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The Latte Rebellion by Sarah Stevenson When high school senior Asha Jamison is called a “towel head” at a pool party, she and her best friend Carey start a club to raise awareness of mixed-race students that soon sweeps the country. But the hubbub puts her Ivy League dreams, friendship, and beliefs to the test. Destroy All Cars by Blake Nelson Through assignments for English class, 17-year -old James Hoff rants against consumerism and his classmates’ apathy, puzzles over his feelings for his ex-girlfriend, and expresses disdain for his emotionally-distant parents. Ask the Passengers by A. S. King Astrid copes with her small town’s gossip and narrow-mindedness by staring at the sky and imagining that she’s sending love to the passengers in the airplanes flying high over her backyard. Maybe they need it — her mother doesn’t want it, her father’s always stoned, her perfect sister’s too busy trying to fit in, and the people in her town would never allow her to love the person she really wants to: another girl. Food, Girls, and Other Things I Can’t Have by Allen Zadoff Fifteen year old Andrew Zansky, second fattest student in his high school, joins the varsity football team to get the attention of a new girl on whom he has a crush.

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Personal Effects by E. M. Kokie Matt has been sleepwalking through life while seeking answers about his brother T.J.’s death in Iraq. But after discovering that he may not have known his brother as well as he thought he did, Matt is able to stand up to his father, honor T.J.’s memory, and take charge of his own life. Me & Earl & The Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews Seventeen-year-old Greg has managed to become part of every social group at his Pittsburgh high school without having any friends. But his life changes when his mother forces him to befriend Rachel, a girl he once knew in Hebrew school who has leukemia. The Reece Malcolm List by Amy Spalding When her father dies suddenly, Devan is shipped off to Los Angeles to live with her estranged mother, Reece Malcolm, a bestselling novelist with little time for a daughter, and Devan navigates her way through her new performing arts school. How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr Told from their own viewpoints, 17-year-old Jill, in grief over the loss of her father, and Mandy, nearly 19, are thrown together when Jill’s mother agrees to adopt Mandy’s unborn child but nothing turns out as they had anticipated.

A Certain October by Angela Johnson Scotty compares herself to tofu: no flavor unless you add something. And it’s true that Scotty’s friends Misha and Falcone, as well as her brother Keone, make life delicious. But when a terrible accident occurs, Scotty feels responsible for the loss of someone she hardly knew, and the world goes wrong. The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp In the last months of high school, charismatic 18-year-old Sutter Keely lives in the present, staying drunk most of the time. That could change when he starts working to boost the self-confidence of a classmate, Aimee. Trapped by Michael Northrop Seven high school students are stranded at their New England high school during a weeklong blizzard that shuts down the power and heat, freezes the pipes, and leaves them wondering if they will survive. The List by Siobhan Vivian Every year at Mount Washington High School somebody posts a list of the prettiest and ugliest girls from each grade — this is the story of eight girls, freshmen to senior, and how they are affected by the list.

Something Like Normal By Trish Doller When Travis returns home from Afghanistan, his parents are splitting up, his brother has stolen his girlfriend and car, and he has nightmares of his best friend getting killed but when he runs into Harper, a girl who has despised him since middle school, life actually starts looking up. Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers Regina, a high school senior in the popular-and feared--crowd, suddenly falls out of favor and becomes the object of the same sort of vicious bullying that she used to inflict on others, until she finds solace with one of her former victims. The Opposite of Hallelujah by Anna Jarzab For eight of her sixteen years, Carolina Mitchell’s older sister Hannah has been a nun in a convent, almost completely out of touch with the family. So when she suddenly abandons her vocation and comes home, nobody knows quite how to handle the situation or guesses what explosive secrets she is hiding.

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