PTU Exam to Continue as Per Schedule from April 2 India's one of the biggest state government university, namely

, Punjab Technical University is back on track after a brief jolt caused due to temporary suspensi on of examination by a delhi court recently. Guwahati, Assam, India, March 26, 2013 -- India's one of the biggest state gover nment university, namely, Punjab Technical University is back on track after a b rief jolt caused due to temporary suspension of examination by a delhi court rec ently. Acting on a complaint of one of the student who allegedly did not receive his previous semester results, the delhi court had suspended exams of PTU which was scheduled from 15 March. After having studied all sides of the complaint ov er the past 10 days, it became evident that due to the vested interests of few p rivate parties, some students we influenced to lodge complaint against the unive rsity. Additional District Judge Shri Ajay Goel dismissed the petition on 25thMa rch and ordered that the exams be allowed to continue as per existing schedule f rom 2nd April. However, the papers that got missed in the period between 15 Marc h to 30 March would be held after the end of the normal schedule of examinations . The University has been asked to fix fresh dates for the missed examination an d announce the same through public notice. Examinations of all semesters would t ake place including those of 1st semester students who enrolled before October 2 012. IGNOU, the PTU operates at an all-India level with lakhs of students enrolled th rough its various learning centres/colleges across the country. Being a governme nt university with all necessary statutory approvals, PTUs courses are recognize d nationally and internationally for both private and public jobs. The universit y has received e-India award for Best ICT Enabled University 2012. Needless to s ay, for all students aspiring for high quality and fully recognized diplomas and degree programs, PTU is perhaps the best choice in the Indian context. About PTU: Punjab Technical University (PTU) was established in the Year 1997 under the Pun jab Technical University Act, 1996 (Punjab Act No. 1 of 1997) to provide for the establishment and incorporation of a University for the advancement of technica l education and developement thereof in the State of Punjab and for matters conn ected therewith. In pursuance of this Act, the University started its journey wi th 09 engineering colleges and few management colleges affiliated to it. Since t hen, the University has come a long way and during this Academic Session 2012-13 , the University has 494 affiliated colleges (105 Engineering Colleges, 140 Mana gement Colleges, 8 Architecture Colleges, 34 Pharmacy Colleges and Others (NON-A ICTE 135 Colleges and AICTE 72 Colleges). More then 2100+ Learning Centres of PT U are providing professional education through Distance Learning throughout the country. Contact: Anirban Choudhury Career CliniQ 171, Sundarpur, Zoo Road, Guwahati, Assam,781005 IN 912202436

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