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The extent of the power of the Chairman is a substantive legal question and is not a question of parliamentary procedure as McQueary would have you believe. It is very clear that the chairmen of the standing committees serve at the pleasure of the chairman. ARP Rules Article VI, Section 7(c). Mr. McQueary has now been validly removed from his position as chairman of the Rules Committee. It is also very clear that until a person is removed from office, that they continue to act in the office. It is only during the period of appeal that they cannot perform the duties of the office. ARP Rules Article X, Section 5(b). Accordingly, Ms. Brown continues to act in her office as Party Chairman until she is "removed." The filing of a complaint does not effect a removal from office. If that were so, then that complaint against Mr. Ruedrich, which the Executive Committee allegedly ignored for over a year, would have removed him from office immediately, and the position would have to have been filled by the vice-chairman. This never took place. Sincerely, Ken Jacobus Legal Counsel, Alaska Republican Party Kenneth P. Jacobus, PC • 310 K Street, Suite 200, Anchorage AK 99501-2064 Phone (907) 277-3333 • Fax (907) 264-6666 • Email

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