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Campus: Balestier

Session: 2012-2013 We nurture global citizens
GIIS/GIISAC Template Kit-12 Templates/ 3.Worksheet


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Our Environment 4

Work Sheet No. SC/03/2012-13 Subject Science Date

Section - A
Q1. A group of students participated in a 'Beach Cleanup' activity. They drew up a list of the discarded items they found on the shoreline, as shown below. The students had a discussion about the items found.

Soiled disposable diaper plastic Wooden plank

styrofoam box orange peel aluminium can Chicken bone

tissue paper torn towel spectacle frame nylon rope glass bottle plastic bag

How should we classify these waste materials? BIO-DEGRADABLE WASTES NON BIO-DEGRADABLE WASTES

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The bottom part of a lake or river ii. What is groundwater? i. i. Hydrogen iii. Compressed Nitrogen Gas ii. i. burning iii. burying ii. What is the main man made greenhouse gas? i. CNG stands for ___________. Water that is spilled onto the ground iii. Compressed Neon Gas c. Malaria iv. Anaemia b. Water beneath the ground surface iv. Typhoid iii. recycling ©Global Indian International School .2. Choose the correct option: a. Compressed Natural Gasoline iii. Nitrogen d. Scurvy ii. Compressed Natural Gas iv. dumping iv. Oxygen iv. If waste materials contaminate the source of drinking water which of the following diseases will spread? i. Carbon-di-oxide ii.Section – B Q. One of the best solutions to get rid of non-biodegradable wastes is______________. Rainwater that lands on the ground e.

2. 3.3. 4. Match each kind of energy with the correct sentence: 1. 5. The water flows through tunnels and turns the turbines which make electricity. is generated from running water. 7. g. 6. h. b. uses the energy of the waves to turn turbines that make electricity. These tides happen twice a day. ©Global Indian International School . d. Hydroelectricity 5.Q. c. Wave power a. Geothermal power 3. Tidal energy 8. 9. is made from radioactive uranium ore which occurs naturally in the ground. Wind energy 7. is used to turn wind turbines and make electricity. Solar panels 1. uses the energy from plants and waste materials to make electricity. e. comes from the movement of water in the sea by the tides. 8. Nuclear energy 6. Biomass 9. 2. were formed in the Carboniferous period millions of years ago (before the dinosaurs!) i. uses the heat that comes from deep rocks under the surface of the Earth. Fossil fuels 4. Dams are built across a lake or river in a valley to trap water. are used to convert the Sun’s energy into electricity. f.

a. S N g. A O ©Global Indian International School .4.Section . generally caused by heavy rains that the soil is unable to absorb. Very violent gusts of whirling. rotating in big whirling circles. T H U A E c. The continual wearing of the soil by heavy E rain. d. f. h. D U Shortage of water. I D I Uncontrolled fire which destroys forest. R I E b. L D The building up of large quantities of water. Such fires can get out of control and spread very easily over vast areas. Funnel-shaped winds that spin along T over the ground. A series of gigantic waves caused by an earthquake. jungle and vegetation as well as animal species. Strong rain and winds starting over the sea. wind and poor land use may cause __________ .C Q. U M e. volcanic eruptions or landslides under the sea. Fill in the right letters in the horizontal boxes. Violent shaking of the Earth’s crust due to the movements deep underground and which can cause a lot of damage.

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