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Slovene.si is a free to use online course of Slovene language at the A1 level. It is intended for everyone who would like to learn Slovene on their own in a simple, playful and efficient way. The home page is available in 7 different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Slovene and Spanish, enabling us to address the widest possible circle of people interested in learning Slovene from all over the world. The course runs in Moodle 2.2, which is an open source Learning Management System which has become very popular among educators around the world as a tool for creating effective online learning sites (it has more than 57 million users worldwide). The contents of the course are based on the Distance Slovene project (2004–2006); however, they have been thoroughly reviewed and updated. The idea is to have an online course which can be changed at all times so the contents are always up to date. The website was designed by Antonio Castino, M.Sc. and Tomaž Gregorič, MA, from Spinaker d.o.o., who was also the coordinator of the project.

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Distance Slovene (2004–2006) Distance Slovene was an online Slovene course and project which was ordered and financially supported by four institutions of the Republic of Slovenia: the Ministry of Education and Sport, the Ministry of Information Society, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Office for Slovenians Abroad.

The contents of the system were developed by the Centre for Slovene as a Second/Foreign Language at the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Arts under the lead of Marko Stabej, PhD, while the realisation of the project was coordinated by Jana Zemljarič Miklavčič, MA, and Ina Ferbežar, MA. The material was illustrated and designed by Jana Flego and Tanja Komadina. The website was designed in the Laboratory for Telecommunications at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

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