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TABLE OF CONTENTS List of Illustrations Executive Summary Research Objectives Methodology Results Limitations Conclusions and Recommendations

Users 42% -Non Users 1 hour – 38% 2-3 hours – 45% 4 hours and above – 17% Internet users in Apas Hours usually consumed by internet users In favor of putting up internet café in Apas Yes – 92% No.8% Students of Initao College Age of Respondents 13-16 – 2% 17-20 – 58% 21-25 – 32% 26 above – 8% Users – 100% Non Users – 0% 1 hour – 52% 2-3 hours – 36% 4 hours and above – 12% Internet users in Apas Hours usually consumed by internet users In favor of putting up internet café in Apas Yes – 94% No.LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS Residents of Apas Age of Respondents 13-16 – 10% 17-20 – 26% 21-25 – 2% 26 above – 62% 58% .6% .

Internet cafés are now a popular kind of business in where they are visible in every municipality’s. up to P100 in malls. . RESEARCH OBJECTIVES The main purpose of this study is to know the opinions of the residents of Apas and students of Initao College about having an internet café nearby the college. Most of them are located nearby the hi-ways in which makes it hard for the people from far areas to access the internet. internet cafés are found on every street in major cities and there is at least one in most municipalities or towns. in which also the residents of Apas and students of Initao College as the area of our study is also experiencing this kind of problem. To find out if there are many internet users in Apas. Rates range from P10 on streets.In the Philippines. Conducting a marketing research will surely help the management in deciding to whether establish an internet café or not in Apas. usually for a fee.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY An internet caféis a place which provides internet access to the public. There are also internet cafés in coffee shops and malls. In some municipalities with existing ordinances regulating internet students who are below 18 years old are prohibited from playing computer games during regular class hours. Highend restaurants and fast food chains also provide free broadband to diners. The fee for using a computer is usually charged as a time-based rate. specifically the residents and students of Initao College. specifically nearby the Initao College.

RESULTS LIMITATIONS There are limitations that needed to be acknowledged and addressed regarding the study. Also nearby barangays can also stop by in Apas to access the internet. the number of percentage about the finding does not totally apply to all people of Apas because we randomly selected 50 respondents each from the students and residents of Apas that the percentage will result differently if all the population of Apas would be interviewed. we make survey questions which are filled up by our respondents which are the residents of Apas and students of Initao College to help us in our study to be successful together with their cooperation. Putting up an internet café nearby IC would surely help a lot in the community. We selected 50 respondents from the residents of Apas and also 50 for the IC students.METHODOLOGY In making this study. especially the student and residents of Apas that it will lessen the hassle of going to Poblacion just to access the internet. help students in their studies and other functions of the internet that can help the residents. Another advantage of the site or location of the café is that it is far from the elementary and high schools that it will not affect the students from cutting classes. We roamed different puroks of Apas just to find respondent of different ages with different interest. Due to lack of funds. CONCLUSION .

It can also boost the knowledge of the the residents and students in internet and any computer applications like Microsoft Word and others. . there is a large number of users other than the non-users of internet which can be our basis if we will establish an internet café or not and also the large percentage in favor establishing an internet café. Regarding with the data’s gathered. which is important nowadays especially in applying for a job. RECOMMENDATIONS I recommend it is essential to put up an internet café in near the Initao College. not just for the students but also with the residents. with this I recommend that it is essential for the students and residents to put up an internet café in Apas.We conclude that it is good to put up internet café nearby IC that it will have a positive effect on its community. People who don’t have knowledge on computers or internet can learn with the existence of an internet café and will recognize its importance.