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Federal Financial Management Certificate Program
A comprehensive professional development program designed to help you achieve the highest level of performance in: Accounting Auditing Budgeting Financial Management

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budget analysts. Accounting Track: For individuals who work in or with the accounting function and want Current Topics and Comprehensive Materials Courses are continuously updated to reflect changes in the workplace and the latest industry best practices. contact your Certificate Program Administrator at 888. as well as their engaging presentation skills and relevant real-world experience. The program’s highly effective curriculum has resulted in more than 3. Auditing Track: For individuals who work as or with auditors and want to learn and apply the latest auditing techniques to support program efficiency and effectiveness. Personalized Programs The FFMCP offers a wide variety of elective courses in each track.  888. 2085. To learn more about bringing the FFMCP to your location. Our course manuals serve as both in-class guides and post-course references. Where You Want It! Management Concepts can deliver the FFMCP to your organization. making it easy to design a curriculum that matches your needs. group exercises. Each track develops the specific competencies you need to improve performance and gives you the skills to succeed in today’s workplace. •  Tailor courses by customizing exercises and content in order to address the unique challenges facing your organization.545. interests.545. •  Save on tuition.8575 | www. want to develop their skills to make effective use of government resources. call 888. Budgeting Track: For individuals who work in budgeting or deal with the budget and Expert Instructors Our dynamic instructors are chosen for their subject matter | © 2012 Management Concepts 888. auditors. budgeting. travel costs. to gain. This new level of accomplishment puts you in an excellent position to advance your career in federal accounting. and effectiveness in this critical area. Upon completion. comprehensive professional development program designed to enhance and accelerate career growth for accountants. If you need additional information or help selecting a track. Financial Management Track: For individuals who want to improve their job performance by developing a broad understanding of budgeting. •  Select the courses for the certificate program that meet your organization’s needs.Federal Financial Management Certificate Program Management Concepts Federal Financial Management Certificate Program (FFMCP) is a proven. Certificate Program Tracks This program includes four tracks that offer a blend of courses that develop skills and provide experience through hands-on practice with real-world challenges. or financial management. Since we do the traveling. our instructors are dedicated to answering your questions and helping you achieve your career goals. Professional Recognition Training How You Want It. skills.8575 | www. and the legal and effective use of appropriated funds.ManagementConcepts. auditors. and practical learning activities — enabling you to immediately apply what you learn in class directly to your work environment. you can reduce or eliminate travel and per diem costs. The matrix on pages 7-9 shows how Management Concepts courses align with each certificate program | © 2012 Management Concepts 1 . Program Features and Benefits Competency-Based Training All courses in the FFMCP support core competencies for accountants. you’ll receive a framed Certificate of Achievement that signifies your knowledge and proficiency in federal financial management.8575 ext. strengthen.ManagementConcepts. and time. •  Speed change by providing staff with consistent content and training delivery.545. assessments. accounting. and financial managers. or update their knowledge. budget analysts. and financial managers.8575. and goals. Immediate Application Advanced instructional design techniques incorporate discussions.545. auditing. As part of the Management Concepts team.000 graduates since 1997.

You will need to provide the certificate of completion. Below is a sample timeline you can use as a guide to help you complete your tracks in three years: Complete the three core courses for your track. and you fully attended the course and passed the course examination. A web-based Individual Development Plan tool is available on our website at www. Q. and pricing? A. Budgeting. Q.545. How do I know which FFMCP electives will help me meet my professional goals? A. Transfer credit will be accepted for one course only. Yes.ManagementConcepts. No.ManagementConcepts.ManagementConcepts. 1.545. see pages 7-9 of this brochure with the SPG icon. Graduate! Once you’ve completed all eight courses required to complete your track.545.8575 ext.ManagementConcepts. was conducted in its entirety. or Financial Management. number of CPE credits earned. Once enrolled in the FFMCP.545. Complete three elective courses for your track. you must submit a letter of request to the Certificate Program Board and receive approval. or by calling our Customer Service Department at Skills for Professional Growth courses address professional disciplines outside of federal financial management that are crucial to managing financial programs and activities. Upon graduation. See pages 7-9 for a full list of core and elective course requirements for your track. Create Your Curriculum Enroll in your track’s core courses online at www. if the course is included in your track. contact your Certificate Program Administrator at 888. you may schedule them through your Certificate Program Administrator. 2085. If the Board approves the course transfer. To view a list of these courses. Do I have to take courses in sequence to receive FFMCP credit? A. You can also contact the Certificate Program Administrator at 888. 2085 to find out which electives are best for your career development. Yes. two final elective courses for your track. Your Certificate Program Administrator will then confirm your enrollment in the program. course syllabus and learning objectives. YEAR 1: and generate suggested courses to fill those gaps. If I attend an onsite Management Concepts course hosted by my or on page 6 of this brochure and fax it to 703. 2. schedules. Your Certificate Program Administrator is available to help choose courses that best meet your learning objectives and provide ongoing guidance and support. Where can I find course | © 2012 Management Concepts 888. Auditing. you will be required to pass the course examination. you have three years from the first day of your first class to complete the program. 2 888.790. and you attended the courses in their entirety and passed the course examinations.545.8575 | www. Enroll in the Program Complete the Letter of Intent online at www. Management Concepts will consider each request on a case-by-case basis. If you haven’t taken the course exams. schedules. | © 2012 Management Concepts 3 . These provide a solid foundation for your elective course requirements. YEAR 2: YEAR 3: Complete Q.8575 ext.8575.ManagementConcepts. 5. If you attended an abbreviated version of the course.1371. and name of the institution. you will receive a framed FFMCP Certificate that establishes your credibility as a financial management professional and distinguishes you in your field. provided that the courses are approved FFMCP courses. What are “Skills for Professional Growth” courses? A.ManagementConcepts.How the Program Works Follow these five convenient steps to earn an FFMCP certificate and get on the fast track to career growth! Frequently Asked Questions Q. but most students find that completing the core course requirements first helps them better understand the elective course material. will I receive FFMCP credit? A. Requests to transfer or substitute courses must be submitted in writing to the Certificate Program Board. Meet the Program Requirements You must complete all eight courses required for your track within the three-year timeline. You must attend all courses in their entirety and pass course examinations to meet program requirements. Course descriptions. table of contents from the course text.8575 | www. This tool will help you identify knowledge gaps 3. 4. May I receive FFMCP credit for Management Concepts courses that I attended prior to registering for the certificate program? A. 2085. and pricing can be found on our website at www. Choose Your Certificate Track Begin by selecting one or more of the four FFMCP tracks: Accounting. Questions about the FFMCP? Contact your Certificate Program Administrator at 888. were taken within the three-year period allowed by the certificate program.8575 ext. May I transfer courses taken elsewhere to my FFMCP curriculum? A.

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT TRACK Answer today’s tough financial management questions: How are budgets prepared? How does appropriations law limit the use of funds? To enroll in the Federal Financial Management Certificate Program.8575 | www. See matrix on pages 7-9 for a complete listing of applicable courses. View the list of Skills for Professional Growth courses on pages 7-9 marked with the SPG icon.545.8575 • Fax 703.Federal Financial Management Certificate Program Tracks Choose the Right Track for You: ACCOUNTING TRACK Gain a thorough understanding of federal accounting techniques and procedures along with the practical skills needed to stay on top of this rapidly changing field. simply complete this Letter of Intent and mail or fax it to us.545.ManagementConcepts. choose 3 elective courses and 2 Skills for Professional Growth courses.1371 What are Skills for Professional Growth courses? These are courses from disciplines outside of financial management that are crucial to managing financial programs and activities. I am interested in enrolling in the Federal Financial Management Certificate Program (FFMCP) in the following track(s): PLEASE PRINT Accounting Auditing Budgeting Financial Management Core Courses (Required) • Appropriations Law Seminar • Federal Accounting Fundamentals • | © 2012 Management Concepts 5 888. and Execution • Federal Accounting Fundamentals FULL NAME ORGANIZATION LAST 4 DIGITS OF SSN Elective Courses • Choose 5 elective courses from the Accounting Track. See matrix on pages 7-9 for a complete listing of applicable courses. Or enroll online at www. 2085.8575 | | © 2012 Management Concepts 888. I understand that I have three years from the first day of the first class I take to complete the required core courses and the elective courses for this program.8575 ext.545.S. • Option 1: From within the Financial Management Track. See matrix on pages 7-9 for a complete listing of applicable courses.ManagementConcepts. Justification. I also understand that this letter is for Management Concepts records only. VA 22182 Phone 888.8575 | www. performancefocused environment. See matrix on pages 7-9 for a complete listing of applicable courses. BUDGETING TRACK Understand the latest policies and learn how to develop. choose 3 elective courses and 2 Skills for Professional Growth courses OR • Option 2: From within the Financial Management | © 2012 Management Concepts 6 . Elective Courses Choose a combination of 5 elective courses from within the Financial Management Track. Elective Courses • Choose 5 elective courses from the Budgeting Track. Standard General Ledger: Practical Applications Core Courses (Required) • Audit Boot Camp • Preparing High-Impact Audit Reports • Internal Controls: Meeting Federal Requirements for Accountability Core Courses (Required) • Appropriations Law Seminar • Budget Analyst’s Essential Guide to Formulation. Federal Financial Management Certificate Program Letter of Intent Get Started Today! AUDITING TRACK Acquire foundational knowledge and build the general skills critical to effective engagement in audit activities in today’s accountability-driven. monitor.ManagementConcepts. and Execution • Budgeting and Accounting: Making the Connection Core Courses (Required) • Appropriations Law Seminar • Budget Analyst’s Essential Guide to Formulation.545. 4 888. choose 2 elective courses and 3 Skills for Professional Growth courses TITLE ADDRESS (WORK) ADDRESS (HOME) PHONE (WORK) FAX (WORK) EMAIL PHONE (HOME) TOTAL: 8 Courses TOTAL: 8 Courses TOTAL: 8 Courses TOTAL: 8 Courses To: Management Concepts Attn: Federal Financial Management Certificate Program Administrator 8230 Leesburg Pike • Tysons Corner. Justification. It is not a legal contract and does not obligate me to take any SIGNATURE DATE FS0712 *See the matrix on pages 7-9 for a full list of FFMCP courses. Elective Courses • From within the Auditing Track.545. and adjust budgets to meet federal guidelines. execute. Questions about the FFMCP tracks? Contact your Certificate Program Administrator at 888.

8575 | www. Auditors. Budget Analysts.ManagementConcepts. supports core competencies and builds foundational skills critical for auditors in the federal government. and abilities required for positions in federal financial management. Use the key to locate core courses and electives for your track. Standard General Ledger Preparing High-Impact Audit Reports Project Management Principles Resolving Conflict SPG SPG H l l l l l The Federal Budget Process l l l l l l l l l l l l Budget Analyst’s Essential Guide to Formulation. and the Yellow Book provide general guidance and best practices for auditing in the federal | © 2012 Management Concepts Budgeting Auditing Auditing 9 .545. Budgeting and Execution Preparation and Analysis of the SF 133 Preparing Federal Financial Statements Using the U. Plant.545.545. and Financial Managers. Management Concepts financial management courses support these core competencies for Accountants. The Financial Audit Manual (FAM). the Federal Information System Controls Audit Manual (FISCAM) | © 2012 Management Concepts 888.S. Justification. and Equipment (SFFAS 6 & 8) Accounting for Revenue and Other Financing Sources (SFFAS 7) Activity-Based Cost Management: Managing Costs and Performance Analytics Boot Camp SPG Courses Cost Estimating for Technical Personnel Creativity and Innovation SPG SPG Courses Introduction to Federal Contracting SPG l l l l l l l Capital Asset Planning and Justification Using OMB Criteria SPG l l NEW! NEW! SPG l l l l l l l l l l l l Keeping the Audit on Track: Critical Skills for Audit Managers Key to Audit Success: Focus on Objectives Leadership Skills and Techniques SPG Critical Thinking for Problem Solving l l l Leadership and Management Skills for Non-Managers Leading the Human Side of Change SPG l l l l l l l l l l l Customer Service Skills and Techniques Data Collection Techniques Decision Making SPG SPG SPG l l l l l l Analyzing Program Performance Options in a l Constrained Budget Environment NEW! The Antideficiency Act Anytime Coaching SPG l l Data Analysis for Financial Managers Using Microsoft Excel l l The Legislative Process: Working with Congress Making Decisions Using Earned Value Managerial Cost Accounting Overview of Internal Control Guidance Performance Budgeting SPG l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l Decision Support for Financial Managers Essential Communications for the Audit Lifecycle Effective Supervision SPG l Appropriations Law for Business Operations in Government Appropriations Law Refresher and Update Appropriations Law Seminar Army PPBES Workshop Audit Boot Camp Auditing Fundamentals in the Federal Environment Briefing and Presentation Skills SPG l l l l l l l l H NEW! l l l H H l l Performance Auditing Ethical Decision Making for Financial Managers Evaluating and Presenting Analysis Results Federal Accounting Fundamentals Federal Credit Accounting: An Introduction Federal Financial Management Overview Federal Financial Management Systems Requirements Federal Financial Statement Audits SPG l l l NEW! l l l Audit Interviews: Skills for Success H H l l l l l l l PPBE Workshop: Defense Planning. TRACKS Financial Management Financial Management l l l l l l KEY SPG TRACKS Financial Management TRACKS = Skills for Professional Growth Course H = Core Course l = Elective Course Accounting Budgeting Auditing Accounting Accounting Budgeting Courses Accounting for Business Operations in Government Accounting for Property.ManagementConcepts. skills. informed by this GAO and GAO/PCIE guidance. The Auditing Track. Programming.8575 | www.Federal Financial Management Certificate Program Curriculum The Federal Financial Management Certificate Program Curriculum Matrix shows how Management Concepts courses count toward the completion of each of the program tracks. and Execution Budget Execution Budget Formulation Budgeting and Accounting: Making the Connection Building and Sustaining Teams Business Writing SPG SPG H l l l H l H l l l l Budget Estimating Using Microsoft Excel l l l l l l l Program and Budget Analysis Using Microsoft Excel The Prompt Payment Act and Voucher Examination Statements of Federal Financial Accounting Standards: SFFAS | © 2012 Management Concepts 8 888.8575 | www. Standard General Ledger: Practical Applications Using Performance Metrics to Improve Program Effectiveness NEW! l l l l l l H Financial Management of Business Operations in Government Financial Management of Defense Working Capital Funds Fiscal Law in DoD Forensic Auditing: Detection and Prevention of Fraud Fundamentals of Overhead and Other Indirect Cost Rates Internal Control over Financial Reporting Internal Controls: Meeting Federal Requirements for Accountability Interpersonal Skills: Developing Effective Relationships SPG SPG l l l l l l l l Budget Justification: Effective Preparation and Submission l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l H l l l H l l l 7 888. The CFO Council established core competencies that identify the knowledge.S.

In We are easy to work with. The American Council on Education.  SCHEV 101 N. including but not limited to the concepts and ideas expressed in the training. International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) and Project Management Institute (PMI).About Management Concepts F ounded in products. | © 2012 Management Concepts 888.8575 | www. We’ve collaborated with every major agency in the federal government. Tuition fees.8575 | www.545.2604 Email: communications@schev. Student complaints will be handled in accordance with our Satisfaction Guarantee. American Council on Education (ACE). Complete Terms & Conditions: For complete terms and conditions affecting students. to create a competing product/service. Choose from instructor-led group classes offered in convenient locations or take classes online (either self-study or instructor-led) to enjoy the benefits of working from your home or office. Trademarks: Management Concepts logo. We will either refund your payment in full or apply the amount to another Satisfaction guarantee 10 100% Our programs. relevant information. Visit our website for the most current information: www. Buyers should indicate that their purchase is being made under the company’s MAS contract at the time they place their order. Management Concepts does not permit audio or videotaping of courses. ACE CREDIT connects workplace learning with colleges and universities by helping adults gain access to academic credit at colleges and universities for formal courses and examinations taken in the workplace or other settings outside traditional higher education. value and customer service 9 Superior Our success depends on your success. research. you acknowledge that Management Concepts training materials are protected by U. and practical. With a focus on your unique environment and methodologies. if applicable. recognized continuing 5 Nationally education options Many of our courses are designed to meet the standards and requirements of leading industry organizations. training 7 Customizable Our courses can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization and delivered at your location. Any concerns or requests should be sent to: M  anagement Concepts Attention: Financial Management 8230 Leesburg Pike Tysons Corner. Management Concepts is the leading provider of training and comprehensive professional development solutions serving the public and private sectors. such as National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA). colleges and universities have trusted ACE CREDIT to provide reliable course equivalency information to facilitate their decisions to award academic credit. Washington.ManagementConcepts. Satisfaction Guarantee Management Concepts programs consistently receive the highest ratings for being timely. please visit our Customer Service Center section on our website: www. will be identified in the individual course descriptions. Management Concepts is your single training provider. expertise in the federal sector 4 Demonstrated We have in-depth knowledge of the federal environment and we know how to prepare individuals and organizations to improve performance and drive change. VA 23219 Phone: 804. revising and updating our course content to implement proven practices and give you the most current. immediately applicable 2 Timely. Earn College Credit The American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT) has evaluated and recommended college credit for many of Management Concepts courses. and relevant. numerous non-profit organizations and hundreds of corporations. Copyright © 2012 by Management Concepts. 3 World-class instructors We have over 450 of the highest caliber instructors and facilitators who deliver course content that is timely. For more than 30 years. VA training facility. Our professional development programs support your employees’ mandatory. If you believe we have not met that standard. 10 888. and course schedules are subject to change without | © 2012 Management Concepts 11 . their order should include the company’s MAS contract number. the major coordinating body for all the nation’s higher education institutions.ManagementConcepts. and services consistently receive the highest ratings for timeliness. If you are not 100% satisfied with our services. seeks to provide leadership and a unifying voice on key higher education issues and to influence public policy through just tell us why. and international copyright laws. VA 22182 For students attending open enrollment classes at Management Concepts Tysons Corner. course content We continually monitor trends and developments in the federal environment. Management Concepts is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. to create a roadmap for 6 Assessments professional development We offer a range of assessment services to help individuals and organizations identify areas for professional development and improved performance. the knowledge acquired can be immediately applicable for your organization. Prerequisites and/or advance preparation.545. elective. As evidence of our commitment to your complete satisfaction. DC classes are conveniently accessible by Metro. helping over one million professionals gain the knowledge and skills they need to unleash their potential. and relevancy. professional development programs customized to meet the needs of your organization.225. presentation. DC Location Our Washington. Please contact us with any questions about the ordering procedure at 888. provide superior customer support.acenet. and offer flexible payment options.learningmarket. State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. and related trade dress — including design of this catalog — are trademarks of Management Concepts and may not be used without permission. Management Concepts is certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. dozens of state and local government offices. concerns or dissatisfaction regarding a Management Concepts class may also be sent to the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) at the address below in the event you believe Management Concepts has not fully resolved your concern. In addition. Our offerings include: training courses designed to provide relevant knowledge and practical skills. For more information.ManagementConcepts. you agree not to use the company’s training materials. simply tell us why and we’ll refund your tuition fee or apply it to another product or service of your choosing. through its website www.225.2600 Fax: 804. performance improvement consulting services. 14th Street James Monroe Building Richmond. Management Concepts offers a money-back guarantee for every class we offer. If you are not satisfied that we have met the stated objectives of the course. Intellectual Property Policy: By registering for or otherwise ordering a Management Concepts course. and continuous learning needs. course titles.545. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be addressed to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. please contact us.8575. GSA Contracts Eligible buyers may purchase certain Management Concepts products and services under the company’s GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) 874 Contract #GS-02F-0010J. and program initiatives. well presented.S. Top Ten Reasons to Work with Us 1 Broad selection of courses With over 250 courses and 10 certificate programs. visit the ACE CREDIT website Continuing Education Many of Management Concepts courses meet the professional certification and continuing education requirements for students seeking Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits. and award-winning publications. relevant. and affordable delivery options 8 Flexible Select a learning format that suits your busy schedule and meets your needs. Your concerns will receive our immediate attention and we will work diligently to resolve them.

Postage PAID Management Concepts Federal Financial Management Certificate Program • • www. FS0712 .8575 for details.ManagementConcepts.8230 Leesburg Pike | Tysons Corner.545.S.545. VA 22182 | 888.8575 Management Concepts PR SRT STD Improve effectiveness on the job Strengthen your chances for long term success in your field Build confidence in your ability to manage financial activities effectively • ENROLL TODAY! Scan the QR code or call 888.