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Latest Medical Related News From the Web COMMITTEE MEMBERS 2008/09
Vol. № 01, February 2009
Healthiest Fast Food Values President: Jeyendran Kanagarajah
Watching your spending? Who isn’t, right? Here are the top three Deputy Presidents: Ahmad Nizam
KMSA’s Christmas Week 2009 Words From Mr. President Exclusive Interview
healthiest picks from the value menus. Marcus Voo Wei Syn
New Year Twisted Read what our President has Read accounts of our ex-seniors
McDonald‟s McChicken Sandwich (Dollar Value Menu): This Secretary: Alan Na Wei Lun about life as a houseofficer. -page 6
Vice-Secretary: Sharmaine Marie Telematch Album -page 5- to say -page 2-
pick weighs in at just 360 calories and 3 grams of saturated fat.
Burger King‟s Whopper Jr. (Value Menu): If you love a Treasurer: Khairunisa Yahiya
Vice Presidents: PLUS: KMSA 2008/09 New Committee Members
burger, this is your healthiest budget buy: Just hold the mayo and
Benedict Chong (Education) Kursk, 18th of February 2009—A meeting was held on the 18th of February 2009

And the Summer

it’s a 290-calorie lunch.
Kugan Varatha Raju (Advertising & Publicity) organized by the Kursk Malaysian Medical Students‟ Association to discuss the
McDonald‟s Ice Cream Sundae (Dollar Value Menu): Order issue of summer practice in Russia. It has been a tradition for students of Rus-
strawberry and get 20% of your daily calcium for less than 300 Mexmollen Marcus (Social)
sian medical universities to do our summer attachments back home in our hospi-
Zakri Aziz (Sports)
Chong Chaw Jong (Students’ Affairs)
Practice’s Saga tals. Few have attempted to do it here, but most students usually do it back
home. So when the MMC
came out with this
Public warning on 3 slimming products
Malaysia:The public is advised to stop the sale, distribution and
Education Director: Mervyn Ian
Assistant Education Director:Vicnesh Thillynathan Continues… shocker decision, many of
us took it as a slap to our
by Anesh faces.
use of the slimming products Slimway Herbs, BMI9 Xylimming The aim of the
Editorial Board Director: Helmy Sajali
Day Capsule and BMI9 Xylimming Night Capsule with immedi- meeting was to come up with a single direction for the KMSA to work on this
Advertising & Publicity Director: Kong Chau Shing
ate effect as they have been found to contain the scheduled poison Social Directors: Ruban Prasaath Vejayan issue, with the agreement and support of the whole Kursk Malaysian commu-
"Sibutramine". nity as a united front. This discussion was a proof that the KMSA committee
Christina Eleanor Martin
The Health Ministry's Pharmaceutical Services Division director did not want to make any unilateral decisions and wanted to take into account
Events Director: Shirley Liew Chiah Hui the views and opinions of the our students.
Eishah A. Rahman said the use of these herbal products without Sports Director: Kiran Kandiah
supervision by doctors could lead to adverse effects like high The meeting kicked off at about 5 pm with a short briefing by the
Students’ Affairs Director: Monesh Pillai KMSA secretary Mr. Alan Na. He briefed the attendees on his correspondence
blood pressure and other cardiovascular complications.
Orientation Director: Thuruven Sothu Gorendan with the MMC president Tan Sri Dato‟ Seri Dr. Hj. Mohd Ismail bin Merican.
"Medicine containing 'Sibutramine' can only be issued by doctors Photocopies of the correspondence which was done via email were distributed.
Assistant Orientation Director: Sammy Lee Kian Yap
or obtained with a doctor's prescription at pharmacies," she said in Next the KMSA president Mr. Jeyendran took to the stage and gave everyone
a statement on Wednesday. a round up about his discussions over the weeks with the presidents of Malay-
Hostel Representatives:
To read the complete article, please visit, Feb 18 2009, sian Students‟ Associations of the other four recognized medical universities in Mr. Alan explaining every documents involved in this long-running saga
Nation 5th Hostel: Jeya Prasanth
Russia (Vologograd,
4th Hostel: William Chung Fui Ching
Nizhny, RSMU & MMA). He also spoke about his repeated discussions with
Pad Fak Hostel: Mitchel Brian Jimilin
Plan for more eye doctors Bungalow: Beatrix Hii
our dean of international students‟ faculty.
Next the discussion was opened to the floor for a brainstorming session. Many
Malaysia: The Health Ministry plans to increase the number of
students voiced out their views, suggestions, opinions and also their grouses.
eye doctors in the country from 350 to 525 by 2020, said minister Mr. President himself announced the suggestions that the committee itself
Datuk Liow Tiong Lai. came up with after repeated internal discussions. Among the suggestions and
“Our target is to have 1.5 ophthalmologists per 100,000 popula- comments from the floor included the following:-
tion by that time. Currently, the ratio is 1.3 to 100,000,” he told a
press conference after officially opening the Lions Eye Clinic at The KMSA 2008/2009 Editorial Board  Students are allowed to do their postings in Malaysia from clinical
years onwards (4th and 5th years).
Mahsa College here yesterday….
To read the complete article, please visit http:// Editorial Board Director
Mr. Helmy Sajali
 To cooperate with Malaysian‟ Students‟ Associations from other universities to write a petition to the MMC to request for a review of their
E mail:
YM: decision.
Housemen lack basic know-how  To convince the MMC to postpone this decision to next year, citing
KUALA LUMPUR: Some medical universities, both local and Editor –In – Chief reasons such as many students have already booked their flight tickets back,
Miss. Sherlyn Marcella The students demanded their voices to be heard
overseas, are churning out doctors who cannot carry out common holiday plans have been made, giving the university morre time to plan as this
E mail:
medical procedures, have no proper clinical exposure, cannot MSN: is the first time they are doing this.
communicate effectively and cannot even take down the history of
patients properly for diagnosis and treatment.
 To accept the fact of doing our practical here and to not be too rebellious against the MMC, to avoid graver issues such as
Columnist derecognisation of the university by the Higher Education Unit.
Senior medical consultants in government hospitals are now Mr. Alan Na
saddled with the task of having to retrain these people to ensure E mail:
 To suggest to the Administration of the university to restructure their elective postings plan and syllabus, because the
they meet the country's standard of medical practice. present plan are obsolete and was created for students to do the attachments in Malaysia. (which students has flexible time
Some of these fresh doctors are retained in their houseman train- and no limitation of practices).
ing postings for years, some even up to six years, because they Mr. Anesh Nair
There was much debate and slight arguments here and there, but Mr. President and Mr. Secretary did their best to bring
cannot meet the standards. The compulsory housemanship is two E mail:
MSN: the students back on track and to achieve the common aim of finding a single path to act on. Varied views were voiced out, but at the
In view of this problem, the Malaysian Medical Council…… very end of the discussion, it was agreed that the KMSA committee, together with the students shall proceed with discussions with
To read the complete article, please visit http:// Events Journalist other MSA from other 4 universities in negotiating with the MMC on possibly postponing the ruling to next year, and at the same
Miss. Abigail Rembui Anak Jerip time, to work closely with the dean‟s office in restructuring the elective postings plan in the event that all of us have to complete our E mail:
YM: practicals here in Kursk. The meeting ended at 7 pm. Please be alert to the details in this issue, on official media of KMSA (Facebook,
posters, KMSA‟s Newsflash, and the KMSA committee members).
T he patient awakened after the operation to find her-
self in a room with all the blinds drawn. "Why are all
Doctor Vs. Mechanic
orris was removing some engine valves from a car on
the blinds closed?" she asked her doctor. "Well," the sur- M the lift when he spotted the famous heart surgeon Dr.
Greetings, Salam sejahtera and Dobre Poszhalovat
Words From to our Malaysian family of Kursk. We present you our
geon responded, "They're fighting a huge fire across the
street, and we didn't want you to wake up and think the
Michael DeBakey, who was standing off to the side, waiting
for the service manager. Morris, somewhat of a loud mouth,
first newsletter for the year 2009 and also the very first operation had failed."
Mr. President
shouted across the garage, "Hey DeBakey...Is dat you? Come
after forming the new working committee late last year. over here a minute."
octors at a hospital in Brooklyn, New York have gone
by Jeyendran Kanagarajah We kicked start early this year by organizing the Best D on strike. Hospital officials say they will find out
The famous surgeon, a bit surprised, walked over to where
Morris was working on a car. Morris in a loud voice, all could
Man’s Kitchen and the Twisted Telematch which was held what the Doctors' demands are as soon as they can get a hear, said argumentatively, "So Mr. Fancy doctor, look at this
in conjunction with the Xmas and New Year celebrations. Enthusiasm of fellow students seen pharmacist over there to read the picket signs!"
work. I also take valves out, grind 'em, put in new parts, and
throughout these events has prompted us to schedule events as such in our calendar as one of when I finish this baby will purr like a kitten. So how come
KMSA’s annual event. Ah, before I forget a heartiest congratulation to all our winter batch sen- P onder This: The difference between a neurotic and a
psychotic is that, while a psychotic thinks that 2 + 2 =
you get the big bucks, when you and me are doing basically
iors who graduated recently. Wishing them all the best in their future undertakings! 5, a neurotic knows the answer is 4, but it worries him.
the same work?"
DeBakey, very embarrassed, walked away and said softly, to
Subsequently we ‘rested’ awhile due to the exam season Morris, "Try doing your work with the engine running."
and winter holidays. Now, once again we are back at work, this
time dealing mainly with - The ‘summer practice’ shock. We have Moscow, 6th February 2009—A total of 25 people went on the Moscow One Day City Tour
been working tirelessly on this issue since the MMC delegates’
visit late November last year by corresponding with the MMC
МОСКВА: organized by the Malaysian Student association (MSA). The participants comprised mostly of
students of Kursk State Medical University and parents of graduates who attended the
One-day City Tour graduation ceremony held recently. We left Kursk in a 28-seater bus at night (5th February
through emails seeking consideration of our plight. A meeting was by Alan Na 2009) and arrived in Moscow at around 10 am the
also held with our very own students to inform recent updates following day. The first stop was made in McDonalds
and gather suggestions relating to this issue. Nevertheless, it has where everyone freshened up and had breakfast. It was also here that we met up
happened and now we are committed in working towards mini- with our English Guide, Mr. Alexei.
mizing the ‘damage’. Currently, we are in the midst of providing At around 11am that we left McDonalds and began our Moscow One Day
City Tour. It began with a tour around the
suggestions to the University on how we could arrange the sum- city of Moscow in the bus – The Observation
mer practice, which now seems bound to happen (judging by the tour. During the tour, the guide elaborated on
recent directives given to the university by the Malaysian Em- the history of Moscow, including the glorious
bassy in Moscow), to the best benefit of our students. Meanwhile, past during the Soviet times, showed us many
historical buildings and monuments, etc. The
we are also writing a
tour brought us past many significant histori-
united petition to MMC together with the other cal sites in Moscow, including the Christ the Inside the bus
four recognized universities of Russia to seek Saviour Cathedral, the Tretyakovskaya Art
postponement of this summer practice ruling to at Gallery, The Golden circle of Moscow, to name a few. The first stop was made in the
least next year. By this, we hope to resolve the Red Square, where we got down on our feet. It was rather cold that day with an aver-
age temperature of -10°C.We walked past the St Basil’s cathedral, Lenin’s Mauso-
ticketing problems, to calm the ‘not prepared yet’ Close-up: Kremlin, The centre of Russian Administra- leum, Gum Shopping Complex and the Moscow State Historical Museum. After that,
mindset of our students and also to grant the uni- tion
we proceeded further to observe the ‘changing of the guards’ outside Kremlin. We
versity more time to plan a more systematic and were lucky as we managed to catch the hourly ceremony of guard changing. Next it was followed with a trip inside the
quality summer practice for our students. We Kremlin which lasted for about an hour. After the Kremlin, we stopped at Arbat Street, one of Russia’s oldest street spend-
kindly seek your support and cooperation in ing about an hour and a half having lunch and strolling along the historical street. There was nothing much historical about
the street as it was now filled with modern shops and complexes.
working out this issue as ‘mishandling’ of it could The next stop was the State Darwin’s Museum. This museum showcases developments in the field of evolutionary
result in dire consequences. biology. Many found the visit to the museum quite interesting and said that they would come back for a second time. Worth
mentioning here is that the entrance to the museum was free for students, provided that the student card was shown. The
Preparation for the Volgograd Intervarsity Games 2009 is underway too. This time, we visit lasted till 6pm when we then left for shopping at the well known Mega Ashan Shopping complex. It was only at
around 8.30 that the bus reached the destination as the driver was unfamiliar with the directions. Finally at about
have taken to task promising a more transparent and just selection system for all games and 11.00pm, our Moscow One day tour came to an end and we began on the journey back to Kursk. It wasn’t a smooth journey
supporters, avoiding any so called cronyism in our sports. Cmon sportsman sportswoman of back though. As we were about 3 hour away from Kursk, the bus skidded off the road and was stuck in a ditch of snow.
Kursk, having won the title consecutively for 3 years, we know we can do it again. Let’s cry out Fortunately, no one was hurt. A call was made to the travel company and within 15 minutes, 2 emergency mashruts were
in one voice ‘Kita Dengar Suara, Kursk Tetap Juara!’. Do keep in touch with us and watch out for arranged to pick us up. Everybody was taken back to Kursk safely.
our future activities which we will unfold as we go on. Love all, Serve all…with that I sign off, On the part of MSA, we sincerely apologize for the unnecessary emotional trauma and inconveniences caused. We
would like to explain that all arrangements for the trip were done according to proper procedures. We approached a reputa-
hoping that you will be pleased reading this edition of NewsFlash as much as we enjoyed bring- ble travel agency which arranged a bus through a licensed bus company. All arrangements were made according to the
ing this to you. number of people that we have for the trip. We assure you that no shortcuts were taken and this unfortunate incident could
not be foreseen in any manner. As such, we deemed it was necessary to compensate something to the participants to at least
provide some emotional comfort. Using the Emergency Welfare Fund which was established for such purposes, an amount
of RUB 150 was reimbursed to every single participant of the trip together with some mandarin oranges. We would like to
assure you that we will take more measures in ensuring your comfort should there be any more of such events in the future.
What can you expect after 6 years of stuffing your nose under Anesh says……
HOUSEMAN those thick medical books? Relief? Joy? Excitement? HOR-
Many of us Kurskians are bogged down by depressing issues these days, be it exams,
ROR? 2 of our seniors took some precious time off to reveal to
IN ACTION our editor-in-chief, to be shared among us, the present stu-
dents, the topsy turvy life of being a House Officer in Malaysia.
pending atrabotkas, post-holiday depression, but the winning trophy has to go to the MMC‟s
recent decision about our summer practices. Don‟t even think I‟m going to talk about this
by Sherlyn Marcella. matter. I myself self-admittedly am indulging in denial, and still picture myself going back to
Here it goes….
the Land of Nasi Lemaks in July, as usual, without problems…
But anyway, we all need a break from this issue. I wanted to touch on something that
has been very close to us since the day each of us landed on Slavic soil. It has been creeping
House MAN –Fire Man –Police MAN –Super MAN into every aspect of our lives; it can make our mundane life here interesting, but also can ruin
(by Dr. Roland Victor) lives for some. All of us indulge in it, it is, the one and only, GOSSIP!
What do they have in common? The 24-7 nonstop duty. Gossip can be defined as rumor or talk of a personal, sensational, or intimate nature. I‟m not
going to broach into celebrity gossip and what not, but about personal, everyday gossip, the
WHERE AM I?: I have been posted to Hospital Teluk Intan which is my 3rd choice. It’s still much of a challenge (being a KL kind which deals with your family and friends.
citizen). However, I thank God for not being sent “across the seas” since it’s just 2.5 hours drive back to KL. It’s a peaceful town Why do we gossip? To make life more spicy I guess, like the curries we love so much.
similar to Kursk 5 years ago apart from having McD, KFC n Pizza Hut!! Everything is just a stone throw away, ideal for a H.O to So there you have it, the recipe of good gossip. You get a juicy, meaty piece of information
save money since things are cheap here.
about someone, then add some curry powder by twisting some facts, and then add salt by
MY JOB: I am currently in Pediatrics ward. Nothing much on the first few days beside paperwork and assimilating to the Malay- making your own wild deductions about the person, and voila!
sian hospital management. Working is a bit stressful, starting from 7am till 5pm. There are ample of wardrounds (H.O rounds, It is undeniable that within the Kursk Malaysian community, gossip is a major issue.
M.O rounds and Specialist rounds). Be prepared to clerk continually to the point that you feel like a secretary. It seems that the Every one indulges in it I‟m sure, except for handful I guess (really ar?). But why do we do it?
paperless system is not succesfully implemented. You’d be surprised that you have written about 50 sheets of forms and papers Simple. It‟s too BORING here. Entertainment in Kursk is almost non-existent. Some people
with your name chopped all over the place from the time your patient enters the ward to the time he walks out. The irony of doing
this in a high-tech ICT country. indulge in excessive consumption of a certain type of beverage, ehem. But otherwise people
can‟t seem to entertain themselves enough. So, people resort to one of the liveliest forms of
“ON-CALL” basically means 36 straight hours of work. Dream off the days of REM sleeps because patients will pop-up at entertainment since the origin of human speech, GOSSIP.
2.50am, and another by 4.00am and another at 6.00am. The good part is, we now do less “on-calls” due to the increased number We gossip about who coupled with whom, who broke up with whom, who fought with whom,
of doctors in the country. The bad part is, the lesser calls, the lesser RM100 you earn. However, I’d still pick sleep over the who moved to apartment with whom, who moved back to hostel because of what, who went to
RM100. A good sleep is undeniably PRICELESS.
Switzerland with whom, who is rich and loaded, who isn‟t sitting in lecture with whom, who
MY SOCIAL LIFE: Other Housemen have claimed that I am a Martian trying to fit in all the things I used to do back in univer- got so drunk on New Year‟s Eve, who did this, who did that, who this, who that, who how why
sity. Squeezing time late at night for EPL matches, cooking, fulsal and a bit of socializing. As a doctor, you should be complete when arrrrrrrrgghhh!!
role model to the society and avoid the unhealthy lifestyle. I stand out among the obvious. Trust me, people do seriously look up There‟s just too many. But things do really get a bit ugly when a person‟s reputation is
to you. So don’t be like the rest, OUTSTANDING is the word. tainted. And the way stories get twisted and turned is simply unimaginable. You can experi-
Last but not least is this advice to those who are graduating soon, or to those who would like to start early:
ment. For instance, let‟s say you make up a story about someone to your group mates. Let‟s
If you wish to have a flying start in the Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) system, do download the Malaysian protocol say you tell them that „A‟ slept with an Evropa cashier. Give it a good one week, and don‟t be
from the KKM website from each department and read it up. A simple and easy way to manage patients in Malaysia. Don’t waste surprised if by the end of the week a friend comes up to you and says, “Eh macha you heard
your time. The Russian and Malaysian system are different. What we have to do as foreign grads be it from Russia, Ukraine, about „A‟ ar, it seems he slept with a Gastronom cashier in Gastronom itself and people shop-
Egypt, UK or anywhere around the world is to adapt as soon as possible. ping saw them and our dean also was there and he saw and expelled him on the spot la
Wishing all of you the best of luck in the coming exam. Congratulations to KMSA for living up to the dot com age.
Notice in between the excited yells of “macha”, the basic fact remained, but was
Dr. Roland Victor twisted and spiced up. This is a very wild example, but sort of encapsulates what I‟m trying to
(Former President of KMSA) say.
Word here in Kursk spreads like wildfire. There are no secrets. The moment something leaves
the cavity of your mouth, it‟s a matter of time for the whole community to know about it.
LIFE AS A HOUSEMAN IN SIBU I guess indulging in a bit of „small talk‟ or „cakap kosong‟ among friends is acceptable.
by Dr. Benjamin Ho
But if it involves facts about other people, sometimes even people you are not even acquainted
Houseman life practically begins with tagging for 10-14 days, depending on the department you are assigned to.Surgery-tagging to, then its best to mind your words, especially if the information is not verified. Because re-
for 10 days.7am till 11pm everyday. After the tagging period, working hours will be as office hours (7am till 5pm). The best on- member, when you tell Ali something controversial about Lim, and Ali tells Muthu the same
calls would be on Friday , leaving office by Saturday 12 noon. Do try to brush up on all your practical skills, anatomy and physi-
ology. Remember how to handle “fluid and electrolyte balance” in patients. (Eg: How to manage hypokalemic patients in terms of thing, and Muthu asks Lim about it directly, and Lim asks “who told you?” And Muthu says
replacing, maintaining their fluids etc). Try to learn as much as possible from the senior House Officers and Medical Officers. Get Ali and later Ali says you told him in the first place, Lim might want to kick you in your glu-
as much rest as possible. Stay strong and NEVER GIVE UP.
teus maximus.
Dr. Benjamin Ho
(Hospital Sibu)
TIME : 11 AM TILL 1.30PM




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