“3 Magic Texts You Can Send Your Wife Or Girlfriend Tonight”

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3 “Magic” Texts To Improve The Intimacy With Your Wife Or Girlfriend Tonight
Hey, this is Mike Fiore and I want to thank you for downloading this free report. this report is really the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to using simple little text messages to drastically improve the intimacy, connection and passion in your relationship. Four Important Things Before We Get Started . . . 1. If you havenʼt already, make sure you watch the free video that really explains this “texting” thing in a lot more detail: http://www.texttheromanceback.com/why-shesnever-in-the-mood That video gives you a “crash course” in why texting is the “secret key to your womanʼs romantic mind” and shows you why simple little texts sent from your average cell phone can add massive spark back into your relationship in shockingly little time. 2. Go to http://www.facebook.com/michael.c.fiore and “like” me. Facebook is 100% the best way to get in touch with me personally and I often answer questions posted on my Facebook wall. I also give a whole bunch of free content and ideas on Facebook that I donʼt post anywhere else. 3. If you want undeniable PROOF that the “3 Magic Texts” method works (and if you want some “bonus texts” you can use right away, go watch me on the Rachael Ray show by going here: http://www.texttheromanceback.com/in-the-news 4. Check your email for more over the coming days.

Whew, OK, now that thatʼs out of the way . . .
Before I actually GIVE you the “Three Magic Texts”, let me just really quickly cover a couple core concepts that are important to understand before you start using this “Texting thing” with the woman in your life. Itʼs important you “get” this stuff because if you donʼt you can actually HURT your relationship more than they help it. (I cover some of this stuff in more detail in some emails youʼre going to get over the next few days, but letʼs just talk in broad swaths here.) Before I actually GIVE you the “Three Magic Texts”, let me just really quickly cover a couple core concepts that are important to understand before you start using this “Texting thing” with the woman in your life.

Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance, LLC

She wants you to have a spine. Weird as it might sound to you or I.com. attractive woman.” and letting her make all the decisions in a relationship. to desire her on a primal level (both physically and otherwise) and to be seen as a strong. 40ʼs and 50ʼs. (I cover some of this stuff in more detail in some emails youʼre going to get over the next few days. I talk about this in the video you (hopefully) watched before grabbing this report. BIG CONCEPT NUMBER 3: Guys Respond to VISUAL Stimuli (Pictures of Hot Chicks) While Women Respond To Verbal. dear. Fact of the matter is that women are HARD WIRED and EVOLVED to respond to this stuff. If you simply stick with the program and do what I say youʼll be amazed at the results you get. a lot of women see their drive SKYROCKET after menopause. OK. but the fact of the matter is most women are absolutely ADDICTED to their cell phones and theyʼre ALREADY USED to sharing their most intimate and private thoughts on the phone. BIG CONCEPT NUMBER 2: Women Get More “Passionate” As They Get Older. most intimate mind. Descriptive and EMOTIONAL Stimuli (Chick flicks. if you want more on this just check your email in box over the next few days or check out some of the stuff Iʼm posting at http://www. She WANTS you to take the lead. She wants you to take charge (especially when it comes to romance) and she WANTS you seduce her.) BIG CONCEPT NUMBER 1: Your womanʼs cell phone is a “magic portal” to her deepest. BIG CONCEPT NUMBER 4: Your Woman WANTS you to take charge. make her feel special and make her feel like a treasured and beautiful jewel. Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. Heck. Plain and simple. And our final big concept is that your woman really does WANT you to take charge of the romantic side of the relationship. but letʼs just talk in broad swaths here. the vast majority of women see their desire for intimacy INCREASE as they get into their 30ʼs. through text and (less and less) through phone calls. So if you think youʼre wife just “isnʼt into” being physically intimate with you.) Ther is REALLY important. no woman wants a guy whoʼs constantly saying “Yes. As we go forward (and Iʼm hoping this is the start of a really long friendship between you and I) Iʼm going to push you to send your woman some very descriptive and specific stuff. LLC . I can pretty much guarantee youʼre wrong. romance novels.texttheromanceback.Itʼs important you “get” this stuff because if you donʼt you can pretty easily “screw the pooch” and send texts that actually HURT your relationship more than they help it.

And if you have any questions shoot me over an email at michael@texttheromanceback. LLC .com.) Best. Mike Fiore Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. Iʼll do my best to get back to you as quickly as I can (though I do get a LOT of email.

actually). huh? Notice that thereʼs nothing overtly flirty about that text message. taking care of the kids or doing anything else. . Itʼll pull her towards you like a tractor beam. To start out Iʼve got to make one BIG assumption. “I canʼt stop thinking about . . letʼs dive in.” Pretty simple. These days thatʼs probably a pretty safe assumption. . . But itʼs got a POWERFUL pull on a womanʼs mind. who had never texted before in her life. . So hereʼs the first thing you should send your wife or girlfriend. Thereʼs really only one response you could get from your wife in that case. starting the texting conversation and creating a “Private world of romance and intimacy” wherever you are. Curiosity is a phenomenally powerful tool for getting your wifeʼs attention (or anyoneʼs attention. And thatʼs for her to say . but every once in a while I get an email from a guy saying her wife has NO IDEA how to text and isnʼt sure what to do. our goal is really to create this “Alternate world” for you and the woman you love. here we go . you should take out your cell phone and send it RIGHT NOW.The Three Magic Texts Revealed OK. Sheʼs going to want to know what the heck it is that youʼre actually thinking about. If youʼre wife doesʼt “get” the texting thing yet. . you should skip ahead to the next section where I reveal a “sneaky” method one of my customers came up with to “bridge the texting gap” with her wife. Step 1: The “Curiosity” text . LLC . In fact the ellipse (“…”) at the end of the text is kind of like a magnet. going about your day. Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. whenever you want. . Remember. In fact. And thatʼs that youʼre wife HAS a cell phone and KNOWS HOW to use it to send text messages. A world where you can feel close to each other and build towards greater intimacy (and passion) even while youʼre stuck at work. . OK.

most women in our culture suffer from pretty wretched self esteem. cocktail waitresses and “skinny bitches” who are thinner. do we have any milk? woman I hate my boss”) by hitting her with what I call an “overwhelming emotion” text. “About what?” Again. . . thereʼs not much else she COULD HAVE responded with.) But for now weʼre just going to focus on something innocuous and easy. taller etc. weʼre building on our last text. . If she doesnʼt respond itʼs probably because she doesnʼt know how to use her cell phone very well or because sheʼs busy.” Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. desirable and damned cool. “I canʼt stop thinking about . . Again. “The Relationship Time Machine” texts and a whole bunch of others as well as the full “method” behind the system.” And she responded with something like . Everywhere they go theyʼre assaulted by images of models. Theyʼre a way for you to CONTROL the conversation and take charge without having to have a million different responses ready. . . in the main course I give you a TON of different options for doing this (You get asset texts. Once she responds itʼs time for you to interrupt all the boring thoughts that are running through her head (“I have to get David to karate practice. In text two. once she replies you say . . now that weʼve gotten her attention itʼs time to let her know that you think sheʼs beautiful. Unfortunately. actresses. .“About what?” I recommend waiting for a response before sending anything else. . So. LLC . let her know how attractive and powerful she is and start to “wake up” her desire. Step 2: The “Attractive And Powerful” Text OK. . So originally you said . Remember. which is why I like curiosity texts like that so much. weʼre going to cut through a lot of that BS. “How beautiful you are .

tiny little thing sends flutters through her whole body and brings a great smile to her lips. . . I often say that this kind of attention is like sunlight to a flower for a woman. That brings us to .” OR “How amazing you felt lying next to me last night.” If youʼre not comfortable with that.” OR “How gorgeous you looked when I left this morning. “How gorgeous and green your eyes are. Step 3: Planting The Seed Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. but youʼll be amazed by how just doing this simple. you can also comment on those. that you find her attractive (even in a world of Maxim and super models) and that you appreciate having her in your life. The key is to be as SPECIFIC as possible .” Or “How much I love you. .” Got it? Nothing complicated here. LLC . . . . She NEEDS to know that youʼre thinking of her. you can go for the “all purpose” response (that makes women weak in the knees.” If youʼre feeling advanced and know (without a shadow of a doubt) what your wife considers to be her BEST features. .OR “Your smile .) In that case youʼll say . . “You.

” OR “Youʼre just saying that.” The two power words here are IMAGINE and FEEL. Of course you can mix it up if you want to.” YOU: “No.) Itʼs actually really hard for the human brain to read the word “imagine” without IMMEDIATELY imagining what it is youʼre talking about. “ HER: “About what?” YOU: “How beautiful you are. . Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. YOU: “I canʼt stop thinking about . Youʼre just saying that. Iʼll go into more detail on this later. To a woman “feeling” is everything. .OK. I canʼt stop imagining what itʼs going to feel like when I see you again. So our little text conversation so far is something like . and thatʼs to say “Aww. Got it? Good. =-)” (The little smiley is optional. .) HER: “Aww. =-)) And “Feel” appeals deeply to how women think in general. . but to a lesser extent. Iʼm not. thank you. so so far weʼve used curiosity to get her attention and have used what I call a “Clean Asset” text to give her a compliment and establish how much you care for her and how much you desire her.” Or she might just send you a smiley face like this “=-)” In our third text weʼre going to use the TWO MOST POWERFUL WORDS IN THE WORLD and the principal of “anticipation” to put a huge smile on her face and have her counting down the minutes until she gets to see you again. . but these are some NUCLEAR POWER WORDS for women (and for men too. LLC . After your second text she only really has one possible response. (Try not to imagine a pink elephant.

If youʼre like most guys. Walk up to her. Iʼm not. You canʼt imagine how good itʼs going to feel when I see you tonight. (Oo. Itʼs completely possible that sheʼs going to want to keep texting back and forth with you at this point. LLC . curiosity.HER: “Youʼre just saying that. Step 1: Curiosity Step 2: Establish that sheʼs beautiful/wanted/attractive Step 3: Use an “Imagine” text to have her thinking about the future and how great itʼs going to feel in the future. Say “did you get my text?” and see what happens.) But the really important part is that stay congruent when you get home that night. . . Look her in the eye. after you try out the “3 Magic Texts” youʼre going to find yourself turning into a bit of “romantic texting addict” and saying .” YOU: “No. Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. If she does you can try “Winging it” or you can use some of the more advanced techniques Iʼll tell you about soon.” And thatʼs really The 3 Magic Texts In a nut shell. sitting here and knowing I have to wait hours to see you again. =-) Of Course the “3 Magic Texts” Are Just The Tip Of The “Romantic Texting” Iceberg . .” OR YOU: “You canʼt imagine how it feels. .

. being featured in blogs and even flying to New York City to be on the Rachael Ray show on Valentineʼs day . . Like I said at the beginning of this report. . . . . I get it . I gave her one simple text to use . I see how I can use TEXT MESSAGES to Bring Massive Spark Into MY Relationship. . LLC . . But What Do I Do Next?” Glad you asked . I shared one of my “appreciation texts” with a buddy of mine at a poker game. . . . . . Honestly. .“OK. I started sharing these weird little texting techniques Iʼd come with for me and my girlfriend with my friends . Michael. And from there things got a little crazy . . . Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. =-) Because Iʼve got a really good answer for you. and watched as her phone leapt off the table the moment her girlfriend received it. my name is Michael Fiore . this “texting thing” just started off as something fun to do . And the next thing I knew I was on the radio. passion and intimacy in your relationships. Heʼd been having trouble with her girlfriend and was really down in the dumps about it. And for the last few years Iʼve been teaching guys just like you how to use text messages to drastically improve the love. And getting amazing results.

if youʼre like most guys you probably donʼt think the Rachael Ray show is anything special (heck.) But the reason I got invited onto the show (which is watched by 4 MILLION women each and every day) is because this “Romantic Texting” thing sets off absolute FIREWORKS in a womanʼs mind . .com/in-the-news) Now.) So WHY did I get all this mainstream media attention? Why do women regularly write me emails BEGGING me to teach this stuff to the men in their lives? All because Iʼd figured out the “secret code” to using text messages as . .texttheromanceback. I know I never watched the show before being invited to be on it.(You can see my clip from the show at http://www. . And Rachael and her producers knew just having me get up there and talk about this stuff was going to have women in the audience squirming in their seats (and guys at home plotting and planning how to use this stuff on their wives. LLC . . Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance.

) To have her freely giving you the attention you used to get (without ever having to ask for it) . . . step-by-step system even “lazy” guys can do really well (as long as theyʼve got a cell phone and can follow simple instructions. . “Text The Romance Back:” The 30 Day Digital Relationship Transformer Text The Romance Back is an easy.0” And turning “romance” into a simple. . after getting all that attention. step-by-step system (used by thousands of guys already) that will show you how to use tiny little text messages sent from your average cell phone to instantly ignite a tremendous fire in your relationship . . .) Finally. more romantic and more passionate marriage or relationship where you can relax and give your woman all the romance she needs . . The TRB program is crammed full of step-by-step instructions and done-for-you texts designed to crawl into her subconscious mind and subtly awaken the “Secret Romantic” within . LLC . literally at the push of a button. step-by-step program I call . And to create a better. . . . To help you and your girlfriend or wife (or even just a woman youʼre dating) quickly connect on a deep and primal level (even if you donʼt have much passion in the relationship now . . . Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. I decided to “package up” everything I knew about using tiny little text messages to “hijack” your womanʼs romantic mind and giving you the love and sex youʼre craving into a simple.“Love Letters 2.

Youʼll Discover . .) Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. . • The stunning power of “Appreciation Texts” that will send subtle shivers down her spine (youʼll be shocked at the spring he gets in her step and the goofy smile that spreads across her face when you use this simple method to tell her how you really feel . All by using the simple “Curiosity Magnet” text no woman can ignore . .When You Grab Your Copy Of “Text The Romance Back” Today. . .) Feel Like The Passion Is Missing From Your Relationship? Once you learn the power of “Sensual Compliments” texts youʼll be able to multiply the heat in your relationship and have your woman feeling warm and romantic on even the iciest of days . . • How to attract her attention no matter where he is. . . (And youʼll be overwhelmed at the tingle that goes through your whole body the first time he uses one of these on you. no matter how “busy” he is or how “addicted” to work he might seem. LLC .

and how eager (or desperate) she is to get you alone afterwards. . =-) Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. Sneaky and intimate texts that draw her attention to you like a tractor beam even when youʼre in the same room. . . . . . . . . LLC . . As you get into the more advanced material youʼll also discover . . The incredible “Text Massage” Technique . Next youʼll learn how to flirt and tease her with . . . A technique so powerful sheʼll swear she feels your hands on her. . OK. “Digital Telepathy” Texts . this next one is one of my favorites . . . .) even when sheʼs across the country or around the world on business (or any time you canʼt “get close” even though you desperately want to. . Use this simple text to have your woman feeling like sheʼs right there next to you (and loving every minute.And thatʼs just the tip of the iceberg . . Youʼll be amazed at the look she gives you when she reaches into her pocket and sees the message you sent her . kneading her muscles and sending her to a place of total relaxation . Even if youʼre all the way across town or on a business trip in a different part of the state . .) Sick of the “same old fights” and never ending up happy? With The “3 Magic Words” Text Youʼll Be Able To Stop Arguments In Their Tracks and laugh and enjoy each other even when times are tough .

more connected. more intimate. “Relationship Time Machine”. if youʼre like the thousands of men who have used Text The Romance Back already. youʼll feel like youʼve gone through a . And have created a better. . How To Use “Digital Foreplay” To Enter The Most Private And Primal Parts Of Her Mind . In fact. . . Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. Literally at the push of a button . sexier and more fun relationship with your woman . . . . . And create a level of attraction and desire in your relationship you probably havenʼt felt since that you first kissed. . LLC . . .And for when itʼs time for “Romance” to turn into hot and heavy passion youʼll discover . . .

. this is the only program like this in existence. That will cost you at least a hundred dollars (just for an “Okay” restaurant. And how nothing really changes. Her reaction was overwhelming. .” And those are just a few of the thousands of emails Iʼve received from incredibly satisfied women after trying this simple system . First. And Mark from Minesota says he thought the romance was DEAD . “But suddenly sheʼs seducing ME over text message. . . Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. youʼll find yourself annoyed at how you sit there. How Do You Get Started? How much for the Text The Romance Back System (as featured on Rachael Ray) and including dozens of done-for-you texts for both you and your woman to use . not talking. . .) . So letʼs just think of the alternatives you could try (or that youʼve tried already) to bring the spark and the Romance back into your relationship. so thereʼs nothing to compare it to. You Could Try Planning A Romantic Dinner With Your woman . . . just by using these simple techniques like thousands have already.Tim from Las Vegas tried the system . OK. Jim from Seattle says “My wife and I were right in the middle of a dry patch when I discovered your stuff. And if youʼre like a lot of guys. . . PLUS my patented “Romantic Texting” formulas I promise youʼve never heard of before . . Hereʼs My Promise To You . Now her friends keep asking me to teach their HUSBANDS how to do this. .? Honestly. . he sent just 3 texts and his wife was so hot for him when she got home that they had the best sex in years. . LLC . . If youʼve got two thumbs you can do wonders for your relationship and be giddy and passionate like teenagers again. How she looks at you expecting more. .

to seduce each other . to love each other. That will cost you THOUSANDS to do right . . . how are you going to feel if you could have made your relationship so much better just by pushing a few simple buttons on your cell phone? Not to get depressing here. but most couples in this country just donʼt make it. . Years from now. . brought back the romance. . . They drift apart . They “forget” to be romantic . . . A really nice set will cost you a few hundred bucks (at least) . . . You Could Try Grabbing Her Attention By Buying Her Some Sexy Lingerie . And even if you do connect on a deep level and get physically and emotionally closer.Next. the lust and love . . and all that passion just turns to apathy and anger. . . LLC . . . . . youʼll probably end up right back where you are now as soon as your “Magic” vacation is over. when youʼre looking back. . How are you going to feel if you could have gone through that “Relationship Time Machine” . . .? Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. They get “too busy” for love . . . they get bitter . Let Me Ask You A Question . . . And even if she doesnʼt blow up at you for “only thinking of sex” what are the odds that sheʼll actually wear it? If Youʼre Really Serious You Could Try a Romantic Weekend Away .

Iʼm going to let you have the full program at a price youʼre not going to believe. I know $97 can seem like a lot of money to people sometimes (and I want to take away every barrier to you getting the romance you deserve. is really just about doing a few little things right. . . if you donʼt do SOMETHING to fan the flames of your love. . . . As I showed live on television with Rachael Ray. Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance.) Everyone whoʼs used Text The Romance Back says itʼs a STEAL at $97. the techniques I teach in Text The Romance Back work VERY well. Less than one expensive dinner at a romantic restaurant (not to mention what youʼll pay for a babysitter and gas.) And a LOT less than youʼll pay to a “Relationship Counselor” if you donʼt get this “Romance Thing” handled . The regular retail price of Text The Romance Back is . I want YOU to try this material and see how well it works for yourself. Just $97 . and my friends and clients tell me the absolute least I should allow you to enroll in the program for is . . . Just $97 $67 But I Want To Make this A Real “No Brainer” For You . . . . if you donʼt feed the desire youʼve got burning itʼs way through your heart . . And because I want you to experience the results for yourself. being “that” couple who everyone else is envious of. . LLC . . .And what if you could have done it all just by tapping out a few tiny messages on your cell phone? Itʼs hard for a lot of guys to believe. but having a “great” relationship .

. in the car or any time youʼve got a pair of headphones. For Just $97 $67 $47 . AND Youʼll Get My New “Facebook Romance Secrets” Program Absolutely Free (A $27 Value all by itself) Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. . The audio version of Text The Romance Back comes in “iPod Friendly” MP3ʼs so you can “study up” and learn these simple texting techniques while youʼre at the gym. Plus If You Act Now Iʼll Also Give You The Audio Of The Training At No Additional Charge . . today. LLC . . .Thatʼs why Iʼm willing to let you have the complete Text The Romance Back program . .

. . As I say in the program .Facebook Romance Secrets is a new program Iʼve created that will allow you to seduce your woman (or ANY woman. . and sneaky “tricks” to commenting on her pictures in a way that has her friends and family GUSHING over how youʼre the perfect guy for her. As Part Of this Special Promotion Youʼll Get . . . . And will make her SWOON every time you log in. And in this training. Facebook Romance Secrets is normally $27 all by itself. . . . What You Post On Facebook Is The Story You Tell The World About Yourself . . . .) • And MUCH more . but youʼll be shocked when you hear it. . actually) using Facebook and other social media sites like Twitter . my friend Mike Hill and I will teach you how to tell a story that will have your woman grinning from ear to ear . . . • How to be “Unapologetically Romantic” with your woman . . Just To Add It All Up. • How to use simple little posts on your womanʼs Facebook wall to rivet her attention and send shivers of anticipation up her fingertips and through her whole body. Text The Romance Back: The 30 Day Digital Relationship Transformer (Reg $67) Text The Romance Back Audio (Reg $17) Facebook Romance Secrets (Print AND Audio) (Reg $27) Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. LLC . In Facebook Romance Secrets Youʼll Discover . . • Facebook Photos . . and have her feel like the most “Romanced” woman on the block without spending one red cent. but Iʼd like to flat out GIVE it to you just for “trying out” Text The Romance Back today . . • The single most romantic thing you can do on your womanʼs birthday (I canʼt even hint at how powerful this is here.

com/ now Youʼll gain INSTANT access to EVERYTHING and will be Texting The Romance Back With Your woman tonight .AT LEAST $108 of value . . . LLC . For Less Than 50 Bucks!! All You Have Do To Get Started Is Go To http://www. . Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. .texttheromanceback.

Iʼm letting you have Text The Romance Back now for just $97 $67 $47 as a bit of a “test” but Iʼm planning on raising the price (or maybe even doubling it) in the near future. . See. LLC . The way I like to do business (and the way I was raised) is. Hereʼs how it works: Simply order today.S. . Listen . hereʼs the weird thing: When I tell a lot of guys that they can fundamentally change their relationship just by pushing a few buttons on their cell phone and for such a low price. I donʼt think I deserve your money unless I OVER deliver. No fine print. But every once in a while a woman grabs TRB and itʼs just not for her. No hoops to jump through. Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. I know from experience (and the thousands of women who have used Text The Romance Back in the past) that the odds are it WILL work for you. But You Really Do Have To Act Now . No B. . Thatʼs totally OK. telling everyone you know about the program and raving about how much you love it on my Facebook wall. Use the material. You Get Romance Or You Donʼt Pay Guarantee . I want you to know that youʼre 100% safe and 100% covered and youʼve literally got nothing to lose here by “trying out” Text The Romance Back today. Thatʼs why Iʼm willing to give you two full months to “try out” the program and see if it works for you. of course.And. . a lot of them just donʼt believe me. youʼre 100% covered by my . that youʼll be blown away by the results you get in shockingly little time and that youʼll become something of an “evangelist” for Text The Romance Back. . . no-questions asked refund. . . If you arenʼt blown away (and if you donʼt get results) simply email me or my staff within 60 days for a complete.

Option 1: Do nothing.) Listen. . “messing up” and getting the opposite result of what you want this way are huge. really $47 to get the sex and romance youʼve wanted for so long seems almost TOO cheap to be for real . Option 2: Take what you learned in this report and try to “wing it” with your wife or girlfriend (or with that cute guy youʼve been wanting to talk to for so long. I mean. LLC . And that if you donʼt take action right now. And if I have to raise the price to do that. . but . That you NEED more love and passion and SEX and romance in your life. . Youʼve Got A Really Simple Choice To Make . but if you saw me on TV you know Iʼm pretty passionate about helping men and women around the world have the best relationships possible. but I can tell you from experience that without guidance. I donʼt want to put too much pressure on you here. . if youʼve read through this letter I think we both know that what youʼre doing now simply isnʼt working for you. the chances of you sending the wrong message. youʼre going to regret it more than anything youʼve regretted in a very long time.And I guess that makes sense.) You can try this. But if youʼre reading this letter right now it means youʼve still got a chance to get the full program (plus the bonuses) at the discount price of just $47 (but only if you act right now. So Iʼm probably going to be forced to raise the price up to AT LEAST $97 and maybe even more just to make it seem “reasonable. Let “Romance” die out of your life. Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. Keep feeling that terrible longing in your chest. Stop reading this letter. And when you think about it. Honestly. try to force everything Iʼve just said to you out of your mind and keep doing what youʼre doing now. . youʼve really just got three options.” I donʼt really want to raise the price. as you sit in your chair and read this letter. . I will. Keep being jealous of those other guys you know who have that “perfect” relationship and wondering why you canʼt have it too.

Here are just a few of my recent favorites: “Youʼve Created A Monster” =-) “Michael.com/ now I sincerely hope youʼll give me the chance to prove to you how well the “Text The Romance Back” program works.Iʼm sure you can imagine how youʼd feel if you sent the wrong message and it backfired on you. . Michael Fiore Creator: Text The Romance Back http://www. Experience for yourself what itʼs like to have that romance and connection in your life in a way youʼve never felt before. . Iʼve already showed you some of the messages I get from guys. .com P.S. Grab the Text The Romance Back Training for the special discounted price today. And I really donʼt want that to happen to you. I canʼt wait to hear about your success.texttheromanceback. risk absolutely nothing and grab your copy of Text The Romance Back. In the beginning he wasnʼt texting back to me Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. .texttheromanceback. Iʼve been seeing ʻFʼ for about 3 weeks and I have completely blown her away with this method. I hope youʼll let me help you feel that thrill of romance and love and seduction again . . to bring you back to how you felt when you first fell in love. He is totally losing it . And line up to be ANOTHER of my growing list of success stories. . . But the only way I can help you is if you take this tiny action right now. Option 3: Risk NOTHING At All Today . All You Have Do To Get Started Is Go To http://www. Yours. Which brings us to . but get emails from WOMEN every single day raving about Text The Romance Back. simply by tapping out a few messages on your cell phone. LLC . .

with much ʻimagination. but boy does it get appreciated on the other side! Yours. . LLC . I love what your program is doing in my relationship right now. Iʼm happy that youʼre helping a lot of confused women like me. More power!! Lia” And hereʼs a few from my Facebook wall . You make me feel so amazing. . He got it. I can text things I would never say out loud. He started creating her own imagination texts like ʻYou are the most amazing woman. of course. =-) Thank you SOOO much for this gift. Like a treasure just for me. Another day to start and itʼs becoming an obsession using your program. Margot” “Itʼs Becoming An Obsession” “Michael. I know itʼs a little frustrating to my woman because after turning her on he canʼt do anything but wait until he sees me again on Sunday. ʻYouʼre making me want you so bad” But this week something happened. . And. Itʼs like you have been this hidden creature I get to open up and see the beautiful pearl inside. he writes more detail I canʼt write here. Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. . Heʼs opening up to me and telling me whatʼs on her mind in a way he never has before. I love the way you write to me. this skill I am now cultivating. I just want to give that back to youʼ . It has totally changed the way I communicate. Thank you so much! I hope and would appreciate it if you would include me on your upcoming program on how men really think.ʼ He would just tell me how hot it was and how amazing I was. I started last Sunday and heʼs become so sweet in her replies. I canʼt believe you are with me.

Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. LLC .

that the women they started dating couldnʼt believe what was happening and that TRB gave them the tools to “do things right from the start” and have the kind of relationship theyʼve wanted for so long. If you were able to open up this PDF than you already have everything you need on your computer to read the manual and itʼs formatted to be easily printable. LLC . Youʼll be able to download everything just 2 short minutes from right now and will be digging into the material (and getting results) in no time. . Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. “How quickly will I get “ʻText The Romance Back?ʼ” Great question. definitely.P.S.” 1. 2. TRB is a 100% digital download. obviously. Let me just answer a few of the more common questions I get about “Text The Romance Back. TRB was designed with men (and women) who are currently in relationships in mind. Now. But Iʼve had lots of guys use TRB with women they just met and say they got amazing results . .P. can Text the Romance Back still help me? Yup. Iʼm not in a relationship right now.

“Isnʼt texting just something teenagers do?” Teenagers do text a lot. 5. send emails or otherwise “hook” their guy with these messages. Itʼs packed full of a ton of emotional content that many guys have used to get their women panting like crazy. including one with Allie from “The Bachelorette. . LLC . If you donʼt text TRB can still help you and hereʼs why: many of the men and women who grab TRB end up using the “formulas” and texts I give them in a wide variety of ways. =-) Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. The mistake people make is using the “tool” of texting for “evil. most amazing guy sheʼs ever met. Hereʼs my answer: Yes and no. “Were you really on the ʻRachael Rayʼ show? Whatʼs she like?” Weird that people ask me ther. 6. Heck. Seriously. but these days texting is done by just about everybody.” They use texting out side their relationship instead of turning all that energy inward where it should be. You can watch the clip from the show here: http://www. Personally I think “sexting” with somebody you love is great and you should do it. Rachael called me handsome and said I gave her chills. “Isnʼt this just about SEXTING? Are you trying to get me to SEXT my woman?” I get this one a lot. It was a great experience and really opened a lot of doors for me as far as getting this material out there. yes I was on Rachael Ray on Valentineʼs day of 2011.com/in-the-news (I was on some other shows too. “What if I donʼt text? What if my partner doesnʼt text?” Good question .” Anyway. One guy said he uses the techniques simply by whispering in his wifeʼs ear while many women say they leave notes. . 3. TRB is about a LOT more than just “sexting” though. Even my mom texts. though itʼs one I get less and less often these days. It was a great experience and I got to prove this “texting” thing works so well in front of a live studio audience.It also works great if youʼre “just dating” and want to be able to “hot wire” a girlʼs mind and have her thinking of you as the sexiest. Personally. I love texting because itʼs immediate and is almost like “telepathy” but the material is designed to work no matter what. Rachael Ray asked me that. this stuff is powerful. 4.texttheromanceback.

7. I use it with my girlfriend regularly to remind her how much I love her and how lucky I am to have her. but it really depends on the level of the fight.” Iʼve got a quality program here and I know from the many (many) women who have used it how effective it is. no single text is going to solve everything. Iʼm simply not in the business of trying to “rip people off. It really is as simple as that. “What Is this ʻRelationship Time Machineʼ You Talk About?” The Relationship Time Machine is a technique I created that lets you use text messages to go “back in time” to when your relationship was exciting and passionate and new. Itʼs spelled out in TRB. LLC . can I use Text The Romance Back Too?” Yup.texttheromanceback. All You Have Do To Get Started Is Go To http://www. “Iʼm a woman. you get your money back. “Can I trust your guarantee?” Yes. And you should.com/ now Copyright © 2011 Michael Fiore and Digital Romance. Itʼs amazing. women who use this program report crazy good results. an online merchant processor who handles payments for a lot of “Big dog” companies. Thereʼs something about texts that sneaks past a guyʼs defense mechanisms in a really amazing way. And hereʼs why: All my payment processing is handled through Clickbank. will Text The Romance Back help?” Yes. If you arenʼt happy. You wonʼt regret checking it out. What TRB WILL do is remind your partner of why they fell in love with you in the first place and open the door for you to mend some fences. But beyond that. 10. 9. 8. If youʼre having an argument that cuts to the very CORE of your relationship. Seriously. Seriously. “My partner and I are fighting. If you want a refund all you have to do is go to Clickbank and let them know and youʼll get it.

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