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the morningside mirror

07.2010 edition

Morningside Mirror was a magazine published by patients and staff at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital between the years of 1845 and 1974. This new edition of ‘The Mirror’ is part of Artlink’s contribution to examining the Royal Edinburgh’s 200 year-long history in the lead up to the hospitalwide Bicentenary commemoration in 2013. If you would like to find out more about this and other related projects call Ciara at Artlink on ext. 46127.

Contributors to 07.2010 edition: Ciara Phillips, Katie Smith, Sonja Witts and Anne Elliot.

Esmee Warren. Woodworking OT. holds the winning entry in the children’s category 13 A curious goat from East Links Family Park 14 Joanne Smithers from the Hive with Pig Croquet (a game developed especially for the REH Fete) 15 Back by popular demand.” Mary More. the Fete Committee are working hard to ensure that this year’s event will be even bigger and better. 46127.. Mary More GET INVOLVED For more information contact Artlink on ext. “The Garden fete is going to be even better than last year so I am hoping for sun again hoping to draw in more of the public and getting more patients’ relatives involved. 13. hand-printed t-shirts and other goodies 10 Norrie Sloan. Director of Operations. Artlink artist Anthony Schrag (affectionately known as the ‘118 guy’) will be calling upon visitors to the Fete to take part in fun races such as the egg and spoon race and the dressing up relay . a petting zoo. The Royal Edinburgh’s Annual Summer Fete will take place on Friday 13th August on the lawn behind Mackinnon House from 11am – 3pm. Nursing assistant. Orchard Clinic and member of the Summer Fete Committee.10 1 2 FANTASTIC FETE Building upon the great success of last year’s Summer Beth Thompson 3 The pipe band were a wonderful feature of the Fete in 2009 4 Tim Montgomery. East Links Family Park will be visiting the Fete again this year. I am already getting a lot of responses from around the hospital with great ideas to make the day a big success. there will be tombolas. complementary therapies. browsing the Patients’ Library book sale – expect another great sale at the 2010 Fete 11 Mike Brown on the BBQ 12 The competition judge. so mark Friday 13th August in your dairy and come along to join in the fun. games and races for all ages. raffles. musical performances and the ever popular BBQ. In addition to the wide range of stalls selling everything from cakes to cards.2 | The Morningside Mirror | 07.2010 1 Ian Hartley preps signs for the Fete 2 Last year’s winning entry in the Vegetable Animal Competition (adult category) Alligator .08. The Fete is organized by patients and staff for the whole hospital community.. REH 5 Movin’ Melvyn Brown took time out from performing at the Edinburgh Festival to visit the Royal Edinburgh’s Summer Fete and impressed the crowd with his incredible singing and dancing – come along to find out who this year’s special guest performer will be! 6 Geoff Hunter. line dancing. Senior Employee Relations Manager at the Royal Edinburgh. will challenge you to ‘Beat the Goalie’ again this year 7 Music in Hospitals musicians On the Wagon gave a great performance in 2009! This year Firefrost will be taking centre stage 8 Happy shoppers peruse the various stalls 9 Julie Blackwood from the Young Persons’ Unit tending her stall – this year the YPU will be selling original.

3 6 7 4 BEAT THE GOALIE 8 9 10 11 15 12 13 14 OINK! .

Individual staff. herb and flower areas. helping to maintain the communal fruit. visitors. 16 Anne Elliot from Artlink wearing a beard of nettles Alex Wilde News from Alex. the local community and community growing projects we have been transforming outdoor spaces around the Hospital grounds. fruit and vegetables. 18 19 FIND OUT MORE Contact Alex or Anne on ext. patients and volunteers from the local community are also involved.. The Growing Plots (behind the Tipperlinn Bowling Club) are coming to life with twelve groups of staff and patients taking on a plot to grow potatoes. staff. In partnership with patients.10 GROWING SPACES The Artlink Growing Spaces project has been working with the hospital community for coming up to two 17 17 A BTCV Volunteer helping out in the Growing Plots 18 Duncan Johnston installing water in the Growing Plots 19 Janine Johnston watering some thirsty plants . 46127 or at growingspaces@ functionsuite. birds and Orchard and getting people active in growing their own produce.4 | The Morningside Mirror | 07. herbs. Growing Spaces Coordinator What are we up to this coming summer. Corporate teams supported by BTCV are helping us to protect the growing produce with a rabbit fence... celebrating the wildlife.

and several different varieties of apple. The film was inspired by the work of an occupational therapist working in The Orchard Clinic community mental health team. With over seventy trees in the . Upcoming dates are: 15th and 29th July. With its creative spark and imagination it is a true asset to Craiglea Ward and the REH also.. Coordinated by Sean Jacques..” Johnathan MacLennan. Come down to the site for a visit or check out the Community Gardens blog:httproyaledinburgh communitygardens.. 23 The Orchard 24 Sean Jacques from the Royal Edinburgh Community Gardens hard at work on the site 25 Scottish Health Minister Shona Robison at the official launch of the Community Gardens 26 Stills from Recovering by Ewen Meldrum and Stephanie Hall FIND OUT MORE COME ALONG Buy plants and gardening accessories. a short film about recovery in The Orchard Clinic. Without the assistance from Artlink it would be nowhere near as popular as it is now. seemed keen to talk about their experiences of what helped and what hindered their recovery journey. willow weaving and photography. In late June. entertainment. As in previous years we will be doing apple-related events including pressing your own fresh apple juice. 19th and 25th August and 23rd September. take part in a gardening workshop or just drop in and get some advice and inspiration. Let us know your favourite apple recipe and look out for a range of harvest activity coming up in September/October. Many of the service users that the occupational therapist works with. there is a bountiful harvest each year. fruit. wordpress.. a local gardener. views and experiences were compiled to make this film.. There are also common areas of grass and other cultivation for the amenity of the whole group and members of the public. Thursday 1–3pm Drop in for advice or practical gardening activity. and also at the Orchard Clinic as part of the ‘Have Your Say’ Week. Senior Charge Nurse. herbs or flowers. now living in the community. Plant Pot (otherwise known as artist Vicki Fleck) with her potting trolley 21 Craiglea pots 22 The Orchard’s new signage has been designed by Jeanette.Craiglea were one of the first groups to take on a plot. Check out our Potting Shed at the Fete! 20 Mrs. Craiglea Ward COME ALONG Our monthly Gardening Club in the Growing Plots is led by Tom. Recovering was screened at the International Congress of the Royal College of Psychiatrists at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. 26 “Growing Plots has been a huge success. the Community Gardens feature allocated spaces for individuals or groups to grow vegetables. was recently presented as part of the 10th Annual International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services Conference in Vancouver by Ewen Meldrum (Technical Instructor. These thoughts. filmmaker and director) and Stephanie Hall (Occupational Therapist). In May we had a apple blossom celebration event in the Orchard with refreshments. .Look out for the Growing Plots Open Day at the end of August to come and see what people have been up to! 20 21 RECOVERY FILM SCREENED IN VANCOUVER Recovering.. 22 24 Check ou the grow t i competit ng ion entries! 23 25 ROYAL EDINBURGH COMMUNITY GARDENS UP and RUNNING The Royal Edinburgh’s Community Gardens were officially opened in May by the Scottish Health Minister Shona Robison. Getting fruity in the Orchard! We have been gradually improving access to the Orchard through creating pathways.

6 | The Morningside Mirror | 07. Never cut corners. it’s just gone like that! Q. Getting a big ‘thank you’ and knowing that people are happy with what they’ve had done. What do you do on an average day? A. Those Vidal Sassoon bobs are back in now. I do all sorts of styles but mostly trims. I’ve been here for 38 years . Q. How did you start working at the Royal Edinburgh? A.10 Q. What is your role in the Royal Edinburgh Hospital? A. She told me that there was an opening at the Hospital salon to cover maternity leave so I came here initially for three months and I’ve been here ever since. Q. Mr. Q. When I was in my last year of high school in Penicuik the owner of a local salon. In the 1970s and 80s I cut a lot of bobs and did lots of blonde tips and light perms. McQueenie. My cuts are just your basics to make people look the best they can. and many of the old styles are in fashion again but they’re more natural. Respect.since 1972. You would never think it’s been all these years. Wilma in her salon . My mother worked here on Ward 5. I started my training working for him on Fridays as the salon’s general dogsbody and eventually I learned how to cut ladies’ and mens’ hair. not so stiff. How did you get into hairdressing? A. roller setting. MRS. It just so happened that he picked me. conditioning and colour – nothing ridiculous though. WILMA HOLMS REH PEOPLE Q. Any parting comments? It’s been an experience and I wouldn’t change it. I work with the Royal Edinburgh’s residential patients. What’s your motto? A. I’m the Hospital ladies’ hairdresser and gents’ barber (it’s not every hairdresser that can do the whole kaboodle). came to the school to look for an apprentice. I used to just watch what was going on – I’m good at picking things up. Q. How long have you been working here? A. What’s the best thing about your job? A. Q.

Board Room Annual General Meeting 29 November. It was all open. We had a piper or somebody playing and the atmosphere was we went and fed the patients on some of the wards and we used to get the patients from ward 10 and bring them down to the Red Cross Hut [now Voluntary Services Manager’s office] and play dominoes and have a sing-song. waltzing with the patients in the wards. People have been very complimentary about it. We had a great rapport with the patients. COME ALONG join in The Link Gallery’s newest exhibition ‘A Portrait of Volunteering in the Royal Edinburgh’ to learn more about volunteering past and present. Garden fetes when it was lovely and sunny. I enjoyed all of it. But everybody is getting older so there’s a great reduction in volunteers. We were all from churches. it all started with the Churches. There was always plenty of food and drink and it was a great day. “It was really good to work with a professional musician who knew what he was doing and I enjoyed hearing my music on the CD. Then when we got this place we used to have dances here. Stories of Changing Lives This is a book of stories from patients. I was asked to come along and was the Treasurer until very recently. We spoke to the Charge Nurse and said that he wanted to leave us money but he mustn’t do that. that’s why it was called the club. My husband and my daughter used to come in with me and we came during the day and sometimes during the evenings. It was always an ongoing thing and we got great pleasure from it. we were involved in wards. GET YOURS Contact the Hive by calling 0131 537 6256 or drop in to get your own copy of this fantastic album. 2–4pm. And he left us what was a lot of money then. if he wants to leave anything then he can leave it to our organisation. In the summertime we used to have a kind of open day. patientscouncilreh.AN INTERVIEW WITH BETTY SHORT Katie Smith from the Volunteering Hub recently met with Betty Short.service users. members of the local Morningside community. The staff made a terrific fuss of him. 1. any profit we made. with requests coming from as far afield as Perthshire and Northern England. I’ve been working here for 40 years now and I first got involved through the churches.. We mended the patients’ clothes and made pinnies for them. The Verandah was a ward for ex-soldiers who had been shell-shocked and who had TB. It was just all involved in helping with them. So that’s the story.3pm at The Hive. participant in the project When the Verandah was officially opened it was opened by Magnus Magnusson. All our money. we used to bring the patients out. We are always eager to hear from anyone who has ideas for future music projects – feel free to come and speak to us about your ideas. There was one man and we used to bring him down a lot and he said that his lawyer was coming and he was going to leave us money. Are you a musician at heart? If you would like to take part in playing and making music feel free to drop in to Brian’s Music Jam on Fridays from 2pm . that was why it was called the Verandah. I’m a Catholic and my church has always had a presence here. If you would like a free copy of the Stories of Changing Lives booklet please contact the Patients’ Council office or visit our website (www.30–4pm. Here is her story. GET YOUR HANDS ON. The exhibition runs from 19 July – 4 October 2010. but he was a very unassuming man.” Maggie to read a copy online. Betty Short in the Verandah Tearoom .” Maggie McIvor – Patients’ Council Development and Administration Worker Diary Dates Patients’ Council Meetings 2 August and 27 September. went back into the hospital so it was all for the hospital. Board Room The Bicentenary Album Produced by the Hive and facilitated by musicians Fred Parsons and Brian Young. a longtime volunteer in the Royal Edinburgh. £1000! There were also university students who had a dance and raised £6000 and gave it to us. We also used to go to other wards and take them for quizzes. health professionals. carers and staff about moving from hospitalbased care into community care. We didn’t have the Verandah then of course. There were lots of things going on. “The booklet has been very well received. from all walks of life . We’ve had lots of good times. We used to use the Church Centre and have do’s in the there and food and things. carers. the Bicentenary Album is a compilation of songs including old time favourites and new tunes written and performed by current and former patients at the Royal Edinburgh. We used to have a greater presence in the hospital. we really need more volunteers to keep things going.. we have distributed hundreds of copies already. We used to have little dances.

10 Newspaper Club is a service that helps people and communities make their own | The Morningside Mirror | 07. .newspaperclub.

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