Spring 2013 Master of Computer Application (MCA) – Semester 3 MC0074 –Statistical and Numerical methods using C++– 4 Credits (Book

ID: B0812) (60 Marks)
Answer all Questions Each Question Carries 10 Marks

1. An experiment succeeds twice as often as it fails. Find the chance that in the next six trials there will be at least four successes. 2. Find E(x), E(X2) and 2 for the probability function P(x) defined by the following table. (k is constant) xi 1 2 3 ……….. N P(xi) k 2k 3k …………… Nk 3. An insurance company has discovered that only about 0.1% of the population is involved in a certain type of accident each year. If its 10000 policy holders were randomly selected from the population, what is the probability that not more than 5 of its clients are involved in such an accident next year? 4. By the method of least squares, fit a straight line for the following data: x 1 2 3 4 5 y 14 13 9 5 2

Practical Questions 5. Write a c++ program to find the sum of 0.123  103 and 0.456  102 and write the result in three significant digits. 6. Find the moment generating function of random variable which is uniformly distributed over (–a, a). Evaluate E (X2n).

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