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A Cup of Coffee with God Part 5 Birth and Death

(An Uncommon dialogue between God and Me)

Gan, Chennai

Me: Hi God! Whylong timeNo See? God: You didnt aspire my presence. When you did, I have made it Me: Oh! Its my mistake. Sorry! God: Whats your Agenda today? M: I wish I know more about Birth and Death. Tell me what is Birth and Death? G: Birth and Death are the two sides of the same coin called existential life. One can not exist without the other. The intermediate periods between Birth-Death-Birth-Death-Birth.. cycle is what you experience as Life. M: What is Life then? G: Every existential life form is a SPARK from the BALL of FIRE, Like DROP from the OCEAN. The smaller aspects are LIFE FORMS and the bigger aspect is DIVINE. You are the JEEVA the smaller aspect of the CONSCIOUSNESS; the BRAHMAN is the bigger aspect of CONSCIOUSNESS. Both are made up of the same stuff called

consciousness, which has no Birth and Death. Factually you are neither born nor die. The Jeeva departs from the Divine as an adventure to explore its own self, takes numerous life forms, numerous life cycles involving Birth and Death and finally unites back with the Divine after a sojourn in the terrestrial world. This sojourn is known as Life. M: Then, why dont I remember my past lives? G: First, you must understand the essential components of SELF. You are the combination of multiple layers. They are 1) 2) 3) 4)


The Deathless Consciousness Physical Body Annamaya Kosa Vital Body- Pranmaya Kosa Mental Body Manomaya Kosa Psychic Body Vijnanmaya Kosa Bliss Body Anandamaya Kosa When the Prana departs from the life form, the Physical body decomposes soon after few days. But, the Mental Body subsists for some more time even after death. You can note this even in dreams, during the sleep, while the Physical Body is asleep, but still the Mental Body is awake. Dreams take place in Mental Body. After death what remains after the dissolving of Physical Body and the Mental Body is the Psychic Body which gathers the experience and evolves to a better status. So, there is no need to remember your mental connection in the progressive births. In fact it will only hinder you functioning. Once the mental

body dissolves you forget the past lives. Its better you dont remember the past lives. M: Few people say that they remember their past lives. G: Except yogis of higher adept it is not easy to recall the past lives by anybody. M: What happens to the Psychic Body then? G: The Psychic Body only evolves after every birth and death. It is like this example. Remembering the Addition, Multiplication etc are similar to evolution of Psychic Body. There is no need to remember the classes attended, exams appeared etc. These things are only auxiliary remembrances. These events are like Mental Bodies. They serve little purpose in ones evolution. Evolution of self means, evolution of the Psychic Body. All your progression takes place in the Psychic Body. M: How does the Psychic Body evolve? All progression is possible only in the Bodily Form. So, evolution of the Self can take place only in the Earthly Plane and only with the Bodily Existence. Rest of the planes is inflexible, as they are non dual, and they do not augur for the development of the Psychic Body. All developments can take place only in the Duality ridden terrestrial world only. Duality is a must for Development purposes.

M: Am I born out of my own will and die out of my own wish? Every soul has an agenda when it is born in the universe. It chooses its best options for its progression. It creates suitable experiences. Outwardly, One may feel that one is subjected to a harsh worlds indifferences, but the soul relishes its progress. Once, it accomplishes its purpose the soul is ready for its departure from the earthly plane called death. M: Then, what are accidents? Are they are not Accidents? Are they purposeful and well designed by the creator? Accidents do happen. Nature is not omnipotent. Nature is yet another subordinate to the Higher Power. Nature does certain harsh actions which are unavoidable under certain compelling situations. One has to bear in mind that few people come under group soul who meets with such accidents. These souls have common destiny. But, even among these group, a soul capable of carving out its own destiny, escapes such accidents and few souls are only capable of perfect choice of their individual will. Rest fall into Group Soul environment. M: If Nature can act independently without your consent, then how are you omnipotent? If everything has to happen to only as per the will of the Higher Power, there will not be any room for

Free Will. The Design of the Higher Power is altogether different. The end result or Destiny is as per the will of the Higher Power. The via process and the choices of execution may be as per the natures choices. Whenever there is a room for choice Free Will is enabled. But, the Free Will can not exceed the Ultimate Destiny. M: God, You are confusing a lot. You say Destiny is highly inevitable and you also say Freewill is allowed. Which is correct? Destiny is the Highest order. Within the highest order lower orders of Free Will is allowed. Destiny is Superior to Free Will. Free Will operates within the Destiny. If this does not happen, there will be chaos only. Free Will

Emotions arising out of LOVE are Joy, Trust, Affection, Lust, Hope, Happiness, Friendliness, Calmness, Compassion, Desire, Serenity, Contentment, Cheerfulness, Comfort, Composure, etc

Emotions arising out of FEAR are Sadness, Distrust, Hatred, Disgust, Gloom, Sadness, Enmity, Worry, Aversion, Aloofness, Anxiety, Jealousy, Depression, Suffering, Anger, etc There are THOUSANDS OF EMOTIONS at the LOVE and FEAR level each Human Being can experience. Humans are at the grip of emotions at every moment outwardly or inwardly, knowingly or unknowingly and visibly or subtly. M: God, How should I handle these Emotions? G: While Emotions themselves are not bad, one should use the discretionary power and check whether to hang on to the emotion or let it go. Emotion is like a Lightening. Any moment any emotion can arise even without your consent due to circumstances, environment etc. When you are in the grip of an emotion you easily get carried away and loose your SELF in the process, even without your consent. Subconscious tendencies take charge. Observation is the key to understanding emotions. Some emotions arise in the HEART and others from the MIND. Emotions from HEART are usually soft, sympathetic and spontaneous. Emotions from MIND can be due to Physiological and Psychological causes. Hence, all emotions can neither be branded as Good nor Bad. Some emotions are inevitable. Hard to deal with life situations like Death of a loved one, Loss of Job, Serious Illness, failure in love etc are very

challenging life experiences which happen very rarely. When the uncertainty looms large ones emotions grow large. The ability to cope up with such situations vary with ones stability of mind, experience in life challenging situations etc. Experience the emotion if you cannot avoid it, else let the emotion go. When emotions take Drivers seat, you can not so easily do anything about it, unless you have understood the fundamentals of Life. M: What are the fundamentals of life? G: Please, Understand the following: 1. You merely control your life. The Ultimate Authority is God. Thats Gods Job. All you can control is your ability to do your best at every moment and make the best out of better. 2. Life can be understood only by living consciously. Unconscious living is similar to walking with eyes tightly closed. 3. There is NO PERFECT and CORRECT MODEL of EXISTENCE. What if, if life is not Luxurious. Even if Life takes several U Turns, Life is still living, Life is Life. One must live it. LIFE IS. 4. All Humans are a piece of the Eternal Oneness. 5. A SMALL KEY can unlock a BIG DOOR. Awareness is the key to SELF MASTERY. BE

AWARE OF YOUR THOUGHTS, WORDS and ACTIONS. 6. SILENCE (VOID) is the perennial RIVER from where every other tributaries flow. Experience it everyday through Meditation. 7. LOVE your own SELF. APPRECIATE your own SELF when you do good actions. Grow more in LOVING and APPRECIATING others. 8. BE GRATEFUL to others. GRATITUDE is the SCERET KEY to HAPPINESS. 9. BE AWAKE and NOT ENTRANCED. Watch yourself attentively. 10. Knowledge of the SELF is the Highest Knowledge. M: I dont think any of the above ten points has directly to do anything with my Emotions. Am I right? G: Behind everything seen there is something unseen that controls it. Please look up to the root level. M: Essentially you ask me to understand MYSELF, from where every other branch of Life sprouts. Sometimes I feel I am out of MOOD. Is this also an emotion?

G: Yes! MOOD is a Subtle long lasting Emotion. Emotions occur for a short duration. Mood goes on to stay for Hours and Days. Sub conscious tendencies sometimes grip us even without our knowledge. An impending result, a health issue, a social issue, apprehensions, and any factor may trigger a MOOD SWING leading to irritation and may be a precursor to a bigger emotional tremor. Mood is cognitive (thinking and brooding) in nature. Nobody can easily come to know ones mood. So, when you are not in good mood, better to inform your dear and near about your UNPLEASANT MOOD and take some remedial measures to overcome your unpleasant mood. M: Remedial Measures to correct mood, like what? G: Speak to some people whom you are close to you. Express the fundamental apprehensions which lead to the alteration in Mood. When someone is there to share your feelings and suggest a solution, possibly normal mood can be easily restored. Use MUSIC to overcome Bad Moods. Go for a walk. Watch a Movie. Entertainment is the best Medicine for Mood Correction. M: Whats your final advice to Human Beings on Emotional Behaviour? G: There may be thousands of factors to alter ones Emotional Behaviour like Personal factors, Social Factors, Health Factors, Environmental

Factors, Organizational Issues etc. Emotional Disturbance leads to STRESS and DEPRESSION causing Physiological and Psychological problems. Hence, no issues should trigger your emotions beyond acceptable limits. Try to know how to channelize your emotions properly. Also, try to recognize Emotional State of others, be FRIENDLY with them, and help them overcome when they are in Emotional Trouble. M: Yeah God, I have seen people barging at each other like Dogs for minor road accidents with emotional outbursts. In public transport too, I have seen people fighting like mongoose and snake for minor issues. What is all these? G: You character and Emotional Intelligence are determined by your emotional behavior towards unknown persons, not towards known persons alone. Such incidents reflect ones True Nature. Such people are on the lower rung of the Evolution Ladder. They have to climb a lot to reach me. M: God, We are not so. We feel emotionally attached to all living beings. I understand that we are all expressions of the single consciousness called God. We wish to emulate you. G: Thats Good. M: Do you get into Emotions? G: I am Infinite Consciousness. I am beyond Emotions. Emotions exist only for those who are incomplete. HUMANS are always INCOMPLETE

as long they identify them with their bodily existence. The Design is like that. Human Beings are More of Emotional Beings Rather than Rational Beings Emotions are like Drivers of your Car Should Driver decide where you should go? Take charge of your Emotions Understand your TRUE SELF M: Thanks for your information on Emotions. All these days I was thinking emotions are altogether bad and I should totally avoid it. Now, I know how to effectively handle emotions and enjoy them too. How about a Cup of coffee? Same Answer as usual? G: Yes! I am the Cup. I am the Coffee. I am the You. I am the All. Love You so much!