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Traveling at a speed faster than photons streaming from the sun, the lightning blazes across the stars, burning with a fire in which light does not exist or emit. Its spirit is formless Chaos, yet its body is rigid metal. It plows through the vast void of space, a thunderbolt sent by the storms of the roiling chaos ocean that existed before the cosmic seas. Nobody sees it coming yet. Nobody knows it exists, save for those who survived the raids, merely to dismiss the vessel as a random pirating ship. It brings with it slaughter and pillage, leaves waste in its wake and departs with pillaged loots. In its hull resided the Raiders: cosmic pirates, barbarians, marauders; they earned many a suitable name from those they slew. They originate from many worlds, recruited in the raids of the crew over a span of decades. Since its beginnings as a minor pirating vessel, it sought recruits from those places that harbor the blackest of souls; pirate hubs, barbarian villages, and cantinas from the scum-ridden ports of the galactic center. The diversities were seemingly innumerable, but none of them had civilized routes. These were warriors of chaos on a quest to sow disorder among the civilized regions of the galaxy.

Yet, wisdom is found in the strangest of places. This fact is proven by the various devout belief systems, most of which are centered around war. A few are different, such as the intellectual Archive Keepers- whom according to the calculations of their implanted bionics, war, pillage, and piracy make up only about 55.283% to 62.012% of their faithful devotion to the ship and its crew. They were not merely mechanically

augmented warriors. They were the ships Tyler


Lightning Raider – The Wolves of Marchosias 2
engineers, technicians, medics, and all manner of more-than-barbaric experts. Despite divisions and sub-crews on board the vessel, each member, no matter how blasphemous or criminal their background is share the bond of a tribe; nobody steals, enacts violence on (lest it be by consensual sparring), or in any way intentionally harms their tribal 'family'. The ship is the Lightning Raider, and its crew is legion. It streams through space at hyper speed; at three kilometers in length, it slices through space with its prow. The crew on the bridge watches the stars flash by in blurs of light from the viewing port. Suddenly, the ship quakes violently as it drops out of hyperspace. The Lightning Raider has reached its destination: a small piracy port orbiting the black hole Cygnus X at a safe

and you will be prepared… And tread softly. “Beware Zikon and his corsairs.” Wrin and his sub-crew. emotions. power-hunger. The departing words of the warlord echo in their minds. for they remain cautious in such dangerous places. . moods and other psychic phenomena of the people of the port.. The place was worn down and ancient in appearance. Wrin took in the Tyler Amato Lightning Raider – The Wolves of Marchosias 3 smells of every living human within a half a kilometer radius. fear and. He was immediately overwhelmed with the magnified sensory bombardment of astral residue given off by the port's inhabitants. greed and chaos within the ranks of chaos. The warlord whose name is of lightning and fire commands the piloting crew to dock with Hub Cygnus. the Wolves of Marchosias took in the view of the hangar around them. the place reeked of dishonesty. discontent. feelings.. Expect the unlikelihood of combat. hatred. Nothing good comes from the undisciplined reckless.distance. To their heightened astral sense of smell. analyzing the experiences. A crew is dispatched to meet the infamous Captain Zikon and his shipmates. for this one’s temper is a fragile thing.

they took in the views of the various locations of the port: shops. Each was writhing with the 'Scum of the Places Beyond Earth'. gang hangouts. Wrin bared the sharpened fangs of his and his sub-crew's inheritance and barked a command to his Raiders. Each rugged looking character. and oddly enough for a being of such soul-power. on me! The Captain isn't far!" The Wolves of Marchosias strode through worn-down corridors in their galloping gait. There was still a powerful beacon of power coming from the port that was strong enough to remain detectable. among other low-life hubs. He assumed his crew did the same. The Wolves of Marchosias were wolf-men. The wolf who wasn't truly a wolf commanded his sense of astral smell to cease such magnified analyzing. living quarters. every malnourished looking ghetto-rat and every scantily clad 'brothel employee' reeked of the same primal emotion from before emotions: fear. They wore armor made of the bones Tyler Amato . They bore grey pelts and wolverine features on their forms. because it was beginning to make him nauseas. In doing so.That was all. and restaurants. the stink of a childish temper. It carried with it the stench of arrogance. "Wolves. malice. passing gruesome looking fight pits. and brothels. They zipped through shady areas as they descended deeper into the belly of the port.

People sat at tables playing what Wrin guessed was reminiscent of the card game 'Shank': perhaps an offshoot of the game that became popular on the port.Lightning Raider – The Wolves of Marchosias 4 of what appeared to be the skeleton of an alien beast. and . Everybody decided to stay out of it. after all. It was within a matter of mere seconds that Captain Zikon and his corsairs were examined in the most predatorial way. Periodically these occurrences would happen. As far as the bystanders were concerned. Women danced on tables getting credits thrown at them by homely looking men. weak points in armor. which they paid no attention to. Their yellow. Still. It was no surprise that oddities were bound to show up. the wolf-men looked as though they were in a hurry. bestial eyes were locked on the man they were looking for. their weapons. A bar fight broke out almost immediately upon the wolves' entrance. they could've been sent to kill somebody or maybe even a whole group. The wolves looked at their stances. and stay out of the way. their apparent awareness of what was going on around them. The wolves followed their alpha into a densely populated cantina. The galaxy was a diverse place. and rather than carrying laser pistols and melee weapons they were armed with their own claws which ended in razor sharp talons. The newcomers were far more rugged and vicious looking than anything the port residents encountered as of late.

You are all sheep to us.. acknowledging the presence of the wolves Tyler Amato Lightning Raider – The Wolves of Marchosias 5 indifferently. I have little time for foolishness. Captain. I'm assuming your words are as hollow as your skull?" replied Wrin. To business. The interpretation was shattered the minute Zikon spoke.." "Forgive my. That. What is that thing you civilized people call it? Rudeness? Yeah. the fact that Zikon seemed to be expecting them. I'm assuming the warlord has given you the details of the planned raid of the nearby world Arthanas?" . and even less mercy for it. "A crew of seven? Are you serious? The warlord thinks this is a formidable diplomacy group?" "Make no mistake. Wrin interpreted this as a respectable challenge. revealing his arrogance and probably his idiocy. He regarded them with a grin. "Lets get to business.. Right.most importantly.. His crew stood crowded around him at their table.

Wrin spoke. A muffled grunt from Wrin signaled the Wolves of Marchosias to be at ease but prepared for a fight. Zikon. The wolves let their offensive preparation be known by baring their fangs and growling quietly. They walked Tyler Amato Lightning Raider – The Wolves of Marchosias 6 in circles. or at least a displayed eagerness to unleash that brutality.Proceeded Zikon sarcastically. This was an insult to the tribal outlook of their whole crew. despite the apparent lack of a need. cut your tongue from your lips and leave you to . his tone even more aggressive. their heads kept turned to Zikon and his corsairs. "You don't seem to comprehend the situation here. We are the ones working to repair your ship and give you credits for a mercenary crew. We have an established reputation at this port. He knew as well as anybody that the raiders were far from civilized. We are helping you. Fear is often best struck into the enemy with a readied burst of brutality. If you refuse to watch your tongue. I'll make a fine example of you for your crew and whoever else considers you their 'friend' here: I will personally hack off your limbs.

. The spiteful smirk on his face was replaced with shame. his voice wavering.. before my own generosity fades to savage brutality. I suggest you take this offer generously. He was shaking. "Now.. Do you really think we need minor criminals and thieves to accomplish this assault? No.. or you will be respectful. You will be silent. Zikon swallowed. and his hateful glare became wide-eyed with fear. Take your pick.Your just invited to join the party. About that business. The Lightning Raider hosts warriors from some of the most powerful warrior-blood lineages all across the galaxy. "There’s trouble brewing up . The rapid beating of his heart and altered breathing were primal music to their sensitive ears.bleed and beg for a death that won't come as soon as you would wish. Or dead. and the Tyler Amato Lightning Raider – The Wolves of Marchosias 7 wolves relished the scent of his fight or flight reaction." Zikon said." The words were to-the-point and loud enough for nearby bar patrons to turn their head and watch in astonishment.

Tyler Amato . I'd appreciate any help you could provide. thankfully. "A hunt? I'm up for it. Its been days since the last time the wolves were unleashed to prey.with a few of the allied gangs in the projects deep in the port's underbelly. He's alive. but he's hospitalized in a healing dome.. Do you want me to just rush through the underbelly and slay a few gang members to let them know you send your regards. and I'd feel as though I would be disrespectful to him if I didn't have these dogs put down." answered the Captain. but I'm not a Yellowjacket so I don't understand their logic. hooked up to all sorts of cables and stuff. and they've been giving others problems around here too. sensing their eagerness. Wrin snarled and glanced to his wolves.. if you don't mind I believe it'd be better to march right into one of their hideouts and getting rough with them. I need to make up for all this small-talk with violence. The gangs are called the Yellowjackets and the Pistolwhippers. He wants payback." he continued casually. Not exactly a good hideout. They've threatened my suppliers and even went as far as setting my arms salesman on fire. Actually. They usually have yellow and black banners marking those places. or do you have a more specific objective in mind?" "I think that'll suffice.

The place was dark. follow me! We're going hunting!" The underbelly stunk with the smell of mildew. "Indeed. Wolves. and unkempt. Orbs that qualified as streetlights shone dimly about the streets.Lightning Raider – The Wolves of Marchosias 8 Wrin grinned. Is that all? I'm itching to wash my claws in crimson. exposing a jagged-toothed maw. I suppose you have everything set to do the dirty work?" asked Zikon. The majority of people in the underbelly of the ship labored for the same chaotic cause: manufacturing supplies for the Port Lord's piracy based business. That fact didn't necessarily make them 'upstanding citizens' by any means. boy. I will bring you back their heads as proof of the deed. "Thats more like it. Dark alleyways seethed with gang activity." "Aye. There was no . Factories were mixed in randomly with the clusters of crime-filled neighborhoods. run-down hab-homes were populated with struggling families. The poor. and pedestrians strode to their homes in haste for fear of being caught by the wrong individuals at the wrong time.

and both were armed with shotguns. "Does anybody . law is the one and only crime. The lone Pistolwhipper's only symbol was of course his laser pistol. Wrin zoned in on one of the many predatorily gifts of the Wolves: astral wolfsight. for in a world run by pirates. It wasn't holstered. Tyler Amato Lightning Raider – The Wolves of Marchosias 9 The Wolves of Marchosias lurked in the shadows of the roof of a run-down and abandoned factory structure. Such was the philosophy of the Port Lord. "Ironface." muttered Wrin under his breath as he quietly read the letters. Here they hid.law-enforcement in the underbelly of Hub Cygnus. All three of them bore the symbols of their organization: the Yellowjackets bore the wasp tattoo on their shoulders. the Pistolwhipper. locking their sights on the prey within: two Yellowjackets and a Pistolwhipper. a bald man with a goatee and a cybernetic faceplate covering part of his forehead and his right eye held the weapon in his right hand. along with various personal designs. In fact. His focus shifted in on the engraved letters along the gun's barrel.

and the wolves would run Tyler Amato Lightning Raider – The Wolves of Marchosias 10 faster. Mirt had been talking with Van and Ironface when he heard what he assumed was a hound howling nearby.else feel the desire to toy with them before the killing blow is delivered?" he asked the wolves.. Van and Ironface were hanging out in. The six growled in anticipation and agreement. He ignored it and zoned back in on his conversation with Van and Ironface. It was close. somewhere outside of the abandoned ship engine factory he. Nothing more needed to be said. The prey would be afraid to the point of running against their own conscious will. They all knew how it worked. No matter how tough the gang members would be in their regular state of mind. It all started with an eerie howl. To overwhelm their target with fear and pain to the point where the individual had no conscious control of their own actions. fear would conquer that bodily control.. The killing blow would then be delivered. They would run. .

Everybody in that neighborhood is afraid of me now. than what? Did you snag his creds? Shoot up his shack?” Mirt asked Ironface. Ironface kept his pistol to his side. grinning malevolently. Tyler Amato Lightning Raider – The Wolves of Marchosias 11 Mirt and Van turned to face the newcomer. And they should be. “You know nothing about fear…” came its scornful voice. I let him take in the view of my face before I finished him off.“So what happened? You killed him. “I blasted his friend to bloody and burnt rags. Ironface grinned and his red cybernetic eye glowed intensely as he recalled the incident. shotguns cocked and pointed. Then I made off with his credits and a few bits of expensive jewelry.” There was a thud as something landed on a dormant generator nearby. The pistolwhippers are moving in on sub district six fast. It was cloaked in shadows. “Looks like we got a challenger!” he . and it growled menacingly at the group.

Something punched threw his back and ripped out of his chest. He let a shell off at the creature as it tried to decapitate Van.” Growled the entity. Ironface kept his pistol ready. Mirt and Van turned about. Mirt. “More than a challenge. but only saw the grinning features of another one of the beasts charging them. Wrin proceeded to sever Van's head anyway. The shit hit home. It vaulted to a spot behind some metal crates. "You should've stayed in the dark. He ran until he felt safe from the entities that had just killed Tyler Amato . but only chipped a piece of its skeletal armor off. large black razors unsheathed from its claws. expecting to see their gritty associate. Wrin jumped out of cover and bolted towards the two shotgun wielders.interjected. and the man-creature howled. and in his final seconds he peered down to see the same kind of claw. knowing well that his lazer pistol was deadly against flesh but useless against the metal crates the creature took cover behind. Immediately Van and Mirt opened fire. Those were his final words. His body was thrown aside like a ragdoll. Mirt successfuly darted out of the way of a lethal claw-swipe. alien!" scowled Ironface. seeing that he was clearly outmatched decided to make a run for it.

There was a sound of a group of footsteps coming from around the corner. All he cared about was his survival. and turned to see nothing but a series of trashcans. He thought he heard footsteps behind him. as if it would help him blend in with the dark. He turned around to double check. growling and drooling with bestial hunger. Those thoughts were interrupted by more howling coming from in front of him with the other aliens still behind him. He finally fell to his knees in hopelessness. quiet laugh. and he ran again. A third sound almost made him piss himself: a low. He heard the clang of something metal. gone forever. They were behind him and they were dead. He risked a glance behind him to see four of the wolf things chasing him in a bestial sprint. It didn't seem like they were running at full speed this time. hardly even putting up resistance against the things that came from the shadows. He realized that he was at a dead end: an alleyway with a fence blocking further passage. He turned around slower this time. He didn't think about Ironface.Lightning Raider – The Wolves of Marchosias 12 Ironface and Van. He didn't even give two damns about Mirt. He was a few buildings away from the factory he saw the two gang members he was with murdered in. as if they were letting him get away. and turned around to see nothing. There were three of those things beyond the fence. He didn't care about their reasoning right now. .

. The other four behind him closed off any space he had to run or fight. "Good.. I want you to come out of that hideout and leave the area. If they disagree. Tell them to take it as a friendly offering of peace from Zikon. I'll show you to the hideout. "You're young. I'll give you a chance to live on one condition. Onward. holding him up by his throat. I want you to Tyler Amato Lightning Raider – The Wolves of Marchosias 13 take us to your hideout. Just let me live!" Mirt said tearfully. boy... We're not the patient type in terms of anything but the hunt. Wrin smelled the youth whose allies he had just butchered. I want you to present the heads of your friends to your gang.The three vaulted over the fence. What happens after is none of your concern. Tell you what." "Al-alright." . boy. We won't follow you in.

Inside could be heard blaring music and people chatting. and he walked with a limp. Then they entered the building. It was larger than the ship engine factory. The wolves nodded to him and gestured for him to leave. fistfuls of hair connected to two dangling heads at his waist. and opened the large metal double-doors. bloodied and beaten looking. The boy came out. One man was thrown out a window and landed . The music's volume was lowered. People in nearby neighborhoods heard the sounds of gunfire and screams. Tyler Amato Lightning Raider – The Wolves of Marchosias 14 That had been a bloody night that the gangs of the underbelly would remember for a long time. He walked in slowly. The windows flashed with light as gunshots and laserfire went off. The boy swallowed before gathering his willpower to go inside. They left their homes en masse to investigate despite risks. no matter how sensitive the wolves ears were. The wolves waited. His right eye was swollen shut. and somebody was yelling but their words weren't quite intelligible from outside though.The wolves and their spared escort ran several blocks before finally reaching another large shack of a factory building.

Tyler Amato Lightning Raider – The Wolves of Marchosias . One man's face and throat was cut up as a tall figure cloaked in shadows grinded his face into the broken glass of a first-floor window." said Wrin. He seemed to beg for help by the people outside of the building. The crowd dispersed. The double-doors opened. Help didn't come. They simply watched in amusement as the life bled from his face and throat. and from the shadowy maw of the building emerged seven tall. They bore grey pelts and twisted wolverine features. Blood smeared a few of the windows. pelt-covered bestial men. The gunfire died down as the Yellowjackets hideout inhabitants did. and merely stepped a few paces back as he was hurled out of the window. "Nothing to see here. Nobody argued. The laborers of the underbelly had no care for the gangs in its ghettos. and they were wet with the blood of the Yellowjackets. Their bone-armor was pockmarked with shotgun blasts and scorched with lasfire. and the Wolves of Marchosias made their way back to the elevator leading up to the upper levels of the port. all of you.head first into the pavement below. Go back to your homes.

the Wolves of Marchosias made their way back to the ship. A fine day indeed. When the negotiation was done. Be glad you caught me on a good day. thought Wrin. I think the rest will get the message. If I were not generous. Thanks for doing my dirty work. "It’s been done.15 The head of the Yellowjacket boss thudded against the metal floor of the cantina. ." he stated grimly. "Just be sure to show respect next time you come face to face with one of the subcrews. Have him get back to me with any extra details." Wrin nodded." "Aye. landing before Zikon. A fine day for a wolf. Tell the Warlord that we'll gladly participate in the raid of Arthanas. it would've been your head hitting the floor.

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