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March 21, 2013 Dear Mayor Lantigua, I am writing because as of March 21, 2013, the City of Lawrence does not have

a functional Board of Registrars. As you know, Massachusetts General Law requires that this Board be comprised of 4 members: two Democrats and two Republicans (with one member being the city clerk - ex officio). Currently, the Board is made up of a temporary appointment (Democrat) that you made on November 4, 2011 (not approved by the City Council) and the City Clerk (Democrat). With the special Senate election primary taking place on April 30, 2013, it is paramount that Lawrence has a fully functional board to deal with any issues that may arise from this election, as well as their other duties. It is important that the following be completed: 1. Place on the next City Council agenda the two Republican and one Democrat nominee for the Board as required by Massachusetts General Law Ch. 51, Section 15; and 2. Provide to the City Council copies of the notifications sent to the Democratic and Republican city committees informing them of the vacancies on the board as required by Massachusetts General Law Ch. 51, Section 15. Frankly, you should not have allowed the city to be placed in this position. It is an abuse of mayoral power to keep a temporary appointment for over 16 months since it tramples the spirit of the law and purposely avoids the city council approval requirement. In fact, your "temporary appointment" has nearly completed the equivalent to half of a three year term. Our election process is too important to be considered an afterthought. The local and state election laws are provided to give our citizens confidence that elections are held in a fair and impartial manner. Please take these laws seriously. Marc Laplante Lawrence City Council 978 376-6702