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LTBEAM - RELEASE NOTES ====================== Version N°1.0.

11 Release date: 02/2012 ---------------------------------------------When running the software, displaying of a warning message concerning the accept ance for the user (by clicking the 'OK' button) of using the software and its re sults under his own responsabilities and his own risk. Version N°1.0.10 Release date: 02/2011 ---------------------------------------------Fixed errors: . Better calculation of the torsional constant of I profiles (now calculated usi ng Villette's formula). In the previous version, wrong values (even negative!) c ould be given by Darwish & Johnston formula for very thick webs or large radii. . Better treatment of the point moment (Loading Tab) the location of which is no w shifted to the nearest node of the finite element discretization. In the previ ous version, unexpected high shear force could be calculated for a finite elemen t where the point moment is located between the end nodes of this finite element . . Smaller rotations induced by mouse dragging in view 3D of the buckling mode. Information : With Windows Vista or Seven, install LTBEAM outside the Program Fi les Directory. Install also the application WinHelp32.exe (to be downloaded from the Microsoft site, appropriate to your system type) in order to display the He lp file. Version N°1.0.9 Release date: 03/2010 --------------------------------------------Fixed errors: . wrong calculation of the torsional constant of profiles chosen in catalogue (n ow calculated using Darwish & Johnston formula) New features: UB and UC profiles now available in the catalogue Information : With Windows Vista or Seven, install LTBEAM outside the Program Fi les Directory.

Version N°1.0.8 Release date: 01/2009 --------------------------------------------Fixed errors: . torsional constant of sections (defined using catalogue or dimensions) are now calculated with the Darwish & Johnston formula for monosymetrical I sections ("Torsion of structural shapes" - Journal of Structural Division - Feb 1965). T he previous formula programmed in LTBeam, taken in the Arcelor catalogue, may lead to noticeable errors (>10%) for sections with strong ratios tw/tf (>1). Induced corrections made also in Haunch.xls application. . problems met for retreiving language files where LTBeam is installed in direct ories containing underscores ("_"). . adress and logo of CTICM have been updated in the SplashScreen . Help files have been updated . HAUNCH.XLS application has been modified in order to define correctly the z or dinate of the application point of uniform load q for variable height members.

. minimum height of I section defined by their dimensions lowered to 0,6.max(bf1 ,bf2) instead of max(bf1,bf2). Version N°1.0.7 Release date: 05/2006 --------------------------------------------Fixed errors: . wrong treatment of overlapping distributed loads applied both out of the shea r center : only the last load was accounted for along the overlap length. . fixing bugs in the EXCEL application HAUNCH.XLS : treatment of a distributed l oad q applied out of the shear center : before, the distance to the shear center was kept constant; now, the distance to the upper flange is kept constant along the whole beam length. Warning! : in data, hw1 and hw2 (web depths) are replace d now by h1 and h2 (section depths). New features: . several point loads or distributed loads applied out of the shear center may b e defined within a same beam element (from the discretization)

Version N°1.0.6 Release date: 07/2005 --------------------------------------------Fixed errors: . reversal of "r1" and "r2" labels in the picture of monosymmetrical I section d efined by its dimensions . correction in units of restraining springs for teta (torsion) and teta' (warpi ng) ("/rd" added)

Version N°1.0.5 Release date: 05/2003 --------------------------------------------Fixed errors: . correction in the treatment of distributed loads from the *.LTB file

Version N°1.0.4 Release date: 12/2002 --------------------------------------------Fixed errors: . View 3D of the deformed shape : correction in the horizontal or vertical shift of the shape using corresponding command buttons when zoom is active New features: . View 3D of the deformed shape : Changes in the mousepointer's shape during dra g actions upon plot area

Version N°1.0.3 Release date: 10/2002 --------------------------------------------Fixed errors: . Error in calculating Iy and Betaz for sections defined by their dimensions wit h non zero radius r New features: . Release date mentioned on splash screen

Version N°1.0.2 Release date: 07/2002 --------------------------------------------Reference release