Motivating Teachers to attempt Innovation: Schools helping teachers develop

Maria-Araxi Sachpazian [BA edu/RSA dip/TELF]

• The most needed component of change • Attempting innovation whithin the range of our abilities

means we keep exploring

When we keep exploring we stay motivated,
therefore we maintain our fire for teaching.

• To attempt innovation, teachers need to be motivated. • Motivation comes from within us, but is also contingent on the support we receive from the teaching staff and the administration of our school. • The role of the school owner/director of studies is crucial in motivating the staff and setting standards. • That’s why in some schools, attempting innovation becomes a culture. • Motivation is what keeps us exploring....

• What is the necessary minimum teacher education? • How can we ensure that certain requirements are met when teachers are hired? • Does teacher education ever stop and how is it linked to CPD (continuous professional development)? • Has the financial cricis affected this? • Does CPD and teacher education depend on money only?

• If CPD / Teacher education stop what does that bring on?

The financial crisis and the Greek Foreign Language Schools
• The ‘’here and now’’ of the Greek Foreign Language Education is not particularly bright, or so it seems to the naked eye. • In the recent years, mainly due to the financial crisis, professionals have started thinking of innovation as a luxury. • Soon, education seems a luxury too and nobody is motivated enough to explore anything.

• The question is can we keep afloat like this?
• The question that follows is: is it worth the effort to stay in business if what we do is just leafing through workbooks and assigning homework? • If we actually do that, how will our work stand out in comparison to that of our competitors?

This session aims
• To examine the current situation. • Shed light on various layers of misconceptions which are related with the issues of supporting teachers and motivating the teaching staff. • Offer practical suggestions that can be applied from the following day in any private language school without forcing the administration to spend more money. • To make us feel that we should not aim to merely survive but to achieve greatness, even in the time of gloom and doom.

Get Involved!
Join Maria- Araxi Sachpazian on Saturday, March 30th 19:30 – 20:15

during the 34th Annual International Convention of TESOL Greece
to discuss why teachers will soon stop developing and what responsible professionals (teachers & school owners) can do to break that fall. See you all at the Hellenic American Union, 22 Massalias str, Kolonaki

Who is Maria-Araxi Sachpazian
Maria Sachpazian is the co-owner and Academic Director of Input on Eduaction, a company which provides academic and business support services. She is an academic management specialist who has worked as an EFL teacher, Teacher trainer and material’s developer.

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