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Ankan Basu, P.G.

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Phone: 1-304-888-4184 Email: 407 Ridgeway Drive, Bluefield, VA, 24605

Mr. Basu is a Certified Professional Geologist with over 7 years’ professional experience in resource and mining geology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, environmental issues, and engineering applications and another 4 years of experience in geochemistry/hydrogeology research. At Cardno MM&A, he works at the “Special Services” division dealing with complex geological and hydrogeological investigations. He has authored a number of journal articles on geochemistry issues. He has also coauthored numerous professional reports to clients. A major part of his work has involved geological and groundwater investigations in association with mining activities. Such studies include assessments of probable hydrologic consequences (PHC) of mining, determination of existing and baseline hydrogeologic conditions, evaluation of hydrogeologic and geotechnical conditions and their potential impact on mining activities, and investigations of water quality and/or quantity impacts resulting from past mining. Additionally, Mr. Basu has also conducted numerous mineral resource and reserve studies and prepared reports as per JORC, CIM and US SEC standards. He has supervised numerous drilling explorations for coal; planned collection of samples for geotech studies; logged cores; prepared digital database and 3-D geologic model. Mr. Basu also completed multiple projects involving complex geochemical modeling using USGS software PHREEQC and Geochemist’s Workbench.

Education and Credentials
        Certified Professional Geologist (CPG), Certificate No# 2801001899, State of Virginia Registered Professional Geologist (RPG), Certificate No# 5745, State of Tennessee Licensed Professional Geologist (LPG), Certificate No# pending, State of Kentucky Certified Professional Geologist (CPG, AIPG); Certificate No# CPG-11576 Masters of Science – Geology (concentration Hydro-geochemistry) Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA, 2006 Masters of Science – Geology (concentration Geochemistry) Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, USA, 2004 Masters of Science – Applied Geology (concentration Metamorphic petrology) Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, 2002 Bachelor of Science, Earth sciences; Minor: Chemistry, Mathematics Jadavpur University, West Bengal, India, 2000


Ankan Basu; Geologist / Hydrogeologist;; 3048884184

Professional Affiliation
   The Geological Society of America Sigma Gamma Epsilon American Institute of Professional Geologist (AIPG)

Key skills and consulting services
Coal and Mineral explorations  Exploration and economic assessment of natural mineral deposits, field supervision of drilling; field mapping, geologic /geotechnical and fracture (RQD) logging of core.  Reserve and resource evaluation: preparation of geologic model; isopach mapping; structure, fault and lineaments delineation; database preparation of geologic logs; preparation of 3D geologic model for mineral reserve and resources in CARLSON software (SurvCADD); preparation of geologic reports as per international standards such as CIM (Canadian Standard); JORC; USGS Circular 981 and the United States Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) in Industry Guide 7.  Interpretation of wire-line geophysical logs for coal reserve estimation; aquifer identification; water level and rock type determination.  Mine hazard evaluation; roof and floor mapping.  Sampling and analysis of Coal Bed Methane.  Geotechnical investigation; strength testing; Rock Mass Rating (RMR) evaluation. Hydrogeologic  Knowledge of groundwater-surface water interaction, evaluation of pump test data and geophysical well logs.  Aquifer testing (Packer test, Pump test, Slug test); interpretation of field data; derivation hydrologic parameters using AQTESOLV software.  Monitoring well installation; water sampling and water user inventory data collection, well abandonment.  Mine inflow prediction based on field conductivity data; evaluate mine dewatering requirements; seepage through barrier estimation; inflow to slope and shaft determination.  Stream-flow measurement and evaluation of data.  Hydrologic balance assessment associated with mining activities.  Underground Injection Control (UIC) permits preparation.  Preparation of analytic (AnAqSim) and numerical model (Visual MODFLOW, PMwin) model for site characterization.  Calibrating field instruments Geochemical


Ankan Basu; Geologist / Hydrogeologist;; 3048884184

     

Evaluation of water quality data; QA/QC. Collection of geochemical samples as per industry regulations, analysis of chemical data. Acid Base Account (ABA) and Se sampling and data analysis for all coal related projects. Soil sampling and strength tests especially for slope and shaft development projects. RCRA metal remediation; bioremediation. Knowledge of XRD, Alpha Spectrometer and other laboratory methods such as leach test, sequential extraction methods etc.

     40 Hr. OSHA HAZWOPER Registered Professional Geologist, Certificate No# 2801001899, State of Virginia Alpha Spectrometry Training Certificate. Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Training. First Responder HAZ MAT Awareness Training.

Technology and Software
      Carlson Mining / Geology – 3D Geologic Modeling (SurvCADD) Geochemist's Workbench – Geochemical Modeling PHREEQC – Geochemical Modeling AQTESOLV – Hydrogeolic software Coal Data Management System (CDMS) – Mining software AnAqSim – Analytical groundwater modeling

 Numerical Modeling – Visual Modflow, PMwin Professional Experience: Hydrogeologist / Project Geologist, 2006-Present
CARDNO-MM&A (previously: Marshall Miller & Associates), Bluefield, Virginia. Involved in various geologic, hydrogeologic, geotechnical investigations related to coal mining and exploration primarily in the Appalachian coalfields; Responsible for planning and supervision of coal exploration programs and property evaluations, with specific involvement with data collection and interpretation, correlation of coals in regional studies, and technical report writing and presentation. Responsible for geologic/geotechnical core logging; management of both rotary and core drill rigs; supervised multiple coal bed methane projects; Mr. Basu has also done several limestone reserve evaluation projects. Responsible for reserve/resource technical reports as per JORC, CIM and US SEC guide; prepared several 3D geologic models using SurvCADD (Carlson). Mr. Basu has used Geochemist's Workbench,


Ankan Basu; Geologist / Hydrogeologist;; 3048884184

PHREEQC and other ground water modeling softwares to evaluate various ground water scenarios such as acid mine drainage, contaminant flow path delineation, special modeling; prepared several hydrologic models to calculate inflows into mine shafts and slopes; done slug and packer testing. Mr. Basu has also completed many landfill investigations and prepared annual reports.

Research / Teaching Assistant, 2002-2006
Taught various graduate level lab courses at Virginia Tech and Georgia State University.

Selected Projects / activities Geotechnical Investigations:
 Borehole Logs and Hydraulic Conductivity Test Results Shaft Drilling Project Wyoming County, West Virginia. A mining company proposed to access coal reserve using a shaft. Mr. Basu supervised drilling; prepared geologic, geotech and fracture (RQD) logs; collected samples for geochemical and strength analysis; done straddle-packer test (hydrologic test) to determine hydrologic conductivity for various intervals down to 600 feet.  Hydrogeological and Geotechnical Investigation of Mine Advancement Location beneath Captina Creek; Armstrong Mills, Ohio A mining company planned to advance a mine beneath a stream at shallow depth to access remaining mineral reserves. Mr. Basu conducted hydrogeological and geotechnical investigation of the site to determine feasibility, implications, potential consequences, and precautionary measures needed for the advancement. The advancement was successfully done following the assessment.  Geotechnical and Hydrogeological Investigation for Advancement of Mine beneath stream valley near McClure, Dickenson County, Virginia. A mining company planned to construct a sloping entryway from the surface to the coal seam horizon, to access reserves for mining. The slope would necessarily pass beneath a stream (small river) at a depth that was of concern to the regulatory agency. Mr. Basu conducted exploratory drilling and testing of hydrogeologic and geotechnical parameters, made underground observations in the advancing slope entry, and evaluated the potential for and probable degree of interaction between the structure and the hydrologic regime.  Mine roof and Roof-bolting Evaluation of coal mine in Wyoming County, West Virginia. An underground coal mining company wanted to evaluate the length of roof bolts required to safely operate the mine. Mr. Basu visited underground and recorded lithology and fractures in the roof using borescope. The client successfully resolved the safe length of roof bolt for the coal mine following the study.


Ankan Basu; Geologist / Hydrogeologist;; 3048884184

Mineral Reserve Studies
 Exploration and supervision for mineral resources Mr. Basu has completed several projects involving planning, field supervision and management of exploration drilling for multiple clients in the states of VA, WV, KY, TN, PA and OH.  Geophysical Interpretations Mr. Basu has completed interpretation of hundreds of wireline geophysical logs of various kinds – gamma log, density logs, temperature logs, caliper logs, fluid-conductivity logs, resistivity logs, acoustic televiewer logs etc. Such logs are essential in identifying contacts and depths to target minerals like coal; identifying weak zones/fractures and aquifers.  Geological Study and Coal Reserve Evaluation As a project geologist, Mr. Basu has completed reserve and resource evaluation for various coal seams following guidelines established by the United States Geological Survey (U.S.G.S.) in Circular 891 (1983). Mr. Basu has worked with almost all of the major coal mining companies including Alpha Natural resources, Cliffs, Peabody etc. In such projects, Mr. Basu has performed correlation of coal seams, prepared reserve maps, structure maps, overburden maps, roof and floor maps, interval maps between coal seams etc. Such projects involved preparation of digital database, preparation of 3D geologic model in Carlson Software and preparation of coal reserve tonnages. Mr. Basu also evaluated coal quality for designating metallurgical or steam coal.  Audit of Coal Reserve Tonnage: Mr. Basu has audited several reserve and resource studies completed by other consultants.  Verification of In-mine coal Measurements. A mining company was required to pay taxes based on coal seam thickness; Mr. Basu visited underground coal mine to verify coal thicknesses and defined bone and shale partings within the seam.  Documentation of Limestone Exploratory Drilling and Results, Greenbrier County, WV A limestone quarry wanted to extend their reserve-base; Mr. Basu prepared geologic log of the limestone core samples; conduct sampling; and performed correlation of oolitic limestone horizons.

Hydrologic Investigations:
 Analysis of Potential Seepage between Mines in Raleigh County, West Virginia: A mining company wanted to know about the seepage rate between two mines based on various heads. Water from the downdip mine was to be pumped raising difference in head between the mines. Mr. Basu prepared flow-nets and calculated potential seepage through the mine barrier.  Stream-flow Evaluation of the Mine Discharge Mr. Basu visited site to measure mine discharge using Flow Mate velocity meter for several months; prepare report of investigation for average flow at project site.


Ankan Basu; Geologist / Hydrogeologist;; 3048884184

 Confirmation of Groundwater Flow Directions and Rates Mr. Basu has conducted several projects involving proper delineation of groundwater flow directions. Many of the landfill sites are required to submit such reports on yearly basis.  Water Supply for Mining and Processing Operation A planned coal mining and processing development in a remote area of Western Australia will require a substantial water supply to support the mining, processing, and camp operational needs. There is also a desire to utilize mine-produced water as a part of the supply, to avoid or minimize the need to discharge water to potentially sensitive environments. The investigation involved determination of hydrogeologic conditions to be expected in mining, including estimation of expected mine inflow rates over time as the mine expands, and balancing of operational needs against various potential supply sources to develop a life-ofoperation water balance projection.  Investigation of Mine Water Storage and Recharge Potential, for Preparation Plant Supply Consideration A study of groundwater storage capacity and recharge potential was performed in order to evaluate the potential for the water from the old coal mine to serve as a viable water source for a proposed preparation plant during seasonal dry periods. The investigation included estimation of the reservoir volumes available for water supply and rate of recharge to the old coal mine. The study included a 72 hour pump test and four monitoring wells.  Determination of Probable Hydrologic Consequences of Mining Mr. Basu has completed several studies involving Probable Hydrologic Consequences as part of various permit applications.  Inflow to Shaft / slope Mr. Basu has completed several projects where clients wanted to know potential inflow to the shaft or slope during construction and advancement. Mr. Basu conducted many straddle packer tests at various horizons to calculate permeability of different strata and prepared mathematical model to successfully predict the inflow-rate. Mr. Basu has also recommended grouting, if required in specific zones.

Geochemical Investigations
 Water Mixing Analysis for various streams in West Virginia. Mr. Basu prepared geochemical model to predict concentration of metals after mixing of water from various discharge points on seasonal basis, prepared Eh-pH diagrams using Geochemist’s Workbench to check mineral solubility and dissolution reactions.  Evaluation of Relative Rate of Calcium Carbonate Depletion versus that of Pyrite. A mining company wanted to know the optimal lime application rate to properly treat Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) problems. Mr. Basu prepared geochemical model to assess relative rate of calcium carbonate depletion verses pyrite oxidation.  Geochemical Investigation of Mined Materials A planned coal mining project in Western Australia will involve removal of rock overburden material, which will potentially increase oxidation of the material and promote leaching of constituents during cyclonic rainfall events. Processing of the coal will result in coarse and fine reject materials that display some degree of acid-producing and metals-leaching potential. Cardno - MM&A designed and executed a geochemical investigation in conjunction with a


Ankan Basu; Geologist / Hydrogeologist;; 3048884184

full Definitive Feasibility Study of the operation, to determine the degree of potential impact that could be expected and identify constituents of concern.  Overburden characterization - Acid Base Accounting (ABA), Paste pH and Selenium Mr. Basu has conducted several projects involving overburden characterization. Identification of the acid producing zones and selenium rich horizons are of vital importance for all coal mining applications. Mr. Basu has supervised exploratory drilling and performed sampling for ABA and Se - as per regulatory guidelines.  Speciation Modeling for iron A mining company needed a speciation model for iron during mining as a part of the Probable Hydrologic Consequence (PHC) study. Mr. Basu prepared Eh-pH diagrams based on geochemical data from old existing mine pools from the same general area of the mine to predict the geochemical speciation of iron using Geochemist’s Workbench. The client was successful in meeting regulatory requirements for the permit application.

 Performed environmental site assessment and investigations on natural contaminants  Supervised monitoring well installations and abandonment.  Conducted sampling in compliance with environmental permits issued by various Federal, State and local regulatory agencies.  Performed statistical data analysis and prepared annual reports.  Prepared potentiometric maps

Prepared Eh-pH diagrams and performed speciation calculations using PHREEQC and Geochemist’s Workbench

  University Gold Medal in Bachelor’s of Science (2000) from Jadavpur University, India. National Scholarship (2000) from Govt. of West Bengal, India.

 Basu, Ankan & Schreiber, M (2012): Arsenic release from arsenopyrite weathering: Insights from sequential extraction and microscopic studies; Journal of Hazardous Materials; Basu, Ankan (2006): Assessment of Arsenic Mobility using Sequential Extraction and Microscopic Methods; Thesis submitted to Virginia Tech for Master of Science W. Crawford Elliott, Ankan Basu , J. Marion Wampler , R. Douglas Elmore and Georg H. Grathoff (2006); Comparison of K-Ar ages of diagenetic illite-smectite to the age of a

 


Ankan Basu; Geologist / Hydrogeologist;; 3048884184

 

chemical remanant magnetization (CRM): An example from the isle of Skye, Scotland, Clays and Clay Minerals; June 2006; v. 54; no. 3; p. 314-323; DOI: 10.1346/CCMN.2006.0540303. Blumstein, A. M., R. D. Elmore; M. H. Engel; C. Elliot; and A. Basu (2004); Paleomagnetic dating of burial diagenesis in Mississippian carbonates, Utah, J. Geophys. Res., 109, B04101, doi: 10.1029/2003JB002698. Basu, Ankan (2004): A Comparison of K-Ar Ages of Illite to the Age of Chemical Ramnant Magnetization; Thesis submitted to Georgia State University for Master of Science; 107p . Basu, Ankan (2002): Metamorphic History of Sausar Belt, India; Thesis submitted to Indian Institute of Technology for Master of Science.

   Basu A and Schreiber M; 2005. Geochemistry of arsenic in mine tailing deposits. Graduate Student Research Symposium. Basu A and Schreiber M; 2004. Spectroscopic and Microscopic analysis of arsenic contaminated sediments. Graduate Student Research Symposium. Basu A and Elliott C; 2003. Remagnetization and Clay diagenesis in Jurassic Sediments of Skye, Scotland, American Geological Union Fall Meeting CA.


Ankan Basu; Geologist / Hydrogeologist;; 3048884184

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