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17 January 2012

Printing Paper Size Folio in CorelDRAW

In Defauld Print (print) in CorelDRAW paper size is Letter , if for example we will print legal-sized documents (sampeyan must know yourself folio size is the most popular paper sizes used in Indonesia), but the size is usually not in the choice of paper, so we must choose Costum; Suppose we have a design like this with the size of the folio;

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In defauld Print preview as below the size of the letter , so there are some images that are not printed later, whereas if we use the option Legal beside the paper is not common in Indonesia, we also find it difficult to adjust the position of the center center;

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Following steps, the Menu Bar -> select File -> Print ... , the tab General -> select the type of printer -> click Preferences ... So Printer Drivers dialog box opens;


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Each printer menpunyai look different on the drivers, but it's basically the same trus choose Costum Paper on the options, then change the size to Folio 215 mm X 330 mm (here I use the HP Laser Jet 1020 printer so that the Paper Size Costum look like the picture below ), after setting up the folio press Close and click OK , then in the Print dialog box choose Print Preview;

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In the Print Preview shown is the paper size that is Folio 215 mm X 330 mm, the column Image Position Within Page select Center of Page that documents will be exactly the center position the center on the page, then click the icon Printer (which I circle) to print the document;

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Above is an example of a simple way to print documents with a size that is not standard, Finish;

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