John Kiehnle CCNP R&S W / CCSP / CCDP

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Senior Network Analyst
PUGET SOUND ENERGY - Bellevue, WA - 2009 to Present Pacific Northwest Gas & Electric Utility Company Principal architect of both the Cisco Unified Wireless Mobility and the Cisco Trust and Identity Management Solution Architectures at PSE Key Highlights: • Initiated the integration of voice and data configuration on a single router at each remote location saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars as Cisco IP Telephony technologies are rolled out to remote sites in the region. • Introduced the Cisco IP Communicator (softphone) for use in the new multi-million dollar Bothell call center which saved PSE well over four hundred thousand dollars. I received an award for my involvement in this project. • Cisco Wireless Mobility Architecture - Responsible for research & design as well as leading the enterprise wide implementation of Cisco's Unified Wireless Mobility Architecture according to Cisco validated design and best practice guidelines including; Unified Wireless Site Survey, Advanced Mobility Services, Advanced Wireless Security, Unified Wireless Voice, and a pseudo-OOB management network including Cisco Prime NCS management software to support the new integrated mobile wireless infrastructure. • Cisco Trust and Identity Management Solution Architecture - Responsible for research & design as well as leading the enterprise wide implementation of the 802.1X framework according to Cisco validated design and best practice guidelines including; Cisco Secure ACS 4.2 & 5.2 policy servers, AAA framework, Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers, Cisco NAC Profilers, Collectors, and the Cisco NAC Guest Server. • Cisco Security Control Framework - Ongoing process of continuous development to incrementally improve the security posture of both the wired and wireless infrastructure architectures to address current key threats and to identify, track and defend against new and evolving threats. Responsible for proposing and implementing the initiatives to improve total visibility and complete control including identify, monitor and correlate system wide events, harden devices, strengthen the infrastructure and enforce security policies.

Voice / Data Senior Network Engineer
Tailored Technology Solutions - Puyallup, WA - 2008 to 2010 IT solutions provider and consultancy firm Uncovered an additional revenue stream via the introduction of a new innovative business model using Cisco networking technologies. Proposed and coordinated the project to implement remote access and site-to-site VPNs for the T2Sigma program to support management of the geographically dispersed independent Allstate agent networks. Troubleshoot and resolve security and telephony related issues. Ensure the optimal performance and security of the voice and data networks. Key Highlights: • Designed and implemented the company's voice and data infrastructure including Cisco WAN, VPN, and VoIP technologies.

then helped BKN achieve 3 years of consecutive growth as well as position the company favorably for sale. WA . • Implemented 802. • Upgraded Cisco routers to support Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CUCME) • Facilitated routing between the hub & spoke networks using Cisco routers at each customer location. • Configured Cisco AAA framework and policy based access control for all device and network access using both RADIUS and TACACS and the Cisco Secure ACS 4. Cisco associate and professional level certification curriculum including.2 and 5. and archive all student access to the school lab equipment.2006 to 2010 The leading technical education and certification training company in the Puget Sound Responsible for teaching Microsoft MCSE series. • Designed and implemented a multi-site distributed call-processing voice network from the ground up for the customer service call center and tech support engineers Senior Network Engineer Building Knowledge Networks . • Grew class sizes from 1 student in 6 months to approximately 12 students each month. .1X network access control to the student lab by re-designing and re-configuring the existing network infrastructure. (6) new Integrated Service Routers.• Upgraded Cisco routers with Advanced Integration Module (AIM-VPN/EPII-PLUS) for dedicated hardware cryptographic acceleration. Advantage IQ in January 2011. monitor. • Designed and configured redundant routed access infrastructure in the data center according to Cisco data center 2. CCNA Wireless. BKN was acquired by Avista subsidiary. Key Highlights: • Proposed. Apache. & PHP (LAMP) open source technology solutions to build the network monitoring / network management system. designed. (6) new L2 switches.Mukilteo. Configured remote access control via RADIUS and device access control via TACACS + using Cisco Secure ACS 4. • Configured IPSec VPN network access control with PEAP protocols and CSACS 4.2 access control server. CCSP and the ISC2 CISSP exam preparation series. MySQL.Bellevue.2. • Proposed and coordinated the purchase of new Cisco hardware to support the existing curriculum including (6) new L3 switches.0 validated design and best practice guidelines.2007 to 2010 Providing innovative building systems management for the 21st Century Helped facilitate the creation of a brand new business entity from an innovative idea to proof of concept working prototype. Module supports scaling up to 1000 site-to-site IPSec VPN tunnels to T2Sigma customers. (2) ASA 5510s (1) 2106 Wireless LAN Controller & Wireless Control System software and (2) Cisco Secure ACS 5. CCNA. and implemented both the remote access and site-to-site VPN network infrastructures used by BKN engineers to access their proprietary building systems applications from around the country. CCNP. CCNA Voice. Key Highlights: • Played a pivotal role in helping boost revenues from Cisco certification training over 5000% by expanding the company's popular Cisco exam preparation series.0 appliances. CCDA. WA .0 servers. Designed and configured Cisco policy based access control framework to control. CCNA Security. • Delivered cost savings by using Linux. • Completed Cisco remote access IPSec VPN including split tunnel and Xauth for administrative staff and developers' access to the Tailored Solutions network from anywhere in the US or Russia. • Configured Cisco IOS Zone-Based Policy Firewall (ZFW) to help protect customer web access and mission critical infrastructure services in a screened subnet (DMZ). Instructor / Network Engineer STRATEGY COMPUTERS . • Configured Cisco IOS Zone-based Policy Firewall (screened subnet) to support e-commerce web development projects.

Spokane. Senior Network Engineer SATCOM SYSTEMS INC . positioning the company favorably for sale.SecureX • Cisco Security Control Framework . WA ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Areas of expertise include: • Cisco Unified Wireless Mobility Architecture • Cisco Self-Defending Network Architecture . WA .Validated SAFE Design • Cisco Trust & Identity Management Solution Architecture .4 GHz client access. Continued to contract with Satcom after moving to Seattle to help maintain their network for several years up through 2009 when the company was sold. INC .• Designed and presented the solution to replace a single PIX firewall with redundant ASA 5510s configured with multiple virtual contexts to support Active/Active failover for the NOAA Fisheries Service's NWFSC Montlake Research Center. Eastern Washington's largest wireless Internet Service Provider. e-mail. web. Company was acquired in July 2000 by Wind Wireless.Sandpoint.TrustSec . and public access wireless hotspots throughout the downtown Sandpoint area. Built and configured server farm using VMWare and Linux to host required network services including DNS. ID . and network monitoring and management services.Spokane. (google john kiehnle & RADIUS) Network Engineer APPLIED RESEARCH.2002 to 2004 Key Highlights: Designed and deployed much of Satcom's wireless Internet service including 2. 5 GHz Motorola Canopy Backhaul. started the company and grew the business. Authored the original code that facilitated some of the earliest pre-paid and pay-as-you-go public wireless hotspots providing a new unattended revenue center.1993 to 2000 Conceived the vision. EDUCATION Bachelors in Business Administration Gonzaga University .

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