Leaders Summit of the Americas “Implementing the Rights of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas for Present and Future Generations” December 13, 2010 LIST OF PARTICIPANTS BARBADOS Harpy Eagle Lokono Arawak, Pantribal Confederacy Leah Stewart E-mail: Pan-Tribunal Confederacy of Indigenous Tribal Nations+Lokono Arawak Damon Gerard Corrie E-mail: BELIZE Belize National Indigenous Council Olga Tzec E-mail: CANADA Amnesty International Craig Benjamin E-mail: Assembly of First Nations Celeste McKay E-mail: Josh Gotfriedson E-mail: Roger Jones E-mail:

Bertha Commanda – Elder Association des femmes autochtones du Canada Zoé Boirin-Fargues E-mail: Canadian Human Rights Commission Lynne Groulx E-mail: Michael Smith E-mail: Canadian Museum for Human Rights Barbara Nepinak E-mail: Carylin Greatbanks E-mail: Clarence Nepinak E-mail: Femmes Autochtones du Québec - Quebec Native Women Émilie Grenier E-mail : First Nations Summit (British Colombia, Canada) Edward John E-mail: Indigenous Commission for Communications Technologies in the Americas Tony Belcourt E-mail: International indigenous women's Forum (FIMI) Lea Regina Mackenzie E-mail: Inuit Circumpolar Council-Canada Carole Simon

E-mail: Kakisiwew – Ochapowace Cree Nation Wesley R. George E-mail: Métis National Council Adrian Modeza E-mail : Clément Chartier E-mail: Eduardo Vides E-mail: Rob McDonald E-mail: Mohawk Nation at Kahnawake – Indigenous World Association Kenneth Deer E-mail: Native Women’s Association of Canada Del Jacko E-mail: Jeannette Corbiere Lavell E-mail: Teresa Edwards E-mail: Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canadá Lucille Villaseñor-Caron E-mail: Quebec Native Women Inc Ellen Gabriel E-mail: Rights & Democracy

Marie St-Louis E-mail: Women of the Metis Nation Melanie Omeniho E-mail: COLOMBIA Organización Nacional Indígena de Colombia (ONIC) Flaminio Onogana Gutierrez E-mail: UNITED STATES American Indian Law Alliance (Indigenous Community: Pueblo of Laguna) June Lynne Lorenzo E-mail: Al-Sik-Hata Nation of Yamassee-Moors Diani Bey-El E-mail: Nanya El E-mail: Lakota Nation, Owe Aku International Justice Project Kent Lebsock E-mail: United Confederation of Taino People, Caribbean Indigenous Community Roberto Borrero E-mail: OAS MEMBER STATES CANADA Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Brigitte D’Aoust E-mail:

Heidi Smith E-mail:

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT) Luke Sookocheff E-mail: Circumpolar and Aboriginal Affairs Division – DFAIT Christine Short E-mail: International Relations Directorate, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada Patrick Brennan E-mail: ORGANIZATION OF AMERICAN STATES Summits of the Americas Secretariat Martin Huenneke E-mail: Andrea Montilla E-mail: OTHER PARTICIPANTS ARGENTINA (via videoconference) Fundación Argentina a las Naciones Camino a la Verdad (Argentine Foundation to the Nations Path to the Truth) Graciela Rosa Yanovsky E-mail: Claudia Andrea Palazzi E-mail: CANADA Ovide Mecredi Dakota Edwards-Barber Deborah Russell

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