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The Letter from St Jude

Translated from the original Greek by Dr John N Sutherland
BSc (Glasgow), MSc (St Andrews), EdD (Edinburgh), CertTh (Tilsley)

Titles are not filtered through English language traditions of translation. re-uploaded v1.Document history: v1. in this case Hebrew. Hot links can be set up to the online document store. However. 2013.1 same date. The structure of the Greek in St Jude is not clearly linear. Note that ‘Adonai’ is Hebrew for ‘Lord’. v1. The style of presentation is Greek epic verse/prose. (There is one instance of ‘lord’ presented here . ‘x’ is pronounced ‘ch’ as in Scottish ‘Loch’. removed wrong translation word. from noun to verb) or a different allocation (e. 2013: uploaded v1. so more than other books in the New Testament words have been sometimes moved and slightly altered (e. So there are instances of ‘god’ and ‘holy spirit’ and others of ‘Glorious’ and ‘God’.g. Translator’s note: This is a contextual translation. sometimes from outwith the Old Testament (Tanakh) and to make them understandable to modern Englishlistening ears. The intention is to hear the words spoken in their first century setting: Jewish.) A small word on is the Greek word for ‘a lord’. Copyright statement: This document can be freely read. Names are in original languages. Throughout the intention is to make the text speak clearly. rather than rushing past piles of words. but should not be distributed further in whole or part without the translator’s permission. Sometimes a conjunction has be en chosen differently in order to allow the flow of what are very ancient Jewish ideas.0 26th March. Greek. and ‘mashiax’ is the Hebrew equivalence for ‘Christ’. but left in Jewish idioms.3 tidied up front page further. all errors are my own.g.4: completed 25th March. but to retain the author’s intentions. This slows down the reader to taste and see what the small words and phrases are saying. v1. v4 tidied header and footer.2 same day. for readability. with headings inserted & font changed. Upper case is used for proper names and for nouns preceded by ‘the’. All glory is God’s . Some ‘and’ has been lost. of adjective to noun) chosen. Roman and Aramaic.

For certain people have slipped in. For the purity of faith. About the salvation we share. Everywhere. . I am writing to you in a rush. And Ya'akov's brother.) For them the verdict is: Ungodly! They have turned away from God's mercy. A servant of Yeshua mashiax. Called into mercy. Jude is very concerned about this fellowship Deeply-loved. And peace. I am writing to you in distress. By father God.The Author Yehudah. (They were already written about. And watched over. To tell you to fight. And an increasingly deep love. By Yeshua mashiax. To sexual debauchery. The Recipients To those who are deeply loved.

the angels. Choose a people out of Egypt's land. Further. Eternally imprisoned.And they have denied our one and only lord. In their original state. Next he abandoned. So it was with S'dom and Amorah. Those who did not believe in him. Who lived in utter sexual depravity. . But instead ran away from home. That Adonai. All creatures which sin or fall are subject to God’s judgement However. Who did not retain themselves. Out of everyone. Who lost themselves in other people's flesh. These are set before you as a warning: Never-ending fire! A just punishment! In precisely the same way. And these in the surrounding cities. And our Adonai Yeshua mashiax. Those who dream of flesh. Went headlong into a great judgement. I wish to remind you: For it is known everywhere. And others who defile. Kept in utter darkness.

An ancient story of a supernatural tussle Compare this with Mixa'el. Or who rebel. They are seduced! Sin is for losers How terrible it is for those: Who take the way of Kain. Losing their reward.Against their ownership. Over the body of Moshe. The Archangel. But he said. They blaspheme. Only to lose like Korax. Or go about with the delusions of Bil'am. When he disputed with The Devil. . Using their own understanding. "Adonai punish you!" Sin debases human beings But those who lack understanding. They are instinctive. Like dumb animals. He did not rise up to be a judge. And so bring about a blasphemy. Glorying in blasphemy.

Sin is delusionary There are those in your fellowship. Waves on a wind-blown sea. And with all their godless wrongdoings. In order to gain the upper hand. Hanox. Also talking in outrageous boasting. And who shamelessly stuff themselves. Looking amazing. . says." God sees right through boasting sinners And he brings out into the light. Empty clouds being blown by the wind. With all their godless works. Wandering stars kept forever in darkness and gloom. Who go where their desires lead them. And their ungodly lives. They behave like sheep. Doubly-useless trees fit only to be uprooted. All the godless. Another ancient tale However. Who are in danger. They are grumbling complainers. .(the seventh after Adam) "Look! Adonai! "He comes with ten thousand of his saints! "He enacts a judgement against everyone. And with all their harsh speech.

Guard yourselves with God's love. From Adonai Yeshua mashiax. This leads you into everlasting life. "Those who are directed by their own ungodly desires". Dearly-loved ones. As you were told before. Praying in holy spirit. But in showing mercy. From out of the fire. . By The Evangelists.and do so mercilessly! Those who you can rescue. This is what they told you. Waiting expectantly. but don’t be naive On the other hand: Judge! . you. Act like Christians! On the one hand. "Towards the end of time. You dearly-loved! Build each other up in your holy faith. from our Adonai Yeshua mashiax. Keep in mind the commands. For mercy. "There will be mockers.Remember what you have been told! However. They have fallen apart: Being physical without being spiritual. Hold onto fear. Save who you can.

Until after the end of time! Amen! . Spotless. To keep you safe. our Lord! To him who has the power.And detest their way of life. This is Jesus. And in utter joy! To our only god and saviour. In his Glorious presence. And to stand. Like polluted rags. Never stumbling. By Yeshua mashiax Adonai: Glory! Majesty! Sovereignty! Authority! From before time began. And their flesh. And right now.