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Suffix -age

Added to verbs; nouns



NOUN suffixes Meaning the action or result of; the state of condition of; a set or group of; an amount of; the cost of; a place where a process or state of


Adjectives; verbs

the action or state of

-ancy (1) -ant -cy (1)

verbs adjectives; nouns Nouns; verbs

the state or quality of A person or thing that the state or quality of; the status or position of The condition or state of; the rank of or the are ruled by; the group of A person affected by an action; a person described as or concerned with A person concerned with the action or state of the state or quality of a person or thing that A person or thing that; a person or thing that has the thing or quality mentioned; a person concerned with; a person belonging to The group or class of something; the state or character of; the art or practice of; a place where something is made, grows, lives, etc. From a place; a person who lives in a country or city; the style or language of female



Verbs; adjectives Verbs

-eer -ence -ency (1) -ent -er

verbs Verbs; nouns; adjectives


Adjectives; verbs; nouns

Examples Break  breakage; marry  marriage; bag  baggage; mile  mileage; post  postage; anchor  anchorage Deny  denial; survive  survival; arrive  arrival; bury  burial Elegant  elegance; important  importance; ignorant  ignorance; relevant  relevance; allow  allowance; perform  performance Expect  expectancy Inhabit  inhabitant; depend  dependant Infant  infancy; private  privacy; accurate  accuracy; chaplain  chaplaincy King  kingdom; duke  dukedom; star  stardom; bore  boredom; free  freedom; martyr  martyrdom Employ  employee; absent  absentee; refuge  refugee; train  trainee Auction  auctioneer; mountain  mountaineer confidence complacency Deter  deterrent love  lover; win  winner; compute  computer; foreign  foreigner; lexicography  lexicographer; Dublin  Dubliner Green  greenery; brave  bravery; rival  rivalry; cook cookery; arch  archery; bake  bakery; deliver  delivery Portugal  Portuguese; Vienna  Viennese; journal  journalese; official  officialese Host  hostess; waiter  waitress; lion  lioness; tiger  tigress; god  goddess Usher  usherette; suffrage  suffragette Hand  handful; spoon  spoonful





-ette -ful

Nouns Nouns

female An amount that fills something

child  childhood. politics  politician The science. kind  kindness. state or quality of. mathematics  hobby mathematician. embarrass  embarrassment . busy  business The state or quality of. American  movement of. -sion. a thing. race  teaching. practises. able  ability Small. formal  formality. priest  priesthood From. activity. a feature alcoholism of language of the type mentioned. mean  meaning. brace bracelet The action or result of Retire  retirement . the Criticism. a Boston  Bostonian. mad  madness. alcohol  reason mentioned. not very important book  booklet. Brazil  specialist in. compete  competition. politics. drive  driving. dark  darkness. pig  piglet. typical of. curious  curiosity. a person who does plagiarist something Condition or quality of complex  complexity. history  historian. dramatics. colloquial  treatment or hatred for the colloquialism. flexible  flexibility. hesitate  hesitation. confess  confession The action or result of. system or racism. star  starlet. secure  security. swim  swimming The action or state of dictate  dictation. a person who Brazilian. art or activity Physics. unfair Americanism. the Buddha  Buddhism. profession or business violin  violinist. -tion. lonely  loneliness. arrange  arrangement . creative  creativity. equal  equality. a medical condition or disease A person who believes or AtheismAtheist. develop  development . of athlete  athletics suffer  suffering. a member of a dentistrydentist. physics physician. ill  illness. hero  heroism. adjectives -ist nouns -ity adjectives -let -ment nouns verbs -ness adjectives Parent  parenthood.-hood nouns -ian nouns -ics -ing verbs -ion (also -ation. Shakespeare  does something as a job or Shakespearian. comedy  comedian. a person who uses guitar  guitarist. -xion) -ism verbs nouns. excite  excitement The state or quality of happy  happiness. neighbour  neighbourhood. -ition. brother  brotherhood. a group of people of the type mentioned .

verbs -en -ent -esque -ful nouns verbs nouns Nouns. accident  accidental. sense  having the quality of sensible. specify  specific . having the qualities Sorrow  sorrowful. long  length. change  changeable. nouns -al nouns -ant -ed Verbs Nouns. access  accessible. gold  golden That is or does something Differ  different. bore  bored. fashion  fashionable. tending to forgetful. comment  commentator Owner  ownership. embarrass  embarrassed Made of. eat  eatable Connected with Magic  magical. music  musical. Arab  Arabic. help  helpful Typical of Dictator  dictatorial From. dead  death fail  failure. Brazil  Brazilian. the status or office of. compete  competent In the style of Statue  statuesque. Horror  horrible. that bearded. Dante  dantesque Full of. deep  depth. success  successful. typical of Belgium  Belgian. beard  characteristics of. professor  professorship. musician  musicianship. verbs ADJECTIVE suffixes Meaning Examples That can or must be. kind of feeling or effect excite  excited. nation  national. true  truth. comfort  comfortable.-or verbs A person or thing that dose something as job The state or quality of. forget  of. please  pleasure Inquire  inquiry Suffix -able Added to Verbs. wide  width. adjectives The action or process of -ure verbs The action. disease  diseased. friend  friendship. looking like Wood  wooden. that Scene  scenic. tax  having the quality of taxable. process or result of The action or process of -y verbs Act  actor. having the Talent  talented. sail sailor. environment  environmental That is or does something Signify  significant. close  closure. divide  divisible Connected with. nouns -ic Nouns. skill or ability as. horrify mentioned  horrific. verbs -ial -ian Nouns nouns -ible Verbs. suffers or receives some interest interested. strong  strength. economy  performs the action economic. Shakespeare  Shakespearian That can or must be. conduct  conductor. verb  verbal. Reason  reasonable. peace  peaceful. member  membership Grow  growth. depart  departure. the group of -ship nouns -th Verbs. ignore  ignorant Having. citizen  citizenship.

not doing. year  yearly Fear  fearsome. sweet sweeten. modern  modernise. likely to Full of. simple simplify. pure  purify To become. having the quality of. at intervals of Interest  interesting. like. describe  descriptive. coward  cowardly. mystery  mysterious Turkey  Turkish. beauty  beautify. make like. express  expressive Tree  treeless. tending to Suffix -ate -en Added to Nouns. hour  hourly . lucky luckily. Spain  Spanish. direction of length  lengthwise Suffix -ly Added to Adjectives. side  sidewise. nouns Nouns. to  theorise. Ireland  Irish. theory the way mentioned. hospital  place in hospitalise ADVERB suffixes Meaning Examples In the way mentioned.-ing Nouns. general  think. shell  shelllike. up  upward(s). at Happy  happily. not affected by Similar to. adjectives VERB suffixes Meaning Examples To give the thing or Hyphen  hyphenate. east  eastward(s). sad  sadden. adjectives. embarrass  embarrassing. broad  broaden. act. in generalize. anger  angry. pasteurize. hair hairy -like -ly nouns nouns -some -y nouns nouns Producing. nouns -ward(s) -wise Nouns. amaze  amazing Poison  poisonous. beautiful  beautifully. glory  glorious. typical of Having the qualities of. scholar  scholarly. treat. hair  hairless. [disapproving] having the nature of. active  quality mentioned activate To make or become Black  blacken. sun  sunny. less  lessen. child  childish. to speak. silk  silky. day  daily. bore  boring. fossil  fossilize. trouble  troublesome. sharp  sharpen to make or become Solid  solidify. day  daily In the direction of Back  backward(s). sudden  intervals of suddenly. thirst  thirsty. fairly. make or Private  privatise. having the nature of Without. rain  rainy. etc. harm  harmless Child  Child-like. meaning  meaningless. out  outward(s). adjectives -ive -less Verbs nouns That does or produces some kind of feeling or effect Having the nature or quality of From the country mentioned. approximately Tending to. home  homeward(s) In the manner or Clock  Clockwise. adjectives adjectives -ify -ise [BrE]/ize [AmE] Adjectives. month  monthly. yellow  yellowish Explode  explosive. god  godlike Friend  friendly. hope  hopeless. adverbs nouns . bother  bothersome Dust  dusty. verbs -(i)ous -ish nouns Nouns. critic  criticize.