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LESSON PLAN: What did you do yesterday?


TIME: 45 50 minutes LEVEL: High Beginner

After this lesson, students will be able to ask and answer the question What did you do yesterday? Lucy and Michael worksheet, Jacks day worksheet, Questionnaire worksheet, Correct sentence worksheet (These are all available to download from the site.)


Practice positive, negative and question forms in the past simple.


On the board write: saw got up played bought rode gave went had ran did ate





Divide the students into groups, standing at the back of the classroom. Give each group a different coloured board marker/piece of chalk. Tell the students that when you say a verb in its infinitive, one person from each team must run to the board and circle the same verb in its past simple form. The first person to circle the correct verb gets a point for their team. The winner is the team with the most points when all the words have been circled.

PRESENTATION (5-10 mins)

On the board write: I play football Yesterday Im playing football I played football Ask students which ending is correct. Explain that we use the past simple when talking about things which we did yesterday or in the past. On the board write: Yesterday I played football. I _____ television.

I play football. I watch television.

Ask students what the missing word is. Ask students to put two or three other sentences into the past simple until you are sure they get the idea. On the board write:

I played football. I watched television.

I didnt play football. I didnt watch television.

Read what is written on the board, shaking your head when reading the negative sentences to indicate that these things did not happen. On the board write:

I read a book. I bought an ice cream. I saw my friend.

I didnt ______ read a book. I ______ buy an ice cream. I ______ ______ my friend.

Ask students to fill in the blanks. Do more examples orally until you are sure students understand. On the board write:

you / play football / yesterday ?

Ask students to make these words into a question. Using other prompts like the one above, ask students to form questions in the past simple.

COMMUNICATION Hand out a copy of Lucy and Michael to each student. PRACTICE ACTIVITY (10 mins)

COMMUNICATION On the board write: PRACTICE ACTIVITY (10 mins) do / yesterday / did / what / you ?

Ask the students to rearrange the words to form a question. Hand out a copy of Jacks day to each student. Show students the picture of Jack and explain that he was asked the question What did you do yesterday? and this is his answer. Read the text at a normal speed and tell the students to tick the things that Jack did yesterday. PRODUCTION ACTIVITY (10mins) Ask a strong student What did you do yesterday? Ask another student Did you watch television yesterday? On the board write:

Did you _______ yesterday? Yes, I did. No, I didnt.

Ask individual students questions using Did you _______ yesterday? Elicit Yes, I did and No, I didnt. Hand out a copy of the Questionnaire to each student. Tell them first to fill in the You column. Then tell the students to find a partner and ask them questions to fill in the Partner 1 column. Students then change partners to complete the Partner 2 column. WRAP-UP ACTIVITY (10 mins) Hand out a copy of Correct sentence for students to complete in pairs.