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Cordillera Regional Risk Reduction and Management Council

Office of Civil Defense Cordillera Region

PRESS RELEASE March 26, 2013 “OCD-CAR and partner agencies support local response teams of the Cordillera”

One of the main focus of Office of Civil Defense Cordillera (OCD-CAR) is to enhance disaster resilience through partnership. Thus, one of the identified strategies for this purpose is the capacity building of the six (6) Cordillera Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Offices (PDRRMOs). Part of this commitment is the development of pool of instructors amongst provincial emergency responders that will assist and cater to the numerous emergency response training courses requested upon the office. Starting April 17-24, a training of Trainers on Cordillera basic Mountain Search and rescue (MoSAR) will be conducted in partnership with the Philippine Military Academy, Bureau of Fire Protection and the 6 provinces of the Cordillera. A total of fifty (50) participants’ composite of provincial rescue teams will join the training and indeed be part of the training team in rolling out this program to communities. This program aims to produce eligible trainers as key in aiding OCD-CAR and the CRDRRMC in the conduct of Mountain Search and Rescue (MoSAR) or emergency response skills to the grass root level. As promulgated in R.A 10121, OCD-CAR will continue to provide leadership in the continuous development of strategic and systematic approaches and measures to reduce the vulnerabilities and risk to hazards and manage consequences of disaster.