Steele Hansmeier Flash Card Pack

..” “Welcome to the big leagues” S|H Mark Lutz is “(j)ust like any CEO.S|H S|H Email from Paul Hansmeier to Paul Godfread (Attorney for Alan Cooper) offering to decrease Godfread’s liability in exchange for information about “more serious actors.independent contractors…” . Mark Lutz delegates these matters to his attorneys and.” S|H Paul Hansmeier’s deposition statement explaining that Mark Lutz is not intimately familiar with the facts of every case and that like “Mark Zuckerberg. the CEO of Ford or CEO of Facebook.

” S|H Paul Hansmeier. that I gain some credibility and some experience and a reputation for successfully prosecuting these style of cases. inner circle or whatever… (I) hope .. I think. S|H “When I read about myself on the Internet. shall we say. . on how to get into the class action business. ‘Who is this jerk?’” S|H John Steele when describing himself as the original copyright troll. that as time goes on that I expand the circle.S|H “You generally start with people that are in your..

. S|H “I suspect that you aligned yourself with these defamatory efforts as a marketing strategy.S|H “If you lend your gun to someone who commits a crime.” S|H John Steele explains why network owners should pay for users’ activities.” S|H Paul Hansmeier email to Paul Godfread regarding Godfread’s representation of Alan Cooper and participation in critical discussions regarding copyright trolls. you’re responsible.

Friday.S|H We have sufficient number of “young attorneys” to “get crafty” S|H John Steele to Paul Ticen explaining why AF Holdings is withholding evidence in the David Harris case. but there's some ethical questions that come up and and so you know after filing you know as many suits as we have and being basically the the industry I guess leader for lack of a better term in doing this type of litigation and never having you know sanctions or a major problem with the uh judges I mean it's important to uh be agreesive in going after people we have a responsibility of course to evaluate such as the woman that you mentioned in San Francisco and I think we do that.. S|H John Steele CBC radio interview with Jian Ghomeshi.. And if we don't there's plenty (laughs at himself) of judges and plenty of groups like the EFF to stand there and make sure that we you know are careful. that has ironclad defense they fight us we're liable not only for the legal fees of this in most jurisdictions. 2011 . S|H If we go after somebody that has absolutley no. August 26.

as well as opposing counsel.” S|H Transcript of John Steele voicemail left for Alan Cooper S|H "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.S|H “.. Lawnwood Medical . and i'm saying this as a friend.your life is going to get really complicated." S|H John Steele..

or an 8th grader feels good. whether some blowhard attorney.S|H Standing up to a bully. S|H John Steele Family Law Lifeline blog post .

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