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Adventists' Relief Fund Helps Many
The Holland Seventh-day Adventist Church contributed last Saturday to the denomination's Disaster and Famine Relief fund which last year njade possible a distribution of supplies totaling $2,298.745 in value. Reporting on the church's relief activities, Mrs. Arthur Miles, St., Health and Welfare leader for the local church, stated that 29 countries benefited last year from the work done by Seventh-day Adventists Welfare Services, with which the local gorup cooperates. Nearly 30,000,000 pounds of surplus foods were shipped overseas and distributed, with Korea and Katanga province in the Congo receiving 11,822,439 and 10,356,009 respectively. Medical supplies valued at $191,223 were given out as needed in 12 countries. Much of this was in the form of vitamins, though preventive medicines also played an important part in disaster-ridden areas. Clothing and bedding gathered locally and from other Adventist Churches and friends of the church across North America made it possible for the church's two warehouses, in New York and in Watsonville. Calif., to ship 493,515 pounds of such materials. Also included in last year's relief operation, according to the report, was the construction of an entire village in Iran destroyed by earthquake last September.

Teacher at Moody Bible
Institute to Preach Here

List Activities For Sunday At Rose Park

Hanover Park "The Tragic End of a Rebellious Choir to Sing Son" is the sermon subject chosen by the Rev. Henry A. Mouvv, pastor of Sixth Reformed Church for At Trinity
Announced for Sixth

Subjects, Special Music

the 9:30 a.m. service Sunday. The The morning and evening servThe Ro'e Park R e f o r m e d Senior choir will sing "Turn Ye ices Sunday at Trinity Reformed Church congregation invites friends Even to Me" and "The Lord's Church will be conducted by the visiting in the city to worship with Prayer." pastor, the Rev. Gordon L. Van them Sunday. Services will be held In the evening at 7 Rev. Mouw Oostenburg. At the O:."" a.m. serv9:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. The church will p r e a c h on "A Preacher's ice his sermon topic will be "The Complaint." This is the last in Christian Funeral." His 7 p.m. is located on Rose Park Dr., in a series of sermons on Jonah. The sermon topic will be "The Worth Rose Park subdivision. choir numbers will be " Tis Mar- of a Soul " The Adult choir will sing "The velous and Wonderful," and "I The Senior choir will render the Creation." The church observe Am Not Worthy." Sunday School anthem in the morning entitled is at 11 a.m. each third Sunday as missionar; "Onward, Ye Peoples!" At the evening service the High offering Sunday. Units of suppor School choir of Hanover Park, in missionaries stationed in N. J. will render two anthems. fields are a great blessing to th Following the evening service they church, -Japan, Kuwait. Canada will render a program to the youth Kentucky and Taiwan. The Rev of the church informally in Ter Charles Vander Beek will preacl Rev. Philip R. Newell Dr. Henry Ten Clay, dean of Keursl auditorium. The Rev. Philip. R. Newell, Bible on the subject, "Life Must Have Western Theological Seminary, will The Sunday School session meets teacher from the extension staff of Spiritual Foundations." at 10:45 a.m. on Sunday. be the guest minister at the Third Sunday has been designatec Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, On Thursday evening. May 23, Spiritual Foundations Sunday, in Reformed Church Sunday. He will will be the speaker at the Immanspeak in the morning on the sub- First Reformed Church and Trinuel Baptist church Sunday at both conjunction with Michigan Week Maple Avenue Christian Reformed Church ity Reformed Church will combine Mrs. Gary Windemuller will b services, 10:45 a.m. and 7 p.m. ject. "His Ascension — Our As- in an Ascension Day service at Dean of student affairs at Moody received by transfer of church let surance " Trinity Reformed Church at 7:30 for five years, Mr. Newell served ter into the fellowship of the The Chancel choir will sing the p.m. The public is invited. church. as- a counselor to more than 1,000 anthem, "0 For a Thousand The Church School meets at 1 students from all parts of the Tongues to Sing." The evening world. He is author of the popular a.m. with classes for all age sermon is entitled. "Our Lord's MBI correspondence school course ;roups. Abiding Presence." The Chancel Afternoon activities this week Two evening programs next last service was held in the old "Six Days of Creation" and of choir will present an Ascensiontide "Daniel," an expositor work. He will not include Intermediate choir week will highlight the 50th anni- building on June 10, 1951. cantata, "Praise to the Risen The cornerstone laying cereLord." by Louie White. is a graduate of the University of but the Children's Fellowship wil. versary celebration of the Maple meet at 2:15. The Junior and "Sen A v e n u e Christian Reformed mony for the new church was held 161 West 10th St. Michigan. Holland College is among 10 col- Sunday School will meet at 11:20. ior Reformed Church Youth Fel church. on Oct. 9, 1951 and the first church leges and universities in the United All Youth Fellowship groups will Pastor C. L. Baine owship groups will meet at 6 p.m Former pastors and a special service in the new church was held Cornier, Sculptor Dies States sharing :- grants totaling meet at 7 pm. The Juniors and The deaconc of the church wil anniversary book will help the on Aug. 24. 1952. the Junior Highs will view the _ 10 A.M. LONDON (UPI) - Cyril Saunthe guest panelists for the local congregation commemorate Rev. Kok accepted the call to $250,000 given by the Ford Motor film, "Elijah, a Fearless Proph- Sunday School ders Spackman, 75. Ohio-born Senior High. Morning Service 11 A.M. its 50th birthday as an organized Minnesota in 1954 after serving Company Fund.-This completes a painter, sculptor and etcher, dice Evening Service 7 P.M. In the evening service the Young church. The consistory has stipu- Maple Ave. for about eight years. $1,000,000 program of grants ap- The Senior High Fellowship will Thursday at his home. Peoples choir will render, "Be lated the coming week as "Anni- His place \vas taken by the Rev. Bible Study . . Thurs. 7:30 P.M. have their guest speaker, Henning Thou Exalted." The sermon is en- versary Week," with this Sunday's John A. De Kruyter who was in- proved by the Ford Fund in 1959 Von Jagow, exchange student Young Peoples. Sat. 7:30 P.M. to extend over a four-year period. titled "Lord What Should He Do?' services setting the keynote. The stalled on Nov. 21, 1954. Grants are to be used at the from Germany. The Koinonia will meet at 8:30. present pastor, the Rev. George After serving Maple Avenue for The church will hold their first Gritter, and a former pastor, the about six years, the Rev. Dediscretion of the university or colAscension Day service Thursday Rev. John A. De Kruyter, will Kruyter accepted a call to Iowa lege president as a source of funds evening in the sanctuary at 7:30 have charge of the services. late in 1960. Finally, after being for any special project or other o p.m. The pastor will speak on On Wednesday, a congregational without a pastor of its own for activity for which there is no provision. 104 CLOVEP AVENUE "Jesus Christ did Ascend." supper will be held in the Civic almost a year and a half, the .pre- budgetary .Hilland. Mictv Other recipients are College of sent pastor, the Rev. George Center. Highlighting the program the Holy Cross, Worcester, Mass. will be an illustrated history of Gritter, was installed as Maple Emory University, Atlanta, Ga. I 9:45 A.M.—Sunday School Special Music, Sermon the church to be given by another Avenue's sixth pastor on May 27, LaSalle College, Philadelphia, Pa. | 11:00 A.M.—Morning Worship Topics for Sunday Listed former pastor, the Rev. Gareth 1962. 6:00 P.M.—Christ's Ambassador's Service Three sons of the congregation, L e h i g h University, Bethlehem, I "Faith of Our Fathers" will be Kok. The anniversary book will Pa.; Monmouth C o l l e g e , MonI 7:00 P.M.—Evening Worship the Rev. Edwin Mulder's topic also be distributed at this time. George Vander Hill, Gilbert Holke- mouth. 111.; Oberlin College. Ober- j 7:30 A.M.—Wednesday, Bible Study boer and Lloyd Wolters have enCoinciding with Ascension Day Sunday at the 9 a.m. and 11:15 lin, Ohio, Ohio Wesleyan Univera.m. services in Christ Memorial services on Thursday night, the tered the gospel ministry. sity, Delaware, Ohio; University of ! For Transportation to Church Phone EX 4-4121 congregation will again gather for The Maple Avenue church conReformed Church. Southern California, Los Angeles, Rev. David Krist, pastor. Phone EX 4-4167 Guest soloist for the 9 a.m. ser-a special program with the Rev. tributes ta the support of the Rev. Calif., and Southwestern at Mem- { vice is James Nienhuis and at the De Kruyter in charge of the ser- Holkeboer as missionary in Nigeria phis, Memphis, Tenn. later service the Senior choir will mon. Then on the last Sunday, and the Rev. Scott Redhouse as The fund is a non-profit corporsing "Send Forth Thy Spirit." May 26, Rev. Gritter and the Rev. missionary in New Mexaco. It ation operated for education, charKok will be in charge of the ser- has also been active in missionary itable and scientific purposes arid Sunday school is at 10:15 a.m. work in the Bravo area. The misAt the 7 p.m. service Rev. Mul- vices. supported by contributions from On May 22, 1913, the Maple sion society of the church also is der will continue his series of Ford Motor Co. It is in no way Avenue Christian Reformed church carries on an active program sermons for teenagers, speaking related to the Ford Foundation. on "Teenagers and Marriage.'' was officially organized. Classis among the migrants in the HolSpecial music will be provided by Holland granted the petition -to land area during the summer Bernard Masterson Dies a group of children from the Sun- organize a church in the western months. CHICAGO (UPI) - Bernard J. part of the city when the mother day School. Masterson, 50, former star quarThursday evening at 7-30 p.m. church, Fourteenth Street Christian terback for the University of Nethere will be an Ascension Day Reformed, could no longer accombraska and the Chicago Bears modate the members. About 50 service. professional football team, died families end some individuals reThursday after suffering a heart ported their willingness to organ'Purpose for Believers' Is ize. The first consistory was made The Calvin Christian Reformed attack. Subject of Rev. S. Blauw up of Matthew Notier, Frank Bol- Church located at the corner of OPENS IT'S 9TH SEASON The morning sermon, "Purpose huis, John D. Klomparens, Herman Lakewood Blvd. and Beach St. will for Believers," by the Rev. Stuart Steggerda, as elders and Herman meet for public worship at 9:30 Blauw of Fourth Reformed Church Van Faasen, Gerrit Vander Hill, a.m. and 7 p.m. Sunday. The ser(Episcopal) will be the last in the series of George Steffens and Albert Oelen vices will be conducted by the pasSHAKE TROPHY—This artistic arrangement by Mrs. Nelson as deacons. The Rev. William C. Worner Christ's appearances after the tor of'the church, the Rev. GarClark titled "The Isles of Greece" shares the W.A. Butler trophy Belvedere Hillside On June 9, 1913, the congregation rett H. Stoutmeyer. Rector with Mrs. Paul- Mcllwain for best tulip arrangements at the resurrection. The series was entivoted to purchase the Fourth Reflower show in Woman's Literary Club. 9 Miles South of Holland on U.S. 31 At the 9:30 a.m. service Rev. tled "The Christ We Know." SUNDAY SERVICES The subject for the evening serv- formed church building which was Stoutmeyer has chosen as his ice is "The Inescapable God." Sen- subsequently moved to the present theme "Jesus Christ — Greater 7:30 - 9:00 - 11:00 A.M. John De Vries, Living Object Lessons ior seminarian, Adrian Van Wyk, Maple Avenue site. The Rev. Wil- Than Aaron!" The sermon will WEDNESDAY .iam D. Vander Werp became the consider the Fifth Lord's Day of will assist in this service. Fenni and Adelaide, sisters sing 9:00 A.M. Junior Christian Endeavor meets first minister of the church and the Heidelberg Catechism. The remained until 1916. During his Calvin Ladies Sextet will sing the at 2 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. The Tom and Phil, junior cornetists ASCENSION DAY two Reformed Church Youth Fel- stay, the congregation grew to anthem. (Thursday) lowship Groups meet at 6 p.m. 103 families. The Rev. John P. The Sunday School will meet at Directed by Gilbert Van Wynen Battema was ordained as Maple 11 a.m. The lesson "How the Is9:00 A.M. Avenue's second pastor in August raelites Worshipped" will be studChurch open daily of 1917. In 1918, an annex was con- ied by the pupils. "Your car is Your reserved seat" Visitors always welcome structed to the church building to The 7 p.m. service will have accommodate the larger group. Mrs. George Prins as the guest Following Rev. Battema's de- soloist. The pastor has chosen as >arture in February of 1920, the the theme for the message "The Hev. Daniel Zwier was installed Rainbow Round the Throne." on May 18, 1920. In 1936, the congregation approved the construction of a parish Divorce Granted GRAND HAVEN — Carol Chrishouse for catechism and Sunday school classes. On May 22, 1938, tiansen, Grand Haven, was awardthe congregation celebrated its ed a judgment of divorce from 25th anniversary. By 1940 statistics Roger Christiansen in Ottawa cir showed that the number of families cuit court Wednesday. Mrs. Chrishad increased to 188 with 429 com- tianson was given custody of the 15th St and Wash. DAKCING STALLION — This municant members and 267 adult couple's son and Mr. Christiansen artistic arrangement by Mrs. members by baptism making a was given custody of their daughBlvd. ter. Leonard Dick with a white otal of 766 members. Worship — 9:30 A.M. & 7:00 P.M. Worship — 9:30 A.M. & 7:00 P.M. horse in foreground won a After over 25 years as minister Sunday School — 11:00 A.M. Sunday School —' 11:00 A.M. second place ribbon at the of Maple Avenue, the Rev. Zwier flower show in the Woman's Rev. Stewart Blauw The Rev. Elten Van Pernis accepted a call to Canada in 1945. Literary Club. (Morning Service Broadcast WHTC) of The Rev. Gareth Kok became Maple Avenue's fourth minister meets at the 77 West 11th St. 18th and Van Raalte Ave. ate in 1940. On March 16, the congergation Woman's Literary Worship — 9:30 A.M. & 7:00 P.M. approved the erection of a new Worship — 9:30 A.M. & 11 A.M. Club Building Sunday School — 11:00 A.M. THREE AWARDS—An artistic arrangement by Mrs. Paul Mcchurch building when 60 per cent 7:00 P.M. — School For Christian Living llwain on a Spanish theme won three awards at this year's Rev. John L. Van Horn of the funds had been raised, H D. Overby, minister Rev. William C. Hillegonds flower show, the Tri-Color award for highest score, the sweepfinally three years later on May 10:00 AM. Bible School stakes award for the most blue ribbons, and shared in the Butler (Morning Service. Broadcost WHTC 11:15 A.M.) 14, 1951, the congregation decided 11:00 A.M. Morning Worship trophy with Mrs Nelson Clark for best tulip arrangement. It is CALVARY 8th and Grandview o proceed with its building plans. titled "Battle of Flowers." 7:00 P.M. Evening Worship 34th and During the interim period the serWorship — 10:00 A.M. & 7:00 P.M. Columbia Ave. vices were held in the Holland Phone 396-3485 Sunday School — 11:20 A.M. torstian High School gyrn. The Worship — 10:00 A.M. & 7:00 P.M.

Third Church Hosts Dr. Henry Ten Clay

Maple Avenue Church Plans Anniversary Celebration

Hope College Shares in Ford Grant

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Calvin Church Lists Sunday Subjects

Drive-In Vespers

Grace Church

Sunday-May 19-7 P.M.

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Sunday School — 11:30 A.M.

MILES OF TULIPS — This tulip arrangement by Mrs. Erna Ladewig won a blue ribbon at the flower show, sponsored by Holland Garden Club, iA the Woman's Literary Club.

The Mission Industrial Store
Department of Board of Evangelism of Grand Rapidi Christian Reformed Churches. A self supporting — Charitable Organization.

Worship — 10:00 & 7:00 P.M. Sunday School — 11:30 A.M. Rev. Henry Van Raalte

Wm. A. Swets Rose Park Drive and 142nd Ave.


OUR STORE IS IN NEED OF . . . • Used Clothing • Furniture • Any Household Goods for — REHABILITATION PURPOSES
Holland and Zeeland Residents Phone EX.6-8494 for 24 HOUR SERVICE.

Worship — 9:30 A.M. & 7:00 P.MChurch School — 11:00 A.M. Rev. Charles Vander Beek

'24th St. & Groafschap Rd. Worship — 9:00 A.M.; 11:15 A.M. & 7:00 P.M. Sunday School — 10:15 A.M. Rev. Edwin Mulder 20th and Central Ave.

blX I H

12th and Lincoln Ave.

Worship — 9:30 A.M. & 7:00 P.M. Sunday School — 11:00 A.M. Rev. Henry A. Mouw

Wesleyan Methodist Church
W. 17th at Pin* f. G. Bailey, Pastor


Worship — 9:30 A>,. & 7:00 P.M. Sunday School — 10:45 A.M. Rev. Gordon L Van Oostenburg Rev. Kenneth Van Wyk, Associate Pastor


12th and Pine AY*.

10:00 A.M.—Morning Worship 11:15 A.M.—Sunday School FIELDS OF LETDEX—Mrs. Nelson Clark's artistic arrangement of tulips won a blue ribbon in class 503 of the flower show at the Woman's Literary club. It was a mass arrangement using tulips only. 6:00 P.M.—Youth Fellowship 7:00 P.M.—Evening Worship Wednesday 7:15 P.M—Bible Study and Prayer

Worship — 10:00 A.M. & 7:00 P.M. Sunday School — 11:30 A.M. Russel W. Vande Bunte, Minister


State and 26th Streets

Worship — 9:30 A.M. * 7:00 P.M. Sunday School — 11:00 A.M. Rtv. Bernard R. Bruniting

TROPHY WINNER—Mrs. Stuart Padnos' arrangement titled "In Old Vienna" won a blue ribbon and Hie Phyllis Watkins trophy for the most outstanding artistic tulip arrangement at the 1963 flower show, sponsored by Holland Garden Club. NEWSPAPLRflRCHIVE®—