Wyrm Hedge Magic to Wyrm Thaumaturgy

For corrupt Kindred the powers of the Wyrm are easier to access and use than for mortals. Wyrm Thaumaturgy is similar, but not identical to the Wyrm Hedge Magic system. To save writing all the rules again in a slightly altered format, here is the method of translating one to the other.

The first path the Kindred learns is treated as the base on. It costs 10 experience for the first point, and then current level time 5 for each one after.

Experience Costs
Primary Path First point10 Additional pointslevel x7 Additional points Secondary Path First point 7 Additional pointslevel x4 Level is the Thaumaturgists current level No rating in a secondary path may exceed the rating in a primary one, and there is no Thaumaturgical equivalent of the Path of the Corrupted Spirit (but see Rituals below). Also the Kindred may learn paths of conventional Thaumaturgy, including the Path of Blood (the base path normally) as secondary paths. Note that users of normal Thaumaturgy can not do the same with paths of Wyrm Thaumaturgy. All other paths require 1 Blood Point to use, instead of any willpower cost, although any roll must be made as normal. No spells or rituals need be learned, the vampire merely spend the blood and concentrates to accomplish any of the powers listed for the level of the path they are using. No invocations to the Wyrm are needed, the power of the Wyrm flows through the vampires blood. When using the 4th and 5th level powers of the Path of Tainting, no separate rituals need to be learned, but using the powers can take several hours and they are performed in a ritual fashion. With the Path of Blighting only the spells are available from the Path. The powers granted by the Rituals must be learnt separately as rituals. When using the second level of the Path of the Beast, the vampire gains no extra actions, but can choose to enter either frenzy or Rötschreck.

The Kindred can use conventional Thaumaturgic rituals, provided that their rating in their primary path is high enough. For the paths of Wyrm Thaumaturgy, the Path of the Corrupted spirit does not exist as a separate path, instead the rituals of that path are the Thaumaturgic rituals available to all practitioners. As before there are separate rituals for different spirits. The level of the rituals remain unchanged. The Rituals of the Path of Blighting must be learned as Thaumaturgic rituals, the level of the ritual corresponding with the level of the original Hedge Magic ritual.

Additional Rituals
Here are some additional rituals for Wyrm Thaumaturgy. They are specific to Thaumaturgy as opposed to Hedge Magic because they harness the power of the vampire's blood.

Level 1
Linking the Minds This ritual is similar to some that the Tremere use, enabling the vampire to enter mental communication with another over any distance. To perform the ritual the ritualist must either posses some item that belonged the person they wish to contact, or have once tasted that person's blood. The ritualist then enters a meditative trance, and concentrates on the target, and if the target is willing a two way mental contact is established.

Level 2
Hiding of the Heart's Blood To perform this ritual the vampire must have at least 1 blood points worth vitae, taken from a vampire

you could gain their courage. Joining with the Essence The use of this ritual allows the ritualist to bind an object to them on a spiritual level. Some Thaumaturgists have discovered exactly how to do just that. Level 4 Hide the Masters Scent This ritual enables the ritualist to hide their own. As the blood boils. Wyrm Taint. plus half of the victims courage. The heart in question must be torn from the still living breast of the victim. When this is done the object becomes a part of them on a spiritual level. Level 3 Veil Over Time For this ritual to work the Thaumaturgist must first obtain a silken veil. so no blood points are gained and a blood bond cannot be formed in this manner. Courage of the Heart It is as old belief that by eating the heart of someone. Then he must dye it red with his own blood. When the vampire wishes to use it. it would work on a rifle but not on a motorbike. and must be done during the new moon. using the blood (at least four points worth) and the shards of the mirror. The veil can only be used once. To do this the must first paint special symbols on the object in their own blood. These objects will also be present in the Umbra if the vampire has some means of crossing into it. When removed it will have blackened and shrunk slightly. and left there for one night. This takes the rest of the night. The vampire the inscribes a circle. and chooses to do so. when the Umbra is at its darkest. If they change form. it takes on form in the umbra as a dark red ring. When it is midnight the ritualist must take a silver backed mirror and shatter it on the ground. taken from their body as they died. Then they must take shards of this mirror and pierce their chest with them. pushing them through the heart (this does three health levels of non-aggravated damage). This lasts for the rest of the night. which takes some rare herb and an entire night. for example with Protean or Vicissitude. then turns to dark black blood which the vampire must then drink instantly. Once the circle is inscribed. This includes the Psychometry Phenomena. Level 5 Shadow Portal This ritual creates a portal to the Penumbra. This blood is then poured into a specially prepared container. As well as providing a blood point. The vampire is naked in the . This ritual will only work on objects of a reasonable size. via the blood (such as level 1 Path of Blood) will reveal the ritualist to belong to the same clan that the kindred whose blood was used in the ritual. and what happens to the circle in the real world no longer matters. For the duration of a month. The heart issues a scream. which is then placed over an open fire.of the desired clan. Then it must immediately be placed in a specially prepared oil. they hold above their mouth and squeeze. any attempt to determine the clan of the vampire. Then whenever a blood point of this blood is consumed. the ritualist inhales the fumes. Then. when he wishes to use it he must place the veil over his head. the object will either adapt to that form. They must then specially prepare this blood. at least on blood points worth. Conscience 4+). A vampire cannot have more objects bound to him in this fashion than his Willpower. It does not stop someone scrying on him in the present form seeing what is happening. or become absorbed into the vampires body. Auspex and Time Magick. until no blood is left. They must have the blood of a pure person (Humanity 8+. the vampire now has a courage rating equal to their own. To enter or leave the Umbra the vampire must step into the circle and expend a Willpower point. The ritual takes a whole night to perform. for the exclusive use of the vampire who created it. Now for one scene any actions that he performs are not detectable through mystic means used later. the imbiber will not be detectable as Wyrm Tainted for a whole day after. This does not count as having consumed the blood. rounded down. or another's.

difficulty 6. Vampires soak damage in the Umbra with Fortitude. Pulse of the Invisible and Spirit Magick. The circle is of no use to anyone except the ritualist. . and has nothing apart from any magic items or fetishes she carries (unless she has used Joining with the Essence). although the Gauntlet with in it counts as only 5. For rules of physical beings in the Umbra see Werewolf or Mage second editions.umbra. The circle will remain unless it is disrupted by magical means. The circle is visible to those in real world using powers such as Auspex.

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