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Association for Promotion of


21st century has brought with it a new socio-economic order in the world. Explosion of information
technology has reduced the world into a global village. In fact, information being available on the
finger tips, it is creative abilities of a person and society that is going to make difference in their
capability to create an impact on our lives. In this context APCL has developed new teaching
learning methodology called Creative Learning.

Bihar has the lowest literacy rate in India. In fact, it constitutes one of the densest areas of illiterates
in the world. One of the major reasons of this is the total alienation of underprivileged sections of
society from the educational world. It is rather surprising
that even after 60 years some of the communities like
Creative Learning is a teaching learning Musahars have less than 10% of literacy. So, far we have
methodology developed by APCL which can
be used for bringing the best among children considered it as a problem of access. But despite
and bring equity in educational achievement.
opening schools we have not succeeded in bringing
these children and ensure their retention there. There is a
great need to relook at the pedagogic issues from the
viewpoint of underprivileged taking their socio cultural
context in mind and work for designing systems to
develop their creativity. In this context Creative Learning
system based on the concept of multiple intelligence
can be used for bringing the best among children and
bring equity in educational achievement.


APCL was established in the year 1997-98 as a not- for- profit organisation to promote creativity in
the society. It is registered under Societies Registration Act of 1860 at Bihar (India) vide registration
No. 171/79-98.

It visualizes a world free from all discrimination Every occasion is a learning occasion.
where each individual is able to develop his/her
full creative potential. It would be a society
where every person would realise his/her right to Every place is a learning place.
lead a dignified, healthy and creative life. Such
society would be a learning society where Every person is a learning object, a APCL
learning facilitator and a learner.
Ÿ Universalisation of Quality Education
Ÿ Development of full Creative Potential of all human beings.
Ÿ Evolution of a Learning Society

On children in general and underprivileged sections such as SC/ST/poor and girls in particular

Nature of Activities

APCL strives to work for promoting creativity through following activities.

Research Working relentlessly to find out new ways to develop creativity in persons of
different age-groups and developing new pedagogy for creatively mainstreaming the
underprivileged; to find out new ways to promote proper art of living for better health
Training Working for capacity building and skill development of teachers, parents, educator-
planners and other persons involved in promotion and dissemination of creative skills and
better health in society.

Association for Promotion of Creative Learning

Demonstration and Extension Creating awareness regarding use of teaching learning

methods and materials, which can lead to development of creativity and better health to
help people to learn throughout life; establishing institutions and networking with other

Major Projects

Creative Learning
After a long and painstaking research it has developed a new
teaching/learning methodology called creative learning. It
believes that every child is born creative. The basic purpose of
any learning system should be to develop his/her intrinsic natural
learning process. Based on information processing model of
learning, it attempts to develop seven basic competencies
called Core Creative Competencies (C )- Concentration, Power
of observation, Memory, Thinking, Imagination, Emotional
Management and Power of Expression/Communication. While
designing teaching learning materials and methods, it takes
care of different learning styles of children based on the concept
of multiple intelligence. It also takes into consideration the
unique role of symbols and patterns in multiple intelligence
The new TLM evolves from the traditional cultural practices, which
have been found suitable to develop creativity in society since
time immemorial. In this context it has integrated Yogic method
of learning into the modern learning system. Based on Yogic
Seven Basic Core
method of learning, APCL has developed unique Visualization Creative
Exercises to develop processes of Mental Image Making . These Competencies

exercises help learners to develop power of concentration,

memory, imagination and ability for faster mental mathematics. It further helps them to have
better emotional control, which is now considered to be so vital for achieving success in life. The
new TLM basically aims at preparing child to keep learning continuously from womb to tomb.

The content of learning is chosen taking consideration of the

uniqueness of learning environment. It is selected to meet the needs of
self, family and neighborhood. Thus, it tries to develop a person not only
as an individual, but also as a social being strengthening family ties and
friendship bonds. Its activities are designed in such a fashion that it we
should gradually reduce individual competition and enhance group
cooperation. As emotions have been found to play an important role in
the development of relationships and success of individuals, it is given
due importance in the teaching learning process.

The new TLM has also developed a unique monitoring and evaluation
system, which helps
in understanding the strengths and weaknesses
in the achievement of a learner. It also helps in
diagnosing the actual problems in learning
process so that appropriate and timely
remedial measures may be applied.

The concept has been developed in the form

of a book called Creative Learning (published
by VIVA Books Ltd.). The book was presented to
Creative Learning presented to HE the President of India Mr APJ Kalam in a special
HE the President of India Mr APJ Kalam in a function organised at Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi on Nov 17, 2006.
special function organised at Rashtrapati

Association for Promotion of Creative Learning

Bhavan, New Delhi on 17.11.2006.

APCL was invited to make a presentation about the concept before the august audience of the
NCERT faculty.

Presentation about Education for Underprivileged has also been made in Bihar Vidhan Parishad
Annexee in the 'Vimarsh' programme.

Developing Mind Series (Mental Ability Development)

In order to disseminate creativity on a large scale, after a long research a series of books named
Developing Mind (Step I-VIII) were developed. These are graded activity books to learn the art of
developing Concentration, Memory, Speed Mathematics, Reasoning, Questioning, Imagination,
Poem writing and Story writing under the guidance of teacher /parent in school or at home.
These books are used by many schools and parents for initiating art of learning and creativity from
early childhood.

Aadrishti Shivir
The institution has developed a large number of tools for the development of concentration and
visualisation. The kit was developed after a series of National Level Workshops organised with the
assistance of Unicef. The Kit consists of a book called The Art of Developing Concentration,
Develop Concentration, Concentration cards and an audio cassette 'Aadrishti' (to develop
visualisation). 'Aadrishti Shivir' are organised at various places to empower people to learn the art
of developing concentration and visualisation.

Training of Teachers
From time to time APCL undertakes training of teachers of Elementary and High Schools. It has
taken such training programmes at various schools of Patna and Delhi. The training workshop has
been conducted at Delhi Public School, DAV Public Schools, Nirankari Public Schools, Goodleys
Public Schools in Delhi and St. Michael's Public School, St. Joseph High School, Kendriya Vidyalayas
and DAV Public Schools at Patna. Major themes of training have been Promotion of Creativity,
Development of Concentration, Joyful Ways of Teaching Mathematics, Joyful Methods of
Teaching Social Sciences, Method of Pupil Evaluation and Remedial Measures, etc

NCERT and ILO had associated APCL with the production of training materials for trainers of
teachers in child labour school.

Prakriti Jodo Abhiyan

Developing natural consciousness is one of the major concerns of the modern day world. This
campaign was launched to promote natural consciousness. This campaign included
development of modules of learning about plants, animals, birds and fishes in the form of
Exploring Nature Series. A seies of posters called Socho Kabhi Aisa Ho to Kya Ho was also
developed, which is basically an exercise to look towards ourselves through the eyes of different
objects of nature. It also organises Prakriti Mela to create awareness about nature. It also
developed an audio cassette called 'Prakriti'. In order to create love for nature it organises
exhibitions. It also undertakes road show and human chain for generating awareness against use
of crackers.

Education For Democracy

APCL has been working for promotion of democratic values among children
and bringing equity in learning. Towards this end it keeps on organising various
seminars, workshops and exhibitions.

In collaboration with Commonwealth Education Fund and Actionaid India it

worked on a project for Education for Democracy in 2004-06. It made a survey
of democratic orientation among school children. In the survey it was found
that the modern education is leading to enhancement of authoritarianism in
society. Based on this survey APCL decided to work for development of Lab
approach to learning for spreading democratic values in society.

Association for Promotion of Creative Learning

In this context it aimed at developing Social Sciences Laboratories in schools. A set of 4 books
'Prayogic Samaj Vijnan' (Vol. VI-IX) has been developed for conducting activities in Social Science
lab of class VI-IX.Various posters and teaching learning materials have also been developed.

A Chitrakatha series to depict the life of mythological legend

Shabari has been prepared to enthuse underprivileged
sections, who worship her as Goddess, towards learning.
These Chitrakathas are being used in different
underprivileged groups for generating self-confidence. At
some places the story is enacted as a drama on the
occasion of Shabari Mela, which is celebrated annually on
Chaita Purnima by Musahar Community.

A book 'Rojmarra Ke Kanoon aur Hamare Adhikar' has been

developed to teach interactive laws of day-to-day life.

A training manual for teachers 'Prayogshala Gatividhiyon Ka

Ek Samuchchya' has also been prepared.

Zila Jantantra Mahotsava were organised in all three districts involving 30 schools . A state level
function, Bihar Jantantra Mahotsava Ehsaas'05 was organised at Patna. In these Mahotsava
learners of the participating schools displayed the posters and activities on democratic values.
School level competitions of Drama on democratic values and Patriotic songs were also

Development of Lab Approach of Learning

In order to disseminate the ideas of creative learning and also to link education with contextual
situations APCL has attempted to develop lab approach to learning. For this purpose it has
undertaken the work of developing model laboratory of Science, Mathematics, Social Sciences,
Languages and Mental ability. Steel Authority of India Ltd. has supported construction of one floor
of the labs. During Education For Democracy campaign APCL developed the basic books for
Social Sciences lab pertaining to Class VI to IX. It plans to develop full kit for lab methods of

Lab method takes care of the multiple intelligence of children. It correlates the capabilities of
head, heart and hand. It provides an opportunity to children to learn their subjects through various
learning styles. Recently, APCL organised
a workshop on Learning Mathematics
through Magic, Music and Drama to
take care of needs of Rhythmic and
Kinesthetic children.

In collaboration with Sir Dorabji Tata Trust

the association has established 13 Social
Sciences Labs in different schools of Bihar
Creation of Social Sciences Labs in different schools of Bihar & Jharkhand
and Jharkhand.

Awareness Campaigns Against Social Evils

APCL undertakes awareness campaign for social issues through various exhibitions, human chain,
road shows etc from time to time. It has undertaken exhibitions and demonstrations for removing
superstitions, environmental consciousness, popularising family values, promoting cultural values,


Aas Paas
The association has launched a programme called Aas Paas, which aims at promoting methods
to learn from neighbourhood. It has developed innovative TLM for such purpose. It is useful for
middle and high school children.

Association for Promotion of Creative Learning

Training of Master Trainers

In 2006-07 APCL has undertaken training of master trainers under Bihar
School Anemia Control Programme launched by Unicef.

Broadstreaming education for underprivileged in Nargada Panchayat

In collaboration with Actionaid India the association has undertaken the
project on broadstreaming school education among the
underprivileged sections of society. It would aim at creating Creative
Learning Centre to provide supplementary learning in villages of weaker
sections in Nargada Panchayat of Patna.

Broadstreaming as opposed to mainstreaming is basically a concept

evolved by APCL to incoporate the care and concerns of underprivileged
sections of society in the learning process. It has developed a typical
methodology for the purpose of integrating the language, culture, folk
system of learning into the education system. To institutionise it has
established Shabari Ashrams.

Shabari Ashrams
As a special social activity APCL has taken upon itself to help government schools of Jamsaut
Panchayat in making them properly functional. Towards this end it has established 6 Shabari
Ashrams in different underprivileged Tola inhabited mostly by mushar community. This works as
a link between community and schools and helps children through supplementary learning so
that they may start doing better in school. It has also conducted Bal Mela and innovative
game competition based on their traditional games. It has also developed an innovative
method of evaluation in joyful way through fair approach. More than 250 children are being
directly benefited by the Ashrams. These initiative has helped in reducing drop out from schools
in the area.

Promoting Creativity Among Children

APCL regualrly organises various workshops, competitions
and exhibitions for promotion of creativity among people.
On the eve of the new millenium it organised a
competition among school children of Bihar for poem and
story writing. It published these creative expressions as Bal
Kalrav. It regularly organises exhibitions on designs from
flowers, fruits and vegetables.

APCL has made presentation about enhancing creativity

at different important institutions of the country including
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, Dhirubhai
Ambani Institute of Information and Communication
Technology, Gandhinagar, Ranchi University, Patna
University, etc.

APCL has developed an interesting drama named 'Vandemataram' based
on 90 years of freedom struggle (1847-1947). The script was developed in a
workshop of children. It has beautiful landscapes of songs and action. It has
already been enacted in all major halls of Patna. APCL is planning to develop
Bharat Leela- a series of drama displaying cultural traditions of India. It is also
planning to develop Main Hindi Hun - a drama depicting the traditions of

Hindi literature.

School of Creative Learning

In order to demonstrate the new teaching learning methodology, School of
Creative Learning has been established at Danapur (Patna). It is affiliated to
CBSE and running classes upto class XII. The school has earned a name in the
field of innovative education. `It basically caters to the children of rural

Association for Promotion of Creative Learning


It also maintains a good hostel with good facilities to cater to the needs of the people from far
flung areas.

The teaching methodology is specially suitable for children not being successful, as it takes care of
all learning styles. Children, who were not being successful in different schools or had even
attempted to commit suicide, have shown tremendous progress in learning after studying in the
school. School works not only for providing access to children, but it works for giving an opportunity
for success to all.

Ritu Sinha Centre for Creative Learning (RSCCL)

APCL has established Ritu Sinha Centre for Creative Learning as a library complex with research facility
to work in the area of Creative Learning. It is being developed as a Resource Centre for poor and


Association for Promotion of Creative Learning

Major Publications

Promoting Creativity
Creative Learning Vijoy Prakash (Published by VIVA Books)
Promoting linguistic creativity
Bal Kalraw Mridula Prakash(Ed.)
Concentration Development Kit
Art of Developing concentration Vijoy Prakash
Concentration Development Cards Ed. Vijoy Prakash
(Circle, Stairs, Triangle, Caves, Sri Yantra, Corridor, Waves)
Develop concentration Vijoy Prakash
(Developing concentrations by counting without teaching)
Social Sciences Laboratory Kit
Pictorial Stories
Nanhi Shabari Vijoy Prakash & S. K. Srivastava
Kishori Shabar Vijoy Prakash & S. K. Srivastava
Tapaswini Shabari Vijoy Prakash & S. K. Srivastava
Prayogic Samaj Vijnana (VI-IX) Vijoy Prakash & S. K. Srivastava
Prayogshala Gatividhiyon ka Ek Sammuchaya Vijoy Prakash & S. K.Srivastava
Rojmarra Istemaal Ke Kanoon aur Hamare Adhikar Dr. Trinath Mishra
Mathematics Lab
Geet geet Men Pahara
Three Pigs
Multiplication Table at ease Vijoy Prakash
Gunana Chakra
Universal Calendar Vijoy Prakash
Exploring Nature Cards
Plant Learning Cards Part I & II Vijoy Prakash(Ed.)
Animal Learning Cards Vijoy Prakash(Ed.)
Birds Learning Cards Vijoy Prakash(Ed.)
Fish Learning Cards Vijoy Prakash(Ed.)
Innovative Teaching Materials
Alphagram Card to learn English Alphabets Sadananda
Akshar Yantra Card to learn Hindi Alphabets Sadananda
Teaching Learning Games
Freedom Game: to instil civic sense in children
Bird Game: to create environmental awareness
Creative Home: to teach family values
100 steps: to teach school discipline

Audio cassettes
Adrishti: Step to step visualisation exercises
Prakriti: Songs to generate environmental awareness

Khilata Bachpan :Song depicting rights of children

Prerana : Motivational Songs

Association for Promotion of Creative Learning

Board of Management

Dr. Ajay Kumar, Noted Urologist, President, IMA, India, and Member Medical Council of India-
Mr. Vijoy Prakash, IAS, Secretary, Welfare, Bihar- Executive President
Sri Vishnu Dayal Ram, IPS, IG (Police) Jharkhand, Ranchi- Vice- President
Mr. Rajiv Ranjan Verma, IPS, IG , Bhagalpur, Bihar- Vice-President
Mr. A.K.Singh, IAAS, PAG, Bihar- Vice-President

Mr. Sharad Kumar Mallick, GM (Finance & Accounts), Telephones, Hajipur- Vice-President
Prof. Shaileshwar Sati Prasad, HoD of English (Retd.), Patna University- Vice-President
Dr. V.K. Sinha, Assistant Prof., Orthopedics, Patna Medical College- Vice-President
Mr. Ranjan Kumar, Union Bank of India- Vice-President
Dr. Mridula Prakash, Principal, School of Creative Learning- Vice -President (Ex-Officio)
Mr. B.K.Karn, Principal, Netarhat School- Vice-President
Mr. Satish Kumar, Reserve Bank of India, Patna- Vice -President
Mr. P.K. Verma, Bihar Planning Service- Vice-President
Mr. Sudhir Mohan Jha, State Bank of India, Zonal Office, Patna Vice- President (Finance &
Prof. Shailendra Kumar Srivastava, Physicist and noted activist, Chaiperson, Creative Learning
Foundation -Member (Ex-Officio)
Mr. Raman Kumar, Bihar Engineering Service -Member
Dr. Ran Bijay Narayan Sinha, Psychologist- Member
Mr. K.K. Das, Bihar Engineering Service, Treasurer, Creative Swablambi Sahkari Grih Nirman Samiti -
Member (Ex-Officio)

Association for Promotion of Creative Learning


Nargada Village
Danapur Cantt - Shivala Road
Patna Bihar 801503 (India)

Phone: 91-612-26215450 / 91-9234881782

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