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Li 1 Cindy Li Dekoven English 4CP 22 March 2013 Effects of Pollution We live in an environment where every aspect of nature is revolving

on its own, creating a living environment that progresses over time. People don’t know the facts of how the atmosphere around is working and the dilemmas that nature is facing. There are many forms of pollution that exist in the world such as air, water, and land pollution. What we inherited through pollution is how humans use their natural resources on a daily basis. Pollution is indeed harmful in the world around us, because years from now we wouldn’t know the outcome of how the world is going to turn out to be. What could possibly happen can result in global warming, health issues, planet destruction, and climate change. Air pollution is a major problem in humanity today and the solution to eliminating the issue isn’t simple. There are many harmful particles that are affecting the earth and the numbers of animals are becoming extinct. According to statistics, “Air pollution from the combustion of fossil fuels in cars, trucks, and power plants are killing toughly 60,000 Americans each year” (Roleff 27). This issue is important because the harmful substances produce a disastrous impact on the environment and the living organisms. Pollution is an important issue that affects humans and animals in which creates a dangerous environment if not treated. It all began in the Industrial Revolution near the 1750’s, a time in expanding manufacturing that lead adding more carbon dioxide to our atmosphere (Carbon Dioxide Emissions). This is caused by the amount of carbon dioxide that our industry functions and the

Li 2 amount of production that is used throughout the years. Pollution exists because of how our industry turned out to be and countless usage of industrialization, which sent out chemicals to the environment around us. Chemicals such as

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