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November 10, 2007

HRD Grande Family View at

Dear Sir or Madam, In line with your job vacancy advertisement which appeared in job, November 2007, I would like like to apply for the position Finance Staff (FF). As may be seen from my enclosed CV and academic transcript, my name is Willy Oetoyo and I am a recent graduate holding a S-1 degree in Economy Management from Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) Yogyakarta. I had good communication skill in English oral and written, gained organizational communication skills from various student activities, familiar with Microsoft Office, able to analyze financial statement, self motivated, high initiative, discipline, hard working, good teamwork, good interpersonal skills, and result oriented. Here with, I encourage myself to apply for a position in your company. For your further information, I enclose here with my curriculum vitae, academic transcript and a recent photograph of mine. Thank you very much for your attention. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Respectfully yours,

Willy Oetoyo


high PERSONAL DATA: • Place and date of birth: • Age: • Sex: • Religion: • Marital Status: • Nationality: • Hobby: Ciamis. good teamwork.Vision Interprima Pictures as a Finance & Accounting Junior (FA) SUMMARY: Currently 23 years old. • Self Learner. 1984 23 Male Moeslim Single Indonesian Listening music. Watching Movie & Traveling. and results oriented. Fast learning. Self Motivated. Demangan-Yogyakarta 55221 Mobile Phone 08157914799 E-mail: ganyonk7@yahoo. holding a S-1 degree in Economy Mnagement. • Familiar with Microsoft Office • Self-motivated. gained organizational communication skills through various student activities. familiar with Microsoft Office. hard working. QUALIFICATION FOR THE JOB: Long-live learning. good interpersonal skills.Willy Oetoyo Jl. has a GPA 3. • Able to work under pressure • Good communication skill in English oral and written. April 19.26 (from a range of 0 to a maximum of 4). and Leadership Skill . Perkutut No 52. OBJECTIVE: To join with PT.

Ciamis EXPERIENCES: Student Activities: 2004 Lembaga Executif Mahasiswa. Pare .FORMAL EDUCATION: 2002-2007 Faculty of Economy UII Yogyakarta 1999-2002 Senior High School at SMU GAMA (Tiga Maret) Yogyakarta 1996-1999 Junior High School at SMPN 1 Banjarsari.Kediri 2006-2007 Public Speaking Training in ABHISEKA TRAINING CENTER Yogyakarta 2005 English Course at ELTI Yogyakarta 2004 Seminar “Busnisess Motivation Training” at Faculty of Economy UII .aruf COURSES/SEMINAR/TRAINING: 2007 English Course at The Daffodils.Kediri 2007 English Course at Mahesa Institute. Organizing Committee Member of Pekan Ta. Ciamis 1990-1996 Elementary School at SDN 1 Padaringan. Pare .