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Nevin Kamal English Language Instructor hisnev@gmail.


Personal Profile My goal and objective as an educator is to guide and instruct my students in a way that meets my educational technology goals while fostering their love for learning and bringing out the unique talents and interest. Career Objective I want to serve as an administrator or specialist in the field of educational technology. I will continue to increase my skills and knowledge in ESL education and technology integration. As I grow professionally, I plan to share my knowledge with others and to problem-solve issues related to integrating technology in ESL teaching. Education 2013: Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Master of Arts in Educational Technology

2006: American University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE


Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MA TESOL)

1994: Unites Arab Emirates University, AL Ain, UAE


Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature

Work Experience University of Sharjah- Intensive English Program English Language Instructor- September 2006-present

Create positive and effective learning experiences in which students share their ideas, knowledge, and experiences. Integrate a variety of technology into my teaching to enhance content learning. Master technology skills needed for my teaching. Communicate with parents, faculty members, and administrative people through the university via e-mails to increase efficiency. Design teacher/student website for the use of students. Create class websites to showcase students work to parents and administration. Participate in staff and departmental meetings. Develop online and hybrid English courses for university requirements. Develop online learning activities. Develop and implement lesson plans to teach ESL students. Develop, adjust and teach daily lesson plans based on the curriculum. Implement classroom management techniques to build a strong classroom community.

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American University of Sharjah- Writing Center Writing Instructor- October 2004-April 2005
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Worked with students to develop basic writing skills. Communicated well with students to establish rapport and maintain friendly and supportive learning experience. Assisted students to develop their abilities through asking questions and helping them internalize and express the correct answers by explaining concepts and techniques. Helped students understand their instructors written comments. Communicated with other writing consultants, share experiences, and insights. Worked to help the center improve its services, its environment, and its publicity measures.

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Al Naser Girl's College- English Language Instructor September 1994- June 2003
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Participated in department meetings. Developed and implemented lessons in Language Arts. Corresponded with parents through meetings, phone calls and e-mails. Implemented literacy components in all curricular areas. Supported students in guided and shared reading groups. Monitored student progress through portfolios as well as other formative and summative measures. Took part in ordering and building up English language materials for the middle school. Worked to improve cross-curricular planning with other teachers. Promoted student academic and social development through different teaching strategies: whole-group, small-group, and one-on- one teaching.

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Achievements Technology Skills

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Develop online courses using Blackboard (CMS). Utilize e-mail and the Internet for academic purposes. Develop web pages (class e-portfolios and websites) Use various 2.0 tools for academic purposes. Create a variety of web-quests to suite different levels of proficiency. Use different Google applications as well as Zoho applications. Use different online websites and wikis for online class projects. Use different mobile learning applications to serve different student needs.

Professional Memberships
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TESOL ARABIA Journal of Technology Education Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL)

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Educational Technology Certificate- MSU (2010) Teaching English for EFL learners- British Council / Egypt (2003) Teaching English to ESL learners- Ministry of Education/ Egypt (1998) Teaching English to TSL learners- British Council/ Egypt (1996)

Volunteer Experience / Committee Work

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Independent Learning Center Committee Student/ Teacher Evaluation Committee Faculty Handbook Committee Exam Writing Committee ESL Material Developing Committee


Travelling, reading, walking, working-out

Personal life

Married since 1995 and have two children

References References available on request