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French Revolution Project

Yuval Peled Annotated timeline
June 17th 1789 – The 3rd estate declared itself a national assembly and granted itself the control over taxation. It is significant to the French Revolution because the first and second estate put the whole burden of taxes on the third estate which was the poorest estate out of the three. June 20th 1789 - The Tennis Court Oath was the pledge taken by revolutionaries that essentially said they would continue to meet until a stable constitutional government was established. This was a major cause for the French revolution and the years of civil war. July 14th 1789 – The Bastille prison was stormed and destroyed by a Parisian mob, this was also named to be the starting date of the French revolution. October 1789 - The women's march on Versailles, can also be named "The October March" , "The October Days" or just " The march on Versailles". It was one of the most significant events of the French revolution, The march began on the morning of October 5th 1789 by

women in the marketplaces of paris, they went rioting over the high price and scarcity of bread.

August 26th 1789 – The Declaration of the right of man and citizen. June 1791 - Louis XVI tries to flee France and take it from the varennes. September 1791 – September 21st 1792 – The National Assembly declared France to be a Republic and abolished the Monarchy. January 21st 1793 – Louis XVI was behead and it was significant to the French Revolution because his death caused the monarchy to fall again. July 1793 – July 1794 - The Reign of Terror which was a period of factional and Ideological violence during the French revolution, its name came from the many executions that took place during that time. (including Louis XVI and his wife: Marie Antoinette) November 1799 – The coup of 18 Brumaire occurred which was also the coup d'etat by Napoleon Bonaparte which over threw the French Directory and replaced it with the French consulate.

December 2nd ,1804 – Napoleon Bonaparte crowns himself king in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and takes control over France.

1803 – Napoleon Bonaparte sold the Louisiana Territory to the United States for $15 million. President Jefferson did not argue for this. Napoleon saw no harm in selling this land, he saw a twofold benefit: he would gain money so he could finance the operations in Europe. The second one was that he would punish the British. "The sale assures forever the power of the united states" Napoleon said. June 1812 – October 1812 – Napoleon invaded Russia to complete his mastery of Europe, He virtually defeated all the other nations states In Europe and Russia was the only real threat left. April 1814 – Napoleon Bonaparte, The emperor of France and one of the greatest military leaders in history abdicates the throne and in the Treaty of Fontainebleau he is banished to the Mediterranean island of Elba.

June 18 1815 – The Battle of waterloo which occurred in the south of Brussels, Belgium. It was war between the British, Germans , Belgians , Dutch and Prussians against the French, Napoleon Bonaparte gets killed in the battle which makes another turn point in the French Revolution.

Diary Entry
Hi, I'm a farmer and I am a member of the Third Estate. I'm not very wealthy and I don't have enough money even to buy food anymore. Before the French Revolution began I was able to buy at least one pack of bread for me and my family But now I'm totally broke, I have nothing at all, I have to search for it all over and sometimes steal a little from others. That is how bad it got, Napoleon is ripping us off with Extremely high taxes and our jobs aren't good at all, we work very hard but don't get paid well. I wish there was some way that we can ask Napoleon to Fairly balance the taxes between the first, second and third estates so we can at least buy some food and live with the little money we have rather than paying high taxes and that the first and second estates are enjoying the wealth from our hard work.

Napoleon Bonaparte rose to power in France thanks to that his captain got injured in a war against the British and he had to replace him. Napoleon proved himself by attacking the port and scaring the British. His strategy got him promotions which got him notice and led to his ruling of Europe. The changes that he brought to France was Rights for all except the women, he improved the economy and made educational reforms, gathered and trained a very big Military group. He increased the size of France over the years by annexing parts of Italy, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. The two main causes leading to his downfall Economics and Military

failure. During the Treaty of Tilset he established the continental system which was basically a boycott of selling and buying goods with the British. He realized that England heavily depended on other countries to buy and sell from. The thing that he didn't realize is that England could trade with the U.S. and controlled India and it was not limited to Prussia, Russia and Austria. The continental system did not hurt England as much as napoleon hoped but it did hurt other countries because they loved English goods and tried to get them any way they can. This was just another reason for the Austrians, Prussians and Russians to rebel against him. He tried to completely destroy the enemies army till the point they no longer have men to fight but what happened was that his army was being killed off due to the harsh Russian winters and eventually he was powerless and got killed in the battle.

News article
The congress of Vienna and what its job was
The congress of Vienna was a conference group of ambassadors of European states that always met in Vienna during September 1814 to June 1815 and the main objective was to settle and fix the issues arising from the French Revolutionary wars, The Napoleonic wars and the dissolution of the holy roman empire. It was also called the concert of Europe and was an attempt to create a balance of power in Europe.

They decide how to separate the states in a equal way and they planed all the land limits.