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Workbook The for Complete Book of Prepositions

This booklet accompanies The Complete Book of and is intended to serve as a workbook to check Prepositions your comprehension of the prepositions covered in that booklet. The following pages contain 700 multiple choice items in 28 exercise sheets (with 25 items per sheet). Correct answers for each item are also provided, beginning on page 31. All of the different uses for the prepositions covered in The Complete Book of Prepositions are reviewed. Have fun!


Worksheet 1
Prepositions of Time
Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. (See page 31 for the correct answers)
1. My math class starts (at, on, in) 9:00. 2. I always read (before, after, from) I go to sleep. 3. The show starts (over, since, in) ten minutes. 4. All employees have to be at work (from, by, since) 9:00. 5. I go to lunch anywhere (by, from, at) 11:30 to 1:30. 6. Breakfast is served from 6:00 (to, from, at) 10:00 AM daily. 7. I have been studying (before, after, since) 9:30. 8. I was born (on, at, by) July eighth. 9. The test shouldn‘t take (over, from, to) two hours to complete. 10. In college, I used to catch up on my sleep (for, during, on) my accounting class. 11. The opera bores Mr. Kemper; when he goes with his wife he always sleeps (for, through, at) the whole thing. 12. I refused to eat spaghetti (throughout, on, for) my childhood. 13. I will l remain in Thailand (until, at, since) July. 14. Most students could not complete the assignment (within, at, on) the allotted time period. 15. I seldom eat lunch (on, at, to) noon. 16. The game should end (around, during, to) 7:30. 17. She will do the dishes (until, to, after) she cleans her room. 18. The math class ends at half (at, past, to) two. 19. Mr. Belford reads the Wall Street Journal (from, prior to, since) going to the office. 20. I‘ll be at work (in, from, since) twenty-five minutes. 21. All students have to be in their seats (to, for, by) 9:00. 22. The play should last (on, during, from) 3:00 to 5:00. 23. It has been raining (since, after, until) Monday. 24. The class starts at a quarter (by, on, to) twelve. 25. It is twenty (after, for, by) three.


W orksheet 2
Prepositions of Time
Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. (See page 31 for the correct answers)
1. There were a lot of hippies in America (during, at, since) the sixties. 2. Reruns of TV programs are aired (through, since, for) the summer in America. 3. Bears hibernate (since, on, throughout) the winter. 4. My parents always stayed up (until, since, for) midnight before going to bed. 5. All employees must report for drug test (for, by, within) a week. 6. Painting the house will take (by, at, over) four days. 7. The detectives were reluctant to give details of the crime to the press (throughout, in, by) their investigation. 8. Her favorite TV program ends (at, in, to) midnight. 9. Mr. Wilson leaves for work (in, about, to) 8:30. 10. Mary and her mother always go to lunch (in, on, around) noon. 11. I won‘t be there until (after, by, to) 5:15. 12. You will have (at, for, till) 3:00 to finish the exam. 13. Paul went to the library (to, after, by) his classes. 14. The staff meetings never go (by, past, before) 5:00. 15. (on, through, at) the sixties and early seventies it was stylish for men to wear long hair. 16. It was (to, by, past) the normal time for the tests to begin. 17. A person should stretch (from, before, until) they go jogging. 18. The doctor will see you (by, in, from) five minutes or so. 19. My father always gets home from work (by, for, during) 8:00. 20. Mrs. Harris was on vacation (from, at, since) August to September. 21. Billy has been driving (since, until, by) midnight. 22. The bus leaves at ten (from, to, by) seven. 23. It is half (to, past, before) six. 24. Mrs. Patterson always goes to play bingo (on, at, to) Saturdays. 25. For maximum health benefits, one should exercise (on, in, at) the afternoon.


on. during. 17. during) their lifetimes. at) 3:30. 5 . throughout) the 1960‘s. in) Sunday night. during) hours before becoming exhausted. My mother has been going to PTA meeting (for. before) 12. since) 1987. 15. 18. during. I read (by. from. in) 1969. through) 6:00 to exercise. 6. at. on. for) millions of years. for. to. on) Sunday evening. from) two hours before I go to sleep. within) six years to be eligible for a degree. until) the police have talked to each and everyone. as. during. Hotel guests must wait (by. Larry gets up every morning (before. Harold goes to school from 9:00 (for. 14. I‘ll be there precisely (in. at) the summer. 2. 7. 12. at. on) 40 years. since.W orksheet 3 Prepositions of Time Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. In my youth. 21. 10. 5. past. for. I usually get home from work (by. 11. 13. 3. at. to) the spring. No one can leave the crime scene (for. (during. from) 9:30. 22. 16. 9. Good athletes can exercise (on. by) commercials on TV. before) starting to drive one should always fasten their seat belt. during. school children spent most of their time outdoors (on. at) 3:30. for. Blood pressure goes up (for. until) midmorning for room service. during. Students must complete their course work for a masters degree (by. for. The meeting of the board of directors ended (on. on. 4. Man first landed on the moon (at. 23. A popular soap opera in America has been on the air (over. Dinosaurs have been extinct (in. on. to. up to. I never work (on. 25. to) times of stress. on. The Wilson‘s have been happily married (for. 24. The president will address the nation (in. 20. in) 6:00. (See page 31 for the correct answers) 1. Crops are usually planted (in. NASA scientist con centrated their efforts on landing a man on the moon (by. at. by) 11 years. Almost all people fall in love at least once (by. 19. 8. She left for class at five (by. Many people rush to the kitchen to get snacks (on.

6 . Vampires are said to come out (in. on) night. at) July 4 8. for) my years in college. Independence Day in America is (on. 21. 3. I had to work the graveyard shift (in. The official holiday season starts (in. after) 8:00. The construction crew has been hard at work (since. 14. The school year in America begins (on. 25. since. All proposals for the project must be submitted to the committee (at. from) six hours. Buses leave for the capital hourly at twenty-five (after. on. 16. Larry often has a couple of beers at his favorite watering hole (during. 13. The end of the football game was not seen by TV audience because it went (to. at. till. 4. Mason usually plays poker with his friends (at. by. before. to. from. by) seven. in at) August. for) Monday nights. in. Alcohol was illegal in America (on. The game starts at half (past. for) long periods of time. in. on by) Friday Night. 5. Mr. till. 22. The program airs (at. beyond) the scheduled air time. 10. (See page 32 for the correct answers) 1. in) the hour. 18. on. my grandfather usually takes a nap (by. 7. at. during) the 1920‘s and early 1930‘s.W orksheet 4 Prepositions of Time Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. The managers meeting is held daily from 8:30 (by. 23. by) Friday. on. by) their last class. 15. My wife usually doesn‘t get home from work until (by. in) 30 minutes or less. My friend knocked on my door at a quarter (before. on. Many football games can last (for. at) the afternoons. for. over) three hours. It has rained nonstop (during. th . to) dawn. on. 9. for) seven straight days. for) going home after work. on) three days. at. 20. Many students don‘t like studying (to. 24. 19. Dinner is served promptly at ten (on. 6. at. unless it changes its course. 12. 17. 11. during. during. to) 9:30. on) seven. to. All students must report to the auditorium (after. The tornado will hit the downtown area (at. She has been watching TV (for. 2. in. from) four.

20. Many people with arthritis can not lift their arms (under. to) the bedroom. 11. under) the sink. at. outside. 24. 4. The sofa is (at. 5. at. at. Please put the crayons (in. 14. The oil platform was damaged in the hurricane that hit (in. (underneath. The trash can is located (in. 2. at) their heads. inside. above. outside) the house. 12. into) the hole before the fox could catch it. Kelly is (at. 22. off. 10. on top of) the table. (See page 32 for the correct answers) 1. 6. on) the window at the approaching storm. Perishables should always be kept (on. I keep my cleaning supplies (at. off) the coast. into) a silk blouse too long. inside. at) the top of my dresser. under) the sink in the kitchen. 9. There is a night stand (beside. 15. Children should always play football (in. 7. The farmer looked (in. The children went (out of. The rabbit ran (out. by. The castle (in. at. to. off. The ladder is leaning (against. into. underneath) the sink. 23. atop) the hill is in ruins. behind) Larry in the cafeteria line. Kevin keeps all his marbles (inside. beneath) the surface of the water. over. near) a refrigerator. 7 . from) each other in the marathon. at.W orksheet 5 Prepositions of Position and Place Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. When I get home I put my wallet and keys (in. at. on. at) the house to smoke. Jennifer is (on. 21. 17. 18. by. I sit (across from. below) the painting in the living room. on. under) Sally in math class. We jogged (alongside. My wife makes me go (inside. on) my bed. around) the house. 16. Fish swim (on. in the back of) the classroom is a map of the world. out. You should not leave a hot iron (at. outside. at) the house to play by the lake. near. at. 13. out) a leather pouch. The cabinets are (inside. 19. on. 25. in. 3. 8.

The bakery is (between. The tractor is (on. over) my TV in the living room. 4. 3. The doctor is standing (between. The children went (on. out. 9. The CD player is (to. by) a nurse. on. off. on top of) the bureau is for my aunt. on) the door with a child cradled in his arms. 2. at) the shore. to. The letter (in. out. 16. amid. below. around. 8. on top of. on) the kitchen table. at) the street to get to the police station. 17. The library is (at. out of) a pack of wild dogs. The policeman chased the robber (by. 5. at) the DVD player on the shelf. 22. at. If you stand too (against. Mr. 12. 24. The man paddled the canoe (on.W orksheet 6 Prepositions of Position and Place Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. To get to the restaurant go (onto. 14. I walk (to. from. by. The coyote is (toward. into. you are likely to get burnt. Porpoises were playfully leaping into the air a short distance (in. on. There is a vase of roses (in. 23. 10. into) the barn. up. 20. The chef put the pie (into. Denver Avenue. 25. off) 136 S. (underneath. in. by. 7. Dawson live (off. (See page 32 for the correct answers) 1. 6. among) the box. between) the hill. 21. around) the corner. The actor was (outside. by) the oven to cook for 45 minutes. onto. 15. near) a campfire. on. We walked (for. amid) the coffee shop. next to. up) the street and turn left. My air con unit is (in. into. out of) the football field six times a day for exercise. out. The books are stored (at. between) a rock and a hard place is not a good place to be. along. among) his fans at the awards ceremony. along) the stream hand in hand. The man walked (down. under. and Mrs. 19. at) the shore of the lake. inside) the house after it started to rain. by. 13. 18. at) work every morning at 8:30. The fireman run (out. 11. 8 . I leave (for.

out of.W orksheet 7 Prepositions of Position and Place Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. The painting is (above. The Patterson‘s are building a new house (in. 21. (to. I was walking (onto. 4. If you don‘t put ice cream (into. 9. alongside. 10. The zebras were grazing (off. 17. The small dinghy was (down. The Crandall‘s live (toward. at) his computer at work. 11. 13. between. People who don‘t trust banks sometimes put their money (on. Mary sits (to. 14. My dog walks (under. down) the street from the Allison‘s. 3. at) the doghouse to play in the yard. at. on) Korea for seven years. between. 23. between) each other at dinner. next to) the freezer. across from) the library is a bank. (See page 33 for the correct answers) 1. 7. above. 19. I rested my shoulders (in. alongside) his father at the ceremony. ahead of. 12. it will melt. 24. by) me in a movie theater. by. The puppies went (outside. along) her husband and his father. amid) a flotilla of sailboats. over) the wall. on top of) me in history class. near. The husband and wife always sit (opposite. 16. (In back of. down) the park. against. in front of. She has lived (in. on. from. 8. 18. 20. The pantry is (against. Pam. onto) the house is a cotton field. 5. in the back of. I can never see the screen if a tall person sits (in front of. between) the house. among. 15. 22. at. above) Beth in the classroom. at. The children walked (across. outside) the giraffes on the plains. on) the tanks into battle. (below. always talked too much. beh ind. 9 . Dennis put his wife‘s picture (below. in. outside) the river. into) my wife when I slipped and fell. underneath) the sofa. beside. who sat (out of. inside. in. Oliver stood (off. on. The soldiers marched (across from. 25. My sister is standing (over. 6. Mr. to) the window there is a rose garden. at) cookie jars. in. against) me when I take him for a walk. on. 2.

by. to) Ph illip in th e queue. The flowers (atop. in. in) the book store and the music store. at. in the back of. 13. to. on top of) a hot plate. out of. in. The cat is sleeping (under.W orksheet 8 Prepositions of Position and Place Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. from. at) the room in disgust. across from. off) the desk is out of date. against) the field when they heard the loud noise. on) the local residents at the outdoor market. in. There is a pharmacy (between. The children were playing hide and seek (behind. between. in) the table. over) the bank is a library. against) the printer. Sam lives (in. 21. above. In school I always preferred to sit (out of. toward. 16. into) a car. The books are (toward. down) the mountain to graze during the day. underneath) the bed. at. between) the Appleton‘s on Second Avenue. 22. atop) the lake in the park in the morning. The toilet brush is (on. I live (in. 14. 24. 20. One should never place plastic items (at. to) 15 flights of stairs for exercise. at) the refrigerator are wilted. The birds flew (up. The lake is (on. next to) the Wilson‘s. 3. 23. in back of) the cabins. between. The goats usually go (outside. across. in. into) the room. 11.The teacher walked (against. for. 5. I used to climb (up. out. in) the path to the cliffs. 9. The tourists were standin g (among. 19. 10 . A good driver always fastens his seat belt as soon as he gets (on. among. 6. The bus left (by. (opposite. San Diego is (from. at) Los Angeles. Mathew is (ahead of. 17. beneath) the bathroom sink. The bikers rode (along. 10. 8. for. (See page 33 for the correct answers) 1. The calendar (over. 4. 2. cross) the house. 25. 18. outside) the stadium several minutes ago. near. 12. Many people jog (around. My father keeps his slippers (on. between. over. 7. at. 15.

to) the towns of Patong and Surin. 6. 10. at) their seats. 4. Meredith sits (into. onto) the couch. onto) ruins of an old church. 18. The oven is (over. The stool is (by. Phi Phi Island is (off. out of) the hole. along. 20. on) the park when she fell and twisted her ankle. to. under. (See page 33 for the correct answers) 1. My older sister always leaves her clothes (at. in front of) the pack for most of the race crashed on the final lap. 3. The butter is (beneath. outside. Perry lives (above. 11.W orksheet 9 Prepositions of Position and Place Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. over. at. across) the street to the dentist office. 11 . to) the work bench. 5. 15. Wallace is (through. underneath. 16. between. The car (on top of. opposite. Ms. against) the policeman for support. One should never jump (onto. by. 19. to) the lake. in. My place of employment is (at. Mr. Many airline travelers prefer to store their carry-on luggage (in. The injured woman was leaning (into. by) moving train. at) the table in search of food. I live (from. next to) the politician when conducting the interview. on. outside) Tommy. 14. 23. under. alongside. around. at. ahead of) Mr. to. beside) the refrigerator. The cockroach climbed (onto. 8. The car that was (to. The ship sailed (at. The student was (amid. The mouse cautiously stuck his head (at. 9. Dr. in) the coast of Thailand. at) the milk in the refrigerator. by. 21. 25. Kelly was walking (out. 7. below. into. down) the counter. for) the Caribbean at dawn. Go (under. at) the old haunted house. 2. 17. Walters in the line at the bank. at) all his teachers at the school function. Phillips placed his tools (in. near. 13. among) me was honking to get my attention. behind. between. outside) the floor. behind. in back of. 22. The reporter was standing (amongst. 12. The dog jumped (against. Norman lives (on. 24.

on) the window. in) their seats. around) the corral when startled by the thunder. The plane took off (for. 17. 12. 7. into. above. above. 8. In order to avoid cheating. as) college graduates. some students always sit (on. Less important news items are generally placed (below. by. 25. in. 9. 3. in. 4. The train wrecked when it went (on. down) the block from my house. Sarah put the tooth (in. 21. at) Paris in the middle of a storm. Warren drove (between. on. underneath. In order to cheat. by) their mother‘s pouch until they are old enough to fend for themselves. Passenger can store their carry-on luggage (under. 20. on. There is a tennis court (at. in. In hotels. guests can put room service trays (on. There is no milk (on. under. at) his upper arm. (See page 34 for the correct answers) 1. into. 14. 11. off) the tracks. There are several piles of bones (in. There was a large bruise (on. in) the fold in a newspaper. I sometimes feel intimated (to. by. 16.W orksheet 10 Prepositions of Position and Place Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. into) the refrigerator. Important news items should always be placed (on. inside. Baby kangaroos live (on. up. near. next to) dumber classmates. out. 6. 12 . some smart students do not sit (in. on. up. 15. 23. inside) the man‘s left eye. The coffee table (by. 2. She threw the dirty water (at. into) the entire city. on. Mr. among. along) the lamp. Peter and I walked (next to. 18. 24. The horse galloped (with. Smoke from the fire was (over. I put the telephone (on. at. in) their seats. outside) their room after they complete their meal. I keep a picture of my family (on. 19. off) the cave. 13. under) her pillow in anticipation of the tooth fairy‘s visit. 22. under. The man had a tattoo of an anchor (by. 5. at. next to) a smart classmate. with) my desk. onto. at) each other on the trail. 10. at) the couch is broken. against) the crest of the hill in his four wheel drive vehicle. Students can place their books on the small shelf (by. next to) the fold in a newspaper.

on. off. The committee members all had glasses of water (under. between. by. The chef took the pie (in. out of) the pool to cool off after mowing the lawn. 13 . 25. 17. 7. I keep my CPU (in. on top of) the old man‘s head was worn and dirty. The students copied the letters of the alphabet (in. at. 4. to) the apple trees. onto) colored paper. (amid. to. 20. in front of. on. under. onto) the skyscrapers of New York City the out-Of Towner felt lost. at) a gas pump. The box of dishes was (on. around. next to. in. off) the office there is a park. A sign in the garden warned people to keep (in. at) them on the conference table. between) Lincoln Street. 24. off) the grass. There was a lone rose bush growing (at. at. near. under. 12. at. The city trash cans are (on. 22. in the back of) an airplane. before) indignity and indirect in the dictionary. Food will thaw if left (out of. in. 15. 14. 23. by) the track at very high speeds. across. The man jumped (into. It is best for safety reasons to sit (on. (inside. on) the main house and the fields. on. The word indigo is (after. 9. One should never light a match (to. (See page 34 for the correct answers) 1. off) the alley. at) the middle shelve of the entertainment center. 5. The Great Wall is (near. at) China. The hat (in. Mr. onto. by. 10. from) her father down the aisle. 2. 16. The Great Barrier Reef is (on. 13. 8. down) the ladder in an organization. on. into) a freezer for very long. The barn is (at. in. out of) the oven when it was done. 11. under) my desk. The bride walked (alongside. 3. 18. My father has a rental property (in. 19. One has to work extra hard if they wish to move (against.W orksheet 11 Prepositions of Position and Place Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. 21. The DVD player is (in. up. against) the dish washer. Billings is (on. 6. race cars travel (into. into) the front door. between. At the Indianapolis 500. off) th e coast of Australia.

between. The frog hopped (by. 24. If you want a good night‘s sleep. City Hall is (at. 10. on. behind) the South Korean in the race. There is a lot of dust (in. Vultures were circling (under. 12. The sailboat was anchored (alongside. onto) the rock to bask in the sun. The football stadium is (next to. under. in) Tremont Avenue.W orksheet 12 Prepositions of Position and Place Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. into. In some societies husbands always walk (ahead of. 13. The Peterson‘s live (in. The horses trotted (at. to) the bananas are red. If you can‘t go over the mountain. on. on) my desk. go (through. among. My supervisor dumped the details of the project (between. 11. 9. off. 14. 17. of. We sit (on. The homeless man hurried (down. on) 1845 N. in. 20. never stay in a hotel (on. A hose used for suctioning should always be placed (onto. 16. into. The apples (by. down) each other in science class. 22. on) someone tall in a theater because they block my view. off) the Capital Building. 25. to) a school of sharks. off. The taxi headed (on. along) the fence looking for an opening. 18. across from. at) an open flame. 8. (See page 34 for the correct answers) 1. between. 21. from. I never like sitting (in front of. out of) their wives. 2. People that live (across from. above. by) the downtown area from the airport. 15. One should never store flammable material (near. up) the wall. at. across) the front lawn to get the newspaper. 5. behind. next to. among) the book case in the living room. at) the liquid being transferred. onto. 23. The spider crawled slowly (between. The Cuban runner is (to. First Street. at) the carrion. Please note that the map of the facilities is (in. into. The divers were (into. for. across from. on. behind) the conference schedule in your information packets. from) an airport. into. into) airports don‘t sleep well at n ight. 3. 14 . into) the yacht in the harbor. 7. 6. 19. John had to walk (into. on) the road after talking to the policeman. 4. on top of. around) it.

through. from. out of) the plains. My father is (at. 10. across. from. inside) several clerks before she got an answer o her question. The drunk driver had an accident after driving (on. in) the desert you will find fertile grassland. The woman went (amid. in) a tunnel. through. against) the baseball field. 15 . 13. over. though) three revisions so far. 11. through) the park to get to the hospital. Los Angeles is south (of. from. My father always honks the horn when going (through. (See page 35 for the correct answers) 1. Many people (from. 12. The deer ran (on. at) San Francisco. 8. onto. between. toward. between) Arkansas. 2. in. 23. to. 22. at. under. onto. on top of) the eye of the storm. toward. My house is north (by. 5. (at. at) the grove of trees.W orksheet 13 Prepositions of Movement or Direction Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. to) the colder states travel to the southwestern for the winter. from) Europe. 19. 9. My desk is in the corner (of. beyond) the city limits on my bike. As a child I never went (against. 17. 3. toward) the mountain. 18. 25. The man was stopped by hotel security after he went (below. 24. to. through) the kitchen to get to the pantry. at) those doors. 16. The plane is flying (on. Many people that retire in Thailand are (by. through) the reception area. of) the lake. The book that I am writing has been (onto. I walked (toward. Teachers have to go (through. The restaurant is (through. 14. at. 7. in) hundreds of the student‘s reports every semester. from) the stop sign. on top of. 21. 20. She had to go (off. out of) the station to Seoul every 25 minutes. beneath. 15. to) the office. You have to walk (amid. beyond. 6. The plane flew (out. through. To get to the casino floor you have to walk (on. out) the doors marked ”hotel personnel only‘. by. opposite. I drove (from. 4. at) Phoenix to San Diego in seven hours. through. The mountains are (beyond. A bus leaves (from.

and Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. along. The couple was (in back of. quantities. by) the statues in the park. Some movie stars think that working in TV is (beneath. 10. 9. 5. (besides. My mother is (in. in. 21. 22. for. after) the last chapter. in. She was so (out of. The dog chased (after. by) practice that she lost the tenn is match. in. instead of. from) the cat in the back yard. about) 70. thought I never should have moved to Spain. in. 8. like) legalizing drugs. ahead of. He is a member (of.000. between) the letter P in the English alphabet. I went to the movies (with. at) my girlfriend. at) the cruise ship just before it sailed. for. 23. by) botany was poorly written. Hamilton. (along with. 6. on) allergies. because) my mother. 13. on. 11. 24. for) the head of the company. I studied (under. The man‘s attitude (toward. like) them. We looked (in. to) the community orchestra. accord. 2. The women got (in. as. My new car cost (at. aboard. 16 . except) Thai. I‘ve read the entire book (but. 15. like) Mexican food. against. 12. at. by. (See page 35 for the correct answers) 1. Mr. after. states. 25. 3. The book (on. 14. (to. construction of the stadium was delayed because of financial difficulties. under. Most people are (concerning. 18. on) daily practice. I am a violin player (at. to) the fire department. behind) in their mortgage payments because of unexpected medical expenses. concerning) the papers. without. to) $25. Elliot is suffering (from. 20. My father. 4. 16. 17. The letter Q comes (before. to) the renowned professor Dr. he needs to set an example for his employees. 19. She learned to play the violin (through. at. 7. on) daily practice. purposes. at. in. She learned to play the violin (through.W orksheet 14 Prepositions of manner. means. I also dislike Korean food. at. I like all kinds of food (through. around. in. (according to. from) his mother-in-law is not well received by his wife.

at. 9. The renowned economics professor is always (in. He had studied for the Bar Exam (over. The teacher was (out of. I read a book last week (with. So as not to be rude. in. Sarah bought a gallon (of. (despite. 2. in. The percentage of the population that does not have health insurance is (by. For clarification. 14. in. like) eating pickles and ice cream. She ate the dessert (with. My new car costs (over. 10. at. 4. She is (through. 16. for) the protection of the teachers of a school. on. 23. The pain ting was the property (at. as) politics. to. I can decide (about. purposes means. at) the proposal. quantities. along) politics. see the (above. 20. The table was made (out of. by. by) milk. on) maple. Books about Sherlock Holmes are classified (under. 22. states. (See page 35 for the correct answers) 1.W orksheet 15 Prepositions of manner. with) fiction in a library. 25. 5. I ate the spaghetti. at) her temper. 11. Students are (under. The flowers smell (for. 7. 18. 13. about. from) 20% to 25%. from) weight. for) now. with) patience with the troublesome child. 8. in. like. concerning. over) studying for the day. for. 12. for. by. at) charts. of) the museum. 3. by. Kevin has never wanted to get married (up to. beyond) my dislike of it. 24. 21. 17 .000. 17. I dislike everything (concerning. between) the Porsche or the Ferrari. Sand and gravel are sold (by. and Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. to) the summer. from) gusto. to. by) the neighbor for our lost dog. out of. like) roses. as. The senator voted (for. Harold loved his wife (notwithstanding. at) $45. in . in. in. with) complete disarray after the earthquake. 6. The office was (in. on) a suit and bowtie. We looked (around. 19. as. My pregnant wife often felt (to. 15. opposite. in.

15. The retired teacher worked part time in a bookstore (to.W orksheet 16 Prepositions of manner. That‘s the woman (with. 9. in. 14. into)“. Billy built a volcano (for. in) his science project. at. by. The train conducted walked along the platform shoutin g —All (aboard. for) my father where my family goes on vacation. to. 22. according to. with. to. quantities. 10. over) an admiral in Naval ranking. with. was on the table . 23. with. My parents have a hard time getting by just (on. 18 . next to. on. After the man fell (out of. The suspect had an iron clad alibi. at) love. from) their retirement very early in their careers. he was depressed for months. 15 (out of. Titan. Page numbers in newspapers are never printed (at. to) off road vehicle. This website is currently (under. (See page 36 for the correct answers) 1. for. towards. 3. It‘s (up to. to) Social Security. As a traveling salesman. purposes means. by) me. 8. for) the weekend. A captain is (under. into. Some worker‘s productivity slackens (at. See the (by. Financially savvy people put money (towards. 18. in. Mr. 25. Ms. at) the index. of. (because. to) the world. to. below) paragraph for additional information. My wife never goes to my parent‘s (without. 11. states. Bellows works (at. with. 6. but) his lawyer. out of) his car. (minus. 12. A traveling salesman goes from town to town (in. to) glue. 13. from) Mr. 20. from. 5. 16. on) pass the time of day. I finally confessed that I broke the vase (out of. There is racial and religious discrimination (throughout. by) car. to) development. 4. by. Castle went to the meeting (to. between) of 20 students failed the test. 19. on. for) the Rolls Royce. over) his head to protect it from the sun. between. The master mechanic converted the Volkswagen (into. by) guilt. The broken chair can be fixed (with. below. between) the headlines. 2. 17. and Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. The draft for the paper. 7. from. 21. The man put a handkerchief (in. in. 24.

I have read (by. beneath. between. The accounting class had (to. The startled actor shook his fist (in. 14. above. on. (next to. Many Americans h ad no appreciation for men (from. in back of. 23. Zelnick was sick (by. for) them to socialize with the janitorial staff. by. by. 11. 13. with. by) strike. between) me. purposes 17 means. but. The word denim comes (after. 4. besides. 8. at) the rude reporters. 12. 5. (regarding. and Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. states. on. in. My youngest sister was born three years (before. by) the expectations of the conductor. 7. he also minors in botany at the university. The connoisseur drank the wine (in. Mr. with) biology. As a student I was always (behind. to) notes for more detail. up to. as) having taken CPR classes. Refer to the (in. to) helicopter. for) the thirteenth chapter of the book. 22. out) to my mothers customary excellen ce. 3. up to) in my studies because I had to work. with) uniform in the 1960‘s. The only way to get to the island is (in. The amateur musicians performed (for. A lot of managers believe that it is (under. 6. concerning. beyond. (by. 2. under. for. 19 . by. 24. the woman was of no help during the medical emergency. to) he needs a vacation. My mother can bake anything (off. 9. Watts feels (like. from) 65 years old. with) mine.W orksheet Prepositions of manner. among) dieting and not dieting. over. My wife has trouble choosing (between. He would never do anything like that. as) blindness. after. That gentleman in the blue tie is a colleague (for. to) delight. 18. with) 25 people in it. 21. to) the weekend. Most of the union members did not want to go (for. despite. 16. if) I know. for) stubbornness. The lasagna that my sister cooked was n ot (on. as far as. His father is (around. of. He did not do what his father wanted (by. 15. out of. from) soufflés. Mr. The doctor reads all journals (notwithstanding. 10. 25. 20. 17. 19. before) the word denizen in the dictionary. quantities. up to. (See page 36 for the correct answers) 1.

over. on) her coma. like. with) the CEO. She learned of the discovery (on. along) 15 to 20 students in the class did not complete the assignment. through) all your hard work. 6. 11. and Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. 25. behind. Missy always arrive late for work (for. 10. with) mine. 23. of. around) the lake for the missing ch ild. 21. 19. (in. was only $2500. from) coach Olsen. 15. in) weight. from. His month ly pay. under. below. The doctor put gauze (over. The teenage knew he would be (on. by) you could win big. from. next. 22. The blisters on the man‘s skin were caused (of. for) $900 and $1500. of.W orksheet Prepositions of manner. from. under. we have achieved our sales goals. A new refrigerator can cost (on. Bernard come (into. with) a den. between. 16. The recipe called for three cups (in. Lenny made his garage (to. 5. (above. The students watched a documentary (for. 3. outside. That gentleman in the blue tie is a friend (for. All the members (to. by) trouble when he got home late. at) a science magazine. of. The team won the championship (by. (of. 24. 13. because) the slumping economy. to) the bosses fury. (for. states. A financial officer in a company is (behind. beneath) the crust of the earth is the mantle. 14. inside) conventional wisdom among his colleagues. Many people think that falling new house sales are (of. over. out of. The meeting was scheduled (for. purposes 18 means. through) the child‘s scrape. for) flour. It took three months for Mrs. with) severe sunburn. to) deductions. 18. The scientist‘s theories were (by. 7. minus. 17. 9. Many people say that frog legs taste (with. similar) chicken. notwithstanding. in. 20 . quantities. for) the orchestra practice six hours a day. The rescue workers searched all (to. at. (See page 36 for the correct answers) 1. Cotton farmers sell their crops (by. 12. from) the phone. by) the first world war in history class. on. 8. from. 4. like. into. 20. 2. If you use this gambling system it looks (for.

through. purposes 19 means. to. 18. 21. after) him. Her parents come (both. on) the navy in WWII. out of. There are many talk shows (from. if needed. by) employees who use the Internet for personal use is well known throughout the office. She prefers cotton (to. next to) her house as a computer programmer. with) the blue color is my uncle‘s. along with) us on the date to the movies. toward) illegal aliens is shocking. 10. and Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. 11. with. under. Ells is putting money away (to. from) control. at. 133 (into. The criminal had to flee the country because the police were (by. 20. by. as) my father. I hate camping. Verbs and nouns are (by. 4. 25. 22.W orksheet Prepositions of manner. 17. A (to. 9. despite. opposite. 6. under. 15. (See page 37 for the correct answers) 1. on. for) the radio. with) parts of speech in grammar texts. at. 7. towards. 3. by) silk dresses. below) detailed explanation is provided. The girl (on. 24. The ship left the protection of the bay (under. A movie (by. plus. toward. on. in) the freckles is cute. Only (with. 13. 19. The supervisor‘s attitude (with. The unruly child‘s behavior was (into. 12. (to. out of) plastic and metal. but not many. 2. The movie we had just seen was (from. My mother works (to. under. for. Some. 21 . 14. over) two hours long can be difficult to sit through. My father was (in. 8. Some people‘s feelings (with. That toaster is made (at. to) using English can a person learn English. by. through) with the book in a couple of days. through. unlike. about) killer snakes. behind) any trouble I got into as a child. Mr. on. by) a cabin in the woods. in. The dog (on. on) TV are really fun to watch. 5. My sister was always (ahead of. 16. on) sail. The new admission policy for the hospital is (on. ads (for. I will be (over. in. states. 23. under) discussion by the Board of Directors. minus) 133 is 266. quantities. out of.

from) stress. except) the turtle. Many citizens are (to. 25. The instrument sounds (similar. under) the virtuoso Masterson. on. to) the 100 polled were in favor of the presidents performance. 16. 4. for) her daughter. off. on. 21. 18. I really like my job (but. by. Many social service workers spend most of their day (off. The president‘s economic advisor is going (behind. Mrs. The service on the car was almost complete. for. 23. they changed my bed room (from. 65 people (between. for. The feathers (by. Kelly went (to. into. Many migraine headaches are caused (in. like. in) the red dress is gorgeous. People in the witness protection program are (for. like) this suave can get rid of your rash. from. 7. 14. with) toner. (See page 37 for the correct answers) 1. purposes 20 means. (for. as. 5. concerning) h is frequent outburst while at work. 17. From reading this pamph let. beyond. I liked all my classes in high school (according to. 3. despite) his campaign promises not to raise them. The boss talked to the employee (for. for. as. notwithstanding) its low pay and long hours. The woman (at. from. The members of the planning committee were (to. under) the auspice of the federal marshal. 11. Many people get to work in New York City (from. in) agreement about the proposal to build a wing at the hospital. I heard (at. (minus. but) chemistry. After I moved out of my parent‘s house. 2. My sister learned to play the violin (to. (as. with. 24. with. All the animals in the petty zoo are mammals. from. by) train. 22. up to) him. 15. through) the grapevine that you were getting married. into) a play room. plus. plus. for) banning smoking in public buildings. like. 20. of) a trumpet. 12. The copier ran (into. 13. states. to. out of. 8. 10. quantities. 6. it looks (to. but. 22 . and Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. at) the oil change. out of) the office. from. on) a rampage after she found out she was terminated from her job. with) the president to the summit in Spain. 9. of) a peacock are very beautiful. 19. Taxes were raised immediately after the president took office.W orksheet Prepositions of manner. Williams knitted a sweater (to. What a professor teaches in class is (for. out of. but it is a cornet.

of) the Armed Services in America are respected for their dedication to the country. under) 45 minutes to complete the test. in. quantities. (as. from) $150. Dobson found out about the meeting (by. under. on. from) his supervisor. 7. 23. Members (to.000. The construction of the stadium was (under. 21. up to) the level of the starting quarterback‘s. 12. 15. Many people are depressed (at. over. to. above) her husband after he fell asleep on the couch. through. It took (for. beyond) belief that the highly honored public official could have been involved the scandal. in. 24. The horse galloped away from the lion (to. Children get more and more excited (to. for. 22. like) going to night clubs. from. unlike) the manager to be so angry when reprimanding an employee. 18. 6. to. to. to. over) the holiday season. by. 10. to) the chess club at high school. The man felt it was (above. around) the time she was leaving. 9. 2. The young mother was (for.W orksheet 21 Prepositions of manner. states. 25. for. The backup quarterback‘s passing ability is (from. by. Harry is (at. in. to) learn French. 8. 3. 16. but. by) the case. out of) her mind with worry when her son didn‘t return home from school. by. His new position in the company has a great salary (but. means. Mr. throughout) the city were seeking assistance after the earthquake. beneath) him to respond to the woman‘s request. It was (over.000 to $200. 13. plus) a company car. 17. The children played the game (in. Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. towards) summer vacation. from. I never feel (at. She put a blanket (in. It was (concerning. of) sugar in my coffee? 4. in) the ingenuity of thousands of people. in) Genus in a biological classification of organisms. Beer is cheaper if bought (in. 14. out of) fear. by. and purposes. Could I have two lumps (in. next to. Citizens (for. with) much enthusiasm. behind. under. Babbot took the class (for. Sales figures for the month for the different stores in the region ranged (to. 23 . It started to rain (for. man was able to land on the moon. Species is (towards. 5. 20. concerning. after) schedule because of the strike. Mrs. 19. through. 11. (See page 37 for the correct answers) 1.

It usually takes patients hours before coming (out of. 15. by) you and your wife on your honeymoon. 13. at. The police looked (around. at) rest. The proposed bill would create thousands of new jobs (but. 5. 18. The reluctance of the company management to negotiate with union leaders was (behind. once) the Serengeti Plains. beyond) me becoming a lawyer. For information that explains English grammar see the (below. out of. An imals in a zoo are (under. My lips hurt after playing the trumpet for only five minutes because I was (by. Most government agencies have to watch their budget (toward. in back of) in his paper work. The frightened boy ran down the street because several gang members were (after. 19. amid) the Elk‘s Club. at. 21. from) the area for the burglar. according to. states. Casey always takes his dog (with. 12. 17. by) the constant care and supervision of the zoo keepers. Larry got (to. between) the top soil of a stream or river. by) the ship an hour before his friends. from) the unruly student. means. 3. and purposes. 22. in) the end of the fiscal year. The latest National Geographic TV program was (about. 7. in) him when he goes jogging. Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. 25. The angry teacher pointed his finger (to. in. 14. My mother was always (opposite. The cancer patient weighed (under. on) the hospital board of directors when I was in grade school. Inertia can mean that something is (in. against. concerning) their decision to call for a strike. 10. over. with) him. My brother-in-law is (in. next to) list of websites. to. The amateur's violin solo was (up to. 24. aboard. against. onto. on. 6. 4. at) 100 pounds. All newspapers put the most important news items (above. concerning) the presidents advisors. (See page 38 for the correct answers) 1. between) Windows XP. 16. after. to. for) the effect of anesthesia after surgery. by. Gold can often be found (beneath. in) the fold. for) practice. beyond. by. My mother was a member (of. quantities. next to. over. in. 23. 2. Windows 95 come on the market (before. 20. on. 24 . for. 8. I never take my dog for a walk (without.W orksheet 22 Prepositions of manner. 9. under. on) the standards of the renowned virtuoso. from. The office manager had to stay late because he was (behind. out of. from) a leash. 11. Friends should never come (along with.

for) a deep sleep he had a terrifying nightmare. 7. of. states. 16. 23 means. Max exercises daily (on. Pacifist believe that change can occur (through. as) the windows. in. My wife often feels (like. from. 22. 6. for. Before the child came (out of. minus. to. Mr. by.000 tourists on the island. at) the influence of alcohol. to. for) the gross. 25 . He was arrested for being (under. as) pasta. 9. and Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. for. 10. in. One should always dress (in. The length of jail time that a criminal gets is (up to. Most teenagers prefer hamburgers (but. against. (notwithstanding. At any one time there are (but. quantities. One should always strive to change a negative situation (into. The play was written (to. 18. for) the judge. to. Ms. 2. from. The sands (of. 15. on.000 to 35. A table cloth was put (into. 8. by. with) you don‘t care about me anymore. Some people who look (at. Stapleton was (in. like. 19. 17. beside) seventh heaven after her boyfriend proposed to her. from. James had completed painting the exterior of his house. Patterson went along with the committee‘s decision. The little boy ran away from the bullies (out of. for) Neil Simon. by. The company went into bankruptcy (despite. from. by) the Sahara Desert are constantly shifting. by) the norm of his party. 5. with) fear. for. 12. Allison was (on. The mother learned that her son was failing math (from. 13. by) a bicycle. by. to. 11. 4. 20. 25. It seems (only. to) shopping. 23. from) improving the education system in the United States. (See page 38 for the correct answers) 1. purposes. out of. 3. with) his sister. over. (alongside. To get cheap pencils buy them (in. Almost all Americans are (for. by. His political beliefs are (outside. by) a positive one. but) casual clothes on a picnic. by) 30. 24. 14. like) The King perform as Elvis impersonators in Las Vegas. according to) the reservations he had for the proposal. below) the table in the dining room. on) peace. according to) the CEO‘s efforts. in) cloud nine after her boyfriend proposed to her. 21.W orksheet Prepositions of manner.

13. on. by) staff doctors. of) global warming. to. The movie lasted (about. only one was not a mammal. 14. The newspaper reporter was writing a series (with. by) peace when they were married. 11. at) with the laundry she started on the dishes. Pilots communicate with control towers (over. Hospital interns learn much about medicine (under. Bill is a truly nice guy (unlike. to) red heads. In the summer I always played (out of. 5. (See page 39 for the correct answers) 1. by. My brother reads the dictionary every day. for. Daniel took his car to the shop (to. for. Many men prefer blonds (with. to. to) either mashed potatoes or French fries. at. of. My parents were never (at. The short in the lamp was fixed (with. at) the operation. by. (out of. 10. quantities. from) the summer most students just relax and never open a book. The man waited (for. out of) detectives in status in a police department. to) electrical wire. 7. by) the letter H. from) his wife in front of the bank. 12. He was in agony (from. 23. 21. 24. to) an hour and forty five minutes. 24 means. 22. under) felines in the classification of animals. and Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. in. toward. to. for. 4. from. in. 25. between) all the animals in the petting zoo. up to. Many mother purchases milk (in. 26 . under. 18. The meal comes (with. into. for. from. 3. Cats are (with. 19. by) doors. My mother went (along with. by) my father when he decided to buy the recreational vehicle. The people‘s feeling (towards. The church congregation donated clothes (from. about. 9. (over. 17. on. 20. Harold pounded his fist on his desk (out of. with) trepidation. from. 8. from) the gallon. states. purposes. from) many of his teammates. at) the people of the third world nation.W orksheet Prepositions of manner. 2. 15. with) frustration. Patrolmen are (on. but) get it fixed. She gave her speech to the student body (from. on. 16. he is now (at. After my mother was (through. in) the radio. 6. to) the plan to raise taxes was shown at the ballot box. in.

on. dependin g on the temperature and humidity. below. I like the treadmill (on. without. 3. besides. from) eight to ten miles a day. with) the expectations of the city council. (but. 4. to) odds with each other for years. between) more funding for education. It is unsafe to drive any car (in. beyond. by) the electric elevation control. by. but not the Grand Canyon. 21. between) in her grading of papers so she had to work through the weekend. to) a state of shock after hearing of the classmate‘s death. My neighbor and I have been (with. 23. for) airbags. for. 22. 18. 14. 19. included full employment. with. Ted can run (by. The jobs program benefited the community (to. 6. in summer the average temperature is (to. My mother was (on. 9. 2. up) for the endless commercials. purposes. behind. between) charts illustrate the severity of the slumping economy. from) great artist can cost millions of dollars. quantities. and improved national defense. The new laws (according to. 13. at. to) the PTA for several years. as) Edgar Allen Poe. 8. as. in. 16. in) the sheets and blankets. The works (to. The president‘s election promises. The famous actress always enters a room (with . out of. by. 20. I would really like watching anything on TV (but. 17. from) hypnosis he acted like a chicken. (concerning. free health care. between) Allison or Margaret as a name for my sister. by) a vacation to Disneyland. at. and Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. beneath. 10. about) 105 degrees. The student body was (at. The car still didn‘t run properly. The teacher was (in front of. with. I fixed my flat tire (by. as) spending over $600 for repairs. as) anger. for. 7. she‘s (up to. for) style and grace. My parents had trouble deciding (about. The (at. 24. was written (by. She is the tallest player on the team. around) six foot five. concerning. 27 . The Albertson‘s children were (to. 15. despite. 5. 11. without) the environment are going to be very expensive to enforce. from) a patch. My wife often criticizes me (to. When the boy came (in. concerning. 25 means. states. The Raven. In Arizona.W orksheet Prepositions of manner. The heating pad was (out of. of. in. as far as) that goes. 25. 12. It‘s not a bad idea (but. (See page 39 for the correct answers) 1. The poem. out of. of.

If you don‘t go to the opera (on. on. towards. (See page 39 for the correct answers) 1. 9. Helen went (to. to) water to feed on fish. under. 16. states. through) superior intellect. like. 5. 20. minus. 8. 12. for. by. by) bait for only $125. Most scientist work (amid. to) a tux some people may frown at you. under. Only one (in. from) five people who watched the movie thought it was funny. from) with work. on. 23. from. 10. 4. 26 means. purposes. over. into) 7 is 52. 18. 15. 13. above) him to have to ask for advice from a junior staffer. Becky baked a cake (in. 2. with) their labs. 17. around) the house looking for his favorite toy. The boy scurried (at. beneath. at) my parent‘s control until I turned 18. on. in. Roosters usually start crowing (over. out of) sunup. and Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. with) the influence of drugs. 22. to. in) the plane until they check the weather report.Some people put sheets (over. from. by) a broken heart. into. Many birds dive (on. 28 . 21. One can solve a Rubric‘s Cube only (in . through. from. out of. The president thought it was (across form.W orksheet Prepositions of manner. 45 (plus. 3. 24. The man hated to use dental floss. Police got the tip about the crime (to. in) a tread mill. (at. under. The man usually had a beer at the local tavern after he was (across. in. I was (in. out of. on) the family picnic. The playground was flooded with two feet (of. 7. 14. quantities. The Pearson‘s refuse to get (aboard. to) water. Nancy runs three miles everyday (to. for) his dentist‘s insistence to floss daily. 19. 25. I talked to my friend (in. The woman is in misery (to. His sister feels (as. 11. from) a terror after she found out that she was not accepted to Harvard. The sporting goods store was selling fishing poles and a tackle box (plus. A person‘s personality can change dramatically when they are (by. for. under) water. above) their furniture to keep the dust off if they are away for a long time. from) the phone about our vacation plans. after) going to the movies. at) an anonymous source. Submarines patrol the seas (in. 6. notwithstanding.

to. with) her female friends to the disco for a ladies night out. purposes. in. 12. in) $2000 a month rent in this city is almost impossible. at) his fingernail. The girl ran away from the stranger (though. 15. at) the Internet. but. she will be here by 5:00. 7. 20.W orksheet Prepositions of manner. The class has covered world history (between. without. 19. 8. for) the Civil War so far. The ship departed an hour ago and is (by. in. 13. 22. to. for) his sister to be so argumentative. My sisters position (of. 27 means. Many of the people had trouble staying awake (on. The generator was repaired (on. 10. It was (unlike. Finding a rental property (over. over. from. at) the course of the meeting. under) sail to India. 3. Employers are required to make Social Security payments (by. He has money (plus. in) my accountant so he could complete my income taxes. from) the idea after she found out that the captain of the football team would be there. with. for) shampoo. towards) their employees government controlled retirement plan. The doctor listened to the complaining patient (for. in) politeness. of. in) the chess club at school. up to. 9. into) mushrooms. as. His sister warmed up (for. to. as) good looks. 14. quantities. by. 17. My wife went (out of. The man had a sliver (under. I always order stir fried chicken with cashew nuts (of. 21. 25. My sister was (out of. 23. since) 8:00 PM. because. under. (as far as. but. in. I gathered all receipts from last year (to. 4. for) fright. on. for) bailing wire and a prayer. according to) I know. up to. 24. I start getting really sleepy (towards. so she didn't wash her hair. 11. to. (See page 39 for the correct answers) 1. The cost of the reception was (under. of) illegal aliens. in . and Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. 29 . The radio program was (about. towards. 6. A lot of information can be found (over. When I asked for some time off my supervisor said it would be (as. 16. 2. by) the homeless is without mercy. 18. 5. out of. Many Egyptian tombs have been found (beneath. for. on) the sand. Sally was the president (to. at) $5000. states. for) the manager.

but) his recent failing grades at school. according to) most doctors. 6. above) references. 11. by) oil in the car. by) the radio. and Select the correct preposition in each of the sentences below. the grand marshal waved (at. 14. The mother questioned all her seven children to find out who was (behind. also) being a prolific writer. Harrison failed the exam (despite. 7. Lenny gets to work every day (in. For more information about the castle see the (on. (to. by) the home team will win the game with a lead of 21 points with only three minutes left in the game. even. concerning) the manager. as. to. after) the practical joke. 20. off. 18. we bought drinks and snacks for the trip. I heard about the governor‘s trip to South America (from. toward. 3. The mechanic put in two quarts (with. His job (for. 28 means. Johnson has all the Beatles albums. Q comes (between. purposes. My wife asked me to talk to our son (concerning. 4.W orksheet Prepositions of manner. 15. to) bicycle. in) the people on the sidewalk. 13. around) town looking for the jeans I wanted. with. I had to drive all (into. concerned) financing the construction project. People should not eat too much salt (concerning. The banker was (against. It seems (like. by. except. minus) nine is thirty. below) the country. The man said that he would go (at. to. director. to) the plan. 19. Before we got (in. Many of the visitors to the shrine are from (in. 10. and producer. 23. 22. 12. with) a fireman is dangerous. along with. for) studying for it for over three weeks. of. (See page 40 for the correct answers) 1. The man was an actor. 30 . outside. in front of. concerning. 5. at. 8. 16. quantities. as. by. (in. on) the White Album. (besides. to. Thirty-nine (plus. with) the environment biased. from) P and R in the English alphabet. People (throughout. for) my wildest dreams. Even when it rains. All the employees take the bus to work. 17. During the parade. by. states. notwithstanding. (except. in) an underpaid worker and student. aboard) the bus. 2. to. 21. Some people consider the Al Gore‘s film (in. 24. I worry about money. and. from) the world only want peace and happiness. beside. The success of the party went (beyond. 9. with. on. Mr. 25.

To 12. Throughout 13. From 23. Prior to 20. For 8. From 21. During 4.Answer Sheets Exercise 1 1. At 2. In 19. By 18. Before 18. Past 15. Within 15. During 2. Within 5. To 7. After 18. During 11. Since 8. Until 14. Before 15. For 10. On 23. Until 14. Before 3. Through 3. In 11. At 9. To 25. Over 7. In 4. Past 17. Throughout 6. On 9. Since 21. Up to 31 . At 19. Through 16. Over 9. On 16. On 25. Since 22. Around 17. Within 6. Past 19. In Exercise 3 1. During 20. From 6. In 24. Since 24. After Exercise 2 1. By 20. For 25. Throughout 4. Till 13. During 2. Before 13. By 22. At 17. Around 11. Past 24. Until 3. By 5. In 21. During 7. Over 10. Past 22. Throughout 8. To 23. After 12. Until 5. About 10. Through 12. At 16. After 14.

Off 5. In 14. For 24. Across from 15. Over 21. During 2. On top of 12. Around 9. In 19. Up 25. For 4. During 6. Inside 11.Answer Sheets Exercise 4 1. Outside 7. After 23. Beside 18. Below 22. On 4. For 11. Along 23. Under 3. Outside 19. Against 12. On 13. Below 22. In 18. Into 16. By 4. On 17. By 32 . On 8. Till 20. Underneath 25. Around 24. After 13. Till 12. At 25. Since 15. Near 5. PAST 11. Next to 20. Off 18. For Exercise 5 1. After 3. Inside 15. Between 8. At 13. Out 16. On 10. Up 10. Amid 3. Along 6. Above 20. Alongside 24. Before 21. Behind Exercise 6 1. In 9. Down 2. Over 21. Out 19. Into 10. Among 7. Beyond 22. On top of 6. In 8. To 16. Out of 17. Over 5. Atop 9. In 7. By 17. Inside 2. On 14. In the back of 14. Beneath 23.

Against 13. Ahead of 10. Behind 14. Into 23. Across from Exercise 9 1. Along 16. Up 22. Out of 3. Amid 13. Above 6. Beside 19. Opposite 3. In front of Exercise 8 1. Out of 12. In back of 15. Beneath 5. Below 22. Atop 25. Between 8.Answer Sheets Exercise 7 1. Near 15. Down 23. Under 21. Around 5. Onto 16. Behind 25. By 24. Alongside 19. Off 21. Around 20. Across 8. Between 6. Among 17. In back of 10. Beneath 13. Across 7. Underneath 24. Outside 11. Ahead of 8. Near 18. Inn the back of 12. Down 9. Opposite 6. Near 22. Over 4. Across from 2. Onto 20. In front of 23. In back of 10. Among 7. Alongside 24. Onto 18. Under 14. On 4. Against 33 . Behind 9. Next to 11. Between 18. Into 11. By 2. For 17. On top of 2. Across 5. Above 20. Opposite 7. Next to 14. For 19. Beside 17. Underneath 15. Ahead of 9. Amid 3. Against 4. In 21. Inside 25. In front of 12. In the back of 16.

In 5. By 8. Out Exercise 11 1. Next to 14. On 17. At 25. Next to 19. Off 17. Under 20. Behind 12. In 3. Next to Exercise 12 1. Above 24. At 2. Onto 11. Over 2. Out of 12. On 34 . Ahead of 10. Under 22. On top of 17. Outside 13. Out of 8. Up 16. On 9. Above 14. Up 6. Into 16. Alongside 21. Across From 5. Under 3. Across 8. Around 18. By 23. Along 15. In the back of 20. Near 15. Between 24. Down 21. Amid 23. Around 5. Underneath 24. Next to 25. Under 11. Down 20. Up 19. Across from 13. For 22. Under 6. By 12. Off 10. Across 21. Behind 9. Behind 4. Near 2. Against 22. Alongside 7. On 23. Under 3. In front of 19.Answer Sheets Exercise 10 1. For 15. Between 4. Next to 7. Off 18. Around 10. On 9. Onto 25. On top of 14. Among 11. Below 18. Inside 7. Among 16. Next to 4. In 13. On 6.

Over 14. Through 35 . Except 10. According to 6. Against 14. Notwithstanding 23. Beneath Exercise 15 1. Through 17. Around 12.Answer Sheets Exercise 13 1. Through 4. Out of 16. TOWARD 11. Under 16. From 13. Through 7. Beyond 7. Through 10. Between 20. Through 25. Despite 8. Concerning 7. With 5. But 5. Up to 6. With 13. From 12. From 3. In 2. Of 24. Around 17. Above 2. Through 23. Through 20. After 22. By 4. Under 25. Of 25. Along with 15. Through 1 5. From 18. Like 21. From 9. As 19. Toward 6. Through 24. Behind 23. Through 24. Beyond 11. Aboard 4. About 9. Like 19. Beyond 19. Under 22. By 5. Out of 18. On 8. Through 21. Of 20. Out of 3. From 16. Over 11. Through 2. From 3. At 21. After 12. For 10. Besides 18. Of 13. About 9. Of 22. In 15. Through 8. In 17. Toward Exercise 14 1. Toward 14.

At 9. For 19. With 20. Towards Exercise 1 7 1. Out of 18. From 6. 18. By 11. Over 4. Like 14. Like 25. Out of 11. Beneath 16. As far as 8. Beyond 19. Through 17. Of 5. Behind 13. Into 8. Into 5. Above 25. Minus 13. To 10. Around 16. Before 10. Below 23. Aboard 24. Throughout 8. Under 9. With 22. Over 23. In 2. From 2. After Exercise 1 8 1. From 15. On 36 . Up to 23. By 21. Out of 22. On 4.Answer Sheets Exercise 16 1. Without 21. Notwithstanding 14. Out of 16. But 20. Of 5. Up to 17. Over 7. Around 6. With 12. Minus 7. In 7. Besides 17. Between 24. Of 18. Up to 3. Under 15. Between. Under 15. Despite 24. Under 20. Over 4. Concerning 22. Of 19. Under 11. Out of 3. According to 25. Beneath 3. With 6. Like 10. Out of 2. Towards 12. On 14. Behind 12. By 9. Outside 21. Below 13.

Beneath 13. After 18. Out of 16. Of 4. Around 23. Along with 20. Of 7. In 6. Over 37 . From 13. Through 17. Like 2. To 12. Out of 15. Except 10. To 14. Notwithstanding 22. About 14. In 20. By 25. With Toward Exercise 20 1. Under 12. Minus 21. Out of 3. On 2. Under Exercise 21 1. Through 10. For 18. Throughout 12. But 4. Behind 24. Towards 15. Under 17. Out of 9. Like 20. With 6. Unlike 22. Concerning 6. Behind 18. Over 23. Out of 3. Under 19. Over 8. Into 19. Out of 16. Towards 4. From 11. Up to 24. Out of 5. From 21. Beyond 2. Out of 7. On 25. With 24. Through 10. Despite 9. Under 22. On 8. In 8. Of 23. Over 5. 13. Below 25.Answer Sheets Exercise 19 1. Unlike 11. Under 7. By 5. Toward 3. Under 15. Plus 17. Plus 9. With 21. For 11. In 16. Through 19. Up to 14.

From 7. Without 5. Of 19. At 25. For 5. Of 4. With 38 . Despite 4. Through 15. Behind 7. Unlike 15. Out of 7. Under 22. By 2. On 20. Over 10. Under 25. Into 13. Up to 10. About 6. Under 14. Through 21. From 8. Outside 23. Over 18. Like 3. Under 17. In 21. Behind 23. Out of 11. Under 23. For 6. To 5. By 22. About 20. Like 18. Notwithstanding 17. According to 3. Minus 16. With 12. At 13. Under 11. By Exercise 24 1. About 24. At 20. Out of 2. On 9. In 12. Aboard 24. Out of 8. With 25. Along with 16. Above 10. Before 21. In 19.Answer Sheets Exercise 22 1. Over 6. Out of 4. Against 14. Below 12. Out of 24. From 22. Out of 13. Toward 19. Towards 8. Up to 16. Beneath 9. Around 18. To 11. To 17. Towards 9. After Exercise 23 1. With 2. Like 14. Along with 3. Up to 15.

Out of 16. About 14. But 19. Through 13. Towards 22. Plus 21. Despite 22. Beneath 14. Out of 8. Out of 6. From 17. Around 3. Under 20. About 24. Beneath 19. As far as 24. To 17. For 18. Aboard 10. Through 18. Over 2. Around 9. Of 5. Under 19. Over 25. Up to 8. Without 16. Below 12. Beyond 18. Over 11. For 23. Under 12. On 11. Of 13. Through 23. With 6. From 25. Notwithstanding 4. In 7. By 20. Out of 13. Concerning 21. Plus oward 3. Unlike 21. For 24. Over 20. Towards 8. T 4. With 15. In 22. Towards 2. As far as 5. Out of 14. Under Exercise 27 1. Up to 12. In Exercise 26 1. Under 39 . Between 17. Out of 4. With 10. Under 9. With 10. Like 23. Besides 15. Of 6. Beneath 3.Answer Sheets Exercise 25 1. Under 5. With 2. From 25. Plus 15. Behind 9. Without 11. Under 7. At 16. On 7.

By 20. Against 16. Between 12. Throughout 11. Minus 25. On 4. Of 6. As 5. Except 2. Behind 23. Aboard 13. Concerning 10. Beyond 9. Except 8. Outside 40 . Besides 7. From 22. Despite 21. Above 15. Around 17. According to 14.Answer Sheets Exercise 28 1. Along with 24. Like 3. As 18. At 19.