Savage Worlds Example Weapon Attacks and Tricks – 2013 Jason J.

Patterson Narrative Weapon (Sword) Techniques Narrative Weapon (Sword) Techniques # d20 Sword Techniques Target # d20 Sword Techniques Target 1 Underhand Central Upward Cut Body 11 Underhand Diagonal Right Upward Cut Body 2 Underhand Diagonal Left Upward Cut Body 12 Diagonal Right Leg Slash Right Leg 3 Overhead Vertical Cut Head 13 Def. Downward Right Parry Strike Body 4 Def. Overhead Parrying Strike Body 14 Diagonal Left Leg Slash Left Leg 5 Overhead Diagonal Left Slash Left Arm 15 Def. Downward Left Parry Strike Body 6 Def. Vertical Right Side Parry Strike Body 16 Low Central Lunging Thrust Body 7 Overhead Diagonal Right Slash Right Arm 17 Def. Vertical Swinging Parry Strike Body 8 Horizontal Right Cut/Slash Right Ribs 18 High Central Lunging Thrust Head/Throat 9 Def. Vertical Left Side Parry Strike Body 19 Parry and Spinning Back Strike Head or Body 10 Horizontal Left Cut/Slash Left Ribs 20 Song of Death Overhead Twirl Head/Throat TRICKS d20 You make an opposed roll based on the type of trick you are doing. 1-7 If you succeed, the target suffers a -2 to his Parry next turn. 8-14 If you succeed with a raise, the target is Shaken and has -2 to Parry. 15-20 # Smarts Tricks (d20 or choose) 1-2 Appel A sudden stamp of the foot, yell or other surprise. 3-4 Duck The hero ducks or flinches to fool his foe. 5-6 Catch Usually involves throwing a weapon or item to foe. 7-8 Feint The hero fools the target into expecting an attack. 9-10 Flash A lady distracts a foe by flashing cleavage/thighs. 11-12 Flick Sudden blade movement to distract a foe. 13-14 Laces Character tells his foe his laces/trousers are untied. 15-16 Lookout The hero points behind foe in false warning. 17-18 Obscure Use dust, reflection or smoke to hamper perception. 19-20 Stooge Nose pinch, ear pull, head slap, beard tug, eye jab. # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Agility Tricks I – Acrobatic/Stunt (d20 or choose) Backflip Use obstacles (barrels, cart, wall) to flip over a foe. Buffeted Shove/move past a foe and jostle him as you do so. Cartwheel Handstand and wheel into a new striking position. Grapple Grab foe's arm to help aid in your attack. High Grd. Leap onto a higher platform and attack a foe. Leap Kick Buffet the foe backward with a forceful leap kick. Swing Board an object to help aid in your attack. Sidestep Before a foe strike, interrupt to announce. Tumble Roll beside/through foe's legs to surprise foe. Wallrun Avoid obstacles running along a wall. TRICKS (d10 or choose) Smarts Tricks Agility Tricks I – Acrobatic/Stunts Agility Tricks II – Foreign Objects

# Agility Tricks II - Foreign Objects (d20 or choose) 1-2 Blinded Throw sand, ale, or other substance in foe's face. 3-4 Flip Throw/upturn small distracting item/stool at foe. 5-6 Fry Briefly knock a foe’s hand onto a hot surface. 7-8 G'Night Pulling a foe’s hat or cloak over his head/eyes. 9-10 HeadsUp Cut a chandelier rope, pull down a tapestry, etc. 11-12 Pantsed Cut a foe's braces/belt so his trousers/sash fall. 13-14 Pull Rug Yank rug from under d4 foes (-1 per foe past first). 15-16 Singe Sets fire to a foe's hem/hair, forces him to douse it. 17-18 Slipfoot Toss something slick/unstable under a foe’s feet. 19-20 Smack Smacking a foe’s head against a table/wall to stun. # 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Agility Tricks I – Acrobatic/Stunt (d20 or choose) Balesta A sudden hop forward to catch a foe off guard. Barber Cut off a lock of hair or ponytail, etc. Beat Slap a foe's blade/hand aside to leave him open. Bind Encircling an opponent’s blade with your own. Blood Slash forehead or ears to cause distracting bleeding. Flurry Making minimal, annoying strikes to confuse a foe. Headbutt Designed to distract but not harm a foe. Stamp Similar to Beat, this involves stamping on a foot. Trip Shove a foe over an obstacle or kick out his legs. Z Carve an initial into a foe’s clothing or flesh.

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