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Experience and survey make a person learn something with the help of self study and question-answer. A person is able to learn each and every area by that he/she can get proper knowledge and meath of particular area. Marketing research is the important part of syllabus for the student of BBA. Person can’t learn simply reading of books on it, they requires to practices his/her hand at learn of it. Marketing research guides the students for improving their personality in the business administration and understanding regarding the theories of management. So for the practical knowledge the students require the perception and satisfaction level of the consumers regarding the SUSHMA NAMKEEN. Thus theoretical studies are not enough for the management students; also the practical studies bring a lot of conceptual cleaning and also give a clear cut understanding of the application of management principals. As I am interesting in business, I obtain this course of business administration. This course is professional rather than vocation and through this course I want to make my place in the world. The initial objective of this report is to know the CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR on “SUSHMA NAMKEEN.” This report based on my observation and information provided by the respondents as well as manager of the company. I try to best level to represent this report.

I am quite fortunate enough to have cherished wishes of different personalities in the preparation of this project, which I wish to acknowledge as under. I wish to express my special gratitude to the management of the SUSHMA NAMKEEN LIMITED for giving me permission of our practical studies as a part of third year BBA program, a research project on topic of CONSUMER BEHAVIOR in BUYING NAMKEEN PRODUCT. I am very thankful to M.D. of the SUSHMA NAMKEEN Mr. Bhupendrabhai Vaid & Marketing Manager Mr. M.L.Sharma. I wish to extend my sincere feeling of gratitude to our principal Dr. Vinod Chavda & Head of the Department Dr. V.M.Nayak. I am extremely thankful to Mr. Ishan Sharma (project co-ordinate) who guides me throughout preparation of this project and gave me valuable suggestions. Last but not the least; I am thankful to all those person who have supported to me directly or indirectly, in successful completion of my work.



FDI. accounting for about a third of the world's total and Japan and the United Kingdom. corn chips. which is still a major challenge in terms of human development pointing out to a dual responsibility of the industry. Brazil. • However. which grew much faster than trade in the last Two decades is of particular importance in this industry. But only 10% of processed products in total food sales is Traded. and another quarter of the world's total. Chile. The world snack food market has continued to grow reaching an estimated $66 billion in 2003. Indonesia. only few developing countries are dominating value-added food SouthSouth trade (Argentina. . • The “key” question is why only a few? (3) In addition to the economic importance. The United States continues to be the largest market.GLOBAL SCENARIO OF THE SNACK FOODS INDUSTRIES EXECUTIVE SUMMARY OF THE GLOBAL SCENARIO OF SFI (1) The world food industry is a 5 trillion US$ business. Thailand & Turkey). the activities of the Food industry are directly related to food security. (2) Urbanization transformed domestic markets of developing countries (& SouthSouth trade) into the main source of expansion of global agri-food system. popped popcorn. tortilla chips. pretzels and similar snacks (NAICS 311919) and salted and roasted nuts and seeds (NAICS 311911). together. GLOBAL SNACK FOOD INDUSTRY TRENDS The snack food industry sector consists of establishments primarily engaged in the manufacturing of salted snacks such as potato chips. Malaysia.

A regional level discussion mirrors the retail scenario in the US and briefly captures noteworthy trends in select product segments. WORLD SNACK FOODS MARKET BRIEF The global outlook series on snack foods provides a collection of statistical anecdotes. and Indonesia. Germany. Japan.GLOBAL MARKET PROSPECTS U. China. chocolate and nonchocolate combined grew almost 12%. and statistical findings include Canada. The largest trading partners of the U. and other snacks. Since 1997. Other regional markets briefly abstracted with explanatory research commentaries.4% decline in exports. increasing approximately 6. UK.. U. and concise summaries of research findings. among others. almost 12%. India. . Corn chips follow closely with 21-25% of the market. market briefs.2%.S. accounted for over 53% of snack food exports. candy. Potato chips are the most popular snack food. following a 9% drop in 2002. Europe. Asia. France.S. Salted snacks experienced a 3. accounting for 35-47% of all snack food sales in Mexico in 2001. exports of snack foods have hovered around $1.S.1 to $1. Corn puffs and similar products cover 11-18%. Spain.3 billion. NAFTA (Canada and Mexico). snack food exports rebounded in 2003. together with quantitative analysis of sales of top product brands across product market segments. Poland.

SFA represents over 400 companies worldwide. but is not limited to. fruit snacks. pork rinds. manufacturers of potato chips. The Snack Food Association supports efforts to protect consumers from unsafe food products and substances. tortilla chips. cheese snacks. popcorn. cookies and various other snacks. snack crackers. cereal snacks. snack cakes. corn snacks. meat snacks. granola. SFA business membership includes. . pretzels. snack nuts. pellet snacks. SFA also works hard to assure that its members are kept up to date on governmental food safety regulations and requirements.THE SNACK FOOD ASSOCIATION The Snack Food Association (SFA) is the international trade association of the snack food industry representing snack manufacturers and suppliers. Founded in 1937. SFA’S MISSION STATEMENT To provide value for SFA members by offering services and relationship building forums that strengthen the performance of member companies and support industry growth. party mix. snack bars.

various yummy and regional snack foods do pop into the mind of Indian people. Burger. . When We talk about the evening in India. especially local & home made snacks which are eaten at any hour of the day. Though snacking is rather a new segment of the food industry and still at an embryonic stage. If we look at growth rate of the snack industry is really stupefying. Because they have fervent love for food. Chips. Japan and South Korea are the only countries which have won greater revenue from the sale of snacks than India. The Indian snack market has got at worth of $ 459 million in 2006. and portable and substitute for hot snacks. Australia. the snack industry has opened the floodgates of opportunities in the food processing market.INDIAN SCENARIO OF THE SNACK FOODS INDUSTRIES Well. and French Fries which have conquered the palate of people. Advent of snack industry has widened the choices which enable people to snack discreetly with absolutely no compromise on palatable taste. China. liberalization. mall culture and urbanization have laid profound impact on dietary pattern of the people across the nation. and is also prognosticated that production of branded snack food grows at annually 20% in upcoming 2 years. That is leading the snack industry to a great height. and accounts for 3% of the total Asia-Pacific snack market revenue. resulting into the escalating intake of processed and fast food. nutritious. Wide expansion of nuclear families has also brought forth a quantum leap in demand of snack foods which are hygienic. Globalization has brought about radical changes in the snacking pattern. Thus. is one of the largest snack markets in the Asia-Pacific region. It is a vehement temptation for healthy ready to eat snacks that urge the people to gobble up occidental snacks like Pizza.

Potato chips are by far the largest product category within snacks and holding the largest share about 85% of the total market revenue. because big names of the snacks business have stepped into the Indian market. All these augur great for the snack industry in India. but at present popcorn and other flavored corns have yet to make headway in the Indian market. Pizza. The prospect of the industry is pretty promising. Snack nuts and savory snacks are following the suit. and Fun Food for attracting the consumers and suiting the pocket of lower income groups. The branded chips market has been prospering at a fast pace of about 20 to 25% annually and its production is forecast to be 6500 tons alone in India. So in order to unify the Food Processing Industry. is a matter of deep concern. . The Indian snack industry is awfully fragmented and extensively unorganized. And well established companies are offering several different varieties of healthful and nutritious snack options. and snack parlors & fast food restaurants are springing up all across the country. Expanding and flourishing snacks market are attracting new players as well to venture into this industry. corporate growth strategy and implementation of food safety and standards act are needed so that it can expand the production & export base. Home made snacks and grubs sold by local vendors are still reining supreme in the market that is replete with cheaper products such as Potato and Banana Chips.

And finally the hi-tech packaging unit ensures a long lasting freshness and the best quality product every time you open the pack of SUSHMA NAMKEEN. just outside Ahmedabad. The belief that quality and taste is what attracts people has worked well at SUSHMA NAMKEEN. The recipes are truly authentic made from the best quality ingredients giving you a taste that will linger on in your mind for a long time. The production process happens under the strict supervision of quality controllers and food experts. The manufacturing unit at Changodar. state-of-the-art and highly hygienic unit under strict surveillance of stringent quality control conditions.1) HISTORY OF THE COMPANY Driven by a promise to provide excellent quality and mouth-watering taste. These ingredients are than stored at clean and hygienic storage unit. the corporate policies at SUSHMA NAMKEEN are open and transparent. clean and healthy environment. Traditionally SUSHMA NAMKEEN has been catering the true taste of Indian snacks to the world prepared in highly hygienic. is a fully automated. The grinding of the ingredients especially the Masalas also happens inside the clean and hygienic surrounding of the production unit. Care is taken to procure the best quality ingredients from markets all over the country at season time. With year of experience in savoring the taste buds of millions of people.3. There is no question on compromise on quality what-so-ever. . Today SUSHMA NAMKEEN is considered to be one of the best in the market with reputation for providing the best quality and the most appetizing products. SUSHMA NAMKEEN has been ticking the taste buds of people world over since 1979 with its wide range of appetizing products.

Vaid CONTACT PERSON:Mr.Babubhai (Production Manager) Mr.M. Rameshbhai (Packing Manager) Mr.R.Ashokbhai (Finance Manager) POSTAL ADDRESS:B-135 B G Towers. Shahibaug. India. Sharma (H. & Marketing Manager) Mr.Bhupendra S. Outside Delhi Gate.2) ORAGANIZATION PROFILE PROMOTER: Mr.L. Ahmedabad-380004. Vaid CONTACT PERSON:0091 98250 22233 DIRECTORS:Mr.3. CALL US: 0091-79-30933222 FAX US: 0091-79-25631930 . Bhupendra S.

com BANKERS: HDFC Bank Bank of India NATURE OF OUTPUT: Non Durable Goods Industries FORMS OF BUSINESS ORGANIZATION: Private Company WEBSITE: .MAIL US: info@sushmanamkeen.sushmanamkeen. . Changodar.3 LOCATION OF PRODUCTION UNIT PRODUCTION UNIT: SUSHMA NAMKEEN pvt. Ahmedabad 382210 MEANS OF COMMUNICATION: Tele/fax. Sarkhej-bavda highway. 250301 Email. Ltd.3. Dist. tajpur road.

MISSION: • • • To provide best quality to their consumer satisfaction.4) VISION & MISSION VISION: At least one product for every occasion is a clear cut vision of sushma group. with sushma group get the fruits of vision. This vision meets the buying capacity of an average Indian and it also reflects the motto to provide best quality product line. Any time. . Till date company got 20% growth per year and marching towards new horizon of success. Earn more profit through fewer prices. Make minimum wastage of raw material.3. any where.

and their quality remained the same.3. The pulses. As the demand for Sushma Namkeens raised manifold along with increased capacities. the company has in place a replacement offer. directly handle the quality control department. to make sure that only fresh Sushma Namkeens reach the customer. some of them with more then 20 years of experience in the field.5) QUALITY POLICY Sushma Namkeen Pvt. The scientific packaging method ensures that not an iota of their spicy tastes or crunchy freshness is lost over even long periods of storage. there was one thing that founder Mr. Directors of the group. . grew into a popular snack foods brand.Ltd. The basic food materials come from Sushma's own mini flour grinding mill. he incorporated modern methodologies of quality control and hygienic plant management. and kept in scientific storage. What is more. by which it replaces even those packs that have been tampered by human handling.that while the quantity of Sushma Namkeens increased steadily. The automated packaging unit enables long-lasting freshness & total hygiene of the products. grains and fruits are sourced from Western India's best markets on peak seasons. Bhupendra S. Vaid personally ensured -. so that the company can exert total control over product quality.

.. 2... 40gm.... 200gm. 200gm.. 1kg.200gm.. 100gm. 90gm. 40gm.5kg. 80gm. 200gm. 200gm. 1kg. 80gm.200gm. 40gm. 40gm... 100gm. 1kg. ... 90gm. 100gm.. 40gm.5) PRODUCTS PRODUCT NAME Bikaneri sev Ratlami sev Sing bhujiya Mung dal Chana dal Farari chevdo Farari chevdo(tikha mitha) Banana wafer (masala) Banana wafer (salted) Potato wafer (masala) Potato wafer (salted) Mix chavana AVAILABILITY SIZE 100gm... 100gm. 1kg. 90gm. 100gm. 100gm. 200gm. 200gm.3... 200gm..

usage. in their purchasing decision. To find out specific reason for particular product in a designated area.1 RESEARCH OBJECTIVES At any where without objective a person can not done work. price.4. Here we are getting theoretical knowledge from the market but we have required some practical knowledge even thus we are getting practical knowledge by making a marketing research from the market. etc. availability. SECONDAREY OBJECTIVES:• • • To check the people’s buying behavior regarding the SUSHMA NAMKEEN. PRIMARY OBJECTIVE:• To know about the consumer research on purchasing of namkeen product and affected factors like taste. To find out the loyalty of consumer of SUSHMA NAMKEEN. . purchasing area. influencer. packaging.

books. . & websites were the main sources of secondary data collection for the survey of consumer buying behavior. SECONDARY DATA SOURCES:• Materials given by the company. Survey was done to understand the buying behavior for the purchase of SUSHMA NAMKEEN’s product.3) SOURCES OF DATA PRIMARY DATA SOURCES:• Primary data was collected with the help of questionnaire and survey of consumer of SUSHMA NAMKEEN. From various research designs I have used cross sectional research design from descriptive research design of conclusive research design. 4. 4.4) RESEARCH APPROACH I have used survey method for market research for the project report.2) RESEARCH DESIGN With the help of research design we have complete our market survey.4.

Different type of open ended & close ended questions were asked to get the information from the customer.5) RESEARCH INSTRUMENT For the survey of consumer buying behavior questionnaire was used as the research instrument.7) SAMPLING ELEMENTS My sampling elements for the research project on consumer buying behavior were the customers who are consuming the product of sushma namkeen. 4.4. .8) SAMPLING SIZE & AREA SAMPLING SIZE:• I have questioned 150 customers of the SUSHMA NAMKEEN for the research project.6) SAMPLING TECHNIQUES For survey research I have undertaken the non probability sampling techniques as they are less costly as well as less time consuming. 4. 4.

Mehsana. .9) CONTACT METHOD Personal interview was used for the survey regarding marketing research of the respondents.10) LIMITATIONS OF THE PROJECT 1) The main limitation of the project was least support from the customer. & Ahmedabad. 3) We have limited money as well as time for the research project. 4. 2) We were unable to capture the more market because of less timing.AREA OF SAMPLING:• Research study was undertaken in some of the area of the Kadi. 4.

.Q: -1 Do You Consume Namkeen? PARTICULAR YES NO total RESPONDANT 150 0 150 % 100% 0% 100% WHETHER THE RESONDANT PURCHASE THE NAMKEEN PRODUCT OR NOT YES NO INTERPRETTION:From the above chart it can be conclude that there is strong competition for the namkeen industries in the market. So company should try their best to sustain in the market.


Q: -3 How Many Times (Average) You Purchase Namkeen Product In A Week? PARTICULAR Every day Less then 2 2 to 4 More than 7 TOTAL RESPONDENT 11 27 39 6 83 % 13.53% 46.23% 100% REPURCHASE TIME AS PER A WEEK Every day Less then 2 2 to 4 More than 7 .99% 7.25% 32.

10% 100% MOSTLY PREFERED PURCHASING CRITERIA FOR PRODUCT OF SUSHMA NAMKEEN Price Taste Freshness Availability Packaging .Q: -4 On Which Criteria You Purchase Your Namkeen Product? particular Price Taste Freshness Availability Packaging total respondents 14 37 12 0 20 83 % 16.87% 44.45% 0% 24.58% 14.

Newspaper Hoardings Radio Total respondents 26 4 53 0 83 % 31.Q: -5 Which Advertising Media Most Affected To Your Purchase Decision? particular TV. New spaper Hoardings Radio .82% 63.85% 0% 100% AFFECTED ADVERTISING MEDIA FOR PURCHASE OF SUSHMA'S PRODUCT TV.33% 4.

08% 100% INFLUANCER TO PURCHASE A PRODUCT Family Neighbor Friends .Q: -6 Who Influences the Most in Your Purchase Decision? Particular Family Neighbor Friends Total Respondents 16 8 59 83 % 19.64% 71.28% 9.

12% 0% 56.63% 13.25% 100% PURCHASING AREA FOR SUSHMA'S PRODUCT Retailer Wholesaler Bus-station Mall .Q: -7 From Where Do You Buy Sushma Product? Particular Retailer Wholesaler Bus-station Mall total respondents 25 0 47 11 83 % 30.

94% 100% ACTION AFTER NOT GETTING THE SUSHMA NAMKEEN'S PRODUCT Purchase another product Postpone your purchase Find other retailer .Q: -8 What Will You Do If You Don’t Get Sushma’s Product? particular Purchase another product Postpone your purchase Find other retailer total Respondents 54 0 29 83 % 65.06% 0% 34.

89% 20.82% 100% MOST PREFERED PRODUCT OF SUSHMA NAMKEEN FOR PUCHASE DECISION Wafer Chana dal Sing bhujiya Sev Chavana .Q: -9 Which Products Will You Prefer The Most For Your Purchase Decision? Particular Wafer Chana dal Sing bhujiya Sev Chavana Total respondents 29 14 19 17 4 83 % 34.48% 4.87% 22.94% 16.

22% 13.53% 54.25% 100% SINCE HOW LONG THEY ARE CONSUMING SUSHMA'S PRODUCT Less than 1 year 1 – 5 year More than 5 year .Q: -10 Since How Long You Are Consuming the Sushma’s Product? Particular Less than 1 year 1 – 5 year More than 5 year total respondents 27 45 11 83 % 32.

10 .51% 73.5 Rs.Q: -11 How Much Quantity Would You Prefer To Buy At One Time? particular Rs.5 Rs.49% 100% QUANTITY CONSUMED BY THE CONSUMER Rs.10 Total respondents 22 61 83 % 26.



LTD. COLLEGE OF COMPUTER STUDIES & MANAGEMENT. 1) Do you consume namkeen? Yes No [ [ ] ] 2) Which brand will you prefer to consume namkeen product? Samrat Balagi Sushma Hariom Other [ [ [ [ [ ] ] ] ] ] 3) How many times (average) you purchase namkeen product in a week? Every day Less than 2 2 to 4 [ [ [ ] ] ] . I am the student of T. KADI as the part of my academic curriculum I have to prepare a research on CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR of SUSHMA NAMKEEN.P.Y. I ensure you that this information will use for academic purpose only.QUESTIONNAIRE SUSHMA NAMKEEN PVT. I request you to answer the following questions so I can fulfill my academic purpose.B. from N.B. CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR Dear respondents.A.

More than 7 Price Taste Freshness Packaging Availability [ [ [ [ [ [ ] ] ] ] ] ] 4) On which criteria you purchase your namkeen product? 5) Which advertising media most affect to your purchase decision? TV Newspaper Hoardings Radio [ [ [ [ ] ] ] ] 6) Who influences the most in your purchase decision? Family Neighbor Friends [ [ [ ] ] ] 7) From where do you buy sushma product? Retailer Wholesaler Bus-station Mall [ [ [ [ ] ] ] ] 8) What will you do if you don’t get sushma’s product? Purchase another product Post porn your purchase Find other retailer [ [ [ ] ] ] .

10 [ [ ] ] 12) Give your suggestions to the company. 5 Rs.9) Which product will you prefer the most for your purchase decision? Wafer Chana dal Sev Chavana [ [ [ [ ] ] ] ] ] Sing bhujiya [ 10) Since how long you are consuming the sushma’s product? Less than 1 year 1-5 year More than 5 year [ [ [ ] ] ] 11) How much quantity would you prefer to buy in one time? Rs.  PERSONAL DETAIL: Name: Address: City: .