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Name: Jimin

Date: 11th of March, 2013

Rewriting Frankenstein
How can your environments impact who you are and the choices you make? Pick one of the following scenes from the play. Think about how the situation affected the Monster. Think about how if the scene unfolded differently, the Monster may have changed. Rewrite one of the following to show how they would have impacted the Monster and his choices in life if the situation had been different. 1. 2. 3. 4. When Frankenstein sees the monster for the first time and his reaction is to run away When the monster is in a town, where dogs and towns people are after him When Felix shoots the monster When the monster kills William

Your scene should have between 2-4 characters. 1 or 2 of these characters may be your own characters (not from the play). Your scene will have two parts: 1. What happens to the monster (the situation) 2. His choices as a result (the impact) Which scene will you rewrite? When Felix shoots the monster. What is the situation in the scene? What do others How does this affect the Monster? What impact does do to the Monster? it have on his life? What choices does he make as a Felix saw the Monster attacking Agathe so he tried to result? protect his sister by shooting the Monster on his arm. This affects the monster because the monster thought Then the monster staggers back because he is hurt. everyone hated him and since he got shot, he got a real Next, he gets mad and runs away from their house, feeling of pain in his body. Also it affected his mind of shouting, Revenge, revenge! which refers to revenge trying to be a nice human being to every living thing. He on Frankenstein. Agathe tried to explain what happened thought everyone wanted him to be bad so he starts to the monster and tell Felix that the monster is a nice thinking another way. This has an impact on him man but he doesnt listen to her. Felix kept telling her because he changed his thought about trying to be that he was the monster in the town that everyone was friends with adults. He decides to hide then thought chasing and was afraid of. Agathe accused Felix for about being friends with a kind hearted kid. So the making the monster evil forever. Then the monster was monster decided to find a little kid to bring into wild life gone and never came back to their house again. and bring up as a companion. Then he looks for a child by going into town.

How will you change the situation? How might things happen differently during the scene? Im going to change the situation by not making the monster run away from Felix and Agathe when he gets shot. The Monster would just stay there because the Monster begged to stay with them. Also there was a situation when Agathe was walking alone in the woods, the Monster saved her from the bears so Agathe told Felix about that situation. When Felix brought the Monster into town one day, the monster sees Frankenstein happily having a walk with Elizabeth. The Monster gains anger as he sees Frankenstein being

How will this affect the Monster? What impact will it have on his life? What choices will he make as a result? This would affect the monster because when they become friends, the monster would lose the feeling of hatred to mankind in this world. Then he would become friends with the townspeople which would make him a nicer person. Then when Agathe wishes for him to be a normal person like them, the monster would become normal and live with them like a normal person because now no one would be afraid of him since now he looks like a normal person. This would bring the monster

Name: Jimin happy without him so he runs towards Frankenstein and tries to attack him by pushing him down. Felix notices that this might happen to Agathe and himself when the monster gets mad at them so he just abandons the monster in town and leaves. Apparently the monster follows him back. Felix still feels a bit worried so he tells his sister about what happened. Also the townspeople try to arrest the monster for attacking Herr Frankenstein. He tried to convince Agathe to leave the monster but she refuses. Felix decided to leave alone but before he leaves, he puts a necklace he found on the ground for Agathe. The necklace was actually a wishing charm which would grant 3 wishes. Agathe found out by wishing while having the necklace hung on her neck. Agathe turns the monster to a normal person, gets Felix back to home, and makes her not blind. Then they would live without any problems.

Date: 11th of March, 2013 happiness and make him become a better person than before. This has a huge impact in his life because then he would be like an angel like Frankenstein intended to because now he looks normal and has a kind heart. This would make him make a choice to forget about Frankenstein and have no hatred for him and his family. Then it would be a happy ending for all of them.

Rewrite the scene using your ideas from the purple boxes above. Your scene should: Include A Note On Staging refer to page 6 in the Frankenstein play o Explain the set design o Explain the costumes and props o Explain lighting, sound, and special effects Include a paragraph to explain your choices for your Note On Staging Include descriptions of the characters refer to page 8 in the Frankenstein play o List each character and give a short (2-3 sentences) description of his/her appearance and personality Include stage directions (in italics) to indicate how the characters move and how they speak In your scene, include dialogue that will move the plot along and show how the new situation unfolds and how it impacts the Monsters life. Criterion A: You compose a script that shows how a situation impacts the Monsters life using a lot of details (dialogue and stage directions). Criterion B: You write in the form of a script, using the appropriate structures expected in a play script. Your scene builds appropriately. Criterion C: Your write your characters to reflect their personalities and tone. Your script is free of grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.




You do not reach the standard described below. Your script reflects very limited imagination Your script does not use the Your script does not reflect the voice of and creativity. It does not show the organizational structures of a script. the characters. situation and how it impacted the Monsters life. Your script is generally disorganized. Your script has very frequent errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Your script has no details (dialogue, stage directions) to show how the Monster develops through the scene. Your script reflects limited imagination and Your script sometimes uses the Your script sometimes reflects the creativity. It attempts to show the situation organizational structures of a script. voice of the characters. and how it impacted the Monsters life. Your script is beginning to be organized Your script has frequent errors in Your script has insufficient details but lacks coherence. grammar, punctuation, and spelling. (dialogue, stage directions) to show how the Monster develops through the scene. Your script reflects some imagination and Your script usually uses the Your script often reflects the voice of creativity. It somewhat shows the situation organizational structures of a script. the characters. and how it impacted the Monsters life. Your script is generally well-organized. Your script uses generally accurate

Name: Jimin
Your script has adequate details (dialogue, stage directions) to show how the Monster develops through the scene. Your script reflects imagination and creativity. It shows the situation and how it impacted the Monsters life. Your script has substantial details (dialogue, stage directions) to show how the Monster develops through the scene. Your script reflects a lot of imagination and creativity. It clearly shows the situation and how it impacted the Monsters life. Your script has illustrative details (dialogue, stage directions) to show how the Monster develops through the scene. Include a title Describe each character Include a note on staging to explain how your staging choices (set design, costumes/props, effects) show the situation and its impact on the Monster Employ dialogue to show how the scene develops Include stage directions to show the action Use details to show the actions and emotions of the characters involved

Date: 11th of March, 2013

grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Your script consistently uses the organizational structures of a script. Your script is usually well-organized. The ideas build on each other. Your script uses the organizational structures of a script in a sophisticated manner. Your script is consistently wellorganized. The ideas build on each other in a sophisticated manner. Use the format of a script o Skip a line each time a new character speaks o Italicize the stage directions o Write dialogue by bolding character names Build the dialogue and action to first show what the situation is, then how the Monster is affected Your script often reflects the voice of the characters. Your script consistently uses a formal tone to explain. Your grammar, punctuation, and spelling are accurate. Your script masterfully reflects the voice of the characters. Your script shows a mastery of formal tone to explain. Your grammar, punctuation, and spelling are completely accurate. Edit for spelling, punctuation, and grammar Use first person when writing the dialogue Use the type of language that the character would use when writing the dialogue
Formatted: Highlight

Formatted: Highlight Formatted: Highlight



In order to succeed you need to:

Notes on staging Character: Agathe: A simple brown dress, with a basket of mushrooms. She has a kind personality. She likes the Monster a lot. Agathe also cares a lot for her brother. Felix: A countryside style tops and bottom with a musket around his shoulder. He doesnt trust the monster that much. He cares for Agathe a lot and worries about her about liking the Monster. Monster: ripped shirt and jeans with hideous makeup on his face. He has a kindhearted soul and doesn t have hatred in his heart. He likes both Agathe and Felix a lot. Townspeople: Just normal tops and bottoms. They are afraid of the monster because he attacked Frankenstein. Elizabeth: A pretty dress. She loves Frankenstein. Frankenstein: A nice suit. Forgets all about the Monster and lives happily with Elizabeth. Narrator: A formal dress. She/he narrates one scene. Stage: Agathe and Felixs house: A small room with a table, three chairs and a basket of food in the middle of the table. There is a furnace behind one chair. There is dark lighting with some faint lights coming through. Props for house: Three chairs, a picture of a man, table, basket of food, a box for the furnace, a bed, and a sofa. Town: bright lighting with a lot of houses by the side of the road. There s a market at the end of the road. A lot of people are going around.

Comment [JH1]: Good description of the characters.

Name: Jimin

Date: 11th of March, 2013

Comment [JH2]: Good title Jimin!

Sheep in Wolfs Clothing

Scene One The Monster finds a small cottage in the woods. He goes inside carefully. The house is really dark. (Dark lighting) Luckily, no one is in there. He looks around the house. There are three chairs and a table with a basket of food, one bed, a couch, and a small sink. Suddenly, he hears a sound of a boy and a girl talking. The monster grabs a handful of food and quickly hides behind the sofa. He hears the door creak open. Felix: I went to town this morning while you were gathering mushrooms. When I went to the market, everyone was screaming. There was a hideous monster, walking around, asking for food. I was terrified and I ran away. Agathe: Are you sure it was a monster? It might be a crazy man or something. But you should be kind to every living thing, thats what papa told us! Anyway, this morning, I was walking in the woods alone. I heard someone breathing behind me, and it growled. I realized that it was a bear! Oh, I was so scared. But a man saved me. The man did something to the bear, Im not sure what he did but the bear ran away. I thanked the man. I wonder who that is. Felix: Well, okay Anyway, I have to go to town. I have to get a new axe. After Felix leaves, Agathe puts her hand in the basket of food. She shuffles her hand in the basket. Agathe: (sighs) thats weird. We had a full basket. Did Felix eat some alone? The Monster feels guilty and pops out from behind the sofa. Agathe hears this. Agathe: WhoWho is it?! Please dont hurt me!! (screams) Monster: Im the one who saved you. Im not a stranger, I do not hurt people. May I live here? I have no home. Agathe: Let me touch you. I cant see with my eyes, I see with my hands by touching. Agathe reaches her hand to the Monster and tries to feel it. The Monster backs up. Monster: No, no touch. I am hideous. I am scary. I am hurt. Agathe: Poor man! You got hurt a lot! Why dont you come in and rest? Also, thanks for saving me; I almost got eaten by that horrifying bear! Suddenly, Felix comes in the house. He drops everything in his hands and screams in horror. Felix: Agathe! Get away from that hideous creature! It will hurt you and shred you to pieces. This is the monster that I saw in town! Felix holds up his musket and tries to shoot the Monster. Agathe protects the monster. Agathe: Stop, Felix! Hes a nice guy and he should live with us! He was that man who saved me! Felix shoots the musket to the Monsters arm.

Comment [JH3]: Good dialogue.

Name: Jimin Monster: Agghhhh. No hurt, no shoot.

Date: 11th of March, 2013 The Monster is on his knees, begging.

Monster: Please, Im hungry. I no hurt. No harm. Felix is thinking. Agathe is on Felixs arm, pleading him to make the Monster live with them. Agathe: Oh please Felix! Hes a very kind man, he saved me, and he brought a full basket of logs for us! He wouldnt cause any harm to us! He will help us with our lives! Felix makes a face. He glares at the Monster for a minute and nods his head for yes. Felix: Fine, but keep an eye on him. I have to go hunting for some more food now. Tomorrow we will eat some wild pig stew. Felix leaves the house. Agathe reaches over to the basket and gets out some Gouda cheese and bread. She peels of the rind and begins to eat it. Agathe: Eat! Help yourself. There are is plenty of foods out in the woods. The Monster hesitates for a minute and picks up an apple and begins to chomp it. He finishes it quickly and grabs a whole loaf of bread and shoves it in his mouth. Agathe: You must have been very hungry. You can eat however much you want. Monster: Its alright. I dont eat anymore. I go hunt. I find food for you. I help you. Your kindness impacted me. I change from mad to happy. Thank you. Agathe realizes that even though he might look hideous, like Felix says but the monster is kind inside. Scene two Narrator: Time passes. One year later, Felix and the Monster had become very close. Also the Monster had helped them a lot with their lives. Now, the Monster has a nickname called M which stands for Monster. Now the Monster can speak very fluently. Scene two Narrator: One day, the Monster is wandering around town and sees Frankenstein walking with Elizabeth. He suddenly feels anger in himself and sprints towards them. Elizabeth makes a shocked face and screams. Monster: How dare Frankenstein is be happy without me. Doesnt he even feel guilty?? (Anger in his voice) The Monster leaps on Frankenstein. He knocks over and the Monster is standing on top of Frankenstein. Elizabeth screams. One of the townsfolk is watching this. He stands in horror, staring at the Monster, realizing that the creature attacking Frankenstein was that hideous creature that came to town last year. Monster: Die Frankenstein Die! I will curse you. I have been living because of my own luck, you abandoned me, but other people dont. I will hate you forever!

Comment [JH4]: Good! You have used the work impacted to help show how the situation influences the monster.

Comment [JH5]: You need to put scene two above where the scene is. Comment [JH6]: Do you have the narrator as one for the characters at the top? Comment [JH7]: Ok, but this needs to be said by a narrator, as it is not a stage direction!

Name: Jimin Date: 11th of March, 2013 Narrator: Felix sees this too and is shocked. The townsfolk leave the stage to report it to the town mayor. Felix: (whispers to himself) Jesus Christ! How, How come the monster is acting this way! If he gets mad at us, he will attack Agathe and me too I should run away from this hideous creature! Felix runs towards the house. The Monster sees that Felix is leaving and follows him. Felix has an anxious look on his face as he is running to the end of the stage. Darkness falls and lights come back on when the stage for Felix and Agathes house is ready. Monster: (huffing) Felix! You are so fast, why did you run away? Felix: (mutters) Um I just wanted to go home quickly, I was just so hungry. The Monster makes a face like he doesnt believe it but he just eats lamb stew quietly. Agathe has a puzzled look on her face and glares at her brother. Suddenly, the townspeople burst in the house. Townsfolk 1: (shouts) Kill that monster, kill that monster!! He had hurt Herr Frankenstein! Get them! Felix: (anxiety in his voice) Agathe, get out of here! This is danger! Agathe: What is wrong? The Monster pushes Agathe out of the house and decides to deal with the townspeople. Monster: The man I attacked was my creator. I wanted to revenge him for not even feeling guilty about abandoning me. Please forgive me Felix: Lets deal with this later, please Townspeople (altogether): ARREST THE CREATURE, ARREST THE CREATURE! Felix tries to persuade the townspeople. Felix: (snaps) calm down, we would take care of him. So please get out of our house! Monster: (mutters quietly) I, I didnt mean to do it, Im very sorry But because the townspeople are acting this way, it makes me feel anger. Im becoming my old self because they affected me with their hatred towards me. Felix: Why dont you go out and get some logs for us, M? Also I forgive you for what you did. Forget about that and get out! As the house got gets cleared, Felix brought Agathe back home and started to talk to her. Felix: (whispers) Agathe, listen. Today when we went to town, M attacked this man called Frankenstein. I think that man was the creator of the Monster. As you see, M was mad at Frankenstein and attacked him and cursed him. This could happen to us when M is mad at us! We should abandon him and leave! Or else we would be in danger! Also, when you were out of the house, the townspeople wanted to arrest M and kill him! Please Agathe, lets leave. If we stay with M, the townspeople will hate us too.

Comment [JH8]: Good, again this shows the impact of the situation on the monster.

Name: Jimin

Date: 11th of March, 2013

Agathe: Oh Felix Think positively! M has done everything for us, hunting, logging, heating the furnace He had been a lot of help! Maybe M had a bad memory with that man called Frankenstein. The Monster has no bad memory of us! Trust M. Im perfectly sure he wouldnt do that to us. We shouldnt leave. M told me that he was abandoned a lot of times! We shouldnt let him suffer that again. Im not leaving. Also who cares about the townspeople? I dont care. As Agathe finished her words, the Monster walks in the house with a bucket full of logs. He heats the furnace and helps Agathe to get to bed. Then the Monster lies on the couch and begins to sleep. Felix: (sighing) I dont want to leave Agathe alone with this dangerous creature But I have to leave... Oh god But after thinking for a while, Felix makes a determined face and packs his bags. He writes a note and gets a necklace out of his pocket. Then he stares at Agathe and the Monster for a minute and goes out the door. Monster: Agathe! Where is Felix? Agathe: Felix! Where have you gone? (Sobs) The Monster spots something on the table. He picks it up and reads it out loud. Monster: Felix left a note. It says: Dear Agathe, I decided to leave. Please dont be upset, I will return someday. We might not see each other for a long time But remember, we are still brothers and sisters. I found a necklace on the ground. Its very pretty; I think it will fit you so much. From, Felix your dearest brother. Agathe sobs. The Monster feels sad for her and hangs the necklace around her neck. Agathe: (Still sobbing) Oh Felix Why did you leave me?? I havent seen you with my eyes for a long time! I thought you would stay with me forever! I wish I can see. Suddenly, a light flashes from the necklace. The Monster stares Agathe: (excitement in her voice) M! I can see again! I can see you; I can see papas face on the wall! Is this a dream? Is this real? How come I can see again? The Monster is confused. He stares at the necklace for a minute. Monster: I think its the necklace. Behind the necklace, it says Grants three wishes. So you have granted one wish, you can see again! Im happy for you that you can see me, yourself and everything else Agathe: What? Thats impossible How come Felix found that on the ground? I should make another wish I wish Felix will return home again! Felix: (surprised) How come Im home? I tried to leave?! What did you do, Agathe? Or is it the Monster? Agathe: Its caused by me, Felix. The necklace you gave me was actually magical. It grants three wishes. Also, I can see again. The last wish will be I wish M looked like a normal person! Monster: (shrieks) whats happening to me?

Name: Jimin

Date: 11th of March, 2013

A bright light shines towards the Monster. The light fades out and the Monster is standing, looking normal, just human. Felix: Oh my god M, you are one hundred percent human now.

Monster: Really? Then I could easily go to town without suffering! I feel a bit nicer towards Frankenstein now. Agathe, thank you so much for your last wish! It had impacted me to become a better person than before and also, now I dont hate anyone, even Frankenstein! Now I have become an angel like Frankenstein intended to make me! Agathe: I have been wishing for that to happen! Im so pleased! Felix: Im glad that you have fixed your personality, M. They all laugh happily. The curtains go down with exciting music.
Comment [JH9]: Interesting twist.