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Specialist Teaching Program Regional Whanau teachers and families of ASD children Characteristics common to both CoPs · Shared

interests Shared discourse Problem solving Building relationships Shared ideas Commitment Shared experiences Learning with, from and about each other Learning in a social context Strengths ·

Nelson Central School:

Characteristics specific to this CoP · Multidisciplinary, members are from ASD, L&B, V and D &HI endorsements · Formal (Milton)

Characteristics specific to this CoP One discipline: ASD Fluid (Milton)

· Communication via forums, message boards, email · · Membership by invitation Requests for information

· Communication via email, text, face-to-face interactions · · · · Open membership Discuss developments Exploring Community (Milton) Learner centred

· Best Practice Community (Milton) · Knowledge centred


· Consider myself to be ‘proficient’ within this group and therefore making · Expert members who are in their Hur and Brush a significant contribution to the group nd 2 Year of the program (2009) documented (Eriksen, 2010) five reasons why · Strong culture of trust teachers · CoP has evolved over many participated in on- years and has well developed · Members sharing and line Communities of relationships at the core Regular supporting others with myPortfolio

supporting others with myPortfolio Weaknesses

Practice: 1. Sharing the emotions of teaching, such as excitement, fulfilment, stress and frustration.

communication between participants, at least weekly, often daily Weaknesses

· As the only class teacher I feel I am a marginal member, this is compound that my place of work and Opportunity to home are not in the same area as the 2. share safely without majority of the group feeling intimidated. · Relatively new so relationships 3. Support for still developing Lack of structure means ideas those isolated · not always followed up by location or · Infrequent communication via role within forum posts creates a feeling that I · Some families on periphery school. might be missing out on valuable possibly due to lack of trust, 4. To explore a learning wide range of reluctance to share, culture or not realising how valuable their new ideas · As yet do not feel I have been about teaching perspective is effective in supporting others in the resources and group or sharing knowledge and skills strategies. · I perceive my skill development 5. Sense of stage as “novice” and therefore am on camaraderie, the receiving rather than giving end of the knowledge the knowledge sharing spectrum that they are (Eriksen, 2010) not alone .