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• This Safety Handbook serves as a guide on the most important safety provisions. However it is not meant to be a complete simplified versions of our Huawei Technologies Corporate Safety Manual. • Hoping that the site management and workers will find this handbook useful in understanding the main provisions of the Corporate Safety Manual.

• As a guide, this booklet has no legal standing. Hence, in all cases of doubt reference shall be made to the Huawei Technologies Corporate Safety Manual.
• This manual will mark another milestone in the commitment to safety by the management of Huawei Technologies. May you place yourself in the responsibility party as you follow through this handbook. • Remember: Think Safety, Work Safely.

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Site Safety Requirements Safety Helmets Co lour Codes Personal Protective Equipment Barricades Working on the Edge/Height Working Platform Safety Ladder Safety Mobile Scaffold Safety Welding Process Safety Machinery/Equipment Safety Housekeeping Floor Opening Safety Electrical Safety Earthwork

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Safety Confined Space
Safety Working Pipes Safety Chemical Jobs Emergency Response Acknowledgement Emergency Contact Numbers

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Ensure that you have the above items before you work on site.

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Wearing of safety helmet protects the head from accidental falling objects. Wear your safety helmet according to the stated colour code. This is for easy identification.

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Damage PPE cannot provide full protection for you.PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT Always wear good condition personal protective equipment (PPE). Huawei Technologies 6 . Get your damage PPE changed.

sandals or slippers are allowed in the worksite.PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT Safety shoes prevent/minimise foot injury. Huawei Technologies 7 . No casual shoes.

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT SAFETY GOGGLE EAR PLUGS SAFETY GLOVES When welding. or any other operations. always wear the required and proper ppe associated to that particular job. grinding. Huawei Technologies 8 .

BARRICADES RED AND WHITE TAPE Do not used red and white tape or ropes as barricades. Huawei Technologies 9 .

Huawei Technologies 10 .BARRICADES TUBULAR PIPE CABLE WIRE Only cable. tubular pipes and other rigid materials which are able to withstand 100 kg/f are allowed to be used as barricades. Good and proper barricades will prevent site personnel from falling of the edge or openings.

Huawei Technologies 11 . near openings and edges.WORKING ON THE EDGE/HEIGHT Wear and anchor your safety harness when working on height.

Keep them in a tool box and away from the edge. Huawei Technologies 12 .WORKING ON THE EDGE/HEIGHT When near edges or openings. that you are anchored to a lifeline. Tools are not to be placed near the edge.

WORKING ON THE EDGE/HEIGHT When working at height. Huawei Technologies 13 . ensure that the ground below are cleared. Station a watchman. and put up a warning signboard. Barricade the affected area.

Huawei Technologies 14 .  No drinking before working at a height.WORKING ON THE EDGE/HEIGHT Personnel Safety – Operation At Height Not wearing safety belts/harness  Personnel working at a height should have corresponding certificates and be in good physical condition without suffering from acrophobia.

a step ladder will be good and safe to use. instead on the picture shown above. Huawei Technologies 15 .WORKING ON THE EDGE/HEIGHT Personnel Safety – Indoor Operations (1) Use proper work platform.

Place operation tools and materials properly to avoid falling off.WORKING ON THE EDGE/HEIGHT Personnel Safety – Indoor Operations (2)   Make sure the ladder( or other load bearing facility ) is rigid and stable when working at a height. Huawei Technologies 16 .

g. in rain and snow.WORKING ON THE EDGE/HEIGHT Personnel Safety – Outdoor Operations (1)  Take safety measures ( e.  Operators should wear safe ropes. thunderstorm). tight clothes and rubber shoes with all tools in kit-bags.g. tie the safe rope) for outer-wall overhead jobs.  Try to avoid operations at night.  Operations are strictly prohibited under critical weather conditions ( e. Huawei Technologies 17 . strong wind.

Huawei Technologies 18 . so as to prevent them from falling off and injuring people and damaging the goods.WORKING ON THE EDGE/HEIGHT Personnel Safety – Outdoor Operations (2)  Tightly bind and fix the goods to be moved upwards.

WORKING ON THE EDGE/HEIGHT Personnel Safety – Outdoor Operations (3) No safety belts/harness No safety belts/harness Penalties:  Not wearing safety hard hat/(helmet)  Not wearing shoes (safety)  Not wearing safety belts (harness)  Not wearing shirts and long pants No safety hard hats/helmets and not wearing shoes (safety) What does this hard hat doing here? Personnel working on ground should take protection measures. wear safety helmet and unrelated personnel should keep away from the operation site. Huawei Technologies 19 .

SAFETY LADDER When using a ladder as a working platform ensure that someone holds it firmly for you or use a step ladder that could stand alone. Huawei Technologies 20 .

Huawei Technologies 21 .SAFETY MOBILE SCAFFOLD Mobile scaffolds should be constructed according to the above requirement.

Huawei Technologies 22 .SAFETY MOBILE SCAFFOLD PRESS DOWN TO LOCK Locked the mobile scaffold wheels when it is on the stationary position. Anchor your safety harness to a rigid anchoring point and not to the mobile scaffold. This is to prevent you from falling with the mobile scaffold if the mobile scaffold topples.

SAFETY MOBILE SCAFFOLD DO NOT push the mobile scaffold when there is somebody on it. Huawei Technologies 23 .

properties. machinery and unremovable flammable materials are covered with fire blankets before any welding to be carried out. Huawei Technologies 24 .SAFETY WELDING PROCESS Ensure that the equipment.

SAFETY WELDING PROCESS Ensure no flammable materials are present nearby at the welding area. Huawei Technologies 25 .

Only authorized personnel are allowed to operate heavy machinery and equipment. check first the specification of the machine.SAFETY MACHINERY/ EQUIPMENT Do not overload your equipment/machinery. Huawei Technologies 26 .

SAFETY MACHINERY/ EQUIPMENT Concentrate when operating machinery e. cranes and bulldozer. Huawei Technologies 27 . Lack of concentration will results in undesirable incidents.g excavator.

SAFETY MACHINERY/ EQUIPMENT Ensure that the load is secured before moving it. Huawei Technologies 28 .

SAFETY MACHINERY/ EQUIPMENT Do not go near machinery while they are being operated. Huawei Technologies 29 . No unauthorised person is allowed to enter the work area when lifting. piling and excavation in progress.

Do not use the equipment if there are no safety guards. Huawei Technologies 30 .SAFETY MACHINERY/ EQUIPMENT Do not remove machinery guard.

Keep your work area clean.SAFETY HOUSEKEEPING Poor housekeeping can produce accidental tripping hazards. Huawei Technologies 31 .

Dispose at allocated dustbin points.SAFETY HOUSEKEEPING Do not dispose your unwanted materials from height. Huawei Technologies 32 .

Huawei Technologies 33 .SAFETY = GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Remove all protruding nails or bend them over.

Report to your safety department immediately to have it covered. Huawei Technologies 34 .FLOOR OPENING Do not leave open holes unprotected.

FLOOR OPENING CABLE GUARDRAILS NETTING For bigger open holes. The side netting will prevent site personnel or materials from falling through it. the requirement is a barricade with side netting. Huawei Technologies 35 .

Huawei Technologies 36 .SAFETY ELECTRICAL WORKS Do not lay temporary electrical cables on the ground.

Huawei Technologies 37 .SAFETY ELECTRICAL WORKS Do not overload your convenience outlet.

Huawei Technologies 38 .SAFETY ELECTRICAL WORKS Never use damage electrical plugs. extension cords and appliances.

Huawei Technologies 39 .SAFETY ELECTRICAL WORKS Ensure that the sides of excavation pit are properly shored before you go down to work.

access ladder and barricade are the main essential in excavation works. Ensure their presence before you start working. Huawei Technologies 40 .SAFETY EARTHWORK Proper shoring.

Huawei Technologies 41 .SAFETY CONFINE SPACE Confined space are to be ventilated and gas checked before proceeding at any work.

SAFETY WORKING ON PIPES Do not horseplay and clinched on pipes. These pipes may contain dangerous chemicals and gases. Huawei Technologies 42 .

SAFETY WORKING ON PIPES Do not walk on pipes. Huawei Technologies 43 .

Huawei Technologies 44 . Do not touch chemicals with your bare hands.SAFETY CHEMICAL WORKS When dealing with chemicals ensure that you are fully protected.

quickly proceed to the nearest water shower and rinse yourself until help arrives. Huawei Technologies 45 .SAFETY CHEMICAL WORKS In the event where chemicals are splashed onto your body.

Huawei Technologies 46 .SAFETY CHEMICAL WORKS Always keep your flammable chemical drums in an upright position with drip tray and strictly “NO SMOKING” at this area.

SAFETY CHEMICAL WORKS Store all containers containing chemicals in a proper storage area. Huawei Technologies 47 . Remember to label them. Provide fire extinguisher in the chemical storeroom.

Huawei Technologies 48 . Report immediately to the First Aider for further medical treatment. Do not rub your eyes.SAFETY CHEMICAL WORKS Wash your eyes immediately when some chemical drop on it.

contact directly any Huawei staff immediately. Huawei Technologies 49 .EMERGENCY In case of emergency or accident happened at the site. to prevent complication to the injured personnel. Only qualified First Aider are allowed to render first aid to casualties.

do it safely.Last and not least. whatever job you do. Remember! Your family needs you!!! Huawei Technologies 50 .

Signature Name Company Name Name of Supervisor :_________________________________ :_________________________________ :_________________________________ :_________________________________ Signature of Supervisor :_________________________________ Date :_________________________________ Huawei Technologies 51 . my supervisor has explained this clearly to me. Health and Environment Handbook. and shall do my work according to the safety rules and regulations.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I have received the Huawei Safety. I have been trained and understood the safety requirements. Where I do not understand. I shall abide to all safety rules and regulations at all Huawei sites. I also understand that it is my duty to safeguard all lives and property.

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