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Reod lhese inslruclions. 1.
Keep lhese inslruclions. 2.
Heed oll wornings. 3.
Follow oll inslruclions. /.
Do nol use lhis opporolus neor woler. 5.
0leon only wilh dry clolh. ó.
Do nol block ony venlilolion openings. ínsloll in occordonce wilh lhe nonufoclurer`s inslruclions. 7.
Do nol insloll neor ony heol sources such os rodiolors, heol regislers, sloves, or olher opporolus lincluding onplifersI lhol produce heol. 8.
Do nol defeol lhe sofely purpose of lhe polorized or grounding-lype plug. l polorized plug hos lwo blodes wilh one wider lhon lhe olher. l grounding lype ?.
plug hos lwo blodes ond o lhird grounding prong. The wide blode or lhe lhird prong is provided for your sofely. íf lhe provided plug does nol fl inlo your
oullel, consull on eleclricion for replocenenl of lhe obsolele oullel.
Prolecl lhe power cord fron being wolked on or pinched porliculorly ol plugs, convenience receplocles, ond lhe poinl where lhey exil fron lhe opporolus. 1O.
0nly use ollochnenls/occessories specifed by lhe nonufoclurer. 11.
Unplug lhis opporolus during lighlning slorns or when unused for long periods of line. 12.
Refer oll servicing lo quolifed service personnel. Servicing is required when lhe opporolus hos been donoged in ony woy, such os power-supply cord or 13.
plug is donoged, liquid hos been spilled or ob|ecls hove follen inlo lhe opporolus, lhe opporolus hos been exposed lo roin or noislure, does nol operole
nornolly, or hos been dropped.
The opporolus sholl be connecled lo o Moins sockel oullel wilh o proleclive eorlhing conneclion. 1/.

Loile on liilellovo suo|onoodoiluskoskellinillo vo ruslelluunpislorosioon

lpporolel nD likoples |ordel slikkonlokl

lpporolen skoll onslulos lill |ordol ullog
The opporolus sholl nol be exposed lo dripping or sploshing ond lhol no ob|ecls flled wilh liquids, such os voses, sholl be ploced on lhe opporolus. 15.
M7HD?D= 1ó. - To reduce lhe risk of fre or eleclric shock do nol expose lhis opporolus lo roin or noislure.
The opplionce coupler is used os lhe disconnecl device, lhe disconnecl device sholl renoin reodily operoble. 17.
No noked fone sources, such os lighled condles, should be ploced on lhe opporolus. 18.
Do nol use o donoged or froyed power cord. 1?.
íf lhe noins plug supplying lhis opporolus incorporoles o fuse lhen il should only be reploced wilh o fuse of idenlicol or lower ruplure volue. 2O.
Use only wilh lhe corl, slond, lripod, brockel, or loble specifed by lhe nonufoclurer, or sold wilh lhe opporolus. When o corl is used, use coulion when 21.
noving lhe corl/opporolus conbinolion lo ovoid in|ury fron lip-over.
?djheZkYj_ed$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ *
8Wi_Yi$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ *
8en9edj[dji$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ *
=[jj_d]IjWhj[Z$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ +
>WhZmWh[$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ,
8WYaFWd[b$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ,
<hedjFWd[b$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ -
Ioij[cH[gk_h[c[dji$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ .
?dijWbbWj_ed$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ .
7kZ_eI[j#kf_doekh:7M$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ /
H[l[hXI[Yj_ed$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ (&
LHCI[Yj_ed#L_hjkWbH[\[h[dY[Ced_jeh_d]$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ()
Ced_jehI[Yj_ed$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ (-
:[l_Y[I[jkfI[Yj_ed$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ )&
<_b[C[dk$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ )(
IW\Óh[FHE(*:IFIf[Y_ÓYWj_edi$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ))
JhekXb[i^eej_d]$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ )*
Thonk you for purchosing Soffre PR0 2/ DSP, one in o fonily of Focusrile professionol nulli-chonnel Firewire inlerfoces feoluring
high quolily Focusrile Pre-onps. You now hove o conplele solulion for rouling high quolily oudio in ond oul of your conpuler.
This 0uide provides o deloiled explonolion of bolh lhe hordwore ond occonponying conlrol soflwore ¨Soffre Mix0onlrol¨ lo help you
ochieve o lhorough underslonding of lhe producl`s operolionol feolures. We reconnend lhol bolh users who ore new lo conpuler
recording, os well os nore experienced users, loke lhe line lo reod lhrough lhe user guide so lhol you ore fully owore of oll lhe
possibililies lhol lhe Soffre PR0 2/ DSP ond occonponying soflwore hos lo offer.
íf lhe noin User 0uide seclions do nol provide lhe infornolion you need, be sure lo consull hllp.//www.focusrile.con/onswerbose,
which conloins o conprehensive lisl of connon lechnicol supporl queries regording lhe producl lo dole.
The Soffre PR0 2/ DSP hordwore inlerfoce provides lhe neons for connecling nicrophones, line-level signols, inslrunenl-level
signols, ond digilol signols lo your conpuler, which ore lhen rouled lo your oudio recording soflwore / digilol oudio workslolion
lreferred lo lhroughoul lhis user guide os ¨DlW¨I.
lll oudio signols connecled lo lhe inpuls, plus oudio oulpul fron your conpuler progrons ore rouled lo lhe physicol oulpuls for you
lo connecl lo on onp ond speokers, powered nonilors, heodphones, onologue/digilol nixer, ond ony olher sludio equipnenl lhol you
wish lo use. There ore olso conneclors for sending ond receiving MíDí.
The occonponying soflwore opplicolion, Soffre Mix0onlrol provides furlher recording, rouling ond noniloring oplions, os well os
lhe obilily lo conlrol globol hordwore sellings such os sonple role ond synchronisolion.
Soffre Mix0onlrol soflwore provides nixing ond rouling lo ond fron lhe DlW, ollowing conlrol over which signols ore senl fron lhe
sequencer lo eoch oulpul. lll inpuls on lhe Soffre PR0 2/ DSP ore rouled direclly lo your DlW soflwore for recording, bul Soffre
Mix0onlrol olso ollows you lo roule lhese signols lo your nonilors so lhol you con lislen lo lhe oudio signols wilh zero lolency -
before lhey orrive ol your DlW.
Soffre Mix0onlrol olso provides conlrol of lhe on-boord DSP ldigilol signol processingI. During lhe recording process, lhe DSP
provides 0onpression ond Fquolisolion on onologue inpuls 1 ond 2, os well os noniloring Reverb. During lhe nixing process, lhe
DSP provides `\RM` - \irluol Reference Moniloring, Focusrile`s own loudspeoker ond roon sinulolor designed for heodphone
llong wilh your Soffre PR0 2/ DSP you should hove.

1 - ó pin FireWire coble lolso known os on íFFF13?/ cobleI
1 - Universol D0 power supply unil lPSUI.
1 - ínsloller 0D. 0onloins conbined insloller for drivers ond Soffre Mix0onlrol soflwore for Moc ond Windows.
Focusrile \ST ond lU Plug-in Suile for Moc ond Windows - íncludes.
/ - Self odhesive rubber feel - lo be flled lo bose of lhe Soffre PR0 2/ DSP
1 - Regislrolion 0ord
1- Fxcile Bundle - íncludes.
lblelon Live LF version 7
Boss Slolion lU ond \ST synlhesiser plug-in wilh Seriol nunber cord
0ver o 0igobyle of ¨Loopnoslers¨ ond ¨Mike lhe Drunner¨ royolly free Sonples
1 - Focusrile Producl Brochure
1 - Novolion Producl Brochure
The Soffre PR0 2/ DSP hos o single ó pin FireWire porl on lhe bock. This FireWire conneclion will work wilh ony of lhe currenl
FireWire slondords ond conneclors, FireWire /OO ló pin or / pin conneclionI, ond FireWire 8OO.
8;<EH;OEK9EDD;9JJ>;IW\Óh[FHE(*:IFJEOEKH9ECFKJ;H"FB;7I;HKDJ>;?DIJ7BB;H$ This will ensure lhol lhe
correcl drivers ore used, lhus prevenling ony unexpecled behoviour
The Soffre PR0 2/ DSP ships wilh o ó pin FireWire coble. However on Windows loplops, lhe FireWire conneclion noy be / pin
FireWire. ín lhis cose you will need lo purchose o ó pin lo / pin coble.

You noy hove o FireWire 8OO conneclor on your conpuler. ín lhis cose you will need lo purchose o ó pin FireWire /OO lo 8OO coble or
The Soffre PR0 2/ DSP con be powered vio lhe FireWire conneclion when using ó pin FireWire /OO or FireWire 8OO. When
connecled lo o / pin FireWire you will need lo use lhe supplied PSU.

FireWire considerolions - Mosl conpulers will generolly be equipped wilh 1 FireWire bus. You noy hove nulliple FireWire porls
lconneclorsI on your conpuler, bul lhese ore oll connecled lo 1 physicol chip which conlrols lhe bus.

The FireWire bus is liniled in lhe onounl of dolo bondwidlh il con hondle. Foch oddilionol FireWire device connecled lo lhe FireWire
bus denonds oddilionol bondwidlh resources, lhus increosing lhe chonces of exceeding lhe lolol ovoiloble bondwidlh. 0onsequenlly,
il is reconnended lhol Soffre PR0 2/ DSP DSP run on ils own FireWire bus for besl perfornonce.

The Soffre PR0 2/ DSP should be oble lo work olongside olher devices connecled lo lhe sone FireWire bus. However, problens
noy orise depending on which FireWire devices ore connecled. For exonple, o FireWire disk used for bock-up or o digilol conero
should nol couse ony problens, bul when slreoning oudio fron o FireWire hord disk or o FireWire box such os Focusrile Liquid Mix,
lhe lolol FireWire bondwidlh noy be reoched. This will resull in oudio drop ouls, or reduced perfornonce on eilher lhe Soffre PR0
2/ DSP or lhe olher connecled FireWire device.

For lhis reoson, we would reconnend lhol you use o seporole FireWire bus for eoch FireWire device. This noy be o P0í / P0íe cord
in your desklop, or o P0M0íl or Fxpress cord in your Loplop.
ín order lo noxinise lhe life of your FireWire porls, we reconnend lhol you do nol connecl or disconnecl your Soffre PR0 2/ DSP
whilsl bus powered.
The Bock Ponel provides lhe no|orily of inpul ond oulpul conneclions on lhe Soffre PR0 2/ DSP.
1 2 x TRS |ock sockels Line ínpuls 3 ond / *
2 ó x TRS |ock sockels for Line 0ulpuls 1-ó *
3 1 x 0plicol inpul sockel **
/ 1 x íFFF13?/ ó pin FireWire sockel
5 2 x Din5 MíDí ínpul ond 0ulpul sockels
ó 1 x Power swilch
7 1 x 2.Onn D0 Power inlel sockel - Use supplied power supply only
8 2 x R0l SPDíF inpul ond oulpul sockels
* Filher 1// inch TRS lboloncedI or TS lunboloncedI Jock conneclors con be used.
** 0plicol inpul con be used os eilher lDlT or S/PDíF oplicol inpul.
7 8
The Fronl Ponel includes lhe inpul conneclors for Mic, Line ond ínslrunenl signols, os well os lhe inpul goin conlrols ond
noniloring conlrols.

1 0honnels 1 ond 2 wilh 0onbo XLR inpul sockels for Mic / Line / ínslrunenl
2 0honnels 1 ond 2 0oin conlrol
3 0honnels 1 ond 2 ínslrunenl LFDs
/ Phonlon power swilch wilh LFD for Mic inpuls 1-2
5 Power LFD - Lil when lhe unil receives power fron FireWire or exlernol power supply unil
ó FW llcliveI LFD - Lil when lhe unil connecls lo lhe FireWire driver
7 LKD lLockedI LFD - Lil when lhe unil locks lo ils inlernol clock, or lo on exlernol clock source
8 Seporole 5 LFD neler for eoch inpul chonnel -/2, -18, -ó, -3, O
? Monilor Level conlrol
1O Monilor Din ond Mule swilches wilh ossocioled LFD`s
11 Heodphones 1 ond 2 level conlrol
12 Heodphones 1 ond 2 oulpul 7¨ |ocks
? 11
7 3 5 1O 12
- 0S. Moc 0S X 1O./.11 or loler
- 0onpuler. lpple Mocinlosh wilh FireWire porl
- 0PU/0lock. PowerP0 0//1 0Hz or higher línlel/Duol 1 0Hz or beller reconnendedI
- Menory lRlMI. 512 MB l1 0B or nore reconnendedI
- Screen Resolulion. 1O2/x7ó8 l128Ox1O2/ or nore reconnendedI
- 0S. Windows \islo llll \ersionsI or Windows XP SP2 or higher llll \ersionsI
- 0onpuler. Windows conpolible conpuler wilh FireWire porl.
- 0PU/0lock. Penliun or lMD wilh 1 0Hz or higher lDuol 1 0Hz or beller reconnendedI
- Menory lRlMI. 512 MB l1 0B or nore reconnendedI
- Screen Resolulion. 1O2/x7ó8 l128Ox1O2/ or nore reconnendedI
We oin lo ensure lhol lhe lolesl inslollolion soflwore will be on lhe disk included wilh your Soffre PR0 2/ DSP. However we slrongly
reconnend lhol you check for lhe lolesl version of soflwore on our websile, www.focusrile.con before slorling lo work wilh your
Soffre PR0 2/ DSP unil.
ínserl your insloller disk inlo your conpuler`s 0D-R0M drive. 1.
You should see o window pop up showing lhe following insloller icon. 2.
`Soffre Mix0onlrol-1./.exe`
Double click on lhe insloller icon lo begin lhe inslollolion process. 3.
Follow on screen inslruclions lo conplele lhe inslollolion process. /.
Nole lhol lhe included \ST plug-in suile insloller will run ofler driver inslollolion. 5.
Reslorl your conpuler. ó.
0onnecl lhe Soffre PR0 2/ DSP lo your conpuler. 7.
0nce lhe inslollolion hos been conpleled, your 0onpuler 0S should oulonolicolly swilch ils defoull oudio oulpuls lo be lhe
Soffre PR0 2/ DSP. To noke sure lhis is lhe cose.

0n M_dZemiL_ijW, go lo Slorl - 0onlrol Ponel - Hordwore ond Sound - Sound - Monoge ludio Devices - Sel Defoull
`Ploybock` ond `Recording` lo `Soffre ludio`.
0n M_dZemiNF, go lo Slorl - 0onlrol Ponel - Sounds, Speech ond ludio Devices - Sounds ond ludio Devices - ludio lob - Sel
Sound ploybock ond recording lo Soffre Pro ludio`.
ínserl your insloller disk inlo your conpuler`s 0D-R0M drive. 1.
You should see o window pop up showing lhe following insloller icons. 2.
`ínsloll Soffre Mix0onlrol.pkg`
Double click on lhe insloller icon lo begin lhe inslollolion process. 3.
Follow on screen inslruclions lo conplele lhe inslollolion process. /.
Reslorl your conpuler. 5.
ó. 0onnecl lhe Soffre PR0 2/ DSP lo your conpuler.
0nce lhe inslollolion hos been conpleled, your 0onpuler 0S should oulonolicolly swilch ils defoull oudio oulpuls lo be lhe
Soffre PR0 2/ DSP. To noke sure lhis is lhe cose.
0o lo Syslen Preferences - Sound - Sel lhe inpul ond oulpul lo `Soffre`.

For nore deloiled selup oplions on o Moc, go lo lpplicolions - Ulililies - ludio Midi Sel-up.
Nole lhol lhe included \ST ond lU plug-in suile con be inslolled by running `Focusrile Plug-in Suile.pkg` fron lhe sone insloller

The Soffre PR0 2/ DSP is conpolible wilh ony DlW lhol uses lSí0 drivers on Windows, ond ony DlW lhol uses 0ore ludio on Moc.
Your DlW soflwore noy nol oulonolicolly swilch lhe device il uses lo inpul ond oulpul oudio.

You nusl ensure lhol you selecl `Soffre` os lhe lSí0 driver lWindowsI or 0ore ludio driver lMocI in your DlW`s oudio sel-up poge.

Pleose refer lo your DlW`s docunenlolion if you ore unsure where lo selecl lhe lSí0 / 0ore ludio driver.

Soffre PR0 2/ DSP offers nore lhon |usl sinple inpul ond oulpul rouling lo ond fron your conpuler. Soffre Mix0onlrol soflwore
olso ollows you lo re-roule oudio signols lo ony oulpul, ond lo creole cuslon nixes lo be senl lo your recording orlisls, oulboord
processing equipnenl, or nixing console.

The following diogrons give on overview of lhe Soffre PR0 2/ DSP oudio polhs when sel ol differenl sonple roles ond
0plicol inpul confgurolions.
The Hordwore ínpuls ore rouled direclly lo lhe DlW ínpuls. The loble below eoch diogron shows lhe rouling confgurolion.
>7H:M7H;?D :7M?D
lnologue 1-/ 1-/
S/PDíF 1-2 lR0lI 5-ó
lDlT 1-8 l0plI 7-1/
Loop bock 1-2 15-1ó

>7H:M7H;?D :7M?D
lnologue 1-/ 1-/
S/PDíF 1-2 lR0lI 5-ó
S/PDíF 3-/ l0plI 7-8
Loop bock 1-2 15-1ó *DlW íN ?-1/ ore redundonl
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Saffire PRO 24 DSP
1 2 3 4
Analog ADAT
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 2
1 2 3 4 5 6
Analog S/PDIF
1 2
16 IN
Loop back
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Saffire Mix Control Music Software
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Saffire PRO 24 DSP
1 2 3 4
1 2 1 2
1 2 3 4 5 6
Analog S/PDIF
1 2
10 IN
Loop back
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 15 16
Saffire Mix Control Music Software
>7H:M7H;?D :7M?D
lnologue 1-/ 1-/
S/PDíF 1-2 lR0lI 5-ó
lDlT 1-/ l0plI 7-1O
Loop bock 1-2 11-12

>7H:M7H;?D :7M?D
lnologue 1-/ 1-/
S/PDíF 1-2 lR0lI 5-ó
S/PDíF 3-/ l0plI 7-8 *DlW íN ?-1O ore redundonl
Loop bock 1-2 11-12
Saffire PRO 24 DSP
1 2 3 4
Analog ADAT
1 2 3 4
1 2
1 2 3 4 5 6
Analog S/PDIF
1 2
12 IN
Loop back
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Saffire Mix Control Music Software
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Saffire PRO 24 DSP
1 2 3 4
Analog S/PDIF (RCA) S/PDIF (Opt)
1 2 3 4
Loop back
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 11 12
Saffire Mix Control Music Software
1 2 3 4 5 6
Analog S/PDIF
1 2
The Soffre Mix0onlrol soflwore ollows fexible nixing ond rouling of oll oudio signols lo lhe physicol oudio oulpuls, os well os
conlrol of oulpul nonilor levels. lll sonple role seleclion, digilol syncing ond buffer size sellings lWindows onlyI ore ovoiloble fron
Soffre Mix0onlrol.
To open Soffre Mix0onlrol.
Slorl - Progrons - Focusrile - Soffre Mix0onlrol.
0pen Finder - lpplicolions - Soffre Mix0onlrol.
This is how lhe Soffre Mix0onlrol 0rophicol ínlerfoce will oppeor on your conpuler.
Mixer 1.
Selecled Mix Tob 2.
Mixer ínpul 0honnel 3.
Selecled Mix 0ulpul 0honnel /.
Rouling ond Pre-onp / ínpul FX / \RM Seclion 5.
Monilor Seclion ó.
Device Slolus Seclion 7.
5 7
When connecling o nicrophone lo lhe Soffre PR0 2/ DSP, you nusl connecl on XLR coble lo lhe conbi inpuls on lhe fronl ponel.
When connecling eilher Line level signol or ínslrunenl signol lo lhe conbi inpuls, you nusl selecl eilher Line or ínsl fron lhe
preonp seclion.
The pre-onp sellings con be occessed by selecling Rouler fron lhe ponel seleclion drop down nenu.
The ponel disploy is splil lo disploy lhe rouling oulpul sellings in lhe lop holf lsee poge 21I, ond lhe pre-onp sellings in lhe bollon
lddilionol Line level signols con be connecled lo inpuls 3 ond / on lhe reor of lhe unil. The Preonp goin for ínpuls 3 ond / con be sel
lo eilher Lo llowI or Hi lhighI goin. The noxinun inpul level before lhe signol will clip for eoch selling is os follows.
Low 0oin. OdBFS = -1ódBu
High 0oin. OdBFS = -1OdB\ l--ódBuI

The Soffre Mix0onlrol soflwore includes o lolol of 8 nixes, eoch wilh o noxinun of 1ó chonnels in lhe nix. Up lo 8 nono nixes or /
slereo nixes, lor ony conbinolion of nono ond slereo nixesI ore ovoiloble, noking up o lolol of 8 nixers.
Foch Mix con conloin up lo 1ó of lhe possible 2/ inpuls signols, ond eoch nix con be senl lo ony nunber of oulpuls.
Foch nix shores lhe sone source inpuls, bul oll olher nixer conlrols ore independenl in eoch nix.
The Mixer Seclion is used lo creole nixes for noniloring purposes. The nixes you creole do nol offecl how lhe oudio inpuls ore
rouled lo lhe DlW, nor does il offecl lhe oudio level of lhe signol lo be recorded. Whol you sel up in lhe nixer seclion of Soffre
Mix0onlrol only offecls whol is heord in lhe oulpuls of lhe nix.
The recording levels lhol ore senl lo lhe DlW ore lherefore only offecled by lhe inpul goin sellings on lhe Soffre PR0 2/ DSP, nol
lhe nixer.
The nixer seclion is useful for creoling differenl sinulloneous nixes. For exonple, you noy wish lo provide o heodphone nonilor
nix for lhe recording orlisl which is differenl lo lhe nix heord in lhe nonilor speokers.
The orlisl needs lo heor noinly lhe bocking lrock, ond o lillle of lhe recorded inpul signol. The engineer needs lo heor noinly lhe
recording orlisl`s signol ond o lillle of lhe bocking lrock.
l seporole nix con be creoled for bolh orlisl ond engineer wilh lhe exocl levels desired. Foch independenl nix is creoled on o
differenl nix lob.
Foch nix con be selecled by clicking on lhe corresponding nixer lob.
Here is o piclure of 2 nixer inpul chonnels. Below is o descriplion of every conponenl of o nixer chonnel.
When lhere is no inpul lo o nixer chonnel, il will disploy ¨0ff¨.

0licking on lhe ¨0ff¨ region brings up o lisl of oll ovoiloble inpuls lhol con be fed lo lhe
chonnel. lll onologue llobelled `lnlg`I ond digilol inpuls, ond DlW oulpuls ore ovoiloble.
When selecling o source on o slereo chonnel, if on odd nunbered inpul is chosen for lhe
lefl chonnel, lhe nexl even nunber inpul is oulo selecled for righl, ond \ice \erso
Nole lhol if on inpul hos olreody been loken, il will be greyed oul ond you connol selecl il
ogoin. The inpul needs lo be deselecled fron lhe lrock where il is olreody loken, ond lhen
re-selecled on lhe desired lrock.

To gel your sounds fron your DlW or olher conpuler opplicolions inlo lhe nixer, you should selecl `DlW 1` ond `DlW 2` on o slereo
inpul lrock.
l Pon Slider is used lo posilion lhe oudio signol onywhere belween lhe lefl ond righl speokers.
Moving lhe horizonlol slider fron lefl lo righl will nove lhe oudio signol fron lefl lo righl wilhin lhe slereo feld, i.e., lhe signol is
foded belween lwo oudio oulpuls such os Line oul 1 ond 2. Hold down lhe Shifl` key whilsl noving lhe slider for fne conlrol.

When used wilh o slereo lrock, lhe slider offecls lhe oudio signol such lhol when fully lefl, only lhe lefl chonnel is heord, ond when
fully righl, only lhe righl chonnel is heord
Use lhe foder lo sel lhe level of your oudio signol for noniloring wilhin lhe currenl nixer.
0lick lhe foder wilh your nouse ond drog lo ony posilion. Double click on lhe foder lo sel il lo O.
Hold lhe Shifl Key lo noke fne od|uslnenls lo lhe foder volue.
Foder ronge is fron -= lo -ó dB wilh lhe currenl foder level disployed in lhe box below.

The neler shows lhe signol level of lhe source inpul lo lhe chonnel. The recenl noxinun signol level is disployed in lhe
box below.
The nelering is olwoys pre-fode, showing lhe level of lhe signol ol lhe inpul. Therefore, lhe foder level hos no effecl on
lhe nelering.
íf lhe red porlion ol lhe lop of lhe foder lighls up, lhen lhe signol level is loo high.
You will need lo lurn down lhe signol level by eilher using lhe goin knobs on lhe fronl ponel for lhe onologue inpuls,
using lhe goin on lhe exlernol devices connecled lo lhe digilol inpuls, or using lhe goin wilhin lhe DlW.
0nce lhe goins ore lowered, click on lhe red porlion lo resel lhe clip lighl.
Pressing lhis bullon nules lhe signol. Red indicoles lhol Mule is oclive.
Pressing lhis bullon solos lhe signol. The level of lhe foder will offecl lhe level of lhe soloed signol.
Yellow índicoles lhol Solo is oclive.
Pressing lhis bullon solos lhe signol ond oulonolicolly roules il lo Monilor 1 ond 2. The level of lhe soloed signol is pre-
fode li.e. il will nol be offecled by lhe level of lhe foderI. 0reen índicoles lhol PFL is oclive.

Pressing lhis bullon conbines 2 nono chonnels inlo 1 slereo chonnel.
ls o defoull, eoch lrock is given o nunber os o none. Double click lo renone lhe lrock lo sonelhing nore useful such os `\ocol Mic`.
The oulpul chonnel of lhe nix is where oll lhe inpul chonnels ore rouled lo ond nixed logelher. The oulpul chonnel gives you
conlrol of lhe overoll level of lhe enlire nix. You con send o nix lo ony or oll hordwore oulpuls, if o single oulpul
is selecled lhis is disployed ol lhe lop of lhe oulpul chonnel. ¨Mony.¨ will be disployed if nulliple oulpuls ore
The oulpul chonnel con be eilher nono or slereo depending on lhe slolus of lhe slereo bullon. When lhe chonnel
is sel lo slereo, you will see lhol lhe lob for lhol nix doubles in size. This is due lo lhe focl lhol lhe slereo version
lokes up 2 chonnels of lhe ovoiloble lolol oulpul chonnel counl.
Nole lhol when pressing on lhe solo bullon on on oulpul chonnel, lhol chonnel li.e. lhe whole nixI is soloed ond
rouled lo Monilor oulpuls 1 ond 2. This is o non-lolching bullon.
You con none lhe currenl nix by lyping lhe desired none in lhe lexl feld below lhe oulpul chonnel. You will see
lhe none oppeor in lhe nix lob. For exonple, Mix 1 con be renoned ¨Monilor Mix¨, ond Mix 5 noned ¨Heodphone
1 Mix¨.
To copy on exisling nix lo onolher nix, sinply click on ¨0opy Mix To...¨ ond selecl lhe nix lo which you would like
lo copy. Nole lhol you con only copy o slereo nix lo onolher slereo nix, ond o nono nix lo onolher nono nix.
Therefore you nusl noke sure lhol you hove correclly sel up lhe oulpul chonnels lo eilher slereo or nono before
copying lhe nix.
0lick on ¨Sel.¨ lo view o drop down nenu of lhe ovoiloble oulpul deslinolions for lhe selecled nix lsee lhe drop down nenu in lhe
screenshol on lhe lefl side of lhis pogeI. Selecl on oulpul in lhis nenu in order lo choose lhe oulpul deslinolion for lhe selecled nix.
The Soffre PR0 2/ DSP con opply digilol signol processing lo bolh onologue inpuls 1 ond 2. The DSP consisls of o 0onpressor ond
F0 effecl for eoch chonnel.
The Focusrile 0onpressor is nodelled on lhe legendory Focusrile hordwore devices, wilh individuolly luned oplos lo help creole lhe
sound of vinloge 1?óOs conpression. The plug-in con be used lo squosh lhe dynonics of o sound in vorying degrees, e.g. renove lhe
sudden loud bursls, so lhol lhe overoll level con lhen be lurned up lo noke lhe signol os loud os possible. l conpressor essenliolly
ocls like on oulonolic volune conlrol, lurning down lhe volune of o signol if il gels loo loud. This reduces voriolion belween loud
ond quiel possoges, os il oulonolicolly reduces lhe goin when lhe signol exceeds o given volune, defned os lhe lhreshold. Using lhe
0onpressor helps lo even oul o perfornonce, slopping o signol fron clipping ond/or disoppeoring in lhe nix, ond con olso give il o
whole new sonic chorocler.
The conlrols ore.
9ECFH;IIEH79J?L;8kjjed#0lick lo lurn lhe conpressor on or off.
J>H;I>EB:AdeXÅSels lhe level ol which conpression begins. The lower lhis volue is sel, lhe nore of lhe signol will
be conpressed os lhe oudio will conpress when lhe lhreshold is reoched. Rolole lhe TRSHLD diol onliclockwise lo
lower lhe lhreshold ond so increose lhe conpression.
H7J?EAdeXÅDelernines how nuch lhe signol is reduced by when il exceeds lhe lhreshold. For exonple, o rolio of
1O.1 neons lhol when lhe level of lhe unconpressed signol exceeds lhe lhreshold by 1OdB, lhe conpressed signol will
only increose by 1dB. The higher lhe rolio lherefore llhe furlher lhe diol is rololed in o clockwise direclionI lhe nore
heovily lhe signol is conpressed.
=7?DH;:K9J?EDC[j[hÅ índicoles when conpression is occurring by showing lhe goin reduclion opplied lo lhe signol.

7JJ79AAdeXÅ Defnes how quickly lhe conpressor kicks in, e.g. how fosl lhe signol is lurned down when il exceeds lhe
lhreshold. ín olher words, selling o slower/longer ollock line by rololing lhe diol clockwise will neon nore of lhe loud
porl of lhe signol gels lhrough unconpressed, which nokes lhe signol nuch nore punchy bul olso nore likely lo clip.
H;B;7I;AdeXÅ Defnes how quickly lhe conpressor slops ocling on lhe signol ofler il hos begun lo conpress. Selling
o quicker/shorler releose line by rololing lhe diol onliclockwise will nornolly noke lhe signol louder overoll, however
lhis is dependonl on lhe ollock line ond onounl of line lhe signol is obove lhe lhreshold.
EKJFKJAdeXÅ Defnes how nuch lhe level of lhe conpressed signol is increosed ofler conpression. This neons
lhol o heovily conpressed signol con be lurned up loud lo give greoler perceived loudness wilhoul lhe risk of clipping.
Fquolisolion of sound is on essenliol porl of lhe recording process, necessory lo renove or boosl specifc seclions of lhe oudible
frequency speclrun. The Focusrile F0 is /-bond, wilh 2 fully poronelric nid bonds ond lhe oplion of shelving or high-poss / low-
poss on bonds 1 ond /, ond exhibils lhe sone curves os lhe clossic Focusrile F0.
The lwo cenlrol bonds hove lhe sone 3 knobs for nodifying poronelers. Frequency, 0oin ond 0. When high ond lows bonds ore in
high-poss or low-poss node lswilch in lower posilionI, lhe 0oin knob chonges inlo 0. This is becouse lhere is no cul or boosl oplion
wilh o high-poss or low-poss fller, |usl o slope of vorioble 0 ol o selecled cul-off frequency. The shelving node doesn`l require o 0
conlrol becouse lhe slope is fxed.
The conlrols ore.
;G79J?L;8kjjed#0lick lo lurn lhe F0 on or off.
<H;GK;D9OAdeXiÅ Sel lhe frequency lhol lhe bond offecls, e.g. lhe cenlre frequency in bell node, lhe cul-off
frequency in high-poss /low-poss node or lhe slorl of lhe shelf in shelving node.
=7?DAdeXiÅ íncreose or decreose lhe level of lhe corresponding bond of F0. The bond will hove no effecl wilh lhe knob
in o cenlrol posilion. Rolole clockwise lo increose ond onliclockwise lo decreose lhe level by up lo 18dB.
GAdeXiÅ Sel lhe level of resononce of lhe bond, noking lhe bond hove o nore pronounced effecl. íncreosing 0
decreoses lhe bondwidlh so lhol lhe bell ocls on less of lhe frequency ronge.
I>;BL?D=%>?=>#F7IIehBEM#F7IIIm_jY^Å Selecls o low-shelf lupperI or high-poss llowerI for bond 1, ond o high-
shelf lupperI or low-poss llowerI for bond /.
EKJFKJAdeXÅ íncreoses or decreoses lhe level of lhe signol ol lhe F0 oulpul. No goin nodifcolion occurs wilh lhe
knob in o cenlrol posilion. Rolole clockwise lo increose ond onliclockwise lo decreose lhe level by up lo 3ódB.
<N9^W_dEhZ[h8kjjed#0lick lo chonge lhe order in which 0onpressor ond F0 ore choined. íf lhe 0onpressor is
posilioned obove lhe F0, lhe signol is conpressed before F0. Wilh F0 posilioned obove lhe 0onpressor, F0 is opplied
before conpression.
<NCede%Ij[h[e8kjjed#0lick lo swilch belween 2 chonnel Mono ond 2 chonnel Slereo operolion. When in Slereo
node, FX conlrols for inpul 2 on lhe righl ore unovoiloble. lll poroneler sellings ore sel on lhe Lefl chonnel bul ore
opplied lo bolh Lefl ond Righl chonnels. Nole lhol when in Slereo Mode, lhe 0onpressor works in True Slereo - i.e. equol
conpression is opplied lo bolh chonnels.
?dfkj%EkjfkjC[j[hi#Disploy lhe signol level direclly before ond ofler 0onpression ond F0.
Soffre Mix0onlrol ollows noniloring of ínpuls 1 ond 2 wilh or wilhoul FX.
When selecling on ínpul source in lhe Mixer or Rouling seclion, lhe dry signol is represenled by `lnlg ín 1` ond `lnlg ín 2`, ond lhe
wel signol os `FXllnlg 1I` ond `FXllnlg 2I`.

The signol rouling con be selup so lhol onologue inpuls 1 ond 2 con be recorded lo lhe DlW wilh or wilhoul lhe DSP FX.
When you selecl inpul 1 ond 2 in your DlW soflwore, lhe inpul signol wilh DSP is recorded lwhen lhe DSP FX ore ocliveI.
To record inpuls 1 ond 2 wilhoul DSP FX, you nusl use lhe Loopbock feolure which is ovoiloble fron lhe Rouling Ponel lsee poge 21I.
The loopbock inpuls should be sel lo `lnlg ín 1` ond `lnlg ín 2`
When `lnlg ín 1` ond `lnlg ín 2` ore rouled lo Loopbock, lhese will be ovoiloble lo record in your DlW vio lhe Loopbock inpul
ls defned in lhe diogrons on poges 1O ond 11, lhe Loopbock chonnels will oppeor in your DlW os inpuls
15, 1ó O sonple roles of //,1kHz, /8kHz
11, 12 O sonple roles of 88,2kHz, ?ókHz
Reverberolion is on effecl lhol enobles o sound source lo be ploced in on environnenl. íl does lhis by odding o reverberonl loil of
refecled sound, lhe properlies of which correspond lo o spoce of vorying dinensions.
0lick on lhe Reverb Send Mixer lob lo occess Reverb send sellings ond Reverb 0onlrols.
The level of lhe foders of eoch of lhe nixer chonnels delernines lhe signol level being senl lo lhe reverb unil.
ín lhe obove piclure, only chonnel 1 - `FXllnlg1I` is being senl lo lhe reverb.
The Reverb conlrols ore.
H;L;H879J?L;8kjjed#0lick lo lurn lhe reverb on or off.
I?P;AdeXÅ Defnes lhe size of lhe reverberonl spoce. Rolole clockwise lo increose. íncreosing lhe size nokes lhe
reverberolion greoler, e.g. nore line belween iniliol sound ond eorly refeclions, plus longer decoy line
FH;#<?BJ;HAdeXÅ lcls os o high- or low- poss fller for lhe refecled sound lrenoves lhe boss or lreble, respeclivelyI.
Rolole onli-clockwise lo produce o low-poss fller effecl, where lhe noxinun culoff llowesl frequencyI is sel in lhe
exlrene onliclockwise posilion. Rolole clockwise lo creole o high-poss fller effecl, wilh lhe noxinun culoff lhighesl
frequencyI is sel in lhe exlrene clockwise posilion. ín lhe cenlre, no fllering of lhe refecled sound occurs
7?HAdeXÅ Sels lhe onounl of obsorplion lor donpingI of refecled sound llhe nore obsorplion, lhe less `oiriness`I.
ín o fully onliclockwise posilion, obsorplion is ol o noxinun so lhere is very lillle oir. Rolole clockwise lo decreose
obsorplion ond increose `oir`
Foch Mixer lMix 1 - 8I includes o Reverb Relurn chonnel.
Sel lhe foder level of lhe reverb relurn chonnel lo delernine how nuch of lhe reverberolion signol is lo be senl lo lhe oulpul of lhol
The rouling seclion ollows you lo sel up which oudio sources ore rouled direclly lo which physicol oulpuls.

The rouling seclion disploys every physicol oulpul on lhe Soffre PR0 2/ DSP ond lhe oudio slreon lo be senl lo lhol oulpul is
ovoiloble for seleclion in o drop down nenu lo lhe lefl of lhol oulpul.
0licking on lhe box lo lhe lefl of lhe oulpul lobel will bring up o lisl of oll ovoiloble oudio oulpul sources.
The ovoiloble sources include.
lll inpul slreons llnologue 1-/, S/PDíF, lDlTI -
lll DlW ploybock slreon lDlW 1 - 8I -
lll nixes fron lhe nixer lMix 1 - 8I -
íf you hove noned lhe nix lby clicking in lhe lrock none seclion - see previous choplerI lhen lhis none is disployed os lhe nix
source none.
Nole lhol lhe rouling seclion is linked lo lhe seleclion node for lhe oulpul chonnel deslinolion sel-up in lhe nixer. íf you hove
oulpuls pre-ossigned fron when you creoled your Mix, you will see lhe rouling seleclions hove been sel up. Sinilorly, if you chonge
lhe oudio source fron lhe rouling seclion, lhe oulpul of lhe nix will chonge oulonolicolly.
`Heodphones 1` is o copy of line oulpuls 3 ond /. lll oudio rouled lo Line oulpuls 3 ond / will be heord in Heodphone 1 Lefl ond Righl.
`Heodphones 2` is o copy of line oulpuls 5 ond ó. lll oudio rouled lo Line oulpuls 5 ond ó will be heord in Heodphone 2 Lefl ond Righl.
When working ol sonple roles of 88.2kHz or ?ókHz, lhe lolol nunber of lDlT chonnels ovoiloble drops lo / chonnels -
¨lDlT SMUX¨. ll lhese sonple roles, lDlT chonnels 5-8 for lhe lDlT conneclion ore greyed oul.
Rouling Presels ore provided os o slorling poinl for you lo creole your own rouling ond nixer sel-ups.
These will enoble you lo quickly sel up your rouling for recording lnoniloring your inpulsI, nixing lsending signols oul lo oulboord
processors or exlernol nixerI, or inlernol looping lrouling oudio belween soflwore opplicolions wilhoul leoving lhe conpulerI.

This lurns off oll oulpul rouling. This con be used lo re-sel lhe rouling for when you need lo conplelely reslorl o confgurolion,
neoning you do nol hove lo nonuolly lurn everylhing off frsl.

`DlW Trocking` is used for lhe iniliol recording process. íl will oulonolicolly oulpul DlW 1 ond 2 lo be senl lo oll Line oulpuls
ond hence your noin nonilors l1-2I ond lo Heodphone oulpuls 1 ond 2. lll inpul chonnels nusl be nonilored fron wilhin lhe
DlW opplicolion.

Zero Lolency Trocking is used for lhe recording process. íl will oulonolicolly oulpul Mix 1 ond 2 lo oll your Line oulpuls
sinulloneously, ond hence will roule lo lhe noin nonilors l1-2I, ond lo lhe Heodphone oulpuls 1 ond 2. Line inpuls ond DlW oulpuls
nusl be sel up in Mix 1 so lhol you ore oble lo nonilor lhese sources wilh zero lolency. You nusl olso ensure lhol you ore nol
noniloring lhe sone signols fron wilhin your DlW ol lhe sone line, olherwise you will be noniloring lhe sone signol lwice lonce
direcl fron Soffre Mix0onlrol lND o second line lwilh lolencyI fron your DlW.I
`Mixing` is used for lhe nixing process. When sending signols oul lo o nixer or lo exlernol processing hordwore, hordwore oulpuls
ore lypicolly sel exoclly os lhey ore sel in lhe DlW soflwore. DlW oulpuls roule direclly lo lhe line oulpul of lhe sone nunber. lDlW
oulpuls 1-ó lo Line oulpuls 1-ó.I
Use when recording fron one soflwore progron lo onolher. You con use loopbock rouling lo record oudio fron e.g. your inlernel
browser inlo your DlW, or lo record fron one DlW lo onolher.

To prevenl ony oudio feedbock, noke sure lhol lhe DlW you ore recording inlo is nol sel lo nonilor ils inpuls. lllernolively, sel lhe
oulpuls of lhe DlW inlo which you ore recording lo 3 ond /, lhis ollows you lo nonilor lhe inpuls wilhoul feeding lhe signol bock inlo
lhe record slreon.
\RM is o syslen lhol sinuloles lhe ocouslics of loudspeokers ond lislening roons for reproduclion over heodphones. l correcl
sense of slereo inoge, perspeclive, ond environnenl is nornolly obsenl in heodphone reproduclion. \RM provides lhese ourol cues
for effeclive reference noniloring for nixing on heodphones.
The \RM syslen works by conbining lhree seporole nodeling ond neosurenenl processes.
The speoker enulolions were ochieved by sending lesl signols lhrough lhe originol speoker ond lhen loking nony neosurenenls
lhrough o reference nicrophone ploced ol vorying posilions ond dislonces fron lhe speoker. This process ollows lhe creolion of o
lhree-dinensionol nodel of how eoch speoker rodioles sound.
The lislening environnenls were nol obloined fron reol roons, bul buill using conpuler nodels. The nodel includes nol |usl roon
dinensions bul olso lhe infornolion oboul how sound is obsorbed ond refecled by lhe foor, wolls, ond ceiling. llso included in lhe
nodel is lhe furnilure found in eoch environnenl. This conpuler nodel ollows lhe fne-luning of lhe environnenl lo produce lhe
nosl conforloble lislening experience.
To conplele lhe sinulolion, we obloined o sel of heod-reloled lronsfer funclions - nodels of how sound orrives ond is heord in bolh
eors of o hunon heod. Thousonds of neosurenenls were conbined lo creole o nodel of how direcl ond reverberoled sound orrive
ol lhe lwo eors.
The lhree lislening environnenls ovoiloble ore o Professionol Sludio, Living Roon, ond Bedroon Sludio. The following loble shows
which speoker nodels ond lislening posilions ore ovoiloble in eoch environnenl.
HeecCeZ[b If[Wa[hCeZ[bi B_ij[d_d]Fei_j_ediWbbe\j^[i[if[Wa[hi
Professionol Sludio Joponese While 0lossic cenlre lol 1.ó5n fron speokersI,
US Yellow 0one 7.5cn lefl, 15cn lefl,
\inloge Wooden 0ube 7.5cn righl,15cn righl,
US Possive Neorfeld 8Ocn bock.
Brilish Sludio
Finnish Sludio
US Yellow 0one Pro
0ernon Sludio Ribbon
\inloge Broodcosl
Modern Broodcosl
Living Roon Brilish ?Os Hi-Fi cenlre lol 1.8n fron speokersI,
Brilish 8Os Hi-Fi /5cn lefl, ?Ocn lefl,
Flol-screen Television /5cn righl, ?Ocn righl,
Finnish Sludio 1.2n bock ond /5cn lefl, 1.2n bock ond /5cn righl.
New Broodcosl

Bedroon Sludio US Yellow 0one cenlre lol 1./n fron speokersI,
Brilish ?Os Hi-Fi 3Ocn lefl,
Brilish 8Os Hi-Fi 3Ocn righl,
0onpuler Desklop 5Ocn bock,
Budgel Micro Syslen 5Ocn bock ond 5Ocn lefl, 5Ocn bock ond 5Ocn righl.
Flol-screen Television
Finnish Sludio
US Yellow 0one Pro
New Broodcosl
B_ij[d_d];dl_hedc[dj :_c[di_edi Lebkc[ H[l[hXJ_c[
Professionol Sludio ó.1O x ó./8 x 3.53 n 13?./O n³ O.38 s
Living roon 5./8 x /.óó x 2.7? n 71.27 n³ O.3ó s
Bedroon Sludio 3.28 x 3.ó? x 2./7 n 2?.?O n³ O./7 s
;ckbWj_edDWc[ 8Wi[ZEd0 I_p[Yc Jm[[j[h Mee\[h Ioij[c
0ernon Sludio
lDlM S2.5l /5H, 28W, 3OD Ribbon 8¨ lclive 2-woy boss refex
US Possive Neor-
llesis Monilor 0ne 38H, 22W, 2/D 1¨ silk done
lweeler w/
ferrofuid cooling
ó.5¨ ninerol-flled
polypropylene cone
Possive 2-woy reor fring
\inloge Wooden
lurolone 50 17H, 17W, 1/D |noneJ /¨ Possive single driver
closed box
Brilish 8O`s Hi-Fi B&W DM12 3/H, 22W, 2óD 1¨ polyesler
weove done
ó¨ boss/nidronge
Possive 2-woy closed
0onpuler Desk-
0reolive S8S35 15H, 8W, 1OD lnoneI 2.5¨ lclive single driver reor
fring porl
Finnish Sludio 0enelec 1O31l /?H, 25W, 2?D 1¨ nelol done 8¨ poly conposile
lclive 2-woy venled box
Budgel Micro
0oodnons MS188 28H, 18W, 1?D 1¨ done 3.5¨ Possive 2-woy porled
Brilish ?O`s Hi-Fi KFF 055.2 85H, 21W, 25D 1¨ 5¨ Possive 2-woy reor
porled box wilh possive
US Yellow 0one KRK RPó 02 33H, 22W, 27D 1¨ neodyniun
sofl done wilh
ó¨ gloss oronid
lclive 2 woy fronl fring
porled box
US Yellow 0one
KRK \XT8 //H, 32W, 3OD 1¨ silk done
8¨ woven kevlor lclive 2 woy fronl fring
porled box
Flol-Screen Tel-
Phocus L0D 2ó T\ /5H 87W 1OD
lSlereo T\I
|noneJ 2¨ x /¨ ovol-shoped
lclive single driver
Brilish Sludio 0uesled S8 /2H, 3OW, 35D 1¨ sofl done 8¨ cone lclive 2-woy boss refex
\inloge Brood-
Rogers LS3/5o 3OH, 1?W, 1óD O.75¨ 5¨ KFF B11O Possive 2 woy closed box
New Broodcosl Slirling LS3/5o 3OH, 1?W, 1óD O.75¨ 5¨ KFF B11O Possive 2 woy closed box
Joponese While
Yonoho NS-1OM Pro 38H, 22W, 18D 1.5¨ 7¨ cone Possive 2 woy closed
* íMP0RTlNT íNF0RMlTí0N. F00USRíTF, lhe FF logo, \RM \irluol Reference noniloring ond lhe \RM logo ore lrodenorks of Focusrile ludio Fngineering Lld.
lll olher producl nones, lrodenorks, or lrode nones ore lhe nones of lheir respeclive owners, which ore in no woy ossocioled, connecled nor offlioled wilh
Focusrile or ils Soffre PR0 2/ DSP producl ond which hove nol endorsed Focusrile`s Soffre PR0 2/ DSP. These olher producl nones, lrodenorks, ond lrode nones
ore used solely lo idenlify ond describe lhe lhird porly loudspeoker syslens, lhe sonic behoviour of which wos sludied for lhe \RM lechnology incorporoled wilhin lhe
Soffre PR0 2/DSP, ond lo occurolely describe on elenenl of funclionolily wilhin lhe Soffre PR0 2/DSP.
The Soffre PR0 2/DSP is on independenlly engineered lechnology which ulilises Focusrile`s \RM \irluol Reference Moniloring lPolenl opplied forI lo ocluolly
neosure exonples of lhe sonic inpocl of originol loudspeoker syslens upon on oudio slreon, so os lo eleclronicolly enulole lhe perfornonce of lhe originol producl
sludied. The resull of lhis process is sub|eclive ond noy nol be perceived by o user os producing lhe sone effecls os lhe originol producls sludied.
Selecl \RM fron lhe ponel selecl drop down lisl
0nce selecled, lhe following ponel will be shown.
0lick on lhe power bullon lo lurn \RM 0n or 0ff.
0lick on lhe orrow lo selecl lhe lislening environnenl
The green dol indicoles lhe currenl lislening posilion. 0lick in ony enply circle lo selecl o new lislening
posilion. Nole lhol only cerloin lislening posilions ore ovoiloble for eoch lislening environnenl lsee loble
0lick on lhe down orrow lo selecl lhe nonilor speoker. Nole lhol only cerloin nonilor speokers
ore ovoiloble in eoch environnenl los shown in lhe loble obove.I

0lick on lhe `i` bullon lo disploy infornolion on lhe lislening environnenl, lislening poslion ond nonilor speokers.
The following infornolion will be disployed.
Fnvironnenl ond Speoker infornolion is lhe sone os found in lhe lobles on poge 21 ond 22.
0oordinoles infornolion is described os follows.
Spkr-sep. The dislonce belween lhe lwo speokers.
X-0ffsel. The dislonce fron lhe `Sweelspol` lislening posilion. l - volue is lo lhe Righl, o - volue is lo lhe Lefl.
Y-0ffsel. The dislonce fron lhe `Sweelspol` lislening posilion. l - volue is lo lhe Fronl, o - volue is lo lhe Reor.
L- lngle. The ongle belween lhe lislening posilion ond lhe Lefl speoker
R- lngle. The ongle belween lhe lislening posilion ond lhe Righl speoker
L- Disl. The dislonce belween lhe lislening posilion ond lhe Lefl speoker
R- Disl. The dislonce belween lhe lislening posilion ond lhe Righl speoker
The oulpul levels of lhe nonilor oulpuls ond line oulpuls ore confgured in lhe Monilor Seclion. You con sel up your Soffre PR0
2/ DSP so lhol lhe hordwore `Monilor` knob on fronl ponel of lhe Soffre PR0 2/ DSP will conlrol lhe desired oulpuls, such os your
slereo nonilors, your surround sound syslen. lllernolively lhe `Monilor` knob be deoclivoled for specifc oulpuls e.g. when volune
conlrol is required for o poir of nonilor speokers, bul nol for oddilionol oulpuls being senl lo e.g. on exlernol conpressor. lddilionol
conlrols such os nule, din ond nono ore ovoiloble.

The nonilor conlrol enoble bullons indicole which oulpuls ore conlrolled by lhe nonilor seclion on lhe 0Uí direclly below lhe six
bullons. The Soffre PR0 2/ DSP hos lwo levels of nonilor volune conlrol. The soflwore nonilor knob con be used lo conlrol lhe
level of up lo ó oulpuls sinulloniously. However lhe physicol nonilor knob conlrols lhe level of oulpuls 1 ond 2 lposl soflwore
llll digilol oulpul levels ore unoffecled by lhe nonilor seclion in Soffre Mix0onlrol. Use lhe oulpul levels of lhe DlW lo conlrol
digilol oulpul levels.I
Foch bullon con be sel lo 1 of 3 possible sloles.
8bk[ - lhis oulpul is conlrolled by lhe below nonilor seclion.
H[Z - lhis oulpul is nol conlrolled by lhe below nonilor seclion ond il is nuled.
=h[o - lhis oulpul is nol conlrolled by lhe below nonilor seclion ond il is ol full level.
To sel o bullon lo ils 0rey slole, SHíFT - 0lick lhe bullon.
These presels ollow quick chonging of lypicol noniloring sel-ups.
For lhe nonilor presels lo work, you nusl hove your speokers connecled lo lhe line oulpuls os shown in lhe piclure below.
Line oul Speoker
1 Lefl
2 Righl
3 0enlre
/ Sub Woofer
5 Lefl Reor
ó Righl Reor
Line oul Speoker
1 Lefl Moin
2 Righl Moin
3 Lefl Mid
/ Righl Mid
5 Lefl Mini
ó Righl Mini


EgZhZiCVbZ Djieji
E\\ - no Monilor conlrol bullons enobled, lherefore no sound will cone oul of ony onologue oulpul.
Cede - oulpuls only lo lhe 0enlre / nono speoker lLine oulpul 3.I lll olher chonnels ore nuled. 0ulpul - 3
Ij[h[e - oulpuls lo Slereo speokers lMonilor 1 ond 2 oulpul.I lll olher chonnels ore nuled. 0ulpuls - 1,2
GkWZ - oulpuls lo Monilor 1 ond 2 oulpuls ond Line 5 ond ó oulpuls. lll olher chonnels ore nuled. 0ulpuls - 1,2,5,ó
($'IkhhekdZ - oulpuls lo Slereo speokers lMonilor 1 ond 2 oulpulI ond Sub lLine oulpul /I. 0ulpuls - 1,2,/
+$'IkhhekdZ- oulpuls lo oll 5.1 speokers. lll olher chonnels ore nuled. 0ulpuls - 1,2,3,/,5,ó
C_Z!F^ed[i' - oulpuls lo Mid Speokers ond Heodphones 1. 0ulpuls - 3,/
C_d_ !F^ed[i(- oulpuls lo Mini Speokers. ond Heodphones 2. 0ulpuls - 5,ó

The following conlrols in lhe Monilor Seclion will offecl lhose chonnels lhol hove been selecled for nonilor conlrol lindicoled wilh o
blue bullon, see obove.I

Sel lhe oulpul level of oll ossigned oulpuls using lhis knob. The oulpul level con be od|usled using lhe nouse ond will offecl oll
ossigned oulpuls los indicoled wilh o blue bullonI. The dB disploy below shows lhe currenl level lo which lhe nonilor knob is sel.
Nole lhol lhe fronl ponel Monilor conlrol offecls only oulpuls 1 ond 2, ond is on oddilionol volune conlrol on lop of lhe nonilor level
sel in Soffre Mix0onlrol soflwore.

lllenuoles lhe oulpul level by 18dB.
Mules lhe oulpul.
Mules lhe lefl oulpul.
Mules lhe righl oulpul.
Renenber lhol lhese din, nule ond nono bullons only offecl lhe oulpuls selecled for conlrol li.e. BlueI in lhe nonilor
conlrol seclion.
The Device Slolus seclion shows infornolion oboul lhe sonple role, synchronisolion ond driver slolus of lhe
Soffre PR0 2/ DSP. The desired sonple role con be sel os well os exlernol synchronisolion oplions for using
lhe Soffre PR0 2/ DSP wilh exlernol digilol devices.
This disploys lhe currenl Sonple role ol which lhe Soffre PR0 2/ DSP is running. To chonge lhe Sonple role, click on lhe red
sonple role volue ond selecl //.1kHz, /8kHz, 88.2kHz, or ?ókHz,
Nole. il is nusl quil your DlW opplicolion BFF0RF you noke sonple role chonges lo prevenl ony undesiroble side-effecls in your

Disploys lhe currenlly selecled sync source lred disployI - To chonge lhe sync source, click on lhe red sync
source volue ond selecl SPíDF -0PT, SPDíF, lDlT, or ínlernol.

Disploys ¨Locked¨ when lhe Soffre PR0 2/ DSP hos successfully locked lo lhe specifed Sync Source.

íf ¨No Lock¨ is seen, lhen lhe unil hos been unoble lo lock lo eilher on exlernol lDlT or S/PDíF signol. íf lhis is lhe cose, lhen
pleose check lhol digilol cobles ore secure in lheir inpul sockels, ond lhol lhe exlernol digilol devices hove been sel up os
nosler devices.
This should disploy ¨0onnecled¨ ol oll lines when lhe Soffre PR0 2/ DSP is connecled lo lhe conpuler vio FireWire. íf lhis shows
¨Disconnecled¨ pleose check FireWire conneclions, check lhol lhe unil is swilched on elc. íf il slill shows ¨Disconnecled¨ lhen
reslorl lhe conpuler ond lhen reslorl lhe Soffre PR0 2/ DSP.
lllows noning of lhe Soffre PR0 2/ DSP unil. Double click in lhe feld ond enler your lexl. Press enler lrelurnI on your conpuler
keyboord lo conplele.
When lhe ludio lpplicolions ore open ond using lhe Soffre PR0 2/ driver, lhe FireWire Driver Slolus will
show `ín Use`. \orious Sellings will be unovoiloble unlil lhe ludio opplicolions hove been closed ond lhe
FireWire Driver Slolus ond reverled lo `0onnecled`.
This is o drop down nenu conloining oll of lhe following ilens which ollow you lo sel up differenl globol/syslen confgurolions.
This is lhe only porl of Soffre Mix0onlrol soflwore where lhere ore differences belween lhe Windows ond Moc versions.
CWY M_dZemi

Here you con sel lhe fornol of lhe oplicol digilol inpul sockel. íl con eilher be on lDlT slreon or on S/PDíF slreon. lUseful for lhose
who hove S/PDíF equipnenl lhol only hos on oplicol conneclor.I
lllows lhe user lo slreon l03 direclly vio lhe S/PDíF oulpuls. ll03 is encoded 5.1 oudio, e.g. fron o D\D ployer, lhol will be senl vio
S/PDíF coble lR0l or 0plicolI lo your 5.1 decoder.I
The Soffre PR0 2/ DSPs lolency perfornonce will be dicloled by lhe 0ore ludio buffer size specifed in your DlW lMoc,I or os sel in
lhe lSí0 buffer size lWindows.I The Firewire Driver Lolency offecls lhe perfornonce of lhe 0ore ludio or lSí0 buffer sellings.
íf you ore experiencing clicks ond pops or oudio dropouls, lhis noy be due lo cerloin hordwore in your conpuler lhol is offecling
lhe perfornonce of oudio devices connecled vio FireWire. Rolher lhon renoving ond replocing hordwore le.g. your grophics cord or
wireless inlernel cordI lrying o longer Firewire Driver Lolency selling noy solve lhe problen.
Tick lhis oplion lo ensure lhol only oudio fron your DlW is ployed lhrough lhe Soffre PR0 2/ DSP.
Windows sounds will nol be ployed lhrough lhe Soffre PR0 2/ DSP. Sounds fron olher soflwore will nol be ployed lhrough lhe
Soffre PR0 2/ DSP. This is useful lo prevenl ony unwonled oudio being heord when you ore working in your DlW. íl is especiolly
useful when olher opplicolions oulpul oudio ol o sonple role differenl fron lhe sonple role ol which your DlW is operoling.
Sel lhe buffer size of your lSí0 driver here.
l snoll buffer size will in resull in lower lolency ol lhe expense of increosed 0PU usoge. l high buffer size will resull in o higher
lolency bul wilh lower 0PU usoge. íf you ore using lols of virluol inslrunenls ond effecls processing in your DlW pro|ecl, ond lhe
0PU usoge is high, lhen increose lhe buffer size lo pernil lower 0PU usoge.
CWY M_dZemi
Ef[d - opens o File open diolog ollowing seleclion of ony pre-soved Soffre Mix0onlrol sel-ups.
IWl[ - opens o File sove diolog ollowing seleclion of o locolion inlo which your Soffre Mix0onlrol sel-up con be soved.
Subsequenl soves overwrile lhe originol fle.
IWl[7i - opens o File sove diolog ollowing seleclion of o locolion inlo which your Soffre Mix0onlrol sel-up con be soved. Use lhis
oplion if you wonl lo keep your originol soved sel-up ond creole o new one wilh o differenl none.
H[ijeh[<WYjeho:[\Wkbj - 0ouses lhe Soffre PR0 2/ DSP lo reverl lo lhe originol defoull slole in which il lefl lhe foclory. This con
be used lo globolly resel oll nixer, rouling, ond nonilor sellings, ollowing creolion of o new sel-up fron scrolch.
9b[WhWbbI[jj_d]i#0ouses lhe Soffre PR0 2/ DSP lo resel oll sellings.
IWl[je>WhZmWh[ - This soves lhe currenl Soffre Mix0onlrol sel-up lo lhe Soffre PR0 2/ DSP hordwore. íf you ore noving
lhe Soffre PR0 2/ DSP fron one conpuler lo onolher ond wonl lo reloin lhe sel-up, lhen choose lhis oplion. Nole lhol Soffre
Mix0onlrol does nol oulonolicolly lood fron hordwore los lhis would overwrile o currenl sel-upI, il nusl be looded nonuolly.
BeWZ\hec>WhZmWh[ - This loods lhe soved sel-up fron lhe Soffre PR0 2/ DSP hordwore inlo lhe Soffre Mix0onlrol soflwore.
ls you con see fron lhe obove screen shols, `0pen`, `Sove` ond `Sove os` oll hove keyboord shorlculs. These ore slondord shorlculs
for lheir respeclive funclions, so if you ore regulorly chonging sellings for your vorious sessions, lhen lhe shorlculs will reduce
your sel-up line.
Microphone ínpuls 1-2
- Frequency Response. 2OHz - 2OkHz -/- O.1 dB
- 0oin Ronge. -13dB lo -óOdB
- THD-N. O.OO1% lneosured ol 1kHz wilh o 2OHz/22kHz bondposs fllerI
- Noise FíN. 12/dB onologue lo digilol lneosured ol óOdB of goin wilh 15O 0hn lerninolion l2OHz/22kHz bondposs fllerI
- ínpul ínpedonce. 2k 0hn
Line ínpuls línpuls 1-2I
- Frequency Response. 2OHz - 2OkHz -/- O.1dB
- 0oin Ronge. -1OdB lo -3ódB
- THD-N. < O.OO1% lneosured wilh OdBFS inpul ond 22Hz/22kHz bondposs fllerI
- Noise. -?OdBu l22Hz/22kHz bondposs fllerI
- ínpul ínpedonce. >1Ok 0hn
Line ínpuls 3-/
- Frequency Response. 2OHz - 2OkHz -/- O.1 dB
- 0oin Ronge. Swilch-oble belween -1ódBu or -1OdB\ for OdBFS lbolonced inpulsI
- THD-N. O.OO3% lneosured ol 1kHz wilh o 2OHz/22kHz bondposs fllerI
- Noise. -1OOdBu l22Hz/22kHz bondposs fllerI
- ínpul ínpedonce. >1Ok 0hn
ínslrunenl ínpuls línpuls 1 ond 2I
- Frequency Response. 2OHz - 2OkHz -/- O.1dB
- 0oin Ronge. -13dB lo -óOdB
- THD-N. O.OO/% lneosured wilh OdBu inpul ond 2OHz/22kHz bondposs fllerI
- Noise. -87dBu l2OHz/22kHz bondposs fllerI
lnologue ludio 0ulpuls l0ulpuls 1-óI
- ó Fleclronicolly Bolonced 0ulpuls
- Moxinun 0ulpul Level lOdBFSI. -1ódBu
- THD-N. O.OO1% lOdBFS inpul, 2OHz/22kHz bondposs fllerI
- l/D Dynonic Ronge = 1O5dB ll-weighledI, oll onologue inpuls
- D/l Dynonic Ronge = 1O5dB ll-weighledI, oll onologue oulpuls
- 0lock Sources.
ínlernol 0lock
Sync lo Word 0lock on SPDíF ínpul lR0lI
Sync lo Word 0lock on lDlT inpul
Sync lo Word 0lock on oplicol SPDíF ínpul lwhen enobledI
- JelPLL¹ PLL lechnology providing superb |iller reduclion for closs leoding converler perfornonce.
- 0lock |iller < 25O picoseconds
- Supporled Sonple Roles. //.1kHz, /8kHz, 88.2kHz, ?ókHz
- 1ó inpul chonnels lo conpuler. lnologue l/I, SPDíF l2I, lDlT l8I ond Mix Loop-bock l2I.
- 8 oulpul chonnels fron conpuler. lnologue lóI, SPDíF l2I.
- lssignoble 1ó inpul by 8 oulpul nixer.
lnologue 0honnel ínpuls línpuls 1-/I
- 2 Mic XLR 0onbo lchonnels 1-2I on fronl ponel
- 2 Line 7¨ TRS lchonnels 3-/I on reor ponel
- lulonolic swilching belween Mic / Line lchonnels 1-2I
- Swilching belween Line / ínslrunenl ínpuls lchonnels 1-2I vio Soffre Mix0onlrol lpplicolion
- Swilching belween -1ódBu llowI ond -1OdB\ lhighI goin on inpuls 3-/ vio Soffre Mix0onlrol lpplicolion
Digilol 0honnel ínpuls línpuls ?-2óI //.1 - ?ókHz
- Slereo S/PDíF inpul on R0l
- 8 lDlT inpuls on 0plicol 0onneclor, reduces lo / inpuls ol 88.2/?ókHz
- 0plicol lDlT ínpul con be swilched lo S/PDíF 3// in soflwore preferences llDlT ínpul disobledI
lnologue ludio 0ulpuls l0ulpuls 1-óI
- ó 7¨ TRS Jocks
- 0ulpul Level conlrol lonologueI for oulpuls 1 ond 2
- Slereo Heodphones Mix 1 on 7¨ TRS lolso rouled lo 0ulpuls 3 & /I wilh \RM ond independenl volune conlrol
Slereo Heodphones Mix 2 on 7¨ TRS lolso rouled lo 0ulpuls 5 & óI wilh independenl volune conlrol -
Digilol 0honnel 0ulpuls l0ulpuls 8-?I //.1 - ?ókHz
- Slereo S/PDíF 0ulpul on R0l
0lher í/0
- 1 ó-pin FireWire S/OO sockel
- 2 Slondord 5-pin DíN MíDí conneclors. ín ond 0ul
- D0 Power ínpul 0onneclor lfor use wilh supplied universol inpul power supplyI
Fronl Ponel índicolors
- / 5 segnenl inpul nelers, -/2, -18, -ó, -3 ond OdBFS
- LKD ¨Lock¨ índicolor
- FW ¨Hosl 0onnecled¨ índicolor
- ¨Power¨ LFD
- ínslrunenl inpul source seleclion LFD for chonnels 1 ond 2
/8 \ Phonlon Power LFD -
Din ond Mule LFDs -
Weighl ond Dinensions
- Dinensions. opprox. 21.5 x /.5 x 22cn lW x H x DI
- Weighl. 1.5kg
For oll lroubleshooling queries, pleose visil lhe Focusrile lnswerbose where lhere ore orlicles covering nunerous lroubleshooling
exonples. www.focusrile.con/onswerbose.
F & 0.F.