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Name: Pat

Date: 11/03/13 How can your environments impact who you are and the choices you make?

Rewriting Frankenstein

Pick one of the following scenes from the play. Think about how the situation affected the Monster. Think about how if the scene unfolded differently, the Monster may have changed. Rewrite one of the following to show how they would have impacted the Monster and his choices in life if the situation had been different. 1. 2. 3. 4. When Frankenstein sees the monster for the first time and his reaction is to run away When the monster is in a town, where dogs and towns people are after him When Felix shoots the monster When the monster kills William

Your scene should have between 2-4 characters. 1 or 2 of these characters may be your own characters (not from the play). Your scene will have two parts: 1. What happens to the monster (the situation) 2. His choices as a result (the impact) Which scene will you rewrite? What is the situation in the scene? What do others do to the Monster? The situation in this scene is that the Monster is has just met Agathe and tries to befriend her but then Felix comes in and sees the Monster apparently attacking his sister and shoots the Monster.

How does this affect the Monster? What impact does it have on his life? What choices does he make as a result? The monster wanted to be evil now but then after his wound healed the monster thought that only adults hated him so he went to find a child but then he killed that child because that child was Frankensteins brother which then his memory of his creator of misery came to him he wanted to make Frankenstein miserable by killing this child.

How will you change the situation? How might things happen differently during the scene? I will change this scene by making the Monster tell Agathe how to approach Felix which is the Monster hides first then Agathe explains everything about the monster to Felix which is that he might look bad but hes actually an outcast like them and wants to do good except people are horrified by his appearance. So Felix doesnt shoot him but still does not trust the Monster until one day Frankenstein wanders into this part of the country and finds the Monster and his two companions then he actually finds out what the monster is like through Agathe and Felix. He regrets deeply about what he first thought about the monster and welcomes him back with Agathe and Felix.

How will this affect the Monster? What impact will it have on his life? What choices will he make as a result? The Monster got affected by getting to know Frankensteins intentions and forgiving Frankenstein for what he did to him. It will impact by stopping him from having feuds with Frankenstein and to have a happy life with his creator. The monster wants to go back to live with his creator because he now respects him.

Rewrite the scene using your ideas from the purple boxes above. Your scene should: Include A Note On Staging refer to page 6 in the Frankenstein play

Name: Pat

Date: 11/03/13 o Explain the set design o Explain the costumes and props o Explain lighting, sound, and special effects Include a paragraph to explain your choices for your Note On Staging Include descriptions of the characters refer to page 8 in the Frankenstein play o List each character and give a short (2-3 sentences) description of his/her appearance and personality Include stage directions (in italics) to indicate how the characters move and how they speak In your scene, include dialogue that will move the plot along and show how the new situation unfolds and how it impacts the Monsters life

A note on staging

Criterion A: You compose a script that shows how a situation impacts the Monsters life using a lot of details (dialogue and stage directions).

Criterion B: You write in the form of a script, using the appropriate structures expected in a play script. Your scene builds appropriately.

Criterion C: Your write your characters to reflect their personalities and tone. Your script is free of grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.






You do not reach the standard described below. Your script reflects very limited imagination Your script does not use the Your script does not reflect the voice of and creativity. It does not show the organizational structures of a script. the characters. situation and how it impacted the Monsters life. Your script is generally disorganized. Your script has very frequent errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Your script has no details (dialogue, stage directions) to show how the Monster develops through the scene. Your script reflects limited imagination and Your script sometimes uses the Your script sometimes reflects the creativity. It attempts to show the situation organizational structures of a script. voice of the characters. and how it impacted the Monsters life. Your script is beginning to be organized Your script has frequent errors in Your script has insufficient details but lacks coherence. grammar, punctuation, and spelling. (dialogue, stage directions) to show how the Monster develops through the scene. Your script reflects some imagination and Your script usually uses the Your script often reflects the voice of creativity. It somewhat shows the situation organizational structures of a script. the characters. and how it impacted the Monsters life. Your script is generally well-organized. Your script uses generally accurate Your script has adequate details (dialogue, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. stage directions) to show how the Monster develops through the scene. Your script reflects imagination and Your script consistently uses the Your script often reflects the voice of creativity. It shows the situation and how it organizational structures of a script. the characters. impacted the Monsters life. Your script is usually well-organized. Your script consistently uses a formal Your script has substantial details The ideas build on each other. tone to explain. Your grammar, (dialogue, stage directions) to show how the punctuation, and spelling are accurate. Monster develops through the scene. Your script reflects a lot of imagination and Your script uses the organizational Your script masterfully reflects the creativity. It clearly shows the situation and structures of a script in a sophisticated voice of the characters. how it impacted the Monsters life. manner. Your script shows a mastery of formal Your script has illustrative details Your script is consistently welltone to explain. Your grammar, (dialogue, stage directions) to show how the organized. The ideas build on each other punctuation, and spelling are

Name: Pat
Monster develops through the scene. Include a title Describe each character Include a note on staging to explain how your staging choices (set design, costumes/props, effects) show the situation and its impact on the Monster Employ dialogue to show how the scene develops Include stage directions to show the action Use details to show the actions and emotions of the characters involved

Date: 11/03/13
in a sophisticated manner. Use the format of a script o Skip a line each time a new character speaks o Italicize the stage directions o Write dialogue by bolding character names Build the dialogue and action to first show what the situation is, then how the Monster is affected completely accurate. Edit for spelling, punctuation, and grammar Use first person when writing the dialogue Use the type of language that the character would use when writing the dialogue

In order to succeed you need to:

Costumes: Monster: A small torn white shirt, Shorts afterwards he wears a clean outfit but is too small for him. Agathe: Short simple white dress Felix: Cotton shirt and pants Frankenstein: A long brown cloak Props: Musket, basket of mushrooms, Dead rabbit, apple, logs, guitar, portrait of old man and small mirror Scene: House in the middle of forest, in house has table, windows and furnace but half facing the audience is open. Surrounding area is a forest not much trees and lots of clearings. Lighting: Dim lighting in the forest all the time. The lights go down and the narrator says the next day when the lights come back again. Spotlight at the Monster and Frankenstein when they go out of the stage at the end, all other lights are to be shut. Sound effects: Dogs barking at start, bird singing, Felix shooting the musket but not at the monster. I have chosen to have the stage set out with the house cut in half so that the audience can see what happens and has a feeling of them being in the play but not in the action. The furniture is made simple so that people understand how wealthy they actually are. The apple and logs are to show the Monsters kindness. The mirror is to make the monster see himself for the first time and make himself known to Agathe. The monsters shirt is torn and bloody to tell the audience that he was getting hunted by dogs. Felix and Agathe have a dead rabbit and mushrooms to represent that they have to find food on their own. The picture of their dad is to tell that he is not with them (dead). The spotlight on the Monster and Frankenstein at the end just makes it stand out more what their actions are. Last the dim lighting is for to cast a forest like scene. Characteristics: Monster: Friendly and cooperates, tries to persuade people, gets furious when he meets Frankenstein but then understands, is very patient, his vocabulary is not developed yet but he gets better throughout the scene. Agathe: Blind but is still very agile, friendly, trusting Felix: Assumes something at first glance but not always correct, impatient, loves his sister Frankenstein: Is on the apologizing side and tries to convince the Monster what his true intentions were.

Name: Pat

Date: 11/03/13

Rewriting Frankenstein Act 2 (Felix shoots the monster)

As in act 2 until end of page (31). In Felixs and Agathes cottage in the woods of the wild part of the country. The Monster quietly brings in some logs to fill the basket as Agathe talks quietly to her papas picture. Agathe: (Staring at the mirror and sighing) Oh how I used to see how my face looked like, only Felix knows now. Agathe puts the mirror down. The Monster curiously looks at the mirror. Monster: (Screams) AAAAGGH! From looking at that mirror the Monster has finally saw himself. Agathe: (In fear) whos there? The Monster springs on her, trying to keep her so that he can explain. Monster: No hurt! Friend! As he says this the Monster gives her an apple and repeats the phrase then lets her go. She moves away in fear. Agathe: Are you the one who gave me the apple, ate the bread, and brought in the logs? Monster: Yes, me friend, me help you. Agathe: May I touch your face? Monster: You see with hands? Agathe: Yes, its the only way. As she says this she proceeds to touching his face. Monster: No, not good. Agathe pulls her hand back surprised and revolted. Agathe: Sorry

Name: Pat

Date: 11/03/13

Monster: I said not good Agathe: You must have suffered Whats your name? Monster: No name. Please- you listen. I come a long way. I look for friends. I have no home. Men see me they hurt me- dogs- they shout, they throw stones. But I am good. I come here-I see house-I was hungry, I take food. Pardon. Forgive me. Everywhere I go, they hate me. Am I not good? I look bad. But I am good, I want to help and love- I help you? Bring you food, bring you wood? Please! My heart is unhappy- I stay here? I go outside, you tell man? I come in? Felix: (Calling off stage) Agathe-are you there? Agathe: (Calling) Felix! Oh, Felix, listen to me. Felix: Everythings fine? Agathe: Oh Felix, you know when you said that the dogs were barking? Felix: Yes Agathe, please get to the point. Agathe: Fine, when you left after a while a man came to me, he terrified me but after an explanation I understood him. This was what he said; he said that he was chased by the dogs in town and men hate him they were supposedly hunting him, when I touched his face it wasnt felt like a monster, something hideous. He actually has a good heart. Hes an outcast like us , Felix please let him be with us. Felix: So where is he? Agathe: (Calling) Man? Where are you? The wooden doors creak open and the Monster stands there blocking the sunlight. Felix stands there aghast approaching him slowly like approaching a snake that could strike any moment. Felix: Agathe, the villagers were hunting him you dont know how hideous he is, he might be tricking you. Agathe: Felix, maybe if you dont look at him from the outside just from the inside you might know him better. Monster: Me, friend. No Scare. I am an outcast like you; you must know how it feels. Please let me stay with you. I help you, bring you food. As he says this he goes outside and fetches two rabbits and an armful of logs to bring in. Felix: Well if he insists I suppose we could find him some clothes and work it all out.

Name: Pat

Date: 11/03/13

Monster: Thank you friend I appreciate you accepting me, I will do my best to help you. The lights go down and up again to represent a new day. Birdsong comes up The next day Frankenstein comes to this part of the country as he heard news of the Monster, as for his luck he just stumbled across the Monster collecting water. Monster: (Bellowing) Frankenstein! Frankenstein: Monster! Monster: (Furious) What are you doing here! You created me and left me to find my way! You know how that feels? Was that what you created me for? Frankenstein: Monster I created you to be good, loving kind, but when I first saw what I made, I was terrified. You know why the villagers chased you away? They were terrified of you; you cant blame people for that. Im truly sorry that I left you to find your own way through the world; I came here to bring you back to accept you back to help you. Will you accept my forgiveness? Monster: You talk well Frankenstein, should I go back with you? You created me left me to survive through pain and misery. What have you made Frankenstein? Maybe a creature better than you, perhaps. I will trust you again, but this is the second and final time. Frankenstein: (Relieved) Thank you for accepting, Monster. Monster: There is one condition though. Frankenstein: (Tension) Yes? Monster: I have two friends, they are outcasts. Please bring them back too. Frankenstein: Fair enough, let me see them. `At this point Frankenstein and the Monster are walking back to the cottage. Felix: Who is this, Monster? Agathe: Felix whos it? Frankenstein: Please let me introduce myself, my name is Frankenstein, the creator of the monster. To admit when I saw what I had made I was terrified so I left him. Then after that he must have found you two, he has explained to me that you two are outcasts so I would like to thank you by offering you a place to live and a job at my neighborhood. Felix: Is this true Monster?

Name: Pat

Date: 11/03/13

Monster: Yes all of it is true, I think that humans should have a second chance to prove themselves; you should too have a second chance. Agathe: Monster if youre going to give me and my brother another chance I would be really thankful of you, from meeting us, helping us and bringing us hope. Monster: (Sincerely) I must thank you too, both of you for helping me and accepting me. Frankenstein: So are our understandings done? (Agathe, Felix and the Monster) Yes Frankenstein: (Cheerfully) Then lets go! At this point the spotlight falls on the Monster and Frankenstein as they walk out to a new life.

The end