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destroy Mark Rothko’s


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painting in Tate Modern, it was not an act of vandalism. He signed the Rothko’s painting and thus show that this painting is a potential piece of Yellowism. This action informs the contemporary world, that Rothko’s painting can stop to be a work of art and can become a piece of Yellowism - If Rothko’s painting was placed in a yellowistic chamber then it would not be a work of art anymore and would express yellow color only; it would be a definition of yellow given in a form of Rothko’s painting. Yellowism is not an art movement. Yellowism is the new context in contemporary culture. Yellowist, based on the definition and Manifesto of Yellowism, can sign any object or being or any work of art to show that it can be transported to the new context and become an example of Yellowism. Don’t call Umanets an artist. He is not an artist, he is a Yellowist. He resigned from art. Yellowism is not a form of art. It is a new context in which the value of Rothko’s painting increase. The Radical Change of Perception. Now. by Marcin Lodyga 9 Oct 2012 / 13 notes / umanets yellowism tate rothko

FOREVER The Legendary Third Exhibition of Yellowism. Natalia Vodianova Yellowistic Chamber, London 2012.


S9 is the most radical organization in contemporary visual culture. It was established in 2011 by Marcin Lodyga and Vladimir Umanets. 5 Sep 2012 / 0 notes / hope lingerie yellowism

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(Source: yellowismarchive) 31 Aug 2012 / Reblogged from yellowismarchive with 9 notes

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We HOPE that Series Nine (S9) founded by Marcin Lodyga and Vladimir Umanets will start to produce Yellowism Lingerie and Yellowism Bikinis. We will share with you any news about the project. Stay tuned. 31 Aug 2012 / 1 note / bikini lingerie yellowism hope

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An Oak Tree (Here Comes Trouble) - yellowistic draft Marcin Lodyga The Face Magazine, October 1997, pages 134-135 Poznan (Poland), 2012 30 Aug 2012 / 0 notes / The Face Magazine yellowistic draft yellowism marcin lodyga An Oak Tree

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com/ 29 Aug 2012 / 1 note / alexander mcqueen the face magazine the yellowist's choice 6 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .thisisyellowism.Yellowism http://www.

com/ 27 Aug 2012 / 0 notes 7 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .thisisyellowism.Yellowism http://www.

Yellowism 25 Aug 2012 / 2 notes / the yellowist's choice 8 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .

during the period of transition between art and In 2010 in and in important bookshops around the world. Also.Yellowism http://www. The exclusive limited edition of the first issue will be available at www.Series Nine (S9) announced that the first issue of Yellowist International magazine will be publish in November 2013. 2005) which inspired young yellowists to 9 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .thisisyellowism. Now after two years the most radical organization in contemporary visual culture . Marcin Lodyga and Vladimir Umanets authors of the definition and manifesto of yellowism wanted to design and publish a new magazine called “Yellowist International”. but finally they didn’t. S9 confirmed that all texts about yellowism collected on this blog will be publish in the legendary first edition of Yellowist International alongside pictures from Yellowism Archive and exhibition reviews. a fashion photo-shoot from Vanity Fair US (April.

We unofficially know that S9 is looking for young fashion designers who will present their collections in first issue of Yellowist International. 22 Aug 2012 / 1 note / natalia vodianova carmen kass karolina kurkova yellowism marcin lodyga vladimir umanets magazine yellowist international vanity fair fashion cairo L L An Oak Tree (One Hundred Years of Richness) .thisisyellowism.seriesnine. will be reprinted in this issue.yellowistic draft One Hundred Years of Solitude Series Marcin Lodyga Dead bird Dormowo (Poland). Stay tuned.yellowistic draft One Hundred Years of Solitude Series Marcin Lodyga Dead bird and pearl necklaces Dormowo (Poland).com/ name yellowistic chambers after nine slavic models. 2012 Soon available at http://www. 2012 R R An Oak Tree (One Hundred Years of Freedom) . Since now we will share with you news about Yellowist International Magazine.Yellowism http://www. The black and white magazine will become an important source of information about the philosophy of yellowism and its 10 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .

Yellowism 21 Aug 2012 / 2 notes / yellowism one hundred years of solitude bird marcin lodyga yellowistic draft Page 2 11 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .thisisyellowism.

Yellowism http://www. General Nguyen Ngoc Loan executing a Viet Cong prisoner in Saigon Inside the context of yellowism all emotions and feelings captured on the four pictures (above) and emotions and feelings which these images can arouse in potential viewers. every emotion expresses yellow color only. a starving Sudanese girl who collapsed on her way to a feeding center while a vulture waited ►► Feelings In the context of yellowism every feeling is a definition of yellow. 20 Aug 2012 / 0 notes / happiness orgasm pain sadness sasha grey yellowism mike parr viet cong hunger 12 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 . porn-star Sasha Grey fucking. Pain is considered as a pure expression of yellow. express yellow color and nothing more.thisisyellowism. Clockwise: Artist Mike Parr chopping his (fake) hand. Sadness is about yellow and happiness is about yellow too. orgasm as well.

her name is “Mustache”. On 15th Nov 2010 in Giza (Egypt).com/ (picture converted to grayscale by Marcin Lodyga) 19 Aug 2012 / 0 notes / egypt giza manifesto marcin lodyga mustache natalia vodianova natalia vodianova yellowistic chamber vladimir umanets yellowism zbigniew karkowski cat 13 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 . in Natalia Vodianova Yellowistic Chamber was opened the first exhibition of yellowism called “Flattened to yellow”. on which. alongside two precursors of yellowism and composer Zbigniew Karkowski who visited them at that time.Yellowism We share with you the important stuff from our Yellowism Archive. there is a cat on the picture. Photography by Marwan Abd El-Alim http://marwanabdelalim. for the first time. the Manifesto of Yellowism was presented. The opening date of this exhibition is considered as the beginning of yellowism. On the picture you can see the handmade poster by Vladimir Umanets and the legendary entrance to the first yellowistic chamber in the world. Mustache was present at the opening.thisisyellowism. Also. check also 18 Aug 2012 / 2 notes / draft marcin lodyga skateboard yellowism asa akira and 14 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .seriesnine. 2012 Soon available at http://asaakira.yellowistic draft Marcin Lodyga Sk8 Mafia Asa Akira Limited Edition Skateboard Deck 7.Yellowism http://www.75” Poznan (Poland).com/ An Oak Tree (Asa Akira Is Insatiable) .

thisisyellowism. British Vogue editor Miranda Almond said. There is a good moment now to quote the fragment from the Manifesto of Yellowism: “Examples of Yellowism can look like works of art but are not works of art”.com/ This is not Natalia Vodianova. This is Barbara Palvin photographed by Sean and Seng. Where is Barbara Palvin Yellowistic Chamber? 17 Aug 2012 / 0 notes / barbara palvin natalia vodianova yellowism 15 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .Yellowism http://www. She is often compared to Russian model Natalia Vodianova. “We chose Barbara because she is absolutely exquisite looking a cross between a young Brooke Shields and Natalia Vodianova”.

thisisyellowism. It is imposed on you. and you have to accept the only possible way of seeing things. “The Night Porter” 1974 ►► Listen to Young Dictators Consider yellowism as a totalitarian system.Yellowism Charlotte Rampling. This way and no other way. the young “dictators”: Lodyga and Umanets will not send you to a gas chamber (btw if a gas chamber was placed inside a yellowistic chamber then it would be about yellow). the final solution. If you try to reject the existence of the new phenomenon 16 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 . Everything is about yellow – this is the order. If you don’t want to accept the fact that in yellowistic chambers you can see only pure expressions of yellow color – don’t worry. you are not free to interpret. Two young “dictators” – authors of the definition and manifesto of yellowism decided that there is only one interpretation in this specific context.

com/ then better just go back to your ordinary reality or go to an art gallery where you can enjoy the diversity of meanings. symbols and references. 17 Aug 2012 / 0 notes / listen to young dictators yellowism dictator marcin lodyga vladimir umanets charlotte rampling the night porter hitler stalin Natalia Vodianova Yellowistic Chamber (NVYC) (Source: funnyamber) 17 Aug 2012 / Reblogged from funnyamber with 9 notes 17 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .thisisyellowism.Yellowism http://www.

forever. in the ordinary sense. Every piece of Yellowism is about yellow and nothing more. Pop Art works by the opposite means to the same result.” – Susan Sontag. there can be no interpretation. no content. but Yellowism gives only one interpretation.” – Jackson Pollock “The flight from interpretation seems particularly a feature of modern painting. so “what it is. The lack of many different interpretations is not the lack of interpretation.” it. If for humans the fact that inside yellowism everything is about yellow was obvious and “Abstract painting is abstract. too. All pieces of yellowism are interpretable because all are about yellow and express yellow. then it would mean that human perception was radically changed.Yellowism http://www. Whatever you put into a yellowistic chamber. since there is no content. ends by being uninterpretable. Abstract painting is the at tempt to have. 18 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 . “Against Interpretation” ►► One and Many Yellowism is not against interpretation.every piece of yellowism has exactly the same content. using a content so blatant. however the content is not obvious (blatant) for humans.thisisyellowism. just one. Not many. Every piece of yellowism has the content . Humans have a problem to see beings and objects (inside yellowism) as expressions of yellow color only. it is a definition of yellow.

Yellowism http://www. in the ordinary sense. no content. an abstract painting is the at tempt to have.thisisyellowism. 16 Aug 2012 / 1 note / abstract content interpretation jackson pollock lee krasner susan sontag yellowism natalia vodianova mert alas marcus piggott 19 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 . Natalia Vodianova by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott An abstract painting placed in a yellowistic chamber has the content – the same content as a chair or anything else placed in a chamber .com/ Jackson Pollock style. Every abstract painting (inside yellowism) is a definition of yellow. therefore is not so abstract anymore because you can see (interpret) it as a pure expression of yellow color. In art.

thisisyellowism. Consider the boobs signed by Lodyga and Umanets (mother and father of yellowism haha) as a pure expression of yellow color only. That’s exactly what yellowists should do . Mom & Dad.sign some boobs and put them into a yellowistic Terry Richardson autographing some boobs at his recent opening at Colette in Paris for the release of his new book. 15 Aug 2012 / 2 notes / boobs terry richardson marcin lodyga vladimir umanets yellowism mother father 20 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .Yellowism http://www.

Yellowism http://www. If CKYC was opened again (which is not possible because of its status).com/ Carmen Kass by Txema Yeste http://txemayeste.blogspot. There was no exhibition in Carmen Kass Yellowistic Chamber was successfully opened in May 2011 in London and only two pieces of yellowism were shown in this legendary The chamber was demolished few months after its grand http://www. the walls would be violet like on the picture above.thisisyellowism.html#more 21 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 . It was the last space from Series Nine in which walls were yellow.

do you see the difference? It’s time to clearly and radically distinguish between contexts. a chair can be.html 15 Aug 2012 / 0 notes / carmen kass london yellowistic chamber Txema Yeste yellowism 15 Aug 2012 / 2 notes / Sasha Grey yellowism berlin v magazine Page 3 ►► Oh My God! A monkey doesn’t distinguish between contexts. But you. That’s obvious that a monkey doesn’t see differences between ordinary reality. a sense.thisisyellowism. it doesn’t see that a chair in the context of yellowism is about yellow and expresses yellow color only. war. A monkey jumps on a chair in an apartment . death. doesn’t matter art itself etc and can expresses a lot of different things. ordinary reality where objects are it jumps on a chair like in an apartment.yellowism. A monkey jumps on a chair placed in an art gallery ( in the context of art) where a chair has meanings. 22 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .blogspot.Yellowism http://www. But monkey doesn’t see any sense when looking on a chair. Also. for http://www. it just want to jump (or sit in a funny monkey way) on a chair. existence. about the context called reality. a monkey jumps on a chair in a yellowistic chamber. art and yellowism.

23 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 . a separate territory.Yellowism http://www. also you have to know what yellowism Between a monkey and a chair . if one day art equals reality and therefore there is no art and no reality anymore. yellowism would be still “outside”. photographed by Sean & Seng. Hypothetically. pulsating with its own life like some gigantic work of nature. you still need to know what art is and what everyday reality is. Art = reality. the evolution of art can reach the stage called “the stage of totality” and this is how he described it: “What matters are the tensions created by the collective effort of many individuals which contributes to the making of one system.Frida Aasen poses with a monkey on her shoulder for a promotional cover of Dazed & Confused’s March 2012 issue. According to polish theoretician and visionary Jerzy Ludwinski. Even if sometimes the context of art matches the context of reality or borders between them are very blurred.thisisyellowism. yellowism will be still a different context.” Even if there was such a fusion (art + reality).

all and everything is flattened to yellow.dazeddigital. The piece of 24 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .if both were transformed into “aRteality” or something like that. What would you say in a such ontological situation? Will you say: “Oh my god!”? 15 Aug 2012 / 2 notes / context jerzy ludwinski monkey oh my god reality yellowism frida aasen S9 is pleased to announce that the legendary ex porn-star.thisisyellowism. no ordinary reality (no “aRteality” as well). the whole universe is like one huge yellowistic chamber. then the third context we should perceive as the second context. not the third but the second If art disappeared and reality disappeared .Yellowism http://www. No art. it this particular case. Imagine that yellowism is the only context which exists and you don’t need to distinguish http://www. the icon Sasha Grey will take part in the fourth exhibition of Yellowism “Listen to Young Dictators” in Natalia Vodianova Yellowistic Chamber in Berlin. If two contexts (art and reality) become one. 2012. just yellowism. I would call yellowism.

Sasha Grey shot by Glen Luchford for Richardson Magazine For more info about exhibition go here: http://www.Yellowism yellowism signed by Sasha Grey will be exhibited alongside works of Joseph Beuys and Nam June Paik transformed into pieces of 5 Aug 2012 / 9 notes / sasha grey natalia vodianova listen to young dictators joseph beuys nam june paik yellowism berlin 25 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .seriesnine.thisisyellowism.

2012 2 Aug 2012 / 1 note / damien hirst magnificent seven piece of yellowism yellowism no one lives forever london 26 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .html (Source: Magnificent 7 / Piece of Yellowism Damien http://www.thisisyellowism.

thisisyellowism.Yellowism 1 Aug 2012 / 0 notes / yellowism vladimir umanets utopia Legendary invitation to Natalia Vodianova Yellowistic Chamber photographed on the picture of Natalia Vodianova by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott published in Love Magazine #5 Damien Hirst (together with Miroslaw Balka and Neville 27 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .

his exhibition.thisisyellowism. On the picture you can see the invitation sent to Damien Hirst 31 Jul 2012 / 0 notes / Damien Hirst Miroslaw Balka invitation london marcin lodyga natalia vodianova natalia vodianova yellowistic chamber neville brody no one lives forever vladimir umanets yellowism love ►► A Chair About Vietnam? Yellowism requires from spectators the radical change of perception. We invited Hirst for his “own” show. Is the contemporary public ready for this kind of intellectual violence? Is it the ruthless rape on spectator’s mind? Is yellowism inhuman .noonelivesforever. http://www. The experience of Yellowism exhibitions is the experience of the “total flattening”. actually.not suited for human beings? 28 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 . 2012.Yellowism Brody) took part in the legendary third exhibition of yellowism “No One Lives Forever” in London.

This creates a new system of reading meanings. (…) This situation is very difficult. circumstances. Spectator must. This is a sick system – infected by yellow. because our civilization.Yellowism http://www. This leads to suffocation of all previous meanings and symbols. reasons. All meanings are reduced (“flattened”) to Natalia Vodianova by Steven Meisel “This is difficult for the viewer. All the beautiful metaphors and courageous 29 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 . culture. references and associations.thisisyellowism. think about yellow.all metaphors are equalized to one level. data… We are able to decode the meanings and symbols because they are already (made) in us. This is a Utopian system. symbols. The traditional and universal “system of reading” meanings and symbols falls in this way . This is an absurd system.through introducing yellow into the construction / deconstruction of every metaphor . regardless of all the overbearing meanings. philosophy or art leads us to specific conclusions when we see specific prerequisites. premises. We are looking for something which we already know.

a human mind / brain can not adopt yellowistic system of thinking or the yellowistic lack of thinking. not typical. how much you need to change your perception to see a chair as a expression of death? In art a chair can be about love. art. in unexpected way.Yellowism http://www. the command .Yellowism way. you don’t take things literally. the final meaning. war. every being. In Yellowism the only possible interpretation. feeling in yellowism (in yellowistic chambers) is only and forever about yellow. You don’t have a problem with a chair which (according to artist/author statement and art critics opinion) expresses something more than the idea of a chair. you see new meanings because you already know that in the context of art any being can gain a new (intellectual) status. you consider a chair… You see an art work made out of some rubbish as a “definition” of love or The only thing you have to know is that any piece of Yellowism is about yellow and that you are in a yellowistic chamber. death.thisisyellowism. in very. let’s say: ”strange” way. How much do you need to change your perception to see a chair as a pure expression of yellow color only. paradoxically. Just 30 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .fragment from texts written before Manifesto of Yellowism .you read a chair. Therefore I ask you now.” . you can not stop your tendency to interpret. culture “inserted” into your mind. the sense is given to you. you don’t have to. every emotion. is imposed on you. why you can not accept the fact that in the context of Yellowism a chair is a definition of yellow color? Is this meaning too new for you? Maybe you can not reach this level of abstraction? I think that you just can not forget about all meanings and symbols which our civilization. holocaust. you don’t sit on a chair . Don’t think.“Remarks on Films” by Marcin Lodyga People don’t think in this way .com/ comparisons rot if we apply to them yellow. new meanings or old meanings given to you sometimes. but in Yellowism a chair can be only about yellow and nothing more. every object. you are not able to leave the comfortable “kingdom of many interpretations” . it is the order. You easily accept the fact that for example a chair presented in an art gallery expresses some artist’s political statement or is his comment on holocaust… When you are inside the context of art you expect metaphors. you don’t perceive a chair as a chair but you interpret it.

Yellowism http://www.thisisyellowism. is not ridiculous for you. Why? 30 Jul 2012 / 0 notes / natalia vodianova yellowism listen to young dictators art perception human chair outrush: 31 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 . The fact that a chair in the context of yellowism is about yellow is ridiculous for take it. You have to listen to young dictators. but the fact that a chair in the context of art is about war in Vietnam or love.

on the other hand they have important function . 32 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .Yellowism http://www. nowhere else. chamber walls are regarded as impartial.are the complement for pieces of Yellowism. A piece of Yellowism become a piece of Yellowism only when is surrounded by violet walls of a chamber. Yellowists perceive and understand a violet color of walls in yellowistic chamber as a neutral color. are “waiting” for pieces of Yellowism. uninvolved and unbiased.thisisyellowism. disinterested. walls are not a part of any piece of Yellowism.They are “earlier” than pieces of Yellowism. dispassionate. On one hand. In yellowistic chamber violet walls are only a Natalia Vodianova // Paris 2012 at Ulyana Sergeenko Haute Couture Show (Source: outrush) 28 Jul 2012 / Reblogged from outrush with 16 notes / natalia vodianova natalia vodianova yellowistic chamber yellowism london Berlin blue eyes ►► Violent Violet II Yellowism only in yellowistic chambers.

London.Yellowists deliberately don’t show yellow pieces of Yellowism ( made from yellow materials or painted yellow) to clearly communicate that pieces of Yellowism are ABOUT yellow. and violet color would be invisible.Yellowism http://www. If yellowist painted violet walls of a Marcin Lodyga and Dariusz Melnyczenko preparing the NOLF exhibition in Natalia Vodianova Yellowistic Chamber. music. smoke etc) but are not yellow from the outside). a fish. This specific piece of Yellowism would cover the violet walls. are the definitions of yellow color given in various forms (for example in the form of a blue chair. red or blue then this green. 2012 Pieces of Yellowism are not yellow but are about yellow. red or blue coat would be a piece of yellowism. Notice the difference between “ARE” and “ARE ABOUT”. for instance: green.thisisyellowism. 27 Jul 2012 / 0 notes / yellowistic chamber yellowism natalia vodianova marcin lodyga vladimir umanets 33 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .

EUR 38 ) on fashion and lifestyle magazines Berlin. After the Manifesto of Yellowism almost anything can become a yellowistic draft if yellowist chooses it and sign it. and drafts which were made after the writing of the Manifesto of Yellowism. Any being. like every piece of Yellowism. any object from the surrounding reality can get the status of a yellowistic draft.November 2010. Yellowists can choose one draft from the set of yellowistic drafts and transform it into a piece of Yellowism.Yellowism http://www. There are two types of drafts: drafts that were made during the period of transition between art and Yellowism (June . These drafts were comments on the manifesto. The first ones were made parallel with the manifesto and were the notes (in various forms) relating to the different ideas that occurred at the time when we were defining Yellowism.thisisyellowism. is about yellow color. 34 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 . 2012 ►► The Nature of Yellowistic Drafts A yellowistic draft is not a piece of Yellowism. A yellowistc draft becomes a piece of Yellowism when you insert it into a yellowistic chamber and then. Cairo).com/ My Babes for the Day (An Oak Tree) / yellowistic draft Marcin Lodyga Nike shoes (size UK 5. expresses yellow color and nothing more.

which previously were not yellowistic drafts. it is about yellow anyway. A yellowistic draft is a potential piece of Yellowism. Yellowists indicates all that what can be about yellow color and at the same time they also show how full of meanings. Some yellowistic drafts will never become pieces of Yellowism. symbols and references is a draft before the “flattening” in a chamber. but of course a yellowistic draft is not a work of art. loses its significance in a yellowistic chamber. Those who want to perceive yellowistic drafts in this way. Titles of yellowistic drafts can only intensify a pain of those who wish to keep contents. a title is no longer a source of new meanings.Yellowism http://www. because a title which magnifies a field of interpretation. There are also pieces of Yellowism.thisisyellowism. Some people will say about drafts: “Oh. it might be an interesting and beautiful work of art” or “I would like to show it in a gallery where art critics would admire it”. No matter how you title a piece of Yellowism. 26 Jul 2012 / 0 notes / nike yellowism draft marcin lodyga fashion Berlin 35 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 . Draft may induce multiple interpretations and can be decoded in similar way as work of art can Yellowist makes yellowistc drafts and thus show what and who can be flattened to yellow. will always be disappointed because a yellowistic draft is just a yellowistic draft and at any time can be positioned in a yellowistic chamber and thus can be deprived of its intellectual richness.

Who is XXXXXXXXXX? 17 Jul 2012 / 0 notes / natalia vodianova marcin lodyga vladimir umanets joseph beuys nam june paik yellowism listen to young dictators Page 4 36 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .Yellowism http://www. The exhibition will take place at Natalia Vodianova Yellowistic Chamber in Berlin in Series Nine announced the forthcoming fourth exhibition of yellowism ‘Listen to Young Dictators’.thisisyellowism.

As all other pieces presented on the show. Natalia Vodianova Yellowistic Chamber London 24 .com/ Signing The Screen. This video piece has been presented as the piece of yellowism for the first time during the legendary 3rd exhibition of yellowism No One Lives Forever.27 May 2012 http://www. 2012 The curators and authors of the definition and manifesto of yellowism Marcin Łodyga and Vladimir Umanets are signing the work of Polish artist Mirosław Bałka (the video screen for his film ‘B’). Bałka’s film ‘B’ in this particular case for the first time was considered as a pure expression of a yellow colour 8 Jul 2012 / 0 notes / miroslaw balka natalia vodianova marcin lodyga vladimir umanets 37 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .thisisyellowism.Yellowism http://www.

The grand opening of NVYC in Berlin is planned for October 2012.thisisyellowism.2010). 29 Jun 2012 / 0 notes / natalia vodianova natalia vodianova yellowistic chamber Berlin yellowism 38 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .Yellowism http://www.2012). NVYC is nomadic therefore it can move all over the world and adopt more spaces. So far in this chamber were held three exhibitions of yellowism: ”Flattened to yellow” (Cairo . “All and Everything” (Cairo .2011) and “No One Lives Forever” (London . 2010 in Cairo (Egypt) and is the first of the nine unique exhibition spaces in the Natalia Vodianova Yellowistic Chamber (NVYC) has been opened for the first time on 15th of November.

If the original Robert Longo’s work: “Untitled (Berlin Flag)” 2012.Yellowism http://www. charcoal on unmounted paper.would stop to be a work of art and would become a piece of yellowism (signed by Marcin Lodyga) 27 Jun 2012 / 0 notes / robert longo marcin lodyga yellowistic draft yellowism berlin 39 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .com/ Yellowist Marcin Lodyga took 100 prints made for the occasion of Robert Longo exhibition in Capitain Petzel gallery in Berlin. was placed in a Yellowistic Chamber then this work would lose its status . On the print / poster you see the Longo’s work “Untitled (Berlin Flag)” 2012. 60 x 120 inches. Marcin Lodyga wants to tranform the prints into yellowistic drafts.thisisyellowism.

it doesn’t matter if yellowists like yellow color or not. for example. that’s why.thisisyellowism.they are wrong! Also. 22 Jun 2012 / 1 note / jaroslaw kozlowski yellowism hitler stalin yellowists choice ►► Violent Violet There are people who think that in Yellowism everything is yellow (visually yellow) . some people think that yellowists like yellow color . Marcin Lodyga and Vladimir Umanets have reduced the visibility of yellow to show (to stress) that in the context of Yellowism. yellow is just the intellectual matter. the walls in a yellowistic chamber (since the No One Lives Forever exhibition) are violet.Yellowism http://www.people who think like that are wrong too! Finally. 40 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .com/ Please consider “Mr Hitler`s Empathy for Mr Stalin and Vice Versa” by Jaroslaw Kozlowski as a pure expression of yellow color only.

com/ Naomi Campbell and her violent nipple On the first yellowism exhibition (“Flattened to Yellow”. 20 Jun 2012 / 0 notes / no one lives forever texts about yellowism violent violet yellowism nipples naomi campbell 41 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 . 2012) Lodyga and Umanets changed a yellow color to violet to make clear the fact that in Yellowism the visual yellow doesn’t exist. Cairo. The less yellow color. the greater power of Yellowism. 2011) walls were yellow too but for the occasion of No One Lives Forever exhibition (London.Yellowism http://www. In Yellowism. the visible yellow has been erased. Cairo. 2010) walls were yellow and during the second yellowism exhibition (“All and Everything”.thisisyellowism.

Yellowism “I prefer red rather than yellow” . 200 x 200 mm London. 16 Jun 2012 / 0 notes / jessie ware vladimir umanets Nothing Common With Yellowism. Nothing Common With Art / Magnificent 7 Vladimir Umanets Acrylic on canvas. June 2012 42 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .Vladimir Umanets.

The Legendary Third Exhibition of Yellowism .noonelivesforever.Miroslaw Balka.Yellowism http://www. 2012 43 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .com/ 16 Jun 2012 / 0 notes / vladimir umanets No One Lives Forever.thisisyellowism. London. Neville Brody and Damien Hirst in the Natalia Vodianova Yellowistic Chamber.

com/ 44 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .thisisyellowism.Yellowism http://www.

Yellowism 45 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .

com/ 6 Jun 2012 / 0 notes / damien hirst neville brody miroslaw balka no one lives forever natalia vodianova marcin lodyga vladimir umanets 46 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .thisisyellowism.Yellowism http://www.

thisisyellowism. When reading the text you can learn a lot about Lodyga’s and Umanet’s philosophy therefore it became an important text about yellowism.html 5 Jun 2012 / 0 notes / natalia vodianova no one lives forever “This Way and No Other Way” is the legendary text about the third exhibition of for the No One Lives Forever exhibition which took place in Natalia Vodianova Yellowistic Chamber in London. 47 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .Yellowism http://www. Natalia Vodianova responded to our tweet . It was written as an introduction to the No One Lives Forever show (attended by Damien Hirst. Miroslaw Balka and Neville Brody) which took place in Natalia Vodianova Yellowistic Chamber in May 2012 in London.

” Some say that in art was already everything. NOLF is the exhibition of yellowism. in in the future Yellowism is the context.Yellowism http://www. in which not only the reality ceases to be reality. Therefore you what was Moreover.thisisyellowism. should be called “The beautiful end of postduchampian era. The idea of this show is strongly based on the definition and manifesto of yellowism which were created by Marcin Lodyga and Vladimir Umanets. This exhibition proves that the extreme point at which the current culture is ►► This Way and No Other Way No One Lives Forever (NOLF) is not an art exhibition. Marcel 48 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 . can be everything already in art and it will no longer be art. yellowism can be everything what will happen of art and it will not be art. can say that in yellowism. but also art ceases to be art.

thisisyellowism. in which (for instant) the works of Miroslaw Balka. Notice: the first step – made by Duchamp – a transition from the territory of reality to the territory of art.Yellowism http://www. (which is not art nor a ordinary reality) and do the next step. did not come out of the shadow of Duchamp . without exception. lose their significance and the whole richness of intellectual references. if the all works of art from the all museums. Works of art chosen by curators for No One Lives Forever Exhibition. his work shown in the yellowistic chamber is just the definition of the yellow color and is not a work of art anymore. Even such innovative artists like Andy Warhol or Joseph Kosuth. The context of yellowism would unmercifully equalize all possible interpretations to one. flattened to yellow. but on the yellowism exhibition his work has unexpected and unconventional new sense and retains the same visual form as it has in art. If his iconic “For the Love of God” or “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone 49 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 . you need to create a piece of land which previously did not exist. in art. then all. would be about yellow and would express yellow and nothing more and then the maximum breadth and diversity of vision would be extremely narrowed. Damien Hirst explores the uncertainty at the core of human Duchamp in the early twentieth century had two areas: 1 – reality. In art. After that. loyalty and betrayal through unexpected and unconventional media. to do something to measure Duchamp. in other words: define a third context. lose all their meanings which have in the context of art. 2 – art. because inside yellowism a fascination with diversity of approach and interpretation doesn’t exist. None of artist have accomplished the latter important move. live death. The third context. Neville Brody and Damien Hirst cease to be works of art and become pieces about yellow color and express yellow color and nothing more. So. love. despite the fact that their work is very important in the history of art. there was nothing so revolutionary. galleries and artists’ studios around the world would be transferred to an yellowistic chamber. Regardless of Hirst’s explorations on the art territory. the second step – made by Lodyga and Umanets – a transition from the territory of art to the territory of yellowism. metaphorically speaking: if you want to walk. Hypothetically. radical and influential. to make the another revolution was necessary to reach to the point where. and he accomplished the shift from one context to another.

We see just the definition of yellow color in the form of typography /painting. Undoubtedly. recalls Miroslaw Balka. then not only as artists but also as yellowists. In yellowism this exploration ceases to exist. Neville Brody and Damien Hirst also will not live forever. Balka’s examination of the history of the Nazi camps resulted in the work shown on NOLF.thisisyellowism. It is the typography of our time and culture. The fact that in yellowism everything is flattened to yellow should be so obvious and commonly known as accepted by the majority belief that “no one lives forever”.com/ Living” would be placed in the Natalia Vodianova Yellowistic Chamber then would be also about yellow color and nothing more. The visual communication is flattened to yellow. Is the contemporary public ready for this kind of intellectual violence? Is it the ruthless rape on spectator’s mind? 4 Jun 2012 / 1 note / damien hirst neville brody miroslaw 50 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 . “One day at the end of the twentieth century I asked myself what I do for the ones who lived here and are gone”. In art. It is like a clay sculpture that is always being twisted into new shapes without ever being fired”. pushing the technology in that Brody is interested in the formal qualities afforded to him by the computer. The Hirst’s work selected for NOLF exhibition is neither of these two well known “icons”. Balka explores (based on the history of Nazi occupation in Poland) how subjective traumas are translated into collective histories and vice versa. this work in the yellowisc chamber is about yellow color only. “Digital design is like a painting except the paint never dries. Brody himself says.Yellowism http://www. the graphic language of Neville Brody expresses only the yellow color and nothing more. When looking at the work of designer Neville Brody one gets the feeling that he is striving towards a painterly quality. and if they will. Brody’s designs are visually and mentally dense and there is a certain emotive quality that his typography exudes. “And I started my pilgrimages to the concentration and death camps …To collect their traces and take care”. but notwithstanding his artistic investigation of domestic memories and public catastrophe. The experience of this exhibition is the experience of the “total flattening”. however its intellectual pregnancy was definitely better for the yellowistic profanation. It is dependent on the technology. In NVYC. Miroslaw Balka. No One Lives Forever requires from the spectator the radical change of perception.

com/ balka natalia vodianova yellowism marcin lodyga vladimir umanets OLDER # 51 de 51 09/10/12 10:21 .Yellowism http://www.thisisyellowism.