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EMpulse MWD System

EMpulse electromagnetic measurement-while-drilling (EM MWD) system allows operators to drill and survey wells independently of rig hydraulics. Bit pressure drop, flow rates, and drilling fluid and formation loss are irrelevant to EM technology, creating substantial savings in drilling time and project costs. EM MWD saves an average of two to five days per well due to faster survey times and fewer limitations on hydraulics, compared to mud pulse MWD and steering tools. The EMpulse system has no moving parts, deriving power from long-life batteries instead of a mud-driven generator. The tool propagates an electromagnetic wave along the drillstring to surface, where data is detected and decoded by a surface transceiver. This method allows survey information to be transmitted regardless of drilling fluid properties. Electromagnetic surveys do not require extra rig time, unlike mud pulse surveys (which take an average of 3–5 min.) or steering tools (which take an average of 25 min. to complete a transmission cycle). Once a connection is made, drilling resumes immediately. EMpulse system is user friendly to drillers because of the system’s ability to operate independent of the rig’s circulating system. Current generation EM MWD transmits real-time data from downhole to surface:






• • • • •

Gamma Ray Gamma Ray

Directional surveys Annulus pressure Formation gamma ray Oriented gamma ray (OGR) Near-bit instrumentation (inclination, gamma ray)

Top-hanger configuration

• The tool is especially applicable for drilling permeable
formations since it is unaffected by drilling fluid loss. • EM telemetry also is well suited for underbalanced drilling since it does not require a homogenous fluid column for data transmission.
Stinger-mounted configuration

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EMpulse MWD System

Features, Advantages and Benefits
• Simple, rapid installation at the wellsite. Surface equipment can be installed in less than one hour without any modifications to rig equipment. • Reduced tool inventory/mobilization. EMpulse system is a sonde-based design configured for use in a full range of non-magnetic drillstring tubulars and hole sizes. • Two-way communication with the MWD tool. The fundamental advantage of EMpulse system is the downlink ability that allows operators to communicate instructions to the downhole instrumentation while drilling proceeds. Uplink and downlink communications are completely independent of rig or drilling activity. • Drillstring optimization. Survey data can be recorded in 15 sec while the drillstring is stationary, which is less than normal connection time. This reduces the possibility of differential sticking or hole sloughing that can result from extended periods without circulation or pipe movement. • Reduced survey/connection times. Due to the system’s independence from drilling hydraulics, there is no lag time or need to cycle the pumps for synchronization purposes when survey data is being transmitted or to re-sync after anomalous drilling hydraulics incidents. This also reduces the risk of a washout when transmitting a survey. • Reduced fishing/lost hole cost. The latest generation of EM-MWD allows, in certain bottomhole assembly (BHA) configurations, the ability to wireline-retrieve the EM MWD electronics. • Improved reliability. EMpulse system is built entirely with solid-state electronics designed to operate in harsh drilling environments, such as air/mist, foam and multiphase underbalanced horizontal drilling applications.

• Gamma ray measurement. EMpulse system can be equipped with a real-time gamma ray probe. Data is transmitted in real time and also recorded in downhole memory. • Annulus pressure. EMpulse system also can be equipped with a real-time annular pressure sensor to measure downhole pressure conditions on any rig while drilling, circulating, monitoring lost circulation or during shut-in conditions. • GABIS. This short sub can be mounted directly above the bit to provide real-time inclination and gamma ray near the bit. • Oriented gamma ray. This sensor provides real-time high-side and low-side gamma measurements while rotating, along with real-time total gamma ray.
The sondebased EMpulse electromagnetic MWD system is easily tested at the rigsite. Simple installation in the BHA minimizes time required on the rig floor.

Average time savings per type of system used
Steering tool Mud pulse MWD EM MWD

Average connection time (min) Average survey time (min)

Average drilling time (hr/d)

In low-pressure formations and lost circulation zones, EM MWD saves significant drilling time compared to steering tools and mud pulse MWD systems.

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