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T E S C O t u b u lar services ™

Single source for superior systems and support.


patented Markfree™ chrome handling system has the ability to manipulate and place chrome tubing and casing completely mark-free. Norway Bergen. Texas Kilgore. Australia Te Puke. technology and processes. Louisiana Grand Junction. It has become the preference of major oil and gas operators for critical offshore operations. Brazil Salvador. Qatar Dubai. deep wells and heavy strings. Arkansas Lafayette. United Arab Emerites Beijing. Brazil Macaé. from North America to the North Sea – wherever you’re operating around the world – TESCO delivers a single (and growing) source of superior tubular services that combine advanced patented equipment and trained personnel: TESCO TUBULAR SERVICES. Brazil Rio de Janeiro. Our unique. With TESCO on board. Wyoming Indiana. Brazil São Mateus. Bolivia Talara. Our systems and our processes have demonstrated significant personnel risk reduction because they minimize your team’s involvement in handling and running pipe. Whether it’s conventional tubular running services or custom designing solutions for wells with challenging environments and troublezones. Ecuador Bogotá. The result is a complete toolbox that brings greater time. Alberta Grande Prairie. TESCO offers a comprehensive package of supporting tools and processes with TESCO TUBULAR SERVICES. even in deep water. Norway Moscow. protecting valuable chrome tubing strings against damage from conventional slips and elevators. Colorado Rock Springs. Alberta Red Deer. Stavanger. Mexico Poza Rica.K. China Singapore Jakarta.and offshore operations. Argentina Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Argentina Buenos Aires. New Zealand p a g e 2 p a g e 3 . Venezuela El Tigre. 36 37 11 13 12 10 35 38 See Detail 9 41 14 17 15 16 39 40 21 20 19 18 22 42 23 24 33 26 25 27 28 32 29 44 45 43 34 30 31 NORTH AMERICA 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 SOUTH AMERICA 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 EUROPE 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 MIDDLE EAST 39 40 ASIA 41 42 43 AUSTRALIA 44 45 Houston. From Indonesia to Mexico. Alberta Nisku. we support your drilling program with the optimum in people. Brazil Salta. Russia Doha. Argentina Rio Gallegos. Alberta Reynosa.TESCO TUBULAR SERVICES™ Onshore. Mexico Ciudad del Carmen. reduced liability and greater cost-savings interval after interval. you will improve the safety of your well site. Argentina Neuquén. And one more thing: safety. delivering improved reliability. Argentina Mendoza. Worldwide US Service Centers The service combination with the TESCO brand TESCO TUBULAR SERVICES combines conventional and advanced technology in handling and running casing and tubing with trained service personnel to provide multiple options for on. Ecuador Coca. Texas Conway.and money-savings to your well site whether you’re onshore of offshore. Perú 35 36 37 38 Aberdeen. Offshore. Colombia Maracaibo. Mexico Villahermosa. Venezuela Mossoroó. Mexico 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Quito. Indonesia Perth.Texas Saginaw. Texas Bryan. U. 8 7 5 4 3 6 2 1 TESCO TUBULAR SERVICES technologies and processes come with outstanding TESCO professionals and a superior safety record built in. Pennsylvania Calgary. Our customers know that TESCO has no industry peer to match our understanding and handling of the power train from the top drive to the pipe running systems to downhole tools.

it’s been proven over millions of feet of casing run in formations throughout the world. more efficient Casing Drive System and its reduced rig personnel requirement cuts onshore and offshore logistics costs. reciprocate and circulate. experience and performance. the CDS can be a valuable tool in reducing non-productive time and drilling costs. Our knowledgeable and experienced people combined with field proven tools get casing to the bottom every time and our safety record gives you confidence workers will not be hurt getting it there. TESCO technicians are ready anywhere they are needed and are prepared to take immediate action if a trouble zone crops up. The Casing Drive System™ (CDS™) is a standard feature of any TESCO casing running operation. The CDS eliminates the injury-prone stabber position in the derrick and other equipment such as power tongs. and tools that make problems disappear. And. The TESCO Casing Drive System can easily be adapted to any modern Top Drive in the world. conventional tubular services TESCO is well-known for innovation. With experience in more than 30 geological basins around the world. TESCO continues to bring unconventional solutions to the oilfield. elevated work platforms and people on the rig floor. p a g e 4 p a g e 5 . That’s why we are able to set new standards for safety and efficiency in conventional casing running operations. With the simultaneous abilities to rotate.Unconventional. The portable.

For offshore operations. our TesTORK™ torque control and monitoring capabilities ensure continuous quality when making up casing and tubing connections with either Casing Drive System™ (CDS™)/top drive running or conventional tong systems. Automated single joint elevators eliminate pinch points and personnel proximity with the pipe and equipment. eliminates the risk of securing unneeded sheaves. sloughing formations and deviated holes. TESCO hydraulic elevators provide complete automation of the casing running service. the number of ball/dart chambers assembled are restricted only by the height limitations of the are key components of the toolbox customers have come to count on worldwide for reliable. To learn more about TESCO. like all TESCO systems. TESCO tools. making field servicing and reloading quick and efficient. The chambers and top/bottom sub assembly require no makeup torque. The TESCO Warthog™ Casing Running and Reaming Tool was specially designed to maximize the efficiency of the Casing Drive System by overcoming compromising hole conditions like bridges.Proven tools for TESCO TUBULAR SERVICES™ A proven and ever-expanding range of equipment and systems – advanced and conventional – ensure that TESCO TUBULAR SERVICES continue to deliver the efficiencies you expect and achieve. p a g e 6 p a g e 7 . and optimizes limited offshore floor space by enabling remote operation of the tongs. Suitable for top drive or rotary rig use. Our advanced Multiple Control Line Running System™ (MCLRS™) minimizes rig-up time. One durable end wrench will open and close each ball/dart chamber or the chamber may be fitted with air actuators for remote operations. The Markfree™ handling system gets tubulars to TD without slip marks or pipe damage. For example. the patented TESCO MCLRS enables control lines to enter the system and attach to the tubing on one or both sides of the pipe without any manual manipulation of control lines –from any angle to any side – with zero chance that a control line will be crimped or cut from slips. A cementing float installed and a drillable nose cone come as standard features. efficient and and safe hole construction. Installing the innovative Warthog tool at the bottom of the casing string can maintain aggressive reaming operations that help get casing to bottom. TESCO’s New Multiple Plug Launcher Swivel Cement Head Tool can be custom assembled for any application requiring a ball/dart to be pumped through the drill string and casing. ledges. Capacity: 6 ton Sizes: 4-1/2” to 13-3/8” These engineered Hydro-Form™ centralizers are well suited for challenging downhole environments. TesTORK monitors connection assemblies and provides an audit trail for connection make-up. it completely eliminates damage to control and injection lines – along with the need for splices. doglegs. Most important. visit us at www. At the same time.casingrunning. One set of TESCO single joint elevators can run multiple sizes of pipe simply by changing the inserts. Traditional TESCO running and handling packages include: • Casing and tubing power tongs • Hydraulic power units • Completion rental tools • Pickup and laydown machines • Spiders and elevators • Drillpipe power tongs • Power swivels • Rod Tongs • Dual completion handling equipment • Internal pressure testing Field-installable MLT™ RINGS offer value-added API connection enhancements to increase connection performance in handling torsion loads for reaming and rotating equipment. A weight activated safety latch prevents the elevators from opening when a joint of casing is set in the elevators.

40000e_RevD . Corporate Headquarters 3993 W. TESCO generates real value for its customers. PDDP™. TESCO offers a comprehensive toolbox of proven technologies and delivers superior solutions at the wellbore. By reducing drilling risk and increasing operational efficiency. ULTREX™. MLT™. Sam Houston Parkway N. Hydro-Form™. from the desert to deepwater. Markfree™. TESCO TUBULAR SERVICES™. TESCO®. Warthog™. MCLRS™.S. With a vision spanning the crown to the bit. Texas 77043 U. TESCO’s powerful combination of engineering and service excellence is provided by experienced and dedicated field personnel. All rights reserved. Casing Drive System™. CDS™. TESCO’s mission is to change the way wells are drilled. around the world TESCO is THE DRILLING INNOVATION COMPANY™.Tesco Corporation is an industry leader in the development and commercialization of drilling technology and services. Tel: 713-359-7000 Fax: 713-359-7001 Email: ©2012 Tesco www. Coupled with a passion for innovation.A. Suite 100 Houston. and TesTORK™ are trademarks of Tesco Corporation.tescocorp.