiry date of March 25th, 2013. " The Registrar will maintain and secure for safe keeping the said documents for public registration at a later date if necessary, and in the meantime for inspection by any one of the several, living esh and blood people of Canada on request.

WE, the several, one, true, free and sovereign people of Canada -

"A Mari usque ad Mare"