The poem is about a person, Mr. Nobody, who does not exist, but who is created by the persona to take the blame for all kinds of mistakes and irresponsible behaviour that happens in the persona’s house. The persona is probably in trouble for doing things wrong and is blaming Mr. Nobody so that he or she will not be scolded or punished.

Time – Past and present time. Place – In a house.



Family life. Taking things for granted. Responsibility.

Four stanzas, eight lines in each stanza. Alternate lines rhymes: In Stanza 1 - the rhyming words are ‘mouse’ and ‘house’ and ‘agree’ and ‘Nobody’. In Stanza 2 - the rhyming words are ‘ajar’ and ‘afar’ and ‘see’ and ‘Nobody’.


The persona could be a parent or grandparents who wants to admonish (menegur) the children for always running away from responsibility and for blaming others for the mischief that they have done.






The tone is ironic.

We must always tell the truth. We must be responsible members of a family.


MOOD: h. POINT OF VIEW: Third person point of view. Because the use of the word ‘I’.

The mood is humorous.

We should not blame others for our mistakes. We must admit our mistakes. We must appreciate everyone within our family.

Nobody Examples: Mr. Nobody’ is repeated at the end of each stanze. Nobodypulling our buttons from shirts Mr. Imagery: the visual images of Mr.ELEMENTS OF THE POEM LITERARY DEVICES: Simile: a way to compare things using words ‘like’ and ‘as’. mislaid cracked blinds prithee soil tears squek ajar mischied tosses pulling something apart or into pieces to throw something carelessly lost a covering for a window damaged but not completely broken bad behaviour please slightly open a short high sound that is not very loud to make something dirty Exercise 2: According to the persona. Example: as quiet as a mouse Repetition: the phrase ‘Mr. which of the following did Mr. Nobody putting damp wood upon the fire Exercise 1: Match the words and phrases from the poem with the correct meaning. Nobody carelessly leaving doors open Mr. . Nobody scattering pins Mr. Nobody leaving fingermarks on the door Mr. Nobody do? Thick your answers in the box given. Nobody breaking plates and tearing books Mr.

Nobody forgot to open the blinds. Mr. 1. 8. touch the door with dirty fingers 3. Nobody is responsible for the damp wood upon the fire. The carpets are dirty because Mr. leave his toys scattered everywhere 7. 5. The door squeks because of mice in the house. 4. Nobody moves around like a mouse creating mischief. tears out pages from books 6. does not put away his boot 5. Give 6 examples of chores you can do around the house to help your parents. Nobody is a person that really does exist in all homes. Mr. Nobody yet they all blame him for the mischief in their homes. forget to close the door Exercise 3: State whether the following statements are True (T) or False (F). break a window 2. forget to button his shirt 4. 9. The poem has four verses with rhyming couplets. 2. Nobody walked in with muddy feet. ____________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _ . The curtains fade as Mr. 6. 7. All the lines in the poem rhyme. make a lot of noise 8. 3. Mr. 10. The water in the kettle does not boil because there is no fire.1. Exercise 4: the poem mentions chores we do around the house.Most of people have not seen Mr. 1.

____________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _ 4. . ____________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _ 3. ____________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _ 6. ____________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _ Exercise 5: Read the poem and answer the questions that follows. ____________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _ 5.2.

Exercise 6: Questions 7 – 10 are based on the stanza 3 and 4 from the poem Mr. Nobody .

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