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The Burmese Rohingya Association of North America

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March 23, 2013 (#BA001/14)

The Burmese Rohingya Associa3on of North America (BRANA), Burma Task Force USA (BTF-USA), the Myanmar Muslim Civil Right Movement (MMCRM), Free Rohingya Campaign (FRC), and the European Rohingya Council (ERC) condemn the gruesome killings of Myanmar Muslim men, women, and children in Meik3la and Mandalay in the strongest possible terms. The Muslim community in North America painfully mourns the loss of hundreds of innocent lives, regardless of their ethnicity or faith, and expresses their condolence to the bereaved families of the vic3ms. The Muslim community in North America rmly stands by the families of the vic3ms and expresses the unequivocal support for and solidarity with the vic3ms in Burma. The violence orchestrated by Buddhist monks in Meik3la and Mandalay in Burma resulted in carnage of several hundred Muslim men, women, and children and complete destruc3on of over 30 mosques in Meik3la, Pegu, Teggone, Yamaythin, and other ci3es by the Buddhist extremists. There have been also some reports of casual3es among the Buddhist vigilantes when they launch the aPacks. However, nothing can jus3fy the horrendous beheading of 24 young Myanmar Muslim school children in Mandalay while they were trying to make to safety, which is incomprehensible. No civiliza3on on this earth will tolerate such humanly unthinkable bloodbath involving innocent young school children. BRANA, BTF-USA, MMCRM, FRC, and ERC urgently appeal to UN, European Union, OIC, ASEAN, and the governments of US, Canada, and Australia to take immediate steps for protec3on of the vulnerable Muslim minority popula3on throughout Myanmar. We urge the interna3onal community to demand the United Na3ons to probe the massacres of in Myanmar and punish the perpetrators. Further, we demand the Government of Myanmar to fully enforce law and order for the security of the ci3zens of all ethnicity and faith in over 340 ci3es and small towns of mixed popula3on of dierent faiths without par3ality toward any par3cular group or ethnicity.
Dr. Wakar Uddin Chairman, BRANA

North American and European Muslim Organiza8ons Condemn the Senseless Killings in Central Burma including the reported beheadings of 24 young children and Urgently Appeal to the United Na8ons to Intervene

Dr. Shaik Ubaid Board Member & Media Div., BTF-USA

Htay Lwin Oo Director General, MMCRM

Nay San Oo Co-founder, FRC

Khairul Amin Chairman, ERC

FREE ROHINGYA The European Rohingya Council Myanmar Muslim Civil Right Movement CAMPAIGN

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